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PMG Chapter 2447: Peerlessly Terrifying Old Ox

PMG Chapter 2447: Peerlessly Terrifying Old Ox

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Lin Feng looked at the nine Bestial Saints’ faces and burst into laughter. Since they really wanted him to become a high-level Saint to teach him a good lesson, good, he was precisely trying to become one! He didn’t mind fighting against them a few times to study their original strength. It was a rare opportunity. Besides, the nine Bestial Saints were extraordinary cultivators with an advanced understanding of energies.

“Master Ape, use other kinds of original strength to help me study them,” said Lin Feng to the smiling golden ape. He was surprised but grinned. That little boy wasn’t afraid, he liked that.

“Use your full strength to attack me. No need to be scared,” said the grinning golden ape. Lin Feng nodded. A dazzling golden armor appeared on the golden ape. It was gold original strength, probably extremely resistant.

Lin Feng raised his spear and attacked. His spear turned into a light beam and crashed onto the armor, and sparkles appeared. Of course, it couldn’t pierce through.

“When your gold strength reaches the maximum level, your defense becomes incredible. It’s better than a Saint’s armor. Other people’s attacks are too weak to pierce through. Of course, if someone’s penetration strength is powerful enough, then they can pierce through my original strength,” the golden ape said to Lin Feng.

“Penetration strength?” Lin Feng was surprised.

“Indeed. If your attacks are extremely powerful, as a low-level Saint, you can defeat enemies. But when you’re a high-level Saint, direct attacks are not as efficient. Many high-level Saints use incredible treasures, and even without them, their physical defense is also incredibly powerful. So direct attacks become useless. I can make armors using a fusion of earth and gold strength, ordinary high-level Saints can’t do anything against me.”

“How do I carry out an attack which has penetration strength?” asked Lin Feng.

“Many sorts of original strengths contain penetration strength. Earth original strength automatically has a sort of penetration strength expressed through pulsations. When using empty space strength, it’s even more incredible, cultivators who use empty space strength don’t even need to defend themselves,” said the gold ape. An armor suddenly appeared on Lin Feng’s body. The gold ape made it for him.

“Sense my earth original strength’s penetration power,” said the golden ape patiently. He put his hand on Lin Feng’s armor. Lin Feng sensed a strength envelop his body, pulsating with power. The ape used more force, and Lin Feng groaned with pain. If the ape wanted, he could easily destroy Lin Feng’s internal organs.

“Did you sense that? That’s earth strength at the maximum level. You need to study a lot to make your original strengths reach their maximum level,” said the ape impolitely. Lin Feng nodded. Indeed, he had to study a lot. The ape could actually use earth strength to become a part of the earth and didn’t even need to worry about defense anymore.

“If you understand empty space strength at the maximum level, then you don’t need to use earth original strength. You don’t even need to worry about defense. When you use empty space strength to attack, the attacks attack the cultivator directly, and not their defense,” said the golden ape.

Lin Feng looked thoughtful. Another Bestial Saint spoke up, “Alright, I’ll show you what empty space original strength looks like at the maximum level. Come and attack me.”

Lin Feng nodded. His silhouette flickered and he attacked. He raised his spear and attacked, however, when he attacked, the spear appeared next to the beast even though he hadn’t moved.

“Empty space divergence.” Lin Feng was astonished. He raised his left hand and pointed his finger at the beast, whistling sounds spread in the air, and powerful death stamps moved towards the beast. However, the attack stopped in front of the beast and appeared in another space. Then, the beast raised his finger and Lin Feng’s attack moved aside.

“Pfew! How to fight in such conditions?” Lin Feng was stupefied. As expected, original strength at the maximum level wasn’t something so simple.

The old ox watched. All of them looked interested as they watched Lin Feng, their eyes glittering. Lin Feng was determined, they liked that.

After that, Lin Feng was attacked by an illusion original strength attack, he didn’t understand anything anymore. He moved back and took a deep breath when it finished. How scary.

“You sensed so many types of original strengths at the maximum level, but understanding original strength and reaching its maximum level is something else. And doing it in a short time is impossible,” said a Bestial Saint to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng’s face stiffened. It was true. He had experimented a lot but understanding original strength was another story, how difficult! Did he have enough time?

“If the old ox is willing to help you, he can save you a lot of time,” said the Bestial Saint. Lin Feng was surprised.

“Master Ox, you hoped we would help him, why don’t you help him yourself? You can help him more than us,” the Bestial Saint said to the old ox.

“I haven’t attacked for a very long time, I forgot how to attack,” said the old ox indifferently.

“I know our Master made you swear you wouldn’t do anything unless the new master reached a certain level. But you don’t necessarily need to fight, attack, or whatever to help him,” said that cultivator with a smile.

Lin Feng didn’t understand. He only knew that the old ox was the manager of that world. He could go anywhere in this world, just like Lin Feng. He had privileges in this world, maybe even more than Lin Feng.

“Little boy, you know what kind of strength Master Ox controls?”

“I don’t know,” said Lin Feng, shaking his head. He was convinced the old ox was extremely strong, but he didn’t know how strong.

“From what I know, four of his original strengths have reached the maximum level and he has already fused them together. You can’t imagine how strong he is,” said that Bestial Saint with a smile.

Lin Feng frowned. A fusion of four original strengths?! How terrifying! He even controlled special kinds of original strengths, since he was a peerless Saint!

“Which ones?”

“A fusion of slow and fast allows a cultivator to make time and things move slower or faster. Have you ever heard of that?” asked the Bestial Saint smiling.

Lin Feng nodded, “I have.”

“With empty space strength at the maximum level, a cultivator can also modify time and space,” explained the Bestial Saint.

Lin Feng was shocked and looked at the old Ox. “Master Ox, you can modify the speed at which time passes?”

The old ox remained silent, but nodded. He admitted he could.

How strong. Slow and fast strength can really do that. How incredible!, thought Lin Feng, delighted. The old ox controlled empty space original strength at the maximum level. It meant that he could make time pass slower or faster than in other places!

“Please help me,” Lin Feng asked the old ox. The Bestial Saints’ eyes twinkled. They wanted to see the old ox’ incredible methods, as making time pass faster or slower was something incredible to see. They would also be able to study it. Therefore, they tried to help Lin Feng.

“Alright, I will,” said the old ox. He released a mysterious kind of strength, which filled the air. Lin Feng suddenly had a strange sensation, but he couldn’t describe what it felt like. He raised his arms; he wasn’t moving faster or slower, it wasn’t like fast or slow strength, it was extremely strange.

“The speed at which time passes now has already changed. I will protect you from outside. One day in the outside world is like a dozen days here,” said the old Ox to Lin Feng and the others. “My master and I studied this kind of strength in Ganges Time. When you stay there for years and come out, you realize only two days pass in the outside world, but you don’t feel anything strange there. You just save time.”

“Ganges Time.” Lin Feng looked surprised. The old ox and the god had been to Ganges Time, and they had come out safe and sound. Ganges Time was a forbidden territory; some other people had also come out safe and sound. There was a legend in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, where some people went to Ganges Time and when they came out, they were already so old that they were about to die. No wonder! If time passed extremely quickly inside, everything was possible!


As Lin Feng was practicing cultivation with the high-level Saints, the strong cultivators of the Fortune Shrine arrived at the Empty Space Shrine. An empty space palace was floating in front of them. They looked furious and determined. That’s how the situation in the Continent of the Nine Clouds really became explosive!

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