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PMG Chapter 2450

PMG Chapter 2450


“How much longer do you need?” asked the old ox.

Master Ox, I’m almost done, I just need a little bit more time,” said Lin Feng. He could sense that something was happening. He didn’t know why he had chosen earth strength, maybe it was because he was always standing on the ground.

“Alright, I’ll give you some more time. Hurry,” said the old ox. He released an ominous Qi.

In the outside world, Qiong Fan was staring at Li Xiao, his eyes glittering. Li Xiao was startled.

“Take that sword out,” Qiong Fan said to Li Xiao. Li Xiao nodded hastily, and a sword appeared in front of him. He was very nervous, wondering why Qiong Fan was staring at that sword.

“Where did you get it?” asked Qiong Fan coldly.

“A member of the Fortune Shrine threw it away while we were battling, I took it and she was gone already,” said Li Xiao honestly. He didn’t dare lie to a peerless cultivator.

“Moron!” said Qiong Fan coldly. He was furious. He had been looking for Lin Feng for such a long time and surprisingly, one of his people had him. He unsheathed the sword and dazzling lights flashed.

Lu Yang also arrived and inspected the sword. “Strange, there must be a hidden world inside.”

“We can’t look inside, it doesn’t work,” said Qiong Fan.

“See if you can find a solution, let’s take it to the Shrine. If he’s hiding in there and we take it to the Shrine, he will never be able to escape,” said Lu Yang coldly.


At that moment, Lin Feng was in his spirit’s world. His eyes were closed and he was seated in the sky. He visualized an empty world with earth only. He could sense every inch of the ground of the whole world. He could sense the pulsations of the veins of the earth. He was fusing together with the world.

In my own world, I can feel things more accurately. When I made my own god intent fuse together with earth strength, it works. In my own world, my earth strength has already reached the maximum level, but it seems that I didn’t break through, thought Lin Feng, opening his eyes. He felt annoyed. In the end, it seemed that he was still at his god level, he still didn’t have a normal cultivation level like he had in the past, so he couldn’t become a high-level Saint.

But my original strength has reached the maximum level, so I am like any other high-level Saint, thought Lin Feng. A wall appeared in front of him, he had made it himself. Not only could he use original strength to fight, he could also create proper things.

Thanks to my god strength, even if my other types of original strengths haven’t reached the maximum level, I can still make my earth original strength turn into other types of strength. That’s an advantage, but it’s still not enough, and in the end, it remains earth strength. When my other kinds of original strengths reach the maximum level, I’ll be able to destroy high-level Saints, he thought.

He went back to the Star World and arrived in front of the three peerless Bestial Saints. “Masters, my earth original strength has already reached the maximum level, but because of my strange body, I can’t become a high-level Saint.”

One of them opened his eyes and said to Lin Feng, “Release your original strength and show me.”

Lin Feng nodded, then he released earth original strength. Explosive earth strength churned in the air, it blotted out the sky and covered the earth. It moved towards the peerless Bestial Saint. He looked ferocious as he shook his hand and destroyed it instantly.

“Indeed, it has reached its maximum level. I’ll go out with you,” the peerless Bestial Saint nodded.


Qiong Fan and Lu Yang tried all they could to inspect the sword, but nothing worked. “What an incredible treasure. We can try and seal it with the Celestial Sealing Map to bring it back to the Shrines.”

“No need,” said a voice at that moment. Qiong Fan was stupefied, then two people came out of the precious item, which disappeared.

They frowned, that item could really hide people. It really was another world!

Li Xiao’s face paled. Lin Feng had really been hiding in the precious item. He had been used by Lin Feng. The two peerless Saints had been looking for him for more than a month!

Qiong Fan glanced at them coldly. Surprisingly, Lin Feng was with a peerless Saint.

“Good little boy,” said Ao Cang Hai. His eyes were twinkling as he smiled happily. It really was Lin Feng!

Ordinary the supreme cultivator and the peerless cultivators next to him all recognized Lin Feng, as well as the Bestial Saint next to him. It was one of the three peerless Bestial Saints of the Star World. When they were in the Star World, fighting against those three beasts was part of their exam!

“You really think highly of me,” said Lin Feng, smiling at Qiong Fan and Lu Yang. He was privately amazed; two peerless Saints just for him!?

Suddenly, a dazzling light streaked across the sky, the space around Lin Feng flashed, and he disappeared.

“How fast!” The people around frowned. How incredible! It was a quick attack and the other side had reacted quickly, too. A moment before, Lu Yang had attacked Lin Feng, he could have killed him instantly but one of his allies teleported him next to Ordinary and the others.

“Can I have a glass too?” asked the Bestial Saint, smiling at Ordinary.

Ordinary smiled and said, “Lin Feng is my little friend, of course you can have a glass with us! Come, sit!”

Then, he looked at Lu Yang and Qiong Fan and said, “Are you done causing trouble here?”

“Brother Ordinary, this is the Shrines’ business, please don’t get involved,” said Qiong Fan.

“You tried to inspect our rings with force, you humiliated me, and in the end, one of your own guys helped him hide, you’re ridiculous. Lin Feng is our friend and guest today, you can talk to him next time, when he’s not my guest,” said Ordinary coldly. “I’m not seeing you off.”

“Are you sure you want to get involved?” asked Qiong Fan coldly.

“You consider everyone else beneath your notice, don’t you?” Ordinary smiled. His eyes looked ice-cold. Nobody had ever threatened him and lived.

“Help me watch him,” said the Bestial Saint to Ordinary. Ordinary and the Bestial Saint had already fought, he knew how strong Ordinary was, so Ordinary was perfectly capable of taking care of Lin Feng.

“No problem,” replied Ordinary easily.

“It’s been a long time since I fought for real. It’ll be good to train again,” said the Bestial Saint casually. He looked at the peerless Saint next to Lin Feng, who was also one of the four supreme cultivators who faced the old Ox back in the days with Lin Feng, Sa Leng the supreme cultivator.

“What do you want to do?”

“Lin Feng is also a little friend of mine. Perfect, today we’ll have an opportunity to train,” said Sa Leng with a grin. Theyy looked at Qiong Fan and Lu Yang together, and an incredible strength emerged.

“I don’t believe you can protect him,” said Lu Yang, releasing empty space strength. He was also a peerless Saint, who could protect Lin Feng against him?

He flashed forwards and disappeared. After a few seconds, Lin Feng sensed danger. However, at the same time, an incredible earth strength surrounded him and he disappeared. He was in the ground and when he reappeared, Ordinary the supreme cultivator had taken him high up in the air.

Brother Ordinary is using the pulsations of the earth, so he can obviously sense what other people do since they move through the world. Now he’s taking me away, thought Lin Feng. At that moment, the peerless Bestial Saint appeared in front of Lu Yang and stared at him. In Lu Yang’s eyes, many silhouettes of the Bestial Saint appeared. Lu Yang was astonished because he couldn’t recognize which one was the real one.

“Die!” said Lu Yang, stretching out his hand. A strong wind started blowing and sweeping everything away. However, the empty space strong wind dispersed when it reached the Bestial Saint, and then his many silhouettes moved forwards.

“It’s an illusion, a real illusion. Even empty space strength is caught in the illusion!” whispered Ordinary when he saw that. He was amazed. Sa Leng also started fighting against Qiong Fan.

Lin Feng looked at Ordinary and whispered, “Thank you very much, brother.”

“It’s nothing, really. Just a slight effort. Back then when we arrived in front of the old ox, we were already four of the strongest supreme cultivators. We can easily defeat the peerless Saints of the Shrines. Sa Leng controls a fusion of dark-light strength, he’s a real murderer,” said Ordinary with a smile. “But we also need to be careful when they attack you by surprise, because you can’t compete with them.”

“Indeed,” said Lin Feng, nodding. He looked at the members of the Shrines and said, “But those people really want to kill me, so I have to teach them a good lesson.”

The members of the Shrines were startled. Lin Feng wanted to fight against them?

The members of the Shrines looked at him with murder in their eyes.

Lin Feng shot towards the other members of the Shrines. Instantly, a few people released deadly energies, it was an opportunity to kill Lin Feng!

A terrifying empty space strength moved towards them. They smiled coldly; he wanted to attack them with such a weak empty space strength?

Suddenly, the empty space strength turned into an incredible earth strength and started burying them. At the same time, Lin Feng flashed towards Li Xiao.

Li Xiao was staring at Lin Feng. He wanted to regain his lost face.

Lin Feng stopped in front of him and pointed a finger at him. Li Xiao groaned coldly. He released empty space strength to surround his body. However, Lin Feng’s finger pierced through and Li Xiao’s organs were suddenly badly injured. His face paled.

Lin Feng put his hand into the golden empty space strength, his Hell finger penetrated into Li Xiao’s body and destroyed him!

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