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PMG Chapter 2455: Plan

PMG Chapter 2455: Plan

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The Fortune Shrine had accepted the agreement. The peerless Bestial Saint could only sigh. Two years was nothing. Even if Lin Feng was talented, he wouldn’t stand a chance at all. The peerless Bestial Saint had seen many high-level Saints in his life, and he knew the differences between them could be gigantic.

The Empty Space Shrine’s Leader left with the Celestial Sealing Map. All the Shrines’ members left Da Yu City. Da Yu City had been destroyed by all the battles, there were ruins everywhere. The strong cultivators hadn’t fought to the extreme, otherwise it would have been completely destroyed!

“Lin Feng, are you coming back to the Fortune Shrine with us?” the Fortune Shrine’s leader to Lin Feng. The Shrines had put aside all considerations for face, but Lin Feng’s safety wasn’t ensured.

“Yes, let’s go back,” said Lin Feng nodding. Then, he turned around and looked at the crowd.

“We also need a place to stay,” said Ordinary smiling indifferently.

“Brothers, come to Fortune City,” said Lin Feng. Ordinary and Sa Leng had offended the other Shrines to protect him. They might try to kill them if they stayed in Da Yu City.

“Lin Feng is right, come to the Fortune Shrine, dear friends, please be our guests,” said the Fortune Shrine’s Leader.

“Since it’s that way, thank you for your hospitality,” Ordinary smiled. Going to the Fortune Shrine was a good idea.

The group of people flew up and left. Ao Cang Hai also went with them, but not because he was afraid of the Shrines. They wouldn’t dare offend the powerful Dragon Clan of the Supreme Animal World.

After they left, Da Yu City calmed down again. However, it was still damaged because of the battles. The news of what had happened in Da Yu City spread everywhere in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Many people couldn’t wait to see the battles two years later. All the Shrines would gather in Fortune Shrine, there would be magnificent and grandiose fights.

The Fortune Shrine, the Fire Shrine, and the Empty Space Shrine forgot about invading and taking control of Da Yu City. The battles two years later would be more important than taking control over cities. They would determine the fate of several Shrines.


Lin Feng was seated cross-legged in Fortune City, inside the Star World. The peerless Bestial Saint had gone back too. He was at the top of his mountain, not far from Lin Feng. Lin Feng said, “Master, thank you for protecting me.”

“Don’t take what I said too seriously. For us, it doesn’t matter whom we protect. If you’re too weak, the old ox can find a new master for the Star World. I just said that to scare them. The two others wouldn’t necessarily help you,” said the peerless Bestial Saint in a calm way and then he closed his eyes. It was like he had completely changed.

“I understand,” said Lin Feng, smiling and bowing before the peerless Bestial Saint. He withdrew. The old ox at his side remained silent.

“Master Ox, can you help me save time during the next two years,” said Lin Feng. Two years was indeed too short. He didn’t know what kind of enemies he’d have to face, but they would definitely be extraordinarily strong.

“I will do my best, but in such a short time you won’t be able to progress that much. Get ready to be defeated in two years,” said the old ox indifferently. He wasn’t afraid of shocking Lin Feng or putting pressure on him. Even if Lin Feng had ten or fifty years, it would be unlikely for him to break through.

“Maybe. I’ll do my best anyway,” replied Lin Feng. The old ox didn’t say much and continued walking.

“I’m off. I need to sort some things out, and then I’ll come back and meditate in seclusion. When I come back, thanks for helping me with time,” said Lin Feng, and then he left the Star World.


Ordinary and Sa Leng were watching Lin Feng. Ordinary smiled and said. “What a strange world. You can hide inside. I never thought the world we were stuck in for so long would look so tiny,” said Ordinary, pointing at the prayer mat.

Lin Feng smiled and replied, “Brother Ordinary, it’s only the historical remains of the Godly Grave, you were not stuck in there. It’s a god’s world, do you want to go and see?”

“It’s alright. I’m afraid that if I go in, I won’t be able to come back out,” said Ordinary smiling. Then, he asked, “Lin Feng, isn’t there a peerless Saint’s weapon, like the Celestial Sealing Map, in the god’s world?”

Sa Leng’s eyes twinkled. If they had such weapons, the Shrines wouldn’t act recklessly. They would be able to fight against the Shrines’ leaders who had incredible weapons. Without incredible weapons, the Shrines’ leaders might be able kill them.

Lin Feng smiled and shook his head.

“Are there peerless Saint’s weapons, though?” asked Ordinary. His eyes were still twinkling.

“Brother Ordinary, there must be peerless Saint’s Weapons, but because I’m too weak, I can’t access the room in which they are held. I guess I can only get high-level Saint’s Weapons, which are useless to you,” Lin Feng told him.

“What? You don’t even have access to all the rooms if you’re not strong enough? How annoying!” Ordinary protested.

“I believe that they don’t want me to obtain such weapons if I’m too weak, otherwise people could kill me and take them from me. So, the stronger I am, the less chances I have to get killed,” Lin Feng explained.

“Right, the god anticipated any kind of situation,” Ordinary nodded. “So what are you going to do during those two years?”

“I want to meditate in seclusion for a year and see if I can become stronger,” replied Lin Feng.

“Alright. Good, if there’s anything you don’t understand, you can ask me.”

“Definitely,” said Lin Feng smiled.

“Lin Feng!” called out someone. Lin Feng turned his head and saw the Diviner.

“Teacher!” shouted Lin Feng. The Diviner landed on the ground, nodding at Ordinary and Sa Leng.

“Lin Feng, I was scared to death. It gave me chills. I didn’t think the Shrines would send such terrifying cultivators to fight against you. I’m sorry. If you died, it would have been my fault,” said the Diviner.

Lin Feng shook his head. “I was too careless. My true identity was uncovered, it had nothing to do with you.”

“Anyway, let’s forget about it. The Shrines only gave you two years, the battle will be extremely complicated for you. The Shrine is trying to find people to fight the four other battles. Come with me,” said the Diviner, leaving with Lin Feng.


They arrived in the depths of the Shrine, all the high-level Saints of the Shrine were gathered there.

“Lin Feng, you became a core disciple of the Fortune Shrine because you’re extremely strong, but you haven’t had the opportunity to meet the other core disciples. Today you can meet them,” said the Diviner, taking Lin Feng in front of a crowd.

The Shrine’s leader looked at Lin Feng and said. “Lin Feng, we started calling disciples and telling them to come back, including the ones who participated in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds back in the days with you. They all might be selected to fight in two years. Anyone you would like to recommend?”

“I can’t recommend anyone unless I know how strong they are. Hou Qing Lin can defeat anyone at the same cultivation level as him, though,” said Lin Feng. With his reincarnation strength, Hou Qing Lin could indeed defeat most people at the same cultivation level.

“Hou Qing Lin is quite strong, but he doesn’t have enough trump cards and he hasn’t been a Saint for a long time. I don’t know how powerful his reincarnation strength will be in two years,” said the Fortune Shrine’s Leader, looking at the Reincarnation Priest.

“Two years is too short. The enemies will only select geniuses amongst geniuses. We have to fight the strongest fighters. Lin Feng, you will probably lose your battle,” said the Reincarnation Priest. He didn’t underestimate Lin Feng, but two years were just nothing. Even fifty years weren’t enough in their opinion. A high-level Saint sometimes needed hundreds of thousands, or even millions of years, to break through.

“In one year, I will organize a competition in the Fortune Shrine. The strongest ones will be chosen. At the same time, we need to contact some Shrines and establish good relations to them, including the Supreme Animal World,” said another peerless Saint. The crowd nodded. They were in a hurry. Those battles would be extremely important, but they knew they wouldn’t win all of them, or at least, that was very unlikely.

“Yes, we’ll need to go to the Supreme Animal World and to the Shrines,” said the Shrine’s leader.

“I’ll go,” said the Diviner.

The leader smiled. “Mara-Deva, now that your two bodies have fused together again, I’m not worried about you, you’re strong enough. You’ve been managing the Shrine’s internal affairs for so many years so yes, you’re a perfect candidate for this task.”

“Alright, I’m going. Lin Feng, I’ll take you to your old friend,” said the Diviner. Lin Feng left with him.


They quickly landed at a big palace. Lin Feng saw someone walking towards him.

“Haha, little boy! I never thought you’d become so famous. No wonder you’re stronger, with a teacher like me!” said the old Taoist Priest, smiling and walking towards them. Then he continued, looking ferocious, “I’ve heard that you have killed many Saints. Perfect, I’m doing research about weapons, show me some.”

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