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PMG Chapter 2456: Pressure

PMG Chapter 2456: Pressure

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Lin Feng looked at the old Taoist Priest speechlessly. That guy was still saying Lin Feng had become so famous and strong thanks to him!

Lin Feng took out some Saint’s Weapons and gave them to the old Taoist Priest. “Old buddy, take them. You’re a Saint now, what do you intend to do?”

“Hehe!” The old Taoist Priest just laughed and took the Saint’s Weapons impolitely. He said, “I’m a powerful Saint now, so you’re finally nice. These Saint’s Weapons are perfect, they will allow me to help the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan rise again. When the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan stands at the top of the Vast Celestial Ancient City and becomes the first powerful group there, I will travel around the world and go to other worlds. I want to see what’s different in other worlds!”

“Alright, good. The Celestial Evolution Holy Clan is important to you, so it’s normal you want to make it rise,” said Lin Feng. Even though Yan Di had never said he was worried about the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan or he wanted it to come back to life, Lin Feng knew how important it was to him. Now he was strong enough to make the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan stand at the top of the Vast Celestial Ancient City, which was only a city in the lower world.

“Alright, I waited here because I wanted to see you, I’m off now,” Yan Di smiled.

Lin Feng was surprised. “Why the rush?”

“You want to chat longer?” asked Yan Di, smiling and turning around casually. “We’re walking on different paths now, we can’t stay together the whole time, and the past already seems like a dream. If you have time, come to Vast Celestial Ancient City to see me, my friend!”

He disappeared into the distance. Lin Feng just sighed. Indeed, it felt like a dream. Now, the old Taoist Priest couldn’t help him anymore, so he just left and went off to help his Clan rise.

“Old buddy, I hope you will never die! If you need anything, feel free to ask me!” shouted Lin Feng running forwards.

“Don’t worry, I don’t mind asking you for help when I’m in need!” laughed a distant voice.

Lin Feng smiled. He turned to the Diviner and said. “Teacher, I’m going.”

The Diviner nodded, and Lin Feng left. The Diviner raised his head and rose up in the air. Lin Feng wanted to meditate in seclusion to get ready for the battles in two years. He also had things to do; he had to travel the world to meet people and get ready for the battles. The five fighters wouldn’t be the only ones involved.

Time passes without anyone noticing it when everything is fine, but when you have problems, it seems like you never have enough time.


During those days, Lin Feng practiced cultivation like a madman. He didn’t take any break. Sometimes, he thought about his family and it gave him strength. Half a year passed in the blink of an eye. In the Star World, Lin Feng was fighting against the golden ape, the space trembling around them.

The golden ape raised his hand, and the sky became dark. He tried to catch Lin Feng, but Lin Feng could sense the earth pulsing as if it were his own body. He moved so fast it was like he was teleporting.

“Earth Burial!” shouted the golden ape. The ground under Lin Feng’s feet rose up, trying to bury him.

Lin Feng turned into empty space Qi again and disappeared. His opponent’s attacks couldn’t reach him.

“Not bad, you’re able to dodge my attacks now. You’re not wasting your time,” the golden ape said, as he stopped attacking.

“But it’s still not enough. Your opponents will probably control several sorts of original strengths. You’re too weak. Your attacks are also too weak,” said the golden ape. He attacked Lin Feng again.

My earth and empty space strengths are now at the maximum level. I also use wind and fast strength to move faster, but it’s not enough, thought Lin Feng, annoyed.

“Not bad, when one of your original strengths reached the maximum level, you’re already equal to a high-level Saint. Most people need over ten thousand years to do that. Some people never even manage to break through. I helped you modify time so in here, ten years have passed and you already have two original strengths at the maximum level,” said the old ox patiently from where he was watching. “But it’s still not enough. You’re definitely going to lose.”

“What if I fuse original strengths together first?” said Lin Feng asked the old ox.

“Fusing original strengths together is even more difficult than understanding an original strength at the maximum level. There are limits. If you only practice cultivation here, your progress will be limited, too,” said the old ox. “If you really want to try, try and fight against those three. Imagine that they will be your opponents in a year,” said the old ox, pointing at the last three Bestial Saints.

The six others had already fought against Lin Feng many times. However, of those three, only two had already tried and fight against Lin Feng, but they hadn’t taken it seriously. The last one had never fought against Lin Feng.

Lin Feng looked at the last one, he was probably the strongest of all. According to the old ox, those three were as strong as the enemies he was going to fight a year from now.

“If I win against him, does it mean I’ll be able to defeat my opponent?” said Lin Feng to the old ox.

“If you can defeat him, you will be fine. But I don’t advise you to try for now, because he has a really bad temper,” said the old ox seriously.

Lin Feng looked at him and walked forwards. The others looked at him excitedly.

Lin Feng then moved as fast as lightning. He raised his finger which pierced through space towards the Bestial Saint. The Bestial Saint suddenly opened his eyes, which were pitch-black, like those of a demon. The air crackled as the Bestial Saint moved, and an aggressive Qi filled the air. Lin Feng was nervous and felt oppressed.

The Bestial Saint raised his fist and an aggressive Qi smashed into Lin Feng’s body. He crashed onto the ground and a crater appeared around him. He had the impression his organs were going to explode.

Lin Feng abruptly stopped moving forwards, disappearing and reappearing somewhere else. However, the space contracted as an incredible Qi invaded it. Lin Feng had the impression he was being born. It was an incredible sensation, he felt tiny and at the same time he had the impression he was on the verge of collapse.

Lin Feng groaned with pain. He was struck violently and hurled backwards. He felt extremely unwell. The Bestial Saint glanced at him indifferently and closed his eyes again. He looked calm and composed again, as if nothing had just happened.

“Demon, earth, and illusion original strengths at the maximum level.” Lin Feng was astonished. That Bestial Saint could be described using only one word: aggressive! The difference between him and all the others was gigantic.

“You sense those few, not bad. But he only used a little bit of strength, he could actually kill you instantly if he wants to,” said the old ox indifferently. Lin Feng’s body already felt sore. That Bestial Saint had probably practiced for tens of thousands of years. He had an advanced knowledge of original strength.

“Lin Feng, you can’t even force us to use fused original strengths yet,” said the golden ape. Lin Feng nodded. When they used a fusion of original strengths, their attacks were overwhelming. Back then, the golden ape had killed a high-level Saint extremely easily, and the last Bestial Saint could easily kill the golden ape.

“I’m going out,” said Lin Feng, and then he left. He arrived in his own spirit’s world. Meng Qing was in the Empire of Xue Yue with his family members.

Lin Feng wanted to rest for a few days, he had practiced like a madman for a while, maybe taking a rest and some nice moments would be helpful.

In the outside world, the Shrines continued competing over territories and so on. The Diviner had been to the Supreme Animal World and was now back with some news.

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