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PMG Chapter 2457: Godly Phoenix Clan

PMG Chapter 2457: Godly Phoenix Clan

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In the Fortune Shrine…

A group of people was seated cross-legged in a starry place. The Diviner was present.

The Shrine’s Leader’s eyes were closed, he was moving his fingers, starlight illuminated him. Suddenly, he opened his eyes and looked at the stars. He looked surprised and asked, “Mara-Deva, which clan has an incredible genius in the Supreme Animal World?”

“The Godly Phoenix Clan,” said the Diviner. He initially wanted to tell the leader about it, but it seemed like the leader had already guessed it.

“After the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, the Destiny Wheel rotated and our stars are now different. There are many destiny lights I can’t understand anymore,” the Fortune Shrine’s leader sighed.

“Leader, you already saw that an incredible genius had appeared in the Supreme Animal World. That’s already very rare, and divination is not easy,” responded the Diviner.

“How’s the genius of the Godly Phoenix Clan?” asked the Shrine’s Leader.

“She was in a forbidden territory, in the Mythological Animal Mausoleum. She was acknowledged by a god. She’s been named the Goddess,” replied the Diviner.

“Goddess… things are getting more and more interesting. The forbidden territories are mysterious places. And in times of chaos, many incredible geniuses rise. Lin Feng was acknowledged by a god in the Godly Grave. Chu Chun Qiu came out of the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell alive, and has changed, too,” murmured the Shrine’s Leader. “Anything else?”

“Some strong cultivators are joining hands and forming alliances in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Some of them want to become Shrines,” said the Diviner.

“That’s normal,” said the Shrine’s Leader calmly. “Anything about the battles in one year?”

“The Shrines’ situation hasn’t changed. The Hell Shrine doesn’t get involved in the affairs of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. The Life Shrine doesn’t like to fight. The Light Shrine still doesn’t seem to exist. The Soul Shrine manages things smoothly and tactfully. The Thunder Shrine won’t get involved. The Celestial Sound Shrine and the Earth Shrine hope the Fortune Shrine won’t get destroyed. Apart from them, the Fire, Ice and Frost, Dazzling, Empty Space, Wind, and Demon Shrines all want to destroy us,” said the Diviner dispiritedly.

“Not bad. Back then, ten Shrines expressed themselves. Now there are four more Shrines,” said the Fortune Shrine’s leader, smiling.

“The Soul Shrine and the Thunder Shrine care only about themselves. The Celestial Sound Shrine and the Earth Shrine are scared because they are quite weak compared to all the other Shrines, and now seeing us on the verge of collapse, they’re even more worried they could become like us. That’s why they support us. If we become stronger, they will become stronger. The Light Shrine doesn’t seem to exist. It’s a difficult situation for us,” said the Diviner. The fifteen Shrines had been able to live together in harmony for such a long time, it was already a miracle.

“The Fire, Ice and Frost, Empty Space, Dazzling and Wind Shrines are not the strongest Shrines, especially the Wind and Dazzling Gold Shrines, what do they want to do?” asked the Shrine’s Leader coldly.

“Who knows? All the Shrines have their own plans. Only they can know what their real plans are,” the Diviner sighed.

“What about the Supreme Animal World?” asked the Shrine’s Leader.

“The Dragon Clan agreed to come. The Roc Clan will come too, but the Roc Clan won’t necessarily come in peace. The Unicorn Clan will come too, I don’t know what they want, same for the Godly Phoenix Clan, I think Lin Feng should go to the Supreme Animal World,” said the Diviner.

The Shrine’s Leader was surprised. “Interesting. Don’t tell anyone about that,” said the Shrine’s Leader.

“I know. The Godly Phoenix Shrine agreed, too.” replied the Diviner. “Maybe they want to see who’s better, Lin Feng who has a Forbidden Body, or their Goddess who will become a real god.”

When the Shrine’s Leader heard the Diviner, he smiled and said. “Interesting, I’ll go and ask Lin Feng directly.”

“Alright,” said the Diviner, before he left. The other people who were still seated cross-legged remained behind.

A peerless Saint asked, “Leader, what do you think about the Goddess?”

“I’m not sure. In times of chaos, anything is possible. Maybe other gods and goddesses will appear in the future. It’s getting cloudy, and the clouds prevent us from looking at the stars.” The Shrine’s Leader raised his head and looked at the sky, the stars were dazzling. There were no clouds. What did he mean?


The Diviner went to Lin Feng and asked him what he thought. Lin Feng was surprised. He hadn’t thought the Godly Phoenix Clan would want to see him.

“Is it urgent?” asked Lin Feng.

“I don’t think so. You don’t need to go if you don’t feel like it. I am just curious to know what the Godly Phoenix Clan thinks,” the Diviner smiled.

“Let’s go, then. If I could make friends with them, it could be useful in a year,” said Lin Feng. The Fortune Shrine didn’t have many allies. They needed to form a good alliance. If it was possible, it would be great.


Lin Feng headed back to the Supreme Animal World. The previous time he had been there, it was to go to the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell. This time, only the Diviner went with him.

The Godly Phoenix Clan was in the Phoenix Valley of the Supreme Animal World. The valley had the shape of a phoenix from the sky. The buildings there didn’t look as luxurious as those in the human world. They were simple, but still looked beautiful.

Lin Feng was facing a beautiful palace dozens of meters tall, containing an incredible Qi. Many people were waiting outside, watching Lin Feng and the Diviner. Their eyes looked sharp, especially the eyes of some young people in the crowd.

“Lin Feng, haha, you’re here too!” exclaimed someone, laughing wholeheartedly at that moment. Lin Feng glanced over and saw Ao Cang Hai.

“Brother Ao, what are you doing here?” asked Lin Feng curiously.

“You ask, even though you already know the answer,” said Ao Cang Hai smiling at Lin Feng. “After what happened in Da Yu City, many things happened in the Animal World as well. During this year, someone who might be as incredible as you emerged in the Supreme Animal World in the Godly Phoenix Clan.”

“He’s Lin Feng!” Many people looked at Lin Feng sharply. After what had happened in Da Yu City, Lin Feng had become even more famous in the Supreme Animal World, because many peerless Saints had gotten involved just because of him.

“Maybe the Forbidden Body is nothing much, people just exaggerate as time passes,” said someone coldly. There were two people there, one who Lin Feng had already seen before. It was Zong Gan, who had chased him in the past. He was extremely strong, a great oriental greenfinch roc. There was someone else next to him, who much younger than him. Of course, it was impossible to determine someone’s age from their appearance.

“Father!” exclaimed someone happily. It was Aomo. He jumped over next to Lin Feng and Lin Feng clapped his shoulders in greeting.

“Father, I’ve heard about your awesome adventures in Da Yu City; too bad I wasn’t there!” said Aomo excitedly.

“I almost got killed. Is that an awesome adventure?” protested Lin Feng, while shaking his head and smiling. Even though peerless cultivators had fought because of him, Lin Feng didn’t feel like it was a glorious thing, he had almost been killed!

“They like to bully weaker people! How could peerless Saints try and do anything to you? A few decades ago, you were just a Half-Saint, and now you’re still progressing at the speed of light!” said Aomo, glancing at Zong Gan impolitely. The Dragon Clan and the Roc Clan weren’t friends.

“Hmph!” Zong Gan grunted coldly. He knew that Aomo was right, but he was a supernatural bird, he couldn’t submit, he was too proud. Besides, beasts were proud in general and showed their emotions openly.

“Cultivation speed doesn’t prove anything. Maybe the Forbidden Body is not that powerful,” said Zong Gan.

Lin Feng ignored him. He looked at the Saints around. They were from the most incredible Bestial Clans, the most outstanding cultivators of the Supreme Animal World. The majority of beasts preferred the Goddess since she was also from the Supreme Animal World. They also knew how terrifying the Mythological Animal Mausoleum was.

“So you’re the Forbidden Person,” said someone, slowly walking towards Lin Feng. His eyes were filled with flames.

“It’s him,” noted the Diviner.

He smiled sharply and said, “You don’t look as sharp as before.”

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