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PMG Chapter 2466: Buddhist Mountain’s Leader

PMG Chapter 2466: Buddhist Mountain’s Leader

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The Fortune Shrine’s Leader smiled. He announced, “Godly Weapon Master, Your Excellency, you are extremely famous in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, so you’re an excellent candidate to be a referee.”

The Godly Weapon Master glanced over the crowd and smiled. He slowly walked forwards and landed at the top of some bleachers. His three disciples sat down just beneath him.

“Since it’s that way, I’m happy to be the referee,” said the Godly Weapon Master. However, his tone of speech sounded strange. Many people had never seen the Godly Weapon Master, the best weapon maker in the world.

“Show your five fighters. Once you send them to the front, you can’t change them again,” said the Godly Weapon Master. Both sides nodded. On the side of the Fortune Shrine, those who had been selected came to the front: Lin Feng, Kong Ming, Chu Chun Qiu, Hou Qing Lin, and Zhou Rong Man.

On the other side, six Shrines had decided to join hands. They also had to send five people. The crowd frowned when they saw their fighters.

Saint Tian Xin Mo was from the Demon Shrine and he had been a Saint for hundreds of thousands of years. Apart from the fact that he hadn’t managed to fuse two sorts of special original strengths together, he was incredibly strong.

“Lin Feng, your opponent will probably be Saint Tian Xin Mo. He’s extremely strong. He can control other people’s hearts. His demon and illusion original strengths have reached the maximum level. His powers are explosive and his methods sly,” the Diviner said to Lin Feng telepathically. Lin Feng looked at that demon. He had to be careful.

Chu Chun Qiu and Kong Ming’s opponents were respectively Saint Pa Di Xu and Saint Qiong Xie from the Fire Shrine.

Zhou Rong Man and Hou Qing Lin’s opponents were Saint Bu Mie and someone nobody knew, he was only a Half-Saint, but was probably extremely strong, otherwise the Shrines wouldn’t have sent him. He was from the Ice and Snow Shrine, and looked mysterious.

One thing was sure, though; on the side of the Fortune Shrine, the cultivators were young, and on the other side, they were all old and terrifyingly strong. Some of them used to be extremely famous and then they had stopped showing up in public. Only the cultivator of the Ice and Snow Shrine was extremely mysterious.

Saint Tian Xin Mo, Saint Pa Di Xu, Saint Qiong Xie, Saint Bu Mie, the six Shrines had sent their best fighters. The Fortune Shrine’s chance of success was extremely low, especially for Lin Feng, two years… how could he resist some like Saint Tian Xin Mo after only two years?

“If one side surrenders, then it’s a loss, if nobody surrenders, then it’s a battle to death, what do you think?” said the Godly Weapon Master.

“I don’t mind,” said the Fortune Shrine’s Leader.

“I have no objection, either,” replied the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader.

“Even though the battles are happening in Fortune City, six Shrines came to challenge the Fortune Shrine and they have the advantage, so the six Shrines should choose cultivators first and the Fortune Shrine can send someone of the same cultivation level, what do you think?” said the Godly Weapon Master. The Fortune Shrine wouldn’t mind.

The Empty Space Shrine’s Leader smiled and agreed, “Alright.”

“The Empty Space Shrine’s Leader looks very self-confident,” murmured the crowd. The Fortune Shrine was in a very difficult situation. Six Shrines had joined hands against the Fortune Shrine, and all their fighters were incredible, the best at their cultivation level. The Fortune Shrine’s fighters looked much weaker.

But the Fortune Shrine had chosen them for a reason.

“Since you look so happy, start now,” said the Godly Weapon Master. Everybody looked at the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader.

“First battle, Qiong Xie, you go,” said the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader. Saint Qiong Xie flashed forwards and landed on the battle stage.

“Kong Ming, that one is yours,” said the Fortune Shrine’s Leader.

“Very good!” Kong Ming put his palms together and floated over to the battle stage, landing in front of Qiong Xie. He looked calm and serene as he said, “Please, let’s exchange views on cultivation.”

Qiong Xie didn’t say anything. He threw a finger out and a fire trail appeared. Flames emerged from all his fingers and shot forwards. The atmosphere started burning slowly, and the temperature on the battle stage increased drastically. The Godly Weapon Master waved his hand, and an illusion surrounded the battle stage.

Kong Ming was chanting mantras in a magnificent Brahma voice. Gigantic words appeared in the air. A countless number of ancient Buddhas appeared everywhere and raised their hands.

“Die!” said Qiong Xie icily. A countless number of fire hands moved towards the ancient Buddhas’ hands. It felt like their energies could destroy everything in their way. At the same time, he also charged at Kong Ming. He raised his finger, trying to punish his enemy.

“Is he going to destroy the Buddhas?” wondered the crowd.

A countless number of fire hands surrounded the Buddhas, everything was burning around them. At the same time, fire tentacles coiled around Kong Ming.

However, Kong Ming looked unconcerned. He continued chanting, his voice resonating everywhere. A gigantic Buddha appeared on and around Kong Ming’s body, bearing four faces. He chanted mantras, and the soundwaves moved in all directions, oppressing the fire energies and preventing them from moving closer. At the same time, Qiong Xie also heard the mantras, which shook his brain violently, illusory Buddhas appearing in his mind.

Qiong Xie looked nervous. A flame appeared in his mind, his skull flared with light, preventing the mantra soundwaves from influencing him.

At the same time, in the outside world, he condensed an incredible amount of fire in his hands. The fire grew more and more intense. Buddhas imprints approached him, and he destroyed them.

“What’s that?” the crowd frowned. That flame was incredible!

“You will get destroyed by a pure fire Celestial Dao. You’re lucky, you should feel honored!” shouted Qiong Xie at Kong Ming. Then he flashed forwards, space undulating around him. He raised his finger again, dazzlingly bright. The shining Buddhas looked less bright next to such a fire.

The fire and the Buddhist energies collided, but that flame seemed indestructible.

“The flame can’t be stopped. It can destroy anything!” swore the crowd. The Fortune Shrine’s cultivators were shocked and nervous. Was Kong Ming going to be killed?

The pure fire Celestial Dao got closer and closer to Kong Ming. Kong Ming slowly raised his head. Suddenly, Qiong Xie looked scared, he felt terrified deep inside, and as his soul shook, his flame flickered.

“Ah!…” Qiong Xie shrieked. His flame suddenly dispersed. A gigantic Buddha’s hand descended from the sky. Thunder rolled, and Qiong Xie’s body instantly turned into ashes.

“Impossible!” The Fire Shrine’s strong cultivators were astonished. How was this possible? How could Qiong Xie lose?

The Fortune Shrine’s cultivators were astounded. The Fortune Shrine’s Leader’s eyes twinkled. As expected, what he had seen back in the days in the Destiny Wheel was right!

“I dedicate this battle to the Fortune Shrine,” said Kong Ming slowly.

The Fortune Shrine’s Leader nodded and said calmly, “Kong Ming, you can stay or leave the Shrine, as you wish. Listen to your heart. The Fortune Shrine will never force you to do anything.”

Kong Ming turned around and bowed before the Fortune Shrine’s Leader, “Thank you very much, Leader. I will never be an enemy of the Fortune Shrine.”

Kong Ming’s figure flickered and he left naturally, happy, relaxed, and light-hearted. Before leaving, he glanced at Lin Feng.

The Fortune Shrine’s Leader sighed, Kong Ming had a pure heart.

Lin Feng glanced at Kong Ming. He understood something from Kong Ming’s eyes, he understood who Kong Ming was.

“Each step of the Buddhist Mountain’s flight of stairs represents a disaster, a calamity. One of them is his story. A demon appeared, he became completely disillusioned. He’s both a Buddhist and a demon cultivator. That’s how he achieved supreme enlightenment. He’s neither a demon nor a Buddhist,” murmured Lin Feng. Buddhist cultivators were also demon cultivators.

Kong Ming, the Holy City Buddhist Mountain’s Leader!

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  1. confused November 18, 2018 at 7:45 am - Reply

    how come kong Ming is the buddhist mountain leader, wasn’ t the place already existed long before him and lin feng join fortune shrine, and that time they both have similiar level, but the Mountain created at least By a saint, because people can’t fly the top prevented by the saint strength, i’m confused

    • hakan May 27, 2019 at 7:15 pm - Reply

      You are right. Back then they were only high-level emperors let alone a saint.

      • bob June 29, 2019 at 11:12 am - Reply

        It will be explained later, don’t worry

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