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PMG Chapter 2445: People’s Plans and Actions

PMG Chapter 2445: People’s Plans and Actions

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Lin Feng left the Star World, looking calm and detached. The Empty Space Shrine’s strong cultivators had decided to use the Celestial Sealing Map, so peerless Saints attacking were also a possibility. They had been a bit too careless this time when they had decided to attack the Leng Clan, they had underestimated the Fire Shrine and the Empty Space Shrine. Now Mo Yu and Hou Qing Lin were in danger too, and Lin Feng had also been uncovered.

Of course, Lin Feng hadn’t thought the Shrines would do so much to kill him.

This time, Da Yu City is completely sealed. Peerless Saints could arrive anytime. All I need is time, thought Lin Feng. Even though peerless Saints could inspect the whole town with their godly awareness, Da Yu City was a big city. If they wanted to inspect the whole town, they would need time, too. Lin Feng needed to hide properly enough to save time.

The most dangerous place is a place nobody would consider a good place to hide, thought Lin Feng. He changed his face, body, and Qi, and then disappeared from there.

Da Yu City was sealed, and the strong cultivators from the Shrines who had teleported there were already looking for Lin Feng. Even if they couldn’t find Lin Feng, they would try to find members of the Fortune Shrine to kill them. That way, they wouldn’t waste time, but they’d also be able to take over Da Yu City. Peerless Saints didn’t really care about such things. If it wasn’t for Lin Feng, no peerless Saint would have come.

Peerless Saints were the most precious cultivators of the Shrines. Shrines didn’t have many peerless Saints, they were extremely rare. Besides, they stood aloof from worldly affairs, and they didn’t listen to anyone’s orders. Everybody was very polite to peerless Saints.


At that moment, Officer Qing Ye and the others were being chased. The battles were fierce. Mo Yu also fought against other people.

“Disperse, some people are coming to help them, we can’t fight forever,” shouted Officer Qing Ye to the members of the Fortune Shrine. The others retreated. However, their enemies continued chasing them. They were wasting time, and weren’t in a rush to win the battles. They followed Mo Yu closely.

“Mo Yu, seal!” shouted someone. It was Lin Feng’s voice. Mo Yu was surprised.

She nodded and sealed the area. The strong cultivator who Mo Yu was fighting against was surprised. He turned around and saw a dazzling sword. He didn’t have time to react and was killed. He had thought the sword wasn’t close yet.

“Lin Feng, how come you’re back already?” asked Mo Yu. She didn’t understand, and pulled a long face. Lin Feng couldn’t show up.

“Lin Feng will leave with his boat, help me do something,” Lin Feng said to her telepathically.

Mo Yu nodded and replied, “Alright, I hope you can deceive them.”

After that, the strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine and the Empty Space Shrine saw Lin Feng leave with his boat, which was an incredible Saint’s Weapon. It was extremely fast. Many people saw Lin Feng leave and chased after him. The order they had received was to kill Lin Feng!

Of course, some people stayed to deal with the members of the Fortune Shrine. Mo Yu was fighting against someone. She took out a Saint’s Weapon and said, “This Saint’s Weapon doesn’t have a master anymore. It’s a medium-level Saint’s Weapon, and if you continue chasing me, it’ll belong to someone else.”

She withdrew. The man was surprised, and used his godly awareness to inspect the weapon. He was surprised, it was indeed a medium-level Saint’s Weapon. How tempting!

That woman didn’t care about anything anymore but her life, to the extent that she threw the weapon away to escape.

A medium-level Saint’s Weapon is worth it!, thought Li Xiao. Killing Mo Yu wasn’t that beneficial to him in comparison to a medium-level Saint’s Weapon. That weapon would allow him to be that much stronger. In such circumstances, people chose what was the best for them.

Li Xiao flew towards the weapon and looked happy. It was a sword, and it didn’t have a master. It was a sword. He smiled indifferently. He put it in his ring and then raised his head. Mo Yu had already disappeared. Li Xiao didn’t mind, though.


The Fortune Shrine also learned that Da Yu City had been sealed. In the sky, some strong cultivators of the Fortune Shrine were above the clouds and looking at the ground. They flew, but not in Da Yu City’s direction.

The Shrines and the Supreme Animal World ruled over the Continent of the Nine Clouds. All the Shrines knew things which other people didn’t know. They didn’t allow other Shrines to show up in places where they could obtain information. They dared act insolently when other Shrines tried because of three reasons.

First, the Shrines sent Saints where they could obtain as much information as possible.

Second, the Shrines all had at least three peerless Saints. That was a principle in the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

Third, the Shrines all had extremely powerful weapons. The Empty Space Shrine wasn’t the only Shrine which had something like the Celestial Sealing Map. Every Shrine had something like that, including the Fortune Shrine. That’s why there was a balance of power. Nobody dared take out their trump cards. If they did, other Shrines would attack them right after.

The Shrines were very cautious, but because of the Forbidden Body, the world had become chaotic. The strong cultivators of the Fortune Shrine were flying in the direction of the Empty Space Shrine. Since the Empty Space Shrine had taken out the Celestial Sealing Map, then, they didn’t need to be polite either. They had the opportunity to show the Empty Space Shrine which didn’t have the Celestial Sealing Map anymore that it’d be difficult to deal with the Fortune Shrine’s peerless weapon.

As the strong cultivators of the Fortune Shrine flew towards the Empty Space Shrine, the strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine were already in Da Yu City. Qiong Fan was a strong cultivator of the Fire Shrine who hadn’t shown up for many years. He had had an ordinary life for a very long time, but he hadn’t become any less strong or sharp. When he landed on the ground, oppressive energies filled the space around him. Many people felt pressured; they didn’t know why, but they felt like kneeling down and worshiping him.

He was a peerless Saint, he had transcended worldliness. He was already among the strongest cultivators of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. At his cultivation level, only gods were stronger.

High-level Saints liked to say, “it’s easy to become a high-level Saint, but it’s difficult to become a peerless Saint”. Of course, they were the only ones who said that, because becoming a high-level Saint was extremely difficult. Low-level Saints were angry when they heard that, but once they became high-level Saints, they understood. There were many high-level Saints in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, but there were definitely not many peerless Saints.

Qiong Fan rose up in the air, looking like a god. Many people sensed a fearsome godly awareness inspect them. Who dared inspect them with their godly awareness without the slightest scruple? In any case, nobody could say anything.

Many people raised their heads and looked at Qiong Fan, sighing at his strength. Why was that strong cultivator in Da Yu City? Why had the Shrine decided to use the Celestial Sealing Map? What were they looking for?

He moved his godly awareness extremely quickly, but Da Yu City was gigantic. Even if he was fast, he couldn’t inspect the whole town that quickly.

“I found some people from the Fortune Shrine, send some people,” said Qiong Fan indifferently. Then, some images appeared in the sky, those images were pictures of the place where Saint Qing Ye was. Their people were still chasing people from the Fortune Shrine, but Qiong Fan didn’t care about that, he was looking for Lin Feng.

The sky became red, and the temperature in Da Yu City became scorching hot. Many people stopped looking at the sky and lowered their heads. They felt uncomfortable, but nobody dared say anything.

“Where is he!?” said Qiong Fan angrily.

Someone came to him and said, “Master, did you inspect the whole town?”

“Yes, including the mountains, rivers and deserts. He’s not here. I can’t find his Qi. My godly awareness was only stopped in one place,” said Qiong Fan. That person looked worried, he knew what place that was. It was a place where there was a supreme cultivator, and they didn’t know where he was from. The only reason why a supreme cultivator would have come to Da Yu City would be to invade it.

“What should we do?” asked the high-level Saint. The world was in a state of chaos, they didn’t want to offend an extremely strong cultivator!

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  1. RedKaiser November 18, 2018 at 10:39 am - Reply

    “Lin Feng, how come you’re back already?” asked Mo Yu. She didn’t understand, and pulled a long face. Lin Feng couldn’t show up.

    “Lin Feng will leave with his boat, help me do something,” Lin Feng said to her telepathically.

    Wait! What????

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      Meaning he’s going to send his clone off as a decoy so she can use her world strength to help him make that illusion work.

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