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PMG Chapter 2449: Discovered

PMG Chapter 2449: Discovered

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Da Yu City had been sealed for a few days already. Local people were not going through happy times, nobody could guess how the situation was going to evolve. At the same time, Mo Yu, Hou Qing Lin, and the others were also stuck in Da Yu City. They were so worried that their hearts burned constantly. They had no news from Lin Feng, and they had no news regarding the Shrines’ battle either. They didn’t know where to go to be safe.

But the Fortune Shrine had gone to the Empty Space Shrine to kill people to protect Lin Feng. It was incredible. The Continent of the Nine Clouds hadn’t been so lively since the ancient war…


Time passed. Lights appeared in the Celestial Sealing Map. A few people descended from the sky and landed in Da Yu City. The crowd was astonished, the Shrines’ alliance was back so soon? How had the Shrines’ battle ended?

Ordinary the supreme cultivator was still with his guests. He wanted to settle in Da Yu City, and had recruited some disciples. That’s why he had invited some friends as well. It wasn’t surprising.

“They’re back. Cang Hai, how do you think the battle ended?” asked Ordinary with a grin.

“The Empty Space Shrine has lost many strong cultivators, including some high-level Saints. The Fortune Shrine went there, and probably didn’t leave empty-handed,” replied Ao Cang Hai, “Regarding the alliance, I don’t think they will necessarily use precious items like the Celestial Sealing Map, but I think they will go to the Fortune Shrine. I’m convinced all sorts of Shrines are waiting outside of the Fortune Shrine even now.”

“What you mean is that they won’t allow the Fortune Shrine’s people to come out?” said Ordinary smiling.

“Indeed. They must have sent some peerless Saints to stay outside of the Fortune Shrine so the Fortune Shrine won’t bother them again while they try to kill Lin Feng. For them, killing Lin Feng is the best way to get their revenge.”

“Indeed. But, apart from that, the other Shrines want to kill Lin Feng and also, they hope the tensions between the Fire Shrine and the Fortune Shrine will deepen,” said Ordinary indifferently. Both of them burst into laughter.


Qiong Fan was back in Da Yu City. Apart from him, there was another peerless Saint in Da Yu City: Lu Yang from the Empty Space Shrine. At that moment, both of them were in the sky and inspected the city with their godly awareness. However, after a long time, they still couldn’t find Lin Feng. They were stupefied.

“Same as last time and this time, nobody prevented me from inspecting any area,” said Qiong Fan.

“Maybe he has an incredible empty space treasure which allows him to hide really well. We need to pay attention,” said Lu Yang. He was a Saint of the empty space illusion, he knew how extraordinary empty space strength could be.

“Yes. Maybe we need to break people’s rings,” said Qiong Fan. Breaking into people’s rings was one of the worst things cultivators could do in life, but they didn’t care.

“Let’s do it,” said the two people, closing their eyes. Their terrifying godly awareness enveloped the whole city. Qiong Fan’s godly awareness turned into a fire awl and Lu Yang’s godly awareness turned into an empty space sword. They started breaking people’s ring seals and breaking into them.

At that moment, someone pulled a long face in Da Yu City. He sensed that the seal of his ring was being broken and that someone’s godly awareness was penetrating into it. That strong cultivator could break the seal of his ring easily.

“It’s them.” When he thought of the Shrines, he pulled a long face. People’s rings contained precious treasures. It was against all rules in the cultivation world. It was a blasphemy, but now, those people dared break their ring seals.

Very quickly, many strong cultivators sensed that the seals of their rings were being broken. They were furious, but they couldn’t do anything. It was humiliating and infuriating. The Shrines dared do anything to find Lin Feng!

However, there were many people in Da Yu City, and inspecting people’s rings was much more complex than just inspecting the city with godly awareness. Lu Yang and Qiong Fan also bumped into high-level Saints who sealed their rings properly, so it was troublesome for Lu Yang and Qiong Fan. They had to talk to the Sainits telepathically and ask them to show their rings to make things simple. They accepted because they feared Lu Yang and Qiong Fan would kill them otherwise.

The two peerless Saints inspected people’s rings for twenty days, but they didn’t find Lin Feng.

“What’s going on now?!?! Could it be that he’s escaped from Da Yu City?” said Qiong Fan.

“Impossible. Nobody can escape the Celestial Sealing Map,” replied Lu Yang, “Haven’t we omitted someone?”

“Only our people and Ordinary and his friends,” replied Qiong Fan.

“First, let’s inspect our people’s rings and then we’ll go back and see Ordinary,” said Lu Yang. Qiong Fan nodded. Their own people couldn’t hide anything from them. They inspected the Fire Shrine and the Empty Space Shrine’s strong cultivators’ rings, Most people let them check their rings without protesting.

But they didn’t find anything.

“If he has an empty space treasure, we can definitely find him. So it seems that he’s with Ordinary,” said Lu Yang indifferently. They both nodded and flew away. After a short time, they landed where Ordinary lived.

“Why did you come back? Da Yu City is sealed so some of my friends are stuck here, and some others can’t come in. It’s been a month,” said Ordinary coldly. Da Yu City’s people were annoyed, Da Yu City had been sealed by the Celestial Sealing Map for a month.

“Brother Ordinary, don’t be angry, we have no alternative,” Qiong Fan smiled. “We came back because we inspected the whole city and we didn’t find the one we’re looking for, so we thought he might be here. Brother Ordinary, could we inspect the area properly?”

“You already inspected the area using your godly awareness,” said Ordinary coldly.

“We need to inspect people’s rings,” replied Qiong Fan. Everybody was astonished. Nobody was willing to let him inspect their rings!

“Apart from you, everybody here is my friend, they’re all my guests, and I won’t let anyone humiliate them. I hope you understand,” said Ordinary, coldly staring at Qiong Fan.

They both stared at each other coldly. Ordinary was a supreme cultivator. If he gave way, he’d lose face.

“What if we really need to inspect your rings?” asked Lu Yang.

“Try and you’ll see,” replied Ordinary coldly.

Lu Yang remained silent for a few seconds and said to Ordinary, “We have no choice but to offend you today.”

He released his godly awareness and started inspecting, then said to Qiong Fan, “You go and inspect our people.”

They hadn’t inspected all their people’s rings. Those who had come the previous time and were still there hadn’t had their rings inspected yet.

“Alright,” Qiong Fan nodded. They didn’t want to offend Ordinary, but they had no choice.


In the Star World, Lin Feng had already been practicing cultivation for more than a year. The old ox hadn’t gone away. He had also made time pass differently for Lin Feng, to save time.

That year, Lin Feng practiced cultivation really hard. He fought against the Bestial Saints, he studied, he practiced alone, and when he didn’t understand, he asked. The Bestial Saints and Lin Feng slowly became friends. They liked people like Lin Feng.

Lin Feng knew he couldn’t be too greedy though. He needed to progress step by step. He needed to progress with one sort of original strength, and he chose earth original strength.

Lin Feng was seated cross-legged. He was calmly studying earth strength pulsations. It felt like a heart with veins and arteries, a very strange sensation. He knew that he made lots of progress, but he hadn’t become a high-level Saint yet.

At that moment, the old ox next to him frowned. He sensed that someone was inspecting the ring and watching them.

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