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PMG Chapter 2459: Two Forbidden Territories

PMG Chapter 2459: Two Forbidden Territories

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Zong Gan scratched his head, and lights twinkled. A golden light rotated around him and his injuries healed. However, he was grimacing and staring at Lin Feng. He split into two bodies. That was the Roc Clan’s cloning technique. The two Zong Gan’s looked furious and ferocious.

Lin Feng stared at him coldly. He was a bit nervous because Zong Gan’s speed was so astonishing, so with two of them he was under pressure.

The two figures disappeared at the same time and shot towards Lin Feng. It was like two golden thunderbolts were moving towards him.

“Heavy strength!” shouted Lin Feng coldly. Instantly, the atmosphere became incredibly weighty.

“Slow!” shouted Lin Feng. Everything around him became slower. The golden thunderbolts slowed down greatly. Heavy and slow strengths used together was incredible.

A sharp sound spread in the air, and the two bodies accelerated. Two extremely sharp golden claws dove towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng released even more slow strength and some empty space strength, it was like he could teleport as two blades flew past his shoulders. Zong Gan drew closer.

Lin Feng raised his fist and threw it out. The space around him trembled. Zong Gan looked at Lin Feng disdainfully as his claws collided with Lin Feng’s fist.

A terrifying strength rolled in waves around their hands. Lin Feng sensed a terrifyingly sharp energy on his fist. It was very painful, but it didn’t distract him. His fist became flared with light and a vortex appeared around it. Absorbing strength emerged and surrounded his opponent. He wanted to absorb the great oriental greenfinch roc.

“Corrosion!” said Lin Feng coldly. Zong Gan’s Qi was being corroded. It was a strange feeling, Lin Feng’s absorbing strength was draining his Qi.

“Piss off!” Golden lights surrounded Lin Feng. Lin Feng was startled, but empty-space stone walls appeared around him and surrounded one of the opponent’s bodies.

The empty space stone wall broke apart. The other roc looked at him coldly and became even more gigantic, flapping his wings even faster.

Lin Feng moved liked the wind, withdrawing as fast as he could. Zong Gan’s two bodies chased him. Their speed was just astonishing. He was the symbol of speed, the fastest species in the world!

Lin Feng released wind strength to surround his body and continued retreating. He could sense the pulsations of the land, his enemy was so fast they could reach him anytime.

“Fast!” Lin Feng released even more fast strength, as well as wind strength. Zong Gan was surprised. Lin Feng’s figure flickered, his speed was astonishing. He flew straight past Zong Gan.

“Beautiful.” Aomo was amazed. How incredible! He was surprised by Lin Feng’s speed. Zong Gan was extremely fast, and Lin Feng could dodge his attacks!

Zong Gan immediately attacked the beast who looked like a child, the one behind Lin Feng who was from the Tortoise Clan.

“Piss off!” said a gloomy voice. The two great oriental greenfinch rocs were stupefied, as he said coldly. “Insolent!”

“So you want to fight against me now?” said the Tortoise, smiling coldly. Why was Zong Gan attacking him now? He raised his claws. At that moment, a gigantic shell which was as hard as stone appeared around him. Zong Gan’s claws crashed onto the shell, and nothing happened.

Zong Gan wanted to retreat, but the tortoise didn’t let him. He released a terrifying Qi which constricted Zong Gan and a vortex appeared around him.

“I told you to piss off!” said the tortoise who looked like a child. Thunder crashed, and Zong Gan’s two bodies were blown away at the same time as blood splashed.

“Original strength fusion.” Lin Feng was surprised. That Tortoise was extremely strong!


On the other side, Ao Cang Hai and Zong Lin were still fighting, it was difficult for either of them to win because Ao Cang Hai’s attacks were too powerful and Zong Lin was too fast. They didn’t use any trump cards, however.

“How beautiful!” At that moment, the legendary flying snake saw a phoenix arriving without haste. She was so beautiful, and really looked like a goddess.

The Phoenix Clan’s Goddess, Goddess Xuan!

Goddess Xuan glanced at the crowd, she looked at Lin Feng for a few seconds and then turned her head. “Why is everybody in our valley? What do you want here?”

“Goddess Xuan, of course!” the legendary flying snake smiled. Even though the others didn’t say anything, they agreed.

“Is that so? Then, come with me,” said Goddess Xuan calmly. She turned around and walked away. Everybody became silent and followed after Goddess Xuan.

After a short time, they arrived in front of a teleportation portal, a Phoenix Portal.

“Are we going to the Godly Beast’s Mausoleum?” Ao Cang Hai was startled. Goddess Xuan had just shown up, and now she immediately wanted to go to the Godly Beast’s Mausoleum? That place wasn’t fun.

“Yes. If you don’t want to come, you can leave,” Goddess Xuan said to the crowd. Lin Feng was delighted. Goddess Xuan was funny, she had taken all those beasts there and now she was telling them they could leave if they wanted to. But beasts were proud, how could they leave?

“Teacher.” Lin Feng looked at the Diviner, he didn’t know what to say.

“I’ll wait for you in the Phoenix Valley,” the Diviner smiled. He had faith in Lin Feng.

“Alright, I will come back for the agreement. Aomo, head back to the Dragon Clan.”

“No, Father, I’m coming with you,” said Aomo, shaking his head. “This time, I don’t want to be away from my Father.”

Lin Feng was surprised and looked at Aomo. He slowly nodded and said, “Alright, it’s the Godly Beast’s Mausoleum, so I hope you’ll be able to help there.”

“Let’s go,” said Goddess Xuan. The crowd had a bad premonition, it all felt so sudden. What was Goddess Xuan’s purpose? Why had she suddenly appeared? Why did she suddenly want to take them to that place?

But they still followed her.

Lin Feng sensed a wild bestial Qi rise up around him. It was powerful.

“How pleasant. It’s a pure bestial Qi,” said Aomo, taking a deep breath. He felt at home there. This place was even better than the Supreme Animal World for beasts.

“According to legends, this place used to be a genuine beast world. Then, something happened and it turned into a mausoleum. It probably has to do with the ancient war of the Continent of the Nine Clouds,” said Ao Cang Hai.

Goddess Xuan led the way and people closely followed her. Nobody knew where she was taking them.

“It’s dangerous.” Lin Feng had a bad premonition, his intuition told him danger was lurking.

A dark energy shot towards them. It looked like Qi.

“It’s death original strength. You can’t touch it. It’s the purest death original strength in the world. It can corrode our lives and kill us,” said Goddess Xuan. The crowd moved away in surprise.

“Hurry up. We’ve too many people,” said Goddess Xuan, making a detour. After a short time, the crowd faced a gigantic place where there was water original strength. The energies in that place were extremely pure.

“It makes me want to jump inside!” The Tortoise and the legendary flying snake looked excited. They wanted to jump in, but Goddess Xuan didn’t seem like she wanted to stay there, and continued walking. She seemed to know the place really well. She had probably been there many times before.

“It is said that Goddess Xuan was acknowledged by a god. It’s probably true. She knows the place so well. Even though there are many sorts of original strengths, it doesn’t seem to be dangerous.”

“Yes, she knows the place really well,” replied Lin Feng, nodding when he heard Ao Cang Hai.

Finally, they arrived in front of a long illusory corridor. It was Goddess Xuan’s target destination. That corridor looked like an illusory passage with a mysterious Qi.

“Lin Feng,” said the old ox suddenly. Lin Feng looked astonished and said. “What’s the matter, Master?”

“Lin Feng, I can sense the Qi of Ganges Time,” said the old ox. Lin Feng stiffened. Weren’t they in the Bestial Mausoleum? Why was there Qi from Ganges Time?

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