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PMG Chapter 2448: Chaotic Battles

PMG Chapter 2448: Chaotic Battles

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The Shrines were the most powerful groups in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. They didn’t need to protect themselves because nobody dared attack them in normal times. However, in times of turmoil, things were different and nobody could anticipate a world sinking into chaos.

When the strong cultivators of the Fortune Shrine landed in the Empty Space Shrine, the whole Empty Space Shrine was shaken. Some incredible strong cultivators were in the Empty Space Shrine to punish them!

In a very short time, corpses fell from the sky, one after another. A terrifying Qi filled the air. Everybody felt the pressure. Five people had appeared in the sky above the Empty Space Shrine; those five people looked like gods, especially the one who was holding a scepter from which destiny lights emerged. He looked like an almighty god.

“Fortune Shrine, what’s this supposed to mean?” asked someone at that moment coldly. An ice-cold energy filled the air.

“The Empty Space Shrine used the Celestial Sealing Map to seal Da Yu City and to attack the disciples of the Fortune Shrine. We obviously can’t stay aside and watch, right? So we came with the Scepter of Destiny,” said the strong cultivator in the middle calmly. The strong cultivators of the Empty Space Shrine looked furious. Many people were shuddering with fear. The Empty Space Shrine was sinking into chaos and fear.

The Scepter of Destiny was a precious item of the same level as the Celestial Sealing Map. The Celestial Sealing Map could seal Heaven and Earth, the Scepter of Destiny contained the Destiny Heavenly Destruction technique.

“Everything is negotiable,” said a strong cultivator of the Empty Space Shrine in a trembling voice. The five peerless Saints of the Fortune Shrine had come with the Scepter of Destiny, they were just insane!

“When you sealed Da Yu City, you didn’t ask us if we wanted to talk,” said a strong cultivator of the Fortune Shrine coldly, “The world has sunk into chaos. Everything is allowed. Since you used the Celestial Sealing Map, we use a similar weapon and peerless Saints can attack as well, there are no rules anymore.”

After that, he raised his hand and threw out the Scepter of Destiny. It floated in the air and destiny lights appeared all around the Empty Space Shrine.

“Feel the strength of Destiny!” said a strong cultivator of the Fortune Shrine coldly. Destiny lights enveloped the Empty Space Shrine. The terrifying destiny strength kept rolling in waves all around.

“No!…” shouted someone furiously. The Empty Space Shrine was really going to sink into chaos!

The Fortune Shrine was crazy! They had decided to attack the Empty Space Shrine directly. They had come with the Scepter of Destiny and the Empty Space Shrine didn’t have the Celestial Sealing Map to protect themselves.

“Seal!” said someone coldly. Instantly, some golden lights appeared and flashed. They sealed the whole Shrine. However, the peerless Saints of the Fortune Shrine just smiled coldly. One of them raised his hand above his head and celestial star strength appeared in the sky and turned into a cosmic rain. Gigantic meteorites started falling from the sky, crashed onto the golden lights, and destroyed them.

Lights flashed, strong cultivators landed in front of the strong cultivators of the Fortune Shrine. The space became distorted, a vortex appeared and started absorbing the strong cultivators of the Fortune Shrine.

“Hmph!” The few Saints smiled coldly and simply dispersed.

“Condense!” said a strong cultivator of the Empty Space Shrine coldly. A Saint of the Fortune Shrine had the sensation as if he were trapped in moving sands. The space around him was being sealed. The strong cultivator of the Empty Space Shrine then teleported himself and reappeared next to the Fortune Shrine’s strong cultivators, he raised his finger and the space around him crackled.

The Fortune Shrine’s strong cultivators shouted furiously and attacked. The atmosphere kept crackling. The peerless Saints of the Fortune Shrine turned into light beams. The Empty Space Shrine’s strong cultivators didn’t feel relaxed at all. A mysterious strength surrounded the strong cultivator of the Empty Space Shrine.

“Break!” shouted that strong cultivator furiously. His body exploded and he turned into millions of pieces before vanishing. On the other side, there was a terrifying battle going on. The body of the peerless Empty Space Shrine’s Saint which had just exploded condensed again there. At the same time, the peerless Saints of the Fortune Shrine reappeared, moving together in perfect harmony. At that cultivation level, battles were unimaginably fantastic.

However, the space wasn’t sealed. The Scepter of Destiny flashed again. The strong cultivators of the Empty Space Shrine were deathly pale and shaking. That ancient Scepter of Destiny was a deadly weapon! It could defy the laws of physics and kill people. Many of the Empty Space Shrine’s strongest cultivators kept falling from the sky one after another.

“Have the Celestial Sealing Map come back!” shouted someone. At that moment, in Da Yu City, Qiong Fan was seated cross-legged and suddenly pulled a long face. His face paled.

“Qiong Fan, the Fortune Shrine came to our Shrine with the Scepter of Destiny! I need the Celestial Sealing Map to come back!” shouted someone explosively. That voice reverberated everywhere in Da Yu City.

At that moment, people in Da Yu City raised their heads and looked at the sky, it was undulating.

Everybody was trembling. The Fortune Shrine had gone to the Empty Space Shrine with the Scepter of Destiny? How incredible! Would that bring the conflicts to the next level?

“No. The Fortune Shrine wants to protect Lin Feng at all costs, which means he is definitely in Da Yu City, besides, we can now be sure that he’s a forbidden person.” replied Qiong Fan. They couldn’t let Lin Feng live. The Fortune Shrine was going crazy because of him. They wanted to make the Empty Space Shrine bring the Celestial Sealing Map back.

“Hmph! We can’t fight on all fronts!” said a voice in the sky again.

“Since we all agreed on a plan, dear friends, all the Shrines should help. Since the Empty Space Shrine is helping in Da Yu City, send your strong cultivators to the Empty Space Shrine to help. The Fortune Shrine won’t be able to do anything if all the Shrines encircle them,” said Qiong Fan. “The Fire Shrine is really willing to help, so of course I will go there right now. If the others don’t help, then we’ll give up on Lin Feng.”

Qiong Fan disappeared and forgot about Lin Feng for the time being. As long as the Celestial Sealing Map was over Da Yu City, Lin Feng couldn’t escape. They had to help the Empty Space Shrine first.

“The Fortune Shrine is not afraid, and the Fire Shrine, the Empty Space Shrine, and many other Shrines are collaborating, it’s too dangerous.” Many people shuddered. If all the Shrines joined hands, wouldn’t they be able to destroy the Fortune Shrine easily?

People’s hearts were pounding. The Empty Space Shrine had decided to use the Celestial Sealing Map because of Lin Feng, they wanted to kill him at all costs. And now the Fortune Shrine had gone to attack the Empty Space Shrine directly, also because of Lin Feng.

At that moment, a hole appeared in the Celestial Sealing Map and people left through it, disappearing from everyone’s field of vision. Everybody understood that those were people who were teleporting to the Empty Space Shrine. After that, the Celestial Sealing Map shut itself again, and Da Yu City was sealed once more.

“I wonder what’s happening in the Empty Space Shrine,” murmured many people, gazing into the distance. There was probably a terrifying battle as fierce as the war in the ancient past. Since the end of the war in the old days, the Shrines had never fought again.

“The world is sinking into chaos more and more everyday,” whispered an old man in Da Yu City, looking up at the sky.

Li Xiao and the others were astonished when they appeared in the sky of the Empty Space Shrine. After Qiong Fan had left, Ordinary had seen them off too. They were annoyed because even though they were Shrines’ members, if Qiong Fan wasn’t there, Ordinary wasn’t willing to host them.

Next to Ordinary, Ao Cang Hai said, “The world has sunk into turmoil because of Lin Feng. I wonder how big the first Shrines’ battle will be.”

“Don’t worry, you can’t imagine how complex the Shrines’ plans can be,” said Ordinary, smiling as if he understood things clearly.

“What do you mean?” asked Ao Cang Hai.

“The Fortune Shrine wants to protect that cultivator called Lin Feng so they went to the Empty Space Shrine, and they must have killed many strong cultivators there, but no peerless Saint will die. That battle isn’t a decisive battle, its sole purpose is to annoy the Empty Space Shrine. After the others arrive, the Fortune Shrine will leave. Do you really think the Fortune Shrine would take the risk of getting destroyed? And do you think that other Shrines would take the risk of trying to kill the Fortune Shrine’s peerless Saints?” Ordinary smiled. He was a peerless Saint so he understood that for a Shrine to kill a peerless Saint, they had to make great efforts, and they had to be willing to suffer incredible losses, too.

“Master, you’re really farsighted, but if someone has the power to kill those peerless Saints and to break the balance, they will,” said Ao Cang Hai. “I know Lin Feng, he’s a good guy. He probably has a Forbidden Body. I wonder whether he will survive.”

“Funny, I also know a little boy called Lin Feng,” Ordinary smiled. “But breaking the balance is easier said than done. All the Shrines have precious items like the Celestial Sealing Map.”

“Yes, such items are the Shrines’ ultimate trump cards,” Ao Cang Hai agreed.

Ordinary smiled and didn’t say anything else, he just raised his glass of liquor. He was curious to see how the world would evolve in this time of chaos!

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