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PMG Chapter 2446: Difference Between Cultivators Who Are High-Level Saints

PMG Chapter 2446: Difference Between Cultivators Who Are High-Level Saints

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Qiong Fan’s eyes twinkled and he said, “Let’s go and greet that supreme cultivator,” said Qiong Fan, flying away. His people followed him. They also wanted to see the supreme cultivator who was in Da Yu City.

Usually, Ordinary the supreme cultivator was in a good mood. He wanted to settle in Da Yu City. Ordinary didn’t care about the Shrines’ battles. He was convinced the Shrines wouldn’t dare attack him anyway, therefore, he had invited many old and new friends.

But Ordinary was annoyed because Da Yu City had been sealed, so some of his friends whom he had invited would probably be stuck outside. It ruined his mood.

“The Shrines really like to act without the slightest scruple. Not only did they seal Da Yu City but they also inspected the whole town with their godly awareness. And now they’re coming to us,” said Ordinary unhappily.

“Haha, Master Ordinary, the Shrines are arrogant and disdain people, since they rule over the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Anything that poses a threat to them must be destroyed,” someone smiled. That person looked sharp, his Qi was powerful and golden lights twinkled around him.

“We’re lucky we got out of that devilish place. We have mountains and rivers and we’re drinking alcohol, that’s awesome!” said another one smiling.

“Indeed. We should be happy, let’s forget about them, cheers!” Ordinary smiled back.

After a short time, a loud voice sounded about them, “Qiong Fan from the Fire Shrine, I’m here to greet you, Your Excellency!”

“Since you’re here, come in,” said Ordinary indifferently. A group of strong cultivators came in, Qiong Fan leading the group. He glanced at them, smiled, and nodded at Ordinary, “Sorry for disturbing you during your banquet, Your Excellency.”

“Since you’re here, have a few drinks with us,” said Ordinary indifferently. Qiong Fan glanced at Ordinary and the others, hiding his surprise. Apart from Ordinary, there was a cultivator as strong as him, and there was Ao Cang Hai, too.

“Alright, thank you for your hospitality,” said Qiong Fan, looking for a place to sit. He had to give them a little face, as he disturbed them, after all and it was a sensitive period. He didn’t want to offend such people. He didn’t mind chatting with Ordinary, who was a supreme cultivator.

Li Xiao was there, too, but his social status was rather low, and he wasn’t strong enough. He stayed far away. He looked around and saw many strong cultivators. When facing peerless Saints, he had nothing to say, he had to obey when they talked.


At that moment, the person everybody was looking for was in Li Xiao’s ring.

The sword Mo Yu had given to Li Xiao was bathed in lights. Lin Feng was in the Star World. The solution Lin Feng had imagined was joining one of his enemies, hiding the Star World in one of his enemies’ rings! Finding him wouldn’t be easy there!

After going into the Star World, Lin Feng had gone into his own world.

So many years had passed, his soul world was perfect. There were all sorts of energies everywhere. There were many countries and empires, not just the Empire of Xue Yue, and more and more cultivators. There were many places to practice, and to become stronger.

And only a few decades had passed. If hundreds or thousands of years passed, then it’d become even better. Lin Feng had already established some rules in Xue Yue, he didn’t allow people to kill others in the city center because he wanted the number of people to increase.

Lin Feng was in the sky, to become a high-level Saint, he needed to make one sort of original strength to reach the maximum level. Even though he was at the God Level, he had to do that too and now he was wondering what strength he should make study to make it reach the maximum level.

“Gold, wood, fire, water, earth, wind, empty space, death… I can understand any sort of original strength. And I can understand them even better in my spirit world. However, how to make an original strength reach the maximum level?” whispered Lin Feng. All sorts of original strengths were floating around him at that moment. The different sorts of original strengths all had their specific foibles.

“How could I understand God original strength?” whispered Lin Feng. Maybe he needed to experience things physically to understand.

When he thought about that, he left his own world and went back to the Star World. The nine high-level Saints appeared in front of him. He had never really fought against a high-level Saint, he wanted to see what it felt like now. He wanted to see in what way their original strength was different from his own. What was the difference between high-level Saints and low-level Saints?

“Everybody, I want to see the difference between high-level Saints’ strength and low-level Saints’. Can you help me?” asked Lin Feng asked the Saints.

The old Ox appeared next to him and said, to help Lin Feng, “Since he wants to study, teach him a good lesson and show him how strong you are.”

The old Ox couldn’t influence peerless Bestial Saints, but he could influence the high-level ones. The golden ape jumped forwards, “Alright, I’ll show you!”

“I’m listening, Master!” said Lin Feng, rising up in the air. The golden ape also flew up. Lin Feng’s body suddenly stiffened. An incredible oppressive strength surrounded him and gave him the impression he was going to explode.

Lin Feng grimaced. How terrifying! However, he still moved forwards and attacked the golden ape with his sword. But at that moment, apart from oppressive strength, heavy strength surrounded him and prevented him from moving forwards.

“That’s…” Lin Feng noticed how incredible the difference between him and the ape was.

He was astonished. He released fast strength, and moved like the wind towards the ape while releasing sword strength.

The sword crashed against the ape’s skin, which was as thick as an earth armor. It couldn’t pierce through. At the same time, the ape raised his hand and moved it towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng could sense how oppressive the heavy strength was. It was extremely resistant, too. He accelerated, groaning with pain, feeling like his organs were going to explode as he coughed blood.

Lin Feng took a deep breath, he looked astonished. He was a low-level Saint and he could defeat them extremely easily. He hadn’t thought the difference between low-level Saints and high-level Saints would be so incredible.

“So? Did you sense it? That’s how powerful earth original strength is: oppression strength, heaviness strength, thick strength, defense strength, all those kinds of strength are earth original strength. And golden apes don’t only control earth strength; even high-level Saints are like insects in front of him,” said the old ox.

“Is the difference between high-level Saints and other high-level Saints bigger than the difference between low-level and high-level Saints?” asked Lin Feng to the old ox.

“Of course, things also depend on which strength you control. Now imagine if one cultivator has one original strength at the maximum level and another one has two original strengths at the maximum level… which one has the advantage? Among the high-level Bestial Saints in front of you, a few of them also use a fusion of original strengths, but because these kinds of original strengths are inconsistent with the criteria to become a peerless Saint, they’re still high-level Bestial Saints. So now, in your opinion, who is stronger: someone who controls two sorts of original strengths, or someone who uses a fusion of two original strengths?” the old ox said to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was speechless. Of course, fusions of original strengths were probably more powerful. In order to make original strengths fuse, a cultivator had to understand them really well, which meant they were stronger than others who just understood two types.

“A high-level Saint can be ten times, or even a hundred times stronger than another high-level Saint. A really strong high-level Saint can easily kill other high-level Saints, he can even defeat hundreds of them alone and at once,” the old ox smiled at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was astonished, “I see, that’s why the nine high-level Saints accepted to fight against me when I become a high-level Saint.”

“You only understood now?” asked the old ox casually. The nine high-level Bestial Saints looked at Lin Feng, seeming amused. They hoped that Lin Feng would quickly become a high-level Saint, and then they would teach him a good lesson!

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