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PMG Chapter 2464: Back to the Shrine

PMG Chapter 2464: Back to the Shrine

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Back in the time corridor, Lin Feng turned around and looked at Zhe Tian and Qiong Sheng. He smiled and said, “Go back and practice cultivation hard with Mister Time.”

“So you knew, Father!” said Qiong Sheng, looking at Lin Feng.

“You think your Father is stupid?” Lin Feng laughed. Then he glanced at the old ox and said, “Master Ox, you’ve been here before, it means you know how to leave.”

“I followed my Master back then,” replied the old ox.

“This time, you will follow me.”

“You know how to leave Ganges Time?” asked the old ox, flowing into his original form.

“I spent years bathing in time lights. I also discovered a secret of Ganges Time. If you follow a certain kind of time which works according to the same patterns, you will be safe,” said Lin Feng, grinning at the old ox, “It means that among the people who come to Ganges Time, only those who understand time and time patterns can leave from its depths.”

The old ox smiled, but said nothing. He galloped forwards. “Let’s leave.”

“Yes.” Lin Feng looked at You You and Meng Qing, who didn’t want to leave Qiong Sheng and Zhe Tian. He shouted, “Meng Qing, You You, they’re with Mister Time and they’ll be fine!”

Meng Qing and You You didn’t want to leave their children, but in the end they went back into Lin Feng’s world. Lin Feng and the old ox flew through the corridors of time.

“Master Ox, I want to go back to my world to practice cultivation. Can you lead the way?” asked Lin Feng.

The old ox replied, “What? You want to stay on my back?”

“Master, you know it’s not what I mean. I just can’t afford to waste time,” Lin Feng shrugged.

The old ox said, “Alright, jump on my back.”

“Thank you very much, Master!” He jumped onto the ox’s back. Then he asked, “Master Ox, since we understand time and time patterns now, does it mean we can come back as we wish?”

“Yes, if you want to come to Ganges Time and drift in the rivers of time, you can. I just don’t know how long you’ll need to get out. Finding Mister Time is impossible. You were just extremely lucky this time.”

Lin Feng smiled wryly. Indeed, how long would he need to get out? Sometimes some people stayed in here decades, sometimes centuries. People had to be patient inside. Lin Feng had never spent so much time in one place as in Ganges Time.

Lin Feng was on the ox’s back and closed his eyes. He went into his own world.

Now, his world had become much bigger. There were five Saints Lin Feng had raised. But still, there were few strong people in his world. Apart from those he had brought in, great emperors were really rare, but Lin Feng didn’t mind. He sensed the time in his world. He could now control the time there.

“Now that I can fuse slow or fast together with time, I can make time pass slower or faster, but now I can only increase or decrease time speed by eight times. When I understand it better, it will be a hundred times, or even a thousand times! When I manage to do that, it’ll mean that one thousand years in here will be like one year in the outside world! My world will expand that way.”

Lin Feng grinned at the thought. His world would be absolutely perfect someday, but first he needed to sort out some things. Once his world was perfect, Lin Feng wouldn’t intervene anymore. He would let nature take its course.

There were many different time rivers in Ganges Time. Each river contained a specific sort of time with specific patterns. Some rivers had the same patterns, and so as long as a cultivator stayed in the rivers which had the same patterns, they were safe. Lin Feng had been drifting in the rivers of time for hundreds of years, comprehending the secrets of Ganges Time. Back in the days, the old ox and his master had been there and understood the secrets of Ganges Time as well. However, nobody could know how long they would stay there. Lin Feng didn’t know, either and he had no other choice, anyway.

A dozen years later, many strong cultivators appeared at the entrance of Ganges Time in the Supreme Animal World. Ganges Time was the most mysterious forbidden territory of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. There were many legends about it. Some people said there were other worlds in there… of course, they were just guessing.

“Look over there, there’s someone in Ganges Time,” said someone in surprise. The group of strong cultivators gazed into the distance and saw a young man on a golden ox’s back. He was drifting on the rivers of time.

“An ox and a man. They look terrifyingly strong!” murmured the crowd. The ox was running along, traveling across time. Very quickly, he came out of Ganges Time.

“There are cultivators.” Lin Feng stared at the crowd. His eyes twinkled. The old ox came out, and Lin Feng asked, “Where are we?”

The people were dumbstruck, wondering if this man and ox from the ancient past.

“Master, we’re in the Supreme Animal World, southern part,” someone finally answered respectfully.

Lin Feng was happy, “Finally, we’re finally out.”

“What’s the situation like regarding the war of the Shrines?” asked Lin Feng.

“The war of the Shrines?” That person looked stunned and asked, “Master, you mean the war of the ancient days?”

They thought Lin Feng was asking about the war in the far past, the one which had taken place a very, very long time before.

“No, I’m talking about the agreement between the Fortune Shrine and all the other Shrines. What happened after?” asked Lin Feng.

“Oh, all the Shrines went to the Fortune Shrine, it’s going to start soon. I don’t know what will happen this time,” replied that person. Lin Feng and the old ox left as soon as that person finished talking, turning into beams of light. Lin Feng also used his jade talisman to inform the Diviner he was on his way.

It hadn’t started yet. They had time!

“He surprisingly knew about the agreement?” After Lin Feng left, those people were surprised. The agreement had been decided two years before, which meant that person had gone to Ganges Time for less than two years and he was still alive!

On the way, Lin Feng and the Diviner chatted. The Diviner had been waiting in Phoenix Valley the whole time. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng would come out through another passage.

“Teacher, how is the situation now?” asked Lin Feng to the Diviner.

“Let’s move and talk at the same time. The situation is critical. The Fortune Shrine is in great danger,” replied the Diviner.

“You didn’t manage to convince any other Shrine?” asked Lin Feng.

“The Shrines all have their own plans. Convincing them is something difficult to do, same thing in the Supreme Animal World. The Fortune Shrine is alone. I’ve been in the Phoenix Valley the whole time and I didn’t manage to convince them, either.”

“Now, the only hope is for us to win these battles, then we’ll have less pressure on our backs,” said the Diviner. The members of the Fortune Shrine believed in good fortune, but they also understood how the world worked, and that strength wasn’t something esoteric.

Lin Feng remained silent. He didn’t know how strong his enemy would be, all he could do was do his best to win. Lin Feng was confident, but wouldn’t underestimate his opponent.

“By the way, Lin Feng, what about you? How ready are you?” asked the Diviner, staring at Lin Feng.

“I will win no matter what,” replied Lin Feng. He owed the Fortune Shrine. He could only win!


Lin Feng and the Diviner traveled back to Fortune City. Because of the agreement, there were strong cultivators from all over the Continent of the Nine Clouds in Fortune City. There were many, many Saints. It was an incredible era. The Continent of the Nine Clouds hadn’t seen such a thing for centuries.

Two people appeared in a palace floating in the sky of Fortune City and landed at the top of a small hill. They looked at the Saint’s Battle Stage.

“Lin Feng.” The Fortune Shrine’s Leader suddenly opened his eyes and smiled at Lin Feng gently. “Finally, you’re back.”

“My apologies, I didn’t want you to be worried,” Lin Feng bowed.

“You are blessed, I knew you’d come back,” the Leader smiled. “Four other people will battle on your side there.”

Lin Feng looked at the Saint’s Battle Stage. Chu Chun Qiu was there, wearing a purple robe. He looked proud, he despised common people. Kong Ming was there too, his palms together. He looked extremely calm, as if Chu Cuin Qiu didn’t exist. He was completely different from Chu Chun Qiu.

They were both low-level Saints. Their cultivation speed was already incredible.

“Back in the days, the destiny lights illuminated you and them. Chu Chun Qiu and Kong Ming are also incredible fighters,” said the Shrine’s Leader.

“Indeed,” Lin Feng nodded. He looked at Hou Qing Lin, Jun Mo Xi, and Zhou Rong Man, who were back too, as well as Hua Qing Feng and many other outstanding disciples of the Fortune Shrine.

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