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PMG Chapter 2462: Cheated

PMG Chapter 2462: Cheated

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Time in Lin Feng’s world passed at the same pace as whatever place he was in. In his own world, Lin Feng started creating many useful things. He even made a place with Saint Luck. Zhe Tian and Meng Qing practiced cultivation together. Lin Feng went to see Mister Time.

“Master,” said Lin Feng, bowing before Mister Time politely.

“Young man, what do you want from me?” asked Mister Time, smiling at Lin Feng.

“Master, you said my children were just very talented, I don’t believe you. You taught them everything. I’m not going to ask you for details, though. I just want to ask you… what is the difference between time here, and time in the outside world?” asked Lin Feng.

“You look quite ferocious. You’re facing a disastrous situation,” said Mister Time. He didn’t reply to Lin Feng’s question. He said, “Go. Don’t ask too much. I won’t tell you anything.”

“Master, it’s important…” pressed Lin Feng nervously.

“You can leave, then,” said Mister Time indifferently. Lin Feng frowned. He was speechless. Mister Time stared at Lin Feng and said, “Little oxie, why don’t you come out to play when you see me?!”

Lin Feng’s face stiffened. His heart started pounding violently. Little oxie?

Lights flashed. Without Lin Feng doing anything, the old ox appeared and looked at the old man in a respectful way. “Hello Mister Time.”

“Haha, so many years have passed, long time no see! You’ve become so strong, little oxie,” Mister Time laughed. Lin Feng’s heart pounded even more furiously. The old ox had told him that his master had been stuck in Ganges Time for many years before, and had understood time strength here. Now Mister Time had said to the old ox ,“Long time no see”! So Mister Time already existed back then…

The scariest part was that the old ox was incredibly strong, and yet he looked at Mister Time in a very, very respectful way…

“Master Ox,” said Lin Feng to the old ox telepathically.

“Don’t use telepathy. You can’t hide anything from Mister Time,” said the old ox straightforwardly. “Lin Feng, don’t worry. Don’t ask anything, either. Just go.”

Lin Feng was extremely nervous. He nodded and withdrew, but his heart was pounding furiously. Was that the secret of Ganges Time?

After Lin Feng left, the old ox walked closer to Mister Time and crouched down. “Mister Time, I understood time strength thanks to you back in the days, thank you so much. Now, will you help Lin Feng?”

“Help?” Mister Time frowned and shook his head, “I didn’t show him the way here. His children were lucky to arrive here, too. I always help people who don’t die in Ganges Time and make it this far, just like that little girl, but I don’t care about that young man.”

“Goddess Xuan from the Phoenix Clan came here, too?” asked the old ox, curious.

“No. She went elsewhere, a place where I like to rest. I transmitted some knowledge to her. I wouldn’t have thought she’d come back. She’s greedy,” replied Mister Time, smiling and shaking his head.

“What about Lin Feng? Are you not going to take him out?” asked the old ox.

“He came here, so what? I love his kids. I hope they will stay here with me. Sometimes, they can go and have a walk to discover some new things if they wish,” said Mister Time, looking amused.

“Mister Time, are they your disciples?” asked the old ox. His heart was racing. He was thinking Lin Feng’s children were really lucky, extremely lucky, beyond imagination. That kind of opportunity was just too… indescribable. They were even more lucky than his own master!

“I never said that. I only had one disciple in my life, but he was too disappointing. He surprisingly escaped. He wanted to have a free and unfettered life in the outside world. If I saw him again, I would break his legs.” Even though Mister Time talked that way, he smiled happily in reminiscence.

“I have one last question, is my Master still here?” asked the old ox, shivering. That was one thing he had wondered for a very long time.

“I said I wouldn’t say anything,” said Mister Time smiled. “Don’t try to get a word from me. I want to see some agitation.”

The old ox sighed. He wouldn’t get an answer. It was just like the last time he had come. This time, Mister Time wouldn’t answer questions about his master. His master had left in a fit of pique. His master used to be such an incredible cultivator.

“Actually, I can tell you some things,” said Mister Time at that moment. The old ox had some hopes again.

“I didn’t lie to that young man. He’s less and less lucky. He will face a disaster, but disasters help people grow up and become mature, right?” said Mister Time, frowning as if he were seeing things.


Lin Feng didn’t know what the old ox and Mister Time were talking about. He didn’t know who Mister Time was. Zhe Tian and Qiong Sheng didn’t tell anything to Lin Feng, of course, he didn’t blame them. Mister Time was extremely strong, even the old ox seemed to respect them a lot. They had to be careful, including when they were talking to their own father.

Lin Feng walked along a time corridor. According to Zhe Tian, he had to be only a little bit careful inside but apparently, their lives weren’t in danger while in there. After a short time, Lin Feng arrived in front of the water original strength. Spluttering sounds spread in the air. He couldn’t move further.

“Original strength, which really comes from the earth and the sky.” Lin Feng sat down cross-legged and looked at the water.

“Water flows, it’s soft, it doesn’t have a shape. But water can freeze. Water can harm people. In my previous life, when water boiled, it could also be very dangerous and burn people. And getting burned by boiling water is worse than being burned by fire,” murmured Lin Feng.

Water couldn’t be divided. A drop of water could turn into several drops of water. Water could also become one again, too. When two drops of water were together, they became one drop. When billions and trillions of drops were together, they could turn into a waterfall or a lake.

“I need to understand all the specificities of water to understand it at the maximum level,” murmured Lin Feng. He closed his eyes and studied water. He turned water into drops and then he fused them together again.

Lin Feng calmly studied. Zhe Tian and Qiong Sheng were at the entrance of the corridor, watching Lin Feng as their eyes twinkled.

“Zhe Tian, why did Mister Time help us, but doesn’t want to help our father?” Qiong Sheng asked telepathically.

“You can imagine who Mister Time is. We can’t understand him, everything we experienced here feels like a dream,” replied Zhe Tian telepathically.

“Yes, Mister Time looks like someone who’s down to earth, but actually he almost never gets involved in worldly affairs. Last time, you almost died, and he didn’t do anything.”

“Not almost, he’s never gotten involved in worldly affairs,” said Zhe Tian. His eyes were twinkling. “Qiong Sheng, we should continue practicing cultivation. I want to see if I can make original strengths fuse together in less than a hundred years.”

“Alright, good,” agreed Qiong Sheng. The two of them left.


Life in Ganges Time was simple. Lin Feng eventually understood water original strength at the maximum level. He went to his own world and created more Saint Luck, and helped his people study. They had all studied the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures. Every ten years, Lin Feng gave lectures about what it was like to be a Saint. He also supported the most outstanding ones.

Within fifty years, a Saint emerged in Lin Feng’s spirit world…


Lin Feng was in a time corridor, gazing into the distance. There was an illusory river, a river of time. Each time Lin Feng was there, he could sense time intent.

“Fast, slow, in the end, they’re both time. How to control time strength? Time strength is when you can make things unlimitedly fast or slow. Time is just an aspect of speed.”

I wonder how many years passed in the outside world, Lin Feng sighed. He turned around and left that place. However, every three days, Lin Feng came back to that place and looked at the time river.


Time passed ruthlessly, without caring about people. Meng Qing, who had become a Saint came there with Lin Feng. She put her head on his shoulders and smiled, “Time passes, but there are things time can’t change.”

“Things time can’t change?” Lin Feng was surprised and looked at Meng Qing.

“Yes, you think time can change anything? In a thousand or even ten thousand years, will you give me up?” said Meng Qing, smiling at Lin Feng.

“Never, time can’t change that,” said Lin Feng suddenly. Indeed, there were things time couldn’t change. The speed at which time passed could be different, but attacks were the same no matter what.

Time, time!

Lin Feng’s heart raced. Then, he smiled. He had been cheated! He had cheated himself!

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