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PMG Chapter 2467: Doomed?

PMG Chapter 2467: Doomed?

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The Godly Weapon Master smiled and said, “The Fortune Shrine won the first battle. Empty Space Shrine’s Leader, send your second cultivator.”

“Di Xu, you go,” said the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader. He pulled a long face. If Qiong Xie had won that battle, he would have been much more relaxed. However, he had lost, so the others had to make great efforts. He was very nervous.

Initially, he was convinced they’d win the first battle, so he had set high hopes on it.

“Chu Chun Qiu,” said the Fortune Shrine’s Leader. Chu Chun Qiu slowly walked over to the battle stage and stepped on it. Saint Di Xu released his Qi. He didn’t say anything, he immediately raising his hand, which looked illusory.

Chu Chun Qiu was surprised. There was a rumbled of thunder, and the hand immediately smashed into his body. Everybody was astonished.

Chu Chun Qiu, who had finished third at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds back in the days, couldn’t withstand a single attack?

Saint Di Xu didn’t understand, either. However, he continued advancing towards Chu Chun Qiu. Chu Chun Qiu withdrew and said, “I have to resign myself, I surrender.”

An eerie silence filled the air. People couldn’t believe it. Everybody was astonished. Chu Chun Qiu had become a legendary genius with time, and he just surrendered?

“Asshole!” shouted an old man of the Fortune Shrine. He released a deadly Qi, he hadn’t expected such a thing. There were people like Kong Ming who were amazing, and people like Chu Chun Qiu who surrendered and made no effort.



People insulted Chu Chun Qiu, but he ignored them.

Lin Feng looked at Chu Chun Qiu calmly. He was a bit surprised, he didn’t know why Chu Chun Qiu had done that. Even if he was emotionless, the Fortune Shrine had helped him a lot, yet he hadn’t even tried anything, he had instantly surrendered. By doing so, the Fortune Shrine might be destroyed.

Why did Chu Chun Qiu mean the Fortune Shrine harm?

Nobody could be sure. A strong cultivator of the Fortune Shrine shouted, “Kill that traitor!”

“No!” said the Fortune Shrine’s Leader, shaking his head. If they killed Chu Chun Qiu, the Fortune Shrine would lose face. The Fortune Shrine couldn’t kill disciples because of a defeat.

“No need to pay attention to a traitor. Next battle,” said the Fortune Shrine’s Leader indifferently.

“The Empty Space Shrine’s team won the second battle. Third battle, Empty Space Shrine’s Leader, who will you send?” asked the Godly Weapon Master. Nothing could affect him. He looked young and unperturbed, unlike his older-seeming disciples.

“Bu Mie,” said the Dazzling Gold Shrine’s Leader. Saint Bu Mie flashed forwards. He looked conceited and arrogant. He looked at Zhou Rong Man and Hou Qing Lin, excited and ready to fight.

“I’m coming!” said Zhou Rong Man, jumping onto the battle stage and landing in front of Bu Mie. He also looked proud.

“Hmph!” Bu Mie grunted icily. Dazzling golden lights appeared around him, and buzzing sounds filled in the air. People’s eardrums began to ache.

“What an incredible strength.” The crowd looked at Bu Mie. An invisible and intangible strength filled the air about him. He looked like a king.

“Saint Bu Mie has an immortal Vajra King Body. He’s been a Saint for so many years, his powers are incredible. His whole body is tougher than a Saint’s Weapon. Zhou Rong Man disappeared for so many years, the last time he was seen was during the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. He will probably lose this time,” murmured the crowd.

Zhou Rong Man’s eyes glittered. He jumped forwards and raised his fist.

Bu Mie wasn’t afraid. He also raised his Vajra fist and threw it out, his fist collided with Zhou Rong Man’s fist with a bang. Both of them were blown backwards. They didn’t release a terrifying Qi, they just fought in a simple way.

“Zhou Rong Man’s physical body is terrifying. He can compete with Bu Mie!” hissed the crowd. The Fortune Shrine had selected him to fight, which meant he was extraordinarily strong.

Bang! Bu Mie shook. Golden lights appeared all around him, even emerging from his seven apertures. He shot forwards again with his explosive golden fist.

Zhou Rong Man howled furiously and threw his fist out as well. He didn’t use any Saint’s technique.

Kaboom! A terrifying explosion made people’s eardrums even sorer. The space undulated around the fighters. It felt as if they had been surrounded by millions of drums.

“His fist is even more powerful than a Saint’s Weapon!” judged someone. Their attacks looked simple, but they were incredibly powerful.

“Not bad!” said Bu Mie, feeling even more determined. More golden lights appeared around him. A sharp sound rang out. Many people had the impression they were going to faint. Bu Mie’s strength kept increasing.

Zhou Rong Man shouted furiously. Millions of strong arms appeared around him.

Millions of fists streaked across the sky in all directions, as if millions of people were beating drums at the same time. Pure strength curdled the air, and golden lights flashed in the sky as Bu Mie used a Saint’s technique.

An ancient destructive Qi emerged from Zhou Rong Man’s body as he roared. His millions of arms became even bigger, his figure disappearing behind all his arms.

“My…name…is…Zhou…Rong…Man!” shouted Zhou Rong Man as he threw all his arms forwards. He pressed ahead with an indomitable will and oppressed his opponent’s golden lights!

“How strong! They’re both incredibly strong!”

People’s hearts were racing. If a Half-Saint like them had been in the middle, they would have exploded instantly. They could even compete with some weaker low-level Saints.

The millions of arms surrounded both fighters. Strident clashing sounds rang out ceaselessly.

“Die, die, die!” shouted Bu Mie. Golden lights flashed. Zhou Rang Man roared back.

The battle was crazy. Their fists kept colliding, mesmerizing the crowd.

After a very long time, the battle became less fierce. Lights dispersed. An incredible scene appeared in front of the watchers.

Bu Mie’s lower body had exploded. In front of him was a gigantic godly insect. It looked as powerful as a godly dragon, but the sad thing was that the insect had been crushed and was bathed in blood. It looked miserable.

“You lost,” said Bu Mie to Zhou Rong Man. Even though he had lost his lower body, he still looked cold and indifferent.

“Argh!” the godly insect roared furiously and fell down from the sky, then turned into Zhou Rong Man again.

A light surrounded Zhou Rong Man’s body. The Diviner walked up to him, grabbed him and went back. At the same time, a strong cultivator of the Dazzling Gold Shrine took Bu Mie and brought him away.

The Fortune Shrine had lost, though.

“Two more battles. If the Fortune Shrine loses the next battle, it’ll be over for them,” whispered the crowd, watching Lin Feng, Hou Qing Lin, Saint Tian Xin Mo, and the mysterious Saint.

If Lin Feng fights against Saint Tian Xin Mo, he’s definitely going to lose. The Fortune Shrine is doomed. They can’t win anymore. It can’t be changed!, thought the crowd. The history of the Continent of the Nine Clouds was going to change. Lin Feng couldn’t win, and Hou Qing Lin probably couldn’t win against that mysterious cultivator, either.

“It’s all because of Chu Chun Qiu, that traitor! Things would have been different if he hadn’t betrayed the Fortune Shrine!” sighed a member of the Fortune Shrine. They had lost two of the three battles. How could they hope to win against Saint Tian Xin Mo and the mysterious cultivator? Their chances to win were very low.

“Let’s continue,” said the Godly Weapon Master calmly. The mysterious cultivator walked out, smiling coldly. He was definitely going to win. Would he let Hou Qing Lin win? Was that even possible?

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