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PMG Chapter 2463: Understanding Time

PMG Chapter 2463: Understanding Time

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Lin Feng looked at the time river and smiled, “Master Ox, you cheated me.”

The old ox appeared behind Lin Feng, still looking unperturbed, and asked, “You understood?”

“I understood,” he replied.

“Let me tell you though, since you know it. Before, you went to study, and you studied to check that you were wrong. That was wrong, you understood you were wrong, but then, realizing your understanding was erroneous and it turned out to be a great thing in the end, right?” murmured the old ox.

“I understand. Time isn’t a kind of strength, it’s not something you use to attack. Time doesn’t change anything, and it can’t kill people either. It just makes people grow old, that’s all,” said Lin Feng. “Time can’t change things. It’s just something that exists. Water, fire, earth and so on exist too, but they have strength, time doesn’t have strength. It exists, it doesn’t change anything, and that’s all.”

Lin Feng then pointed at the time river and said, “There, time passes because Ganges Time is time original strength itself. Ganges Time is original strength itself. It contains time original strength.”

Meng Qing shivered. Ganges Time was original strength?

“Time is not a fusion of original strength, and decay is something that helps people understand time original strength. This place is pure time original strength, and it’s as powerful as other kinds of original strengths we can study. But this place was created by the earth and the sky themselves,” said Lin Feng.

The old ox smiled and said, “You came here every day to watch the time of the outside world pass, to understand time?”

“No. Time doesn’t change anything. I need to understand slow and fast and make them fuse together with time,” said Lin Feng.

The old ox smiled happily and complimented, “You really understood!”

“Master Ox, you can modify the speed at which time passes because you made fast fuse together with time original strength. Therefore, you can make time pass faster, just like you can make fast fuse together with any other kind of strength to make it faster. Even if the enemy is extremely strong, it doesn’t change anything unless they also understand time strength.

“Ganges Time has the most natural time original strength because it was created by the earth and the sky. It also contains the purest original strengths. With time, original strengths fuse together, slow and fast strengths are an example and that’s why time can pass faster or slower in different places. What I wonder now is… what kind of place is Ganges Time for real?” Lin Feng sighed.

It was a forbidden territory which contained a perfect time strength, and all sorts of original strengths.

“I don’t know, either,” said the old ox smiling, “What do you intend to do now?”

“Sense the strength, of course,” said Lin Feng. He was holding hands with Meng Qing and said, “Meng Qing, you go to Zhe Tian, I’m going out.”

Then he walked away and jumped into the time river.

“Lin Feng!” Meng Qing called out.

The old ox said, “Trust him. Back in the days, it took me thousands of years to understand. He’s stronger than me, trust him.”

“Very well,” Meng Qing smiled. She trusted Lin Feng, of course!


Outside of the time corridor, Mister Time was seated on the grass. In front of him were Zhe Tian and Qiong Sheng.

“Your father is patient,” said Mister Time smiled.

The two were surprised and asked, “Mister Time, what’s wrong with our father?”

“He jumped into the rivers of time,” said Mister Time smiled. “It must feel great. You should also go there. It would be a new place.”


Actually, Lin Feng didn’t feel great at all. After jumping into the time river, he laid there and closed his eyes. He was all alone, lonely.

Lin Feng didn’t sense slow or fast. When original strengths fused together, it was impossible to sense them individually. Time was the main aspect.

“Fast and slow,” murmured Lin Feng. He wanted to fuse original strengths together. First he had to reach the maximum level, and he had the impression that his slow and fast original strengths weren’t far from reaching the maximum level.

“If my slow and fast original strengths reached the maximum level in time strength, and that I fused them together with earth, empty space, and water original strengths at the maximum level, I would definitely be able to win the battle. However, so many years have passed, how many years have passed in the outside world?” Lin Feng didn’t know. After all, he couldn’t leave Ganges Time.


The atmosphere in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds felt like a dream. People understood that the agreement might change the fate of the whole world. So many strong cultivators were gathering at the Fortune Shrine.

They were from everywhere: the Supreme Animal World, the Continent of the Nine Clouds, etc. They all studied the buildings and fortresses of the Fortune Shrine. Would they stay there forever, or would they get destroyed at some point?

However, news spread that Lin Feng might not be able to show up at the most crucial moment. There were also rumors from the Supreme Animal World that Lin Feng had gone to Ganges Time and was maybe dead. The Fortune Shrine didn’t say anything, so people could say whatever they wanted.

In the Fortune Shrine, a group of core disciples gathered. One of them looked at the Shrine’s leader and asked, “Hasn’t Mara-Deva come back yet?”

“He’s still in the Supreme Animal World,” said the Shrine’s leader.

“Any news from Lin Feng?”

“Nothing. He’s in Ganges Time. He’s probably stuck in there,” replied the Shrine’s leader. The disciples were astonished. Things were changing quickly. Many strong cultivators had gathered there, and if Lin Feng didn’t shown up on the day of the agreement, the Fortune Shrine would be destroyed. It was an excuse the other Shrines had put in.

The Fortune Shrine could only wait for Lin Feng.


Meng Qing was waiting for Lin Feng at the end of the corridor. Tang You You came and said, “So many years have passed. Why isn’t he coming back?”

“I know, right?” answered Meng Qing, turning around. She smiled, “He’s like that. He doesn’t care about danger. He’s natural and unrestrained. But it’s also because he’s worried about us.”

“He’s always like that when he’s under pressure,” said Tang You You, shaking her head, “But now our young men are grown up. I hope they can help him a little.”

“What are you talking about?” asked someone at that moment. Meng Qing and Tang You You raised their heads and smiled broadly. Someone had appeared in the time river and was smiling at them.

Meng Qing and Tang You You’s beautiful eyes twinkled. They asked, “You don’t know?”

“You missed me every day, I had to come back,” said Lin Feng slowly walking towards them. He grasped their hands.

“Who missed you? You You?” asked Meng Qing, rolling her eyes.

Tang You You groaned proudly. “It’s probably you, Meng Qing!”

“Is that so?” said Lin Feng, smiling and caressing their hands softly. They pinched his hands and Lin Feng took a deep breath.

Lin Feng went to the old ox and said, “Master Ox, I’m going to leave Ganges Time.”

“How?” asked the old ox, “Mister Time won’t help you.”

“I’m sure there’s a way to leave in the time strength,” said Lin Feng smiled.

The old ox nodded, “Alright, you understood. You seem so confident.”


Lin Feng went to see Mister Time. Zhe Tian and Qiong Sheng were there as well. Lin Feng said, “Mister Time, I’m leaving with my sons.”

“No,” said Mister Time, shaking his head. Lin Feng was startled and asked, “Why?”

“No why. They’re not leaving,” said Mister Time. Lin Feng was speechless.

“Lin Feng, since Mister Time says that, they’re staying here,” said the old ox.

Lin Feng remained silent for a few seconds and then nodded. He said to Zhe Tian and Qiong Sheng, “Take care.”

“Father,” said Zhe Tian and Qiong Sheng, looking at Mister Time. They looked at him in an imploring way.

“I won’t let you,” said Mister Time patiently.

“Take care. You will have the opportunity to come out at some point,” said Lin Feng. He knew that Mister Time was an extraordinary person. He bowed and said, “Thank you for taking care of my children, Mister Time.”

Then, he turned around and left. His sons watched him leave.

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