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PMG Chapter 2454: Shrines’ Agreement

PMG Chapter 2454: Shrines’ Agreement

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“The Forbidden Person is now confirmed…” When the Shrines heard the Bestial Saint, they were convinced Lin Feng was a legendary Forbidden Person. He might become a god. Now the Godly Grave had disappeared because of him. What would happen if a god appeared in the world?

Now, the Forbidden Person was a god’s heir, extremely bad news for the Shrines!

But if the Empty Space Shrine attacked Lin Feng, the peerless Bestial Saint, the World Clan, Ordinary and Sa Leng the supreme cultivators, and the Fortune Shrine would all destroy the Empty Space Shrine. They would do all they could to protect Lin Feng. They had set high hopes on him.

“Empty Space Shrine’s leader, think carefully. Don’t do anything risky because other people want you to,” said the voice coming from the world coffin.

The Empty Space Shrine’s Leader glanced at the peerless Saints of the Fire and the Ice and Snow Shrines. He was trying to think of a solution.

“A few big Shrines got involved today. If we give up, the Shrines won’t be happy. If the Empty Space Shrine continues, we will be destroyed. Therefore, I’d like to come to an agreement with everybody, what do you think?” the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader asked the peerless Bestial Saint slowly.

“What agreement?” asked the peerless Bestial Saint, rather surprised.

“First, no rush. I contacted the strong cultivators of the Fortune Shrine already, I asked them to come to talk. Besides, the Fortune Shrine also wants to come to an agreement,” said the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader. He wanted to wait for the Fortune Shrine’s cultivators.

The peerless Bestial Saint was surprised. Was the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader trying to waste time because he had contacted more strong cultivators from their alliance?

“Don’t worry. Accept. If anything strange happens, the World Clan will attack immediately,” said the voice from the coffin.

The peerless Bestial Saint nodded. “Alright, I’ll wait. We’ll see what kind of agreement you have to offer.”

The atmosphere was still oppressive, and people just whispered. The Forbidden Body? A legendary god’s heir? A protector? It had been a very long time since something as incredible had happened in the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

After a long time, some figures appeared in the sky. They were all peerless Saints, standing high up in the sky. In ordinary times, people never or seldom saw such cultivators. Today, a whole bunch of them had appeared!

The Fortune Shrine’s Leader was there, too, holding the Scepter of Destiny. When he saw Lin Feng was safe, he was relieved and said, “Empty Space Shrine’s Leader, you can talk.”

“Today, the Shrines are unwilling to let Lin Feng off. The Empty Space Shrine would like to come up with an agreement. We forget about what happened today, and in one year, we all come to Fortune City and we solve the issue. What does everybody think?” the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader asked the crowd calmly.

He wanted everybody to bear the responsibility for what was happening. The members of the Fortune Shrine didn’t look happy when he said he wanted everybody to come to Fortune City. If the strongest cultivators of the Shrines gathered at Fortune City, it would be extremely dangerous for the Fortune Shrine. Was the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader trying to find a strategy to destroy the Fortune Shrine?

“And then?” inquired the Fortune Shrine’s Leader coldly.

“The battles today all happened because of Lin Feng. However, Lin Feng just watched. I think he should solve the issue himself! He should be fighting! On the day of the agreement, all the Shrines can select a high-level Saint who will fight against Lin Feng in a battle to death. If we win, Lin Feng will be dead, and if you still try to protect Lin Feng, we’ll have no choice but to destroy the Fortune Shrine.”

“Ridiculous! One year! How Ridiculous!” said the Fortune Shrine’s Leader coldly. He had faith in Lin Feng’s talent, but one year was nothing. How could he fight in one year?

If the Shrines selected strong cultivators, they’d choose people who controlled several sorts of original strengths at the maximum level, terrifyingly strong high-level Saints. The difference between high-level Saints could be much more incredible than between high-level Saints and low-level Saints: someone who understood one sort of original strength at the maximum level was a high-level Saint, someone who understood several sorts of original strengths at the maximum level was also a high-level Saint, and someone who understand several sorts of original strengths at the maximum level and could make them fuse was also a high-level Saint!

Of course, there could incredible differences between peerless Saints too, it depended on which kind of original strengths they fused. It was impossible to assess the strength of a peerless Saint before having seen them battle.

Therefore, one year was ridiculous. It was too short.

“Not to mention you said you wanted to gather in our city. If anything happens, the Fortune Shrine will be destroyed.”

“You don’t have a choice. You either give up Lin Feng and you leave, we won’t do anything to you if you do, or you accept. If Lin Feng doesn’t die, we’ll gather in the Fortune Shrine,” said the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader firmly. The crowd understood that the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader really wanted Lin Feng to die. He also wanted to destroy the Fortune Shrine, and he didn’t need to act alone because he had support.

“If you don’t trust me, you can invite all the Shrines when the time comes. If Lin Feng dies, then the Fortune Shrine will have nothing to fear anymore. If he doesn’t, the Fortune Shrine will get destroyed. You can choose,” said the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader slyly. If Lin Feng was defeated, Ordinary and the others would probably protect Lin Feng and take him away. That way, the Fortune Shrine would definitely get destroyed.

If the Fortune Shrine didn’t want to get destroyed, they had to let Lin Feng die!

He didn’t need to worry about the protectors and the others on Lin Feng’s side, because if all the Shrines of their alliance gathered in Fortune Shrine, at least it would prove they did it with good reason, and they had the advantage in terms of strength. He was convinced that his opponents would make the right decision. When in danger, it was better to be selfish!

The Empty Space Shrine was convinced that the situation would be perfect for them a year later. For the time being, they couldn’t kill Lin Feng.

Another possibility was if Lin Feng didn’t show up, things would be even easier. They would immediately destroy the Fortune Shrine, and then Lin Feng wouldn’t need to show up again.

“What if Lin Feng wins?” asked the peerless Bestial Saint.

“If Lin Feng wins, we will all disperse,” said the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader.

“And then you’ll be able to continue chasing Lin Feng. No matter if Lin Feng wins or loses, for you, everything will remain perfect. If he dies, it’s justified, if he wins, you’ll find an excuse to destroy the Fortune Shrine, and then you’ll chase Lin Feng and kill him,” said the peerless Bestial Saint coldly.

“Don’t be so pessimistic. You saw what happened today. The Shrines won’t easily give up,” said the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader coldly.

“Hehe, that agreement is alright. I can invite some extremely strong cultivators of the Supreme Animal World to come and watch, they can also act as referees. What do you think, Empty Space Shrine’s Leader?” said Ao Cang Hai smiling.

The Empty Space Shrine’s Leader was surprised and said. “If our dear friends from the Supreme Animal World agree, no problem.”

“But one year is too short. In one year, low-level Saints should fight against Lin Feng. To fight against stronger cultivators, you need to wait for at least fifty years,” said Ao Cang Hai indifferently.

“No. You saw how quickly he progresses. He has a Forbidden Body. Fifty years is too short. I’m sure nobody would agree.”

“Twenty years then. You know it’s already short,” said the peerless Bestial Saint.

“Three years, that’s all we can propose,” said the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader coldly.

“Three years is too short,” said the peerless Bestial Saint, shaking his head. If the old ox helped, twenty years would be good for Lin Feng, he’d have time to study several sorts of original strengths. But with only three years, even if the old ox helped, it was still too short. It was difficult to understand one kind of original strength at the maximum level already.

Lin Feng needed to fuse some original strengths together to at least stand a chance against his opponents. He needed to fuse at least four original strengths together. The Shrines would definitely choose extremely strong opponents to fight against him.

“I have requirements as well,” said the Fortune Shrine’s Leader. The crowd turned to him.

“Three years is too short. Agreeing would come down to killing Lin Feng right now. And we can’t put all the pressure on Lin Feng, either. If you want us to agree on three years, we need to organize other battles, three battles, Lin Feng can do the one at the level of high-level Saints, but we also need to organize battles for Half-Saints and low-level Saints,” said the Fortune Shrine’s Leader. The geniuses of the previous Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds were probably good choices to battle.

The Empty Space Shrine’s Leader looked at him. He couldn’t trust the Fortune Shrine entirely since the members of the Fortune Shrine had some techniques which made their intuition better and helped them guess what could happen in the future.

“Five battles. A high-level, low-level, halves, two more battles, and two years,” said the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader indifferently. Five battles… He knew that the Fortune Shrine was alone, and the number and strength of the cultivators they could select was limited.

“Two years.” The Fortune Shrine’s Leader pulled a long face. Two years was nothing for them, it was way too short. Lin Feng didn’t stand a chance that way unless they won three other battles.

“Chu Chun Qiu, Kong Ming, Zhou Rong Man, and Hou Qing Lin could be the four others, will the lights of destiny illuminate their bodies?” whispered the Fortune Shrine’s Leader. He closed his eyes, seeing a beam of light illuminate the darkness.

“I accept,” said the Fortune Shrine’s Leader. He agreed even though the agreement wasn’t fair at all.

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  1. kaz February 26, 2019 at 7:55 pm - Reply

    In the end it turns into a tournament arc again.

  2. Dante Piacenza September 16, 2019 at 2:38 pm - Reply

    Bullshit. It’s just the fortuine shrine disperse with their trasures and live together with the world clan who can hide them. Lin Feng and neither his friends should come , also, he could just put his family, friends and even tiantai in his world and just come out when he is a peerless saint at least and start to destroy the shrines with guerrilla tatics and destroy all of them. Hell, they could also be on his carpet world if he doesn’t want to put them in xue yue world (which apparently have bilions of people now but hey, screw his friends and allies, right ?) and train an army there. If the fortune shrine ”doesn’t want to lose face” they could also just die then if they value their pride more than their lives. That’s why i love Yang Kai from Martial Peak so much, there was an situation with people of the clan (which he was the heir even tou he didn’t want it) of him and some strong clans joined hands to destroy them because they want their treasures and yang kai wasn’t strong enough to really do anything at the time. The elders of the clan wanted to die outside and yang kai just gather all the people, all the resources and put them in a small world which was in their territory and only he could open because it was a thing passed down on generations from a top powerhouse (in the novel it’s a 3° Order Saint which is like a God here, there were like 8 people in all the world like this) of his clan so no one could open , no matter how strong they are. Yang kai was just like “Well, ok, i’m gonna save all the people then and you guys can die here with your pride, i think i’m gonna need twenty or more years to be strong enough to take you guys out so this is it, goodbye”. All the elders on the end valued their lifes more than that and enter in the small world. and Yang Kai can’t carry it around like Lin Feng could, but he still can think of those things with 34 years. Shame on LF.

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