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PMG Chapter 2461: Time Difference

PMG Chapter 2461: Time Difference

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Lin Feng continued walking forwards, lights appearing all around him. It was very difficult to move forwards, this world felt empty.

“How was a place like Ganges Time created?” he wondered. He realized how terrifying this place was. It was a world in which time itself was in turmoil.

“Lin Feng, time is already different in the place where you are. We just don’t know how different time here is from time in the outside world,” the old ox said to him. Lin Feng sighed and hoped time in here was slower. If time outside was faster, then the date of the agreement would arrive more quickly!

Lin Feng had spent a few seconds in a storm a moment before while looking for Zhe Tian and Qiong Sheng. He had the impression he had been looking for them for a very long time, but he couldn’t find them. He had also tried to contact them, but the jade talismans didn’t work here. It was like the link to their godly awareness had been cut off from the talismans.

Lin Feng raised his head as a black wind descended from the sky. Lin Feng felt an icy cold, piercing to the bones. He continued walking forwards, having the impression he had lost track of time, and that he had spent a very long time in here.

White lights appeared, they looked like water. Lin Feng quickly dodged. However, the white lights became wider and filled the area. Lin Feng pulled a long face, and released as much strength as he could, attacking one place in particular. A hole appeared in the white lights and Lin Feng jumped through it.

His heart was pounding violently. That place was indeed really dangerous.

He suddenly sensed a few original strengths move towards him. He focused on the pulsations of the earth and the sky and closed his eyes. Some water original strength still reached his arm. Steam appeared around his arm as it were burning. It was extremely painful, but he could only grit his teeth.

His wound felt numb.

“That’s water original strength, it’s so cold, but it feels as if it were burning as well. How painful.” Lin Feng released life original strength to heal and at the same time, he continued walking forwards cautiously.


His beard slowly grew out. His clothes were torn. His hair was long and messy.

“Master Ox, how much time has passed?” asked Lin Feng.

“Twelve years!” replied a voice in Lin Feng’s brain. He hoped the Fortune Shrine was fine.

During these years, Lin Feng asked himself why genuine life strength could be that powerful and why the Celestial Dao strength they studied couldn’t. He was the god of his own world so he had his own original strength, but was he walking on the right path? What would his future look like?

“Lin Feng,” said the old ox at that moment. Lin Feng’s face stiffened. An exit had appeared in front of him in a hurricane… it was the place where Lin Feng had seen Zhe Tian and Qiong Sheng!

“Your two children were there, you don’t know whether they’re dead or alive, do you really want to go in?” asked the old ox. What would happen inside?

“Yes,” said Lin Feng, heading towards the hole. No matter what would happen inside, Lin Feng had to find Zhe Tian and Qiong Sheng!

“I will try with a clone,” said Lin Feng. Clones appeared and jumped into the hole. Lin Feng’s clones quickly saw what was going on there; it was dangerous, and his ordinary clones had no strength so they couldn’t fight at all there.

After a long time, Lin Feng said, “My two children are not dead. Maybe they found a safe place. I will open the way with a clone, that way my real body will be safe.”

Many of his clones jumped into the hole, and Lin Feng followed. Danger lurked all around. A terrifyingly dangerous illusion appeared. However, because his clones scouted the way, Lin Feng was more scared than hurt.

After a short time, Lin Feng appeared somewhere else. He looked around in surprise.

It was a place with fertile soil, but it was covered with white lights.

Lin Feng sensed life everywhere in that fertile soil. There were many people here, and everybody was very strong.

“There are small worlds in Ganges Time!” he exclaimed to himself. Someone came up to him quickly. He was wearing plain and simple clothes, his hair was messy but he looked clean. He looked at Lin Feng and said, “A newcomer, how did you get here?”

“There was a hole in a hurricane, I jumped in,” said Lin Feng.

“A few hundreds of years ago, two young men did the same. You’re lucky,” that person smiled. Lin Feng frowned; two young men, hundreds of years before?

“As expected, time passed, but I didn’t realize it.” Even though Lin Feng was surprised, he remained calm and asked, “Where are they?”

“With Mister Time, you know them?”

“I know them. Please bring me to them,” said Lin Feng.

“Alright, come with me.” The man brought Lin Feng to a low-ceilinged hut. An old man and two young men were there, chatting.

“Zhe Tian, Qiong Sheng!” shouted Lin Feng. Their hearts twitched and they raised their heads. When they saw Lin Feng, their eyes became red.

“Father!” shouted Zhe Tian and Qiong Sheng at the same time. They rolled up their sleeves and jumped in front of him.

“Hundreds of years passed, and finally, you’re here, Father!,” Zhe Tian sighed. He looked more mature than in the past. Lin Feng was completely astonished by his cultivation level – Zhe Tian had become a high-level Saint, just like him!

Lin Feng smiled strangely. He had been their father for hundreds of years, but he hadn’t spent that much time with them. It felt strange.

“Good, you’re both alive and safe!” Lin Feng was relived. Zhe Tian had become a high-level Saint and Qiong Sheng had become a low-level Saint. They were both extremely strong.

“You’re both going to surpass me in terms of strength!” Lin Feng smiled.

They both grinned. Zhe Tian explained, “Mister Time helped us. Without him, we wouldn’t be this strong.”

Lin Feng looked at the ordinary looking old man, who looked unfathomable and enigmatic. It was impossible to see how strong he was. Lin Feng walked towards him and bowed, “I’m Lin Feng, thank you very much for taking care of these two young men, Master.”

“No need to thank me. They’re just talented, otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to help them at all,” said the old man smiled. “Zhe Tian has an inherent original strength body. He can study and understand original strength very easily. I was delighted when I found that out.”

inherent original strength body?

Lin Feng looked at Zhe Tian, his son already understood all sorts of strengths when he was a child, he was very talented.

“Enjoy your time with your father. I have things to do,” said Mister Time smiled politely.

Lin Feng looked at Zhe Tian and Qiong Sheng. He asked, “You’ve been here for so long, haven’t you tried to leave?”

“We wanted to, but Mister Time said it wasn’t the right time.” replied Qiong Sheng. “Father, this place is a precious treasure all by itself. Come with us!”

After that, his sons brought Lin Feng to another place. After a short time, Lin Feng saw many well-lit corridors. There were different places in all those corridors. There were all sorts of natural original strengths and destructive strengths.

“We practice cultivation here. When we don’t understand something, Mister Time helps us and the others. That’s how we became so strong. Father, Zhe Tian understands several original strengths at the maximum level,” said Qiong Sheng smiled. “I’m not as talented, but I practice cultivation really hard. Don’t worry about me, I will definitely be able to compete with you at some point!”

“Yes, we will!” agreed Zhe Tian, nodding and smiling.

“Good sons! You’re grown-ups now. Let’s go and see your mom,” said Lin Feng, tapping their shoulders. He smiled and took them into his own world. Meng He and You You were extremely happy to see them. Lin Hai and Yue Meng He were also extremely happy to see their grandchildren. Spending time with family was something wonderful.

Empress Xi was there too, watching Lin Feng and the others. She was influenced by Qiu Yue Xin and Xin Ye, her aloofness was weakening with time.

“You still want to fight against me?” Lin Feng asked her.

Empress Xi had mixed feelings. She stared at Lin Feng and closed her eyes, then shook her head. “I don’t hate you anymore. Brother Netherworlds is free now. I hurt him.”

“So let it go now, it’s time,” Lin Feng smiled. It was time to forget about their tensions.

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