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PMG Chapter 2458: Fighting Against a Godly Beast

PMG Chapter 2458: Fighting Against a Godly Beast

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The Diviner smiled and said, “Beasts and humans are different. You all look sharp. Humans are not like that. But it doesn’t mean we’re weaker.”

“Mara-Deva, many years ago, you were famous. We know that. Lin Feng is different from you, though. He’s very young, not even a hundred years old yet. He has a Forbidden Body, and now he’s so strong, he should be sharp-looking.”

“Meaningless,” the Diviner smiled dismissively. The Godly Phoenix Clan wanted to see Lin Feng, was it to make such useless statements?

“Anyway, you’re our guests. The Godly Phoenix Clan is interested in the Forbidden Body. Even if he’s not sharp-looking, it doesn’t change anything, we like Lin Feng. Now that we have a Goddess in our Clan, maybe it’s the will of Heaven,” that person smiled. He turned and said as he left, “By the way, find any place you like to stay, as long as it belongs to nobody.”

People were stupefied. Lin Feng frowned. Many people were looking at him sharply. Lin Feng understood what Ao Cang Hai had told him, the Goddess of the Godly Phoenix Clan was outstanding. Now they had organized a meeting there, what was the purpose?

What that person had just said was just to make Lin Feng look less impressive in front of the crowd.

“Teacher, what is that supposed to mean?” asked Lin Feng to the Diviner telepathically.

“I don’t know. Last time I came, many people were here. They had never seen the goddess, so they wanted to see her. Now that you are here, the Phoenix Valley is probably doing that to provoke people. Maybe they want to see how strong you are and how strong your physical body makes you. They want to compare you with the Goddess. But you’re very young, and one of your original strengths just reached the maximum level,” replied the Diviner. He was annoyed too. He didn’t know what they wanted.

Ao Cang Hai looked at Lin Feng with a smile that wasn’t a smile and tapped his shoulder. He said telepathically, “Even those people understand, they won’t give you face.”

“I understand,” replied Lin Feng. “Teacher, let’s find a place to rest.”

“Alright,” said the Diviner nodding.

“Slow down,” said someone at that moment. Lin Feng turned around and looked at the young man next to Zong Gan. His Qi looked extremely sharp. A king Qi emerged from his body and oppressed Lin Feng.

“Dirty little birds are annoying,” said Ao Cang Hai with a smile.

The young man looked at him and said coldly. “Ao Cang Hai, you often open your filthy mouth. You haven’t fought for so many years, let’s see how strong the fourth prince of the Dragon Clan is!”

“Anytime, Zong Lin!” replied Ao Cang Hai airily.

“I’ll go and fight against him,” said Zong Gan sharply. They still hadn’t settled accounts for their previous battle. He wanted to fight Ao Cang Hai.

“Since you all want to fight, let’s have some fun!” said Ao Cang Hai coldly. He rose up in the air, the beasts around all looked bloodthirsty and excited because fights were going to happen. A big battle was going to happen, Ao Cang Hai was very provocative today.

“Go!” Zong Gan and Zong Lin’s figures flickered. They both moved, two golden beams of light streaked across the sky. No wonder they were the best beasts in terms of speed.

“Those Roc Clan members are incredibly fast,” murmured the Diviner. He also flew up into the air.

“Speed is useless. Dragons like their food well roasted,” said Aomo. His eyes twinkled. The beasts all looked proud.

Some figures flew into the sky above the Phoenix Valley. The air began to hum. Some people also passed nearby, but didn’t seem to care. Very quickly. the group of cultivators landed at the top of a mountain.

“Who wants to fight first?” asked Ao Cang Hai, pointing at Zong Gan and Zong Lin coldly.

“Me,” said Zong Gan. He started flying forwards but Zong Lin said, “Not you. Ao Cang Hai is proud, but he’s really strong. I’ve heard that he can control several sorts of original strengths at the maximum level, and he also controls the Dragon’s strength. He’s much more difficult to defeat than a human being. I’ll go.”

Zong Lin was a great oriental greenfinch roc, too. He wasn’t any more polite than Zong Gan.

Beasts are really arrogant, but they’re stronger than human beings, so it’s an advantage, thought Lin Feng. Even Aomo had some incredible techniques. Lin Feng had read a book about beasts’ techniques. Beasts from Godly Beast Clans were much stronger than ordinary beasts and humans.

“Teacher, can you recognize all the beasts?” Lin Feng asked the Diviner telepathically. Many people were watching. All of them had an enigmatic and unfathomable Qi. If a human’s life Qi could be compared with a lake, theirs could be compared with furious oceans. Godly beasts’ blood was extremely precious.

“Godly Dragon Clan, Roc Clan, you already know those two; the Godly Phoenix Clan; the middle-aged man there is from the Unicorn Clan; the one there who looks like a child is from the Godly Turtle Clan, but they call themselves Tortoise Clan. The one there with the gloomy Qi, can you guess?” asked the Diviner.

“Yes, that young man’s Qi looks ominous indeed. He looks poisonous,” said Lin Feng.

“He’s a legendary flying snake, his wings contain a cold gloomy Qi. Legendary flying snakes are very dangerous,” said the Diviner.

Lin Feng nodded. At that moment, the legendary flying snake almost seemed to have heard them even though they were talking telepathically. He instantly looked at Lin Feng, Lin Feng didn’t feel well.

None of them can be underestimated, thought Lin Feng. The one who looked like a child looked sleazy and nonchalant and surprisingly was from the Tortoise Clan. The worst was that when someone looked like a child like that, they were usually fake if they were incredibly strong, and were usually quite old.

“Will they cast greedy eyes on the Goddess?” asked Lin Feng. He was curious. The legendary flying snake and the one who looked like a child looked… inappropriate.

“Nobody cares about age in the cultivation world, all people care about is strength. Nobody knows what they want to do to her….” replied the Diviner with a hard smile.

Ao Cang Hai and Zong Lin were having a fierce battle. Zong Lin understood wind, empty space, and gold strengths at the maximum level. His speed was explosive. Trails appeared in the sky behind him when he was flying. Lin Feng couldn’t even follow him with his eyes.

Ao Cang Hai stood steadily like a mountain. His punches looked simple, but they were incredible and made the space tremble each time, their power terrifying. The great oriental greenfinch roc didn’t seem to have any flaw though, and his attacks were all incredible as well.

“Filthy little birds only know how to rely on speed to attack by surprise, that’s all.”

“Insolent!” said Zong Gan. He grunted coldly, dazzling golden claws which looked like swords streaked across the sky. Lin Feng looked at him coldly. Rumbling and explosion sounds spread in the air. The sword lights dispersed.

“Come here!” said Zong Gan, pointing at Lin Feng. He wanted to fight.

Lin Feng flashed forwards, he also wanted to see how strong godly beasts were. Even though godly beasts had inherent talent and abilities, at a certain cultivation level, those things didn’t matter as much anymore. The nine Bestial Saints he had in his Star World were incredibly strong, but they weren’t necessarily godly beasts.

Lin Feng heard a subtle sound. Zong Gan moved and almost disappeared. However, Lin Feng didn’t hesitate to attack. He used earth original strength and could sense the pulsations of the earth, so he knew right where his opponent was.

The Celestial Dao strength around Lin Feng turned into earth strength. An ocean of strength appeared in the vault of Heaven and the air began to vibrate. The ground trembled. Blood appeared on Zong Gan’s face. Lin Feng’s attack was too powerful, he had taken a heavy blow.

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