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PMG Chapter 2451: Killing A High-Level Saint!

PMG Chapter 2451: Killing A High-Level Saint!

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“Earth pulsations!” Ordinary, a supreme cultivator, was astonished when he saw Lin Feng’s attack. His attack had the same pulsations as the earth, which made his attack extremely heavy and powerful.

That little boy progresses really quickly. No wonder that the old ox thinks highly of him. He’ll definitely reach my cultivation level in the future!, thought Ordinary. A low-level Saint attacked Lin Feng, but was stopped by a stone wall out of nowhere. Ordinary was amazed.

Empty space strength and earth strength rotate, first empty space strength invades the space and then it turns into earth strength!, thought Ordinary. How beautiful! Lin Feng punched his enemy’s head, and killed him instantly and easily. Low-level Saints didn’t pose a threat to Lin Feng anymore. They were just too weak now.

“I’ll kill him!” said someone coldly. The crowd moved away to let a high-level Saint of the Empty Space Shrine pass, as he stared at Lin Feng. His name was Rong Qing. His empty space strength had reached the maximum level, and he had become a high-level Saint three thousand years before. Now, two of his original strengths had reached the maximum level, the second one being water original strength. Even though he still hadn’t managed to fuse his original strengths together, he was still very strong.

“I saw you during the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Back then, I never thought you’d fight against me mere decades later. I didn’t think the Shrines would need to send such forces to fight against you, either. You’re an exceptional fighter in the Continent of the Nine Clouds,” Rong Qing said to Lin Feng slowly. “But you have to understand that even if three peerless Saints are helping you, you won’t be able to survive today. The Shrines want to kill you… not one Shrine, several. You will die today.”

Lin Feng knew he was in danger. Da Yu City was completely sealed, so he couldn’t escape. The Shrines wanted to kill him, he knew it was a critical situation. But he wasn’t weak, either. Brother Ordinary and Brother Sa Leng were helping him, the old ox and the others had also set high expectations and hopes on him. He knew it, even if the old ox was always cold and detached.

Many people couldn’t wait to see him become stronger, how could he die? He would leave Da Yu City, even half dead!

Brother Ordinary and Brother Sa Leng were helping him. By helping him, they had offended the Shrines. Even if they didn’t care, Lin Feng cared.

“There are many things you hadn’t imagined back in the days. Maybe you never thought the Empty Space Shrine would get wiped off the maps of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, either,” replied Lin Feng coldly.

“Is that so? You look quite calm. You don’t know how to evaluate danger. Don’t blame me for bullying younger people!” retorted Rong Qing, smiling coldly. He released empty space strength, which fused together with the space around him before moving inside.

“Earth!” said Lin Feng. He took a deep breath and calmly sensed the pulsations of the earth. Every inch of the earth pulsated in his veins and arteries.

Bright lights appeared in front of him and pressed towards him.

“Slow!” said Lin Feng, while moving backwards. He wasn’t frightened at all. He had been fighting against the nine Bestial Saints on a daily basis for a long time, they were much stronger than Rong Qing. The empty space strength turned into a sword and continued shooting towards him. However, Lin Feng just tilted aside and the empty space strength flew past his shoulder.

“Freeze!” The space became ice-cold as Rong Qing started freezing the space around them. Lin Feng was surprised at the chill. He countered by releasing earth strength, which turned into an armor.

“Hmph!” Rong Qing grunted coldly. He slowly walked towards Lin Feng, releasing empty space strength which penetrated into his body without breaking the ice.

“Eh?” He frowned. He realized that his attack hadn’t reached Lin Feng’s body, as if he wasn’t inside.

He waved his hand and golden lights appeared in the ice. A terrifying empty space thunder descended from the sky.

“Break!” Rong Qing attacked the frozen earth, and the ice and the earth broke apart at the same time. The terrifying empty space thunder descended from the sky, anyone who was frozen would be killed. The crowd around them moved away.

Rong Qing frowned. He looked down at his feet, where the ground was pulsating.

A gigantic piece of ground trembled, rose up, and buried him. A figure appeared in the mud in the ground. It was Lin Feng, who had become an integral part of the earth. The ground was his body. He could sense things clearly, especially Rong Qing’s strength in the ground.

Lin Feng turned into a beam of light and moved towards Rong Qing. He raised his hand and released strength, his strength pulsing at the same pace as the earth. The ground exploded loudly, and his attack reached Rong Qing, whose face stiffened. He was on the verge of collapse!

“Opportunity!” Lin Feng shouted furiously, and threw his fist at Rong Qing’s head. His fist contained an oppressive and heavy earth strength which shrieked as it tore space.

In the end, he didn’t aim at Rong Qing’s head, and instead punched his chest. However, he wasn’t smiling. On the contrary, his expression suddenly changed.

“Water!” Lin Feng had the impression he had punched water. Rong Qing’s body was extremely soft; it was pierced through, but nothing happened. as if he had punched water. It was a particular defense of people whose water original strength had reached the maximum level.

“Die!” said Rong Qing, smiling coldly. He already considered Lin Feng dead. Lin Feng’s arm started freezing. Rong Qing drove his fist at Lin Feng’s head. It contained an incredible empty space thunder. If his fist reached Lin Feng, he was definitely going to die!

“Slow!” countered Lin Feng, releasing slow strength. He slowed his opponent down, and at the same time, he released stone strength, burying his enemy again… but Rong Qing’s fist continued moving towards him.

Lin Feng waved his arm, and it turned into a stone which pulsed at the same pace as the earth, but did he have time to dodge? He started to evade Rong Qing’s attack.

Ordinary was impressed. Lin Feng’s strength was already not bad. One of his original strengths had already reached the maximum level, but Rong Qing had two strengths at the maximum level. Lin Feng might not be strong enough to compete with Rong Qing. Ordinary was getting ready to get involved.

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng at that moment suddenly. The ground trembled. Soundwave and illusion strength smashed into Rong Qing’s head, even as Lin Feng released earth strength. The soundwave strength was inside the earth strength, so it made Rong Qing’s head shake unceasingly even as illusions appeared in Rong Qing’s mind. He had the impression he had already attacked Lin Feng and failed!

“Acceleration!” Lin Feng released fast strength in his arm, and threw his fist at Rong Qing. At the same time, Rong Qing’s fist was getting closer and closer to his head.

Lin Feng’s fist moved far faster, the soundwave strength continuing to resonate. Rong Qing had the impression he was carrying the whole world on his shoulders. When he came back to his senses, he realized he hadn’t killed Lin Feng yet, and was momentarily startled.

But he was a high-level Saint after all, so he said coldly, “I didn’t think you could control so many sorts of original strength. Even though they haven’t reached the maximum level, it’s an advantage. You used earth, soundwave and cursing original strengths, not bad. But you can’t kill me. You will die.”

He was trying to demoralize Lin Feng. However, Lin Feng just looked at him in a cold and detached way. Rong Qing controlled water original strength at the maximum level, was he really invincible because of that? There had to be a solution even if his body was as soft as water. He needed to attack every single part of his body to defeat him, that was it.

Lin Feng didn’t flinch. He attacked again. Rong Qing smiled coldly. Lin Feng was acting recklessly. Did he really want to fight a second time?

He was staring at Lin Feng as he condensed empty space strength, he wanted to defeat Lin Feng in one attack. He couldn’t give Lin Feng any opportunity!

Lin Feng also moved. His speed became incredible. He reached his maximum speed, moving in an eyeblink towards Rong Qing.

Lin Feng raised his fist, in which he had condensed fast strength. Rong Qing’s body turned into water, and his body became incredibly soft. He wanted Lin Feng’s punch to pierce through him, but this time, Lin Feng stopped his fist inside the water.

“You can’t kill me!” said Rong Qing. smiling coldly.

“Nobody is invincible,” replied Lin Feng. He waved his hand and attacked the soft water body again. He condensed fast strength in his hand as well as pulsing earth original strength. Each time the earth strength pulsed, the water rolled in waves. A terrifying sword energy suddenly invaded the water, and god strength swept everything away.

Rong Qing’s smile suddenly stiffened. His body was starting to disintegrate!

“How is that possible?” Rong Qing’s face turned deathly pale. His didn’t understand. A destructive sword Qi tore through him, and Rong Qing turned into dust and disappeared in the empty space.

Lin Feng smiled coldly. Had Rong Qing really thought he was invincible?!

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