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PMG Chapter 2468: Life At Stake

PMG Chapter 2468: Life At Stake

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The Fortune Shrine’s members were extremely nervous. If Hou Qing Lin lost, it would be the last battle, and useless to continue. It would also change the fate of the Fortune Shrine.

The Fortune Shrine’s Leader held his Scepter of Destiny, and closed his eyes. A pale light appeared around him. If they lost, would they abandon Lin Feng?

Abandoning Lin Feng would mean that they couldn’t protect their people anymore. Nobody would ever support the Fortune Shrine again. If they didn’t abandon Lin Feng, they would be destroyed, and probably not just by the six Shrines. They had no choice but to win. Maybe some people would help, though? The Godly Weapon Master, the Dragon Clan…?

“Leader, if they win, we’re doomed.” murmured the Diviner, who was standing next to the Leader.

“Mara-Deva,” the Leader of the Shrine said to the Diviner. The Diviner raised his head and looked at him. “With your intelligence, you shouldn’t have been stuck at that cultivation level for so long, you’re still a high-level. When will you fuse two sorts of special original strengths together to become a peerless Saint?”

The Diviner shook his head and smiled, “It’s all destiny’s work.”

“How’s your Great Destiny Technique? I’ve never seen you use it,” asked the Shrine’s Leader.

“I’ve studied it for so many years, but I can reach a high level,” the Diviner smiled.

“I don’t understand you,” the Fortune Shrine’s Leader smiled and shook his head. “I can’t understand your destiny technique, like I can’t understand Chu Chun Qiu. You’ve been a member of the Fortune Shrine for so long, and apart from a few High Priests, you’ve been at my side for the longest time. I hope you can become a peerless Saint soon enough, and take the Scepter of Destiny.”

“Don’t talk about such demoralizing things. The Fortune Shrine shall exist forever,” the Diviner smiled.

“I hope I’m wrong. Let’s see if Hou Qing Lin’s battle will be the last one or not,” said the Fortune Shrine’s Leader. He turned his head and looked at the battle stage. The mysterious cultivator and Hou Qing Lin were facing one another.

“Hou Qing Lin controls reincarnation strength. The Reincarnation Priest is his teacher. He should..,” said the Diviner, and didn’t finish his sentence. “What kind of strength is that?”

“Extreme strength, the extreme strength of destruction.” The Fortune Shrine’s Leader was shocked. The mysterious cultivator controlled extreme strength. Six swords appeared behind Hou Qing Lin and moved in all directions. Reincarnation strength appeared all around him and absorbed everything in its way.

However, the mysterious cultivator raised his hands and imprints appeared, colliding against the reincarnation strength and destroying it.

“Die!” shouted Hou Qing Lin icily. The six swords streaked across the sky. The mysterious cultivator looked unruffled. He condensed imprints, which grew to great size, and moved forwards. His imprints contained Celestial Dao; the reincarnation strength didn’t have time to condense and was destroyed.

“Those imprints are terrifying. At the highest level, such attacks can grant cultivators godly powers,” t the crowd observed.

Hou Qing Lin was fearless. He jumped forwards and six fists moved with him. The earth and the sky seemed ready to collapse. A gigantic reincarnation hole appeared, ready to absorb his enemy inside.

The mysterious cultivator made some hand seals, and a destructive light appeared around him. Tt moved forwards and destroyed the reincarnation strength, then it continued moving towards Hou Qing Lin.

Suddenly, Hou Qing Lin’s eyes looked like the eyes of a dead person.

“Condense!” shouted the mysterious cultivator icily. His imprints turned into a dazzling curtain and shot towards Hou Qing Lin.

Hou Qing Lin shouted furiously, the space around him turned into a reincarnation vortex and he shot forwards. The mysterious cultivator’s extremely destructive strength was about to collide with his reincarnation strength.

“Destruction Imprints!” shouted the mysterious cultivator. Imprints smashed into the reincarnation strength. The air whistled, the reincarnation strength couldn’t compete with the extreme destruction strength either.

“Brother!” Lin Feng frowned. The mysterious cultivator’s extreme strength had reached the peak of perfection. At the level of Half-Saints, he probably had no enemy. He could probably even kill low-level Saints, his fighting abilities were incredible. That kind of strength didn’t seem to be original strength.

Hou Qing Lin was in a frenzy, he turned into a reincarnation vortex and moved towards his enemy.

“He’s crazy!” the Reincarnation Priest frowned. “Hou Qing Lin can’t win. We’re going to lose.”

When the strong cultivators of the Fortune Shrine heard him, they were stupefied. Were they going to lose?

If he lost, Lin Feng wouldn’t even have the opportunity to fight!

The mysterious cultivator and Hou Qing Lin collided again. His enemy’s strength struck his chest and started corroding his body. He kept releasing reincarnation strength to expel the extreme strength. Hou Qing Lin raised his head, he looking even crazier.

“Brother, give up!” said Lin Feng. He didn’t want Hou Qing Lin to risk his life if they didn’t stand a chance.

Hou Qing Lin turned his head around and looked at Lin Feng. Grinning, he said, “I remember back in the days when you took the exam at Tiantai, and Tian’s cultivators bullied you. Back then, I went to the Tian Long Divine Castle and I slaughtered people on their territory. Nobody can bully Tiantai’s disciples!”

When Lin Feng saw that smile, he shook his head and said, “Brother, it has nothing to do with you.”

“No. I’m like a big brother to you, you’re my fellow disciple. How could I give up? You wouldn’t even have the opportunity to fight!” said Hou Qing Lin. He looked at the mysterious cultivator again. Reincarnation lights rose up in the air and moved forwards again. Even though Hou Qing Lin wasn’t stronger than Lin Feng anymore, like back in the days, he still wanted to protect his fellow disciples. He was ready to lose his life for Lin Feng.

“You want to die!” said the mysterious cultivator icily, and threw his hand at Hou Qing Lin while releasing extreme strength.

“Die!” He moved towards Hou Qing Lin, trying to kill him quickly.

The two cultivators’ attacks collided. Hou Qing Lin suddenly moved sideways, he had to fight against the mysterious cultivator directly. The mysterious cultivator was stupefied, and then pulled a long face. Hou Qing Lin was insane!

“Piss off!” Extreme strength imprints bombarded Hou Qing Lin’s body, but at the same time, reincarnation strength surrounded his body, the extreme destruction strength and the reincarnation strength turned into a beam of light which surrounded both cultivators. Everybody frowned. Was Hou Qing Lin crazy?

“Let’s see who’s going to die first!” Hou Qing Lin grinned manically. Reincarnation strength slowly surrounded his enemy, but also he was bleeding and coughing up blood. His Qi became extremely weak.

The mysterious cultivator wanted to retreat, but Hou Qing Lin grabbed him and prevented him from fleeing.

“I don’t want to die with you, I surrender!” shouted that cultivator furiously.

Hou Qing Lin smiled and released him. The two moved away from one another. The leaders of the Ice and Snow Shrine, and the Fortune Shrine, both rose up in the air at the same time and grabbed their disciples.

“I’m alright,” said the mysterious cultivator, but his face was deathly pale. He stared at Hou Qing Lin and said, “Crazy! But you’re doomed anyway. You can’t do anything. You will definitely lose the last battle!”

Lin Feng released life strength around Hou Qing Lin. An endless amount of life strength flew throughout his body. The extreme destruction strength was terrifying. It was difficult to heal him.

“Dear friends of the Life Shrine, please help us,” said the Fortune Shrine’s Leader, taking Hou Qing Lin to the members of the Life Shrine.

“Alright,” said the Life Shrine’s Leader, personally taking Hou Qing Lin. Life lights surrounded Hou Qing Lin.

“Leave it to me. You go,” said the Life Shrine’s leader. The Life Shrine’s Leader was a woman. She smiled in a gentle way, looking really beautiful.

“Thank you very much,” said the Fortune Shrine’s Leader. He left with Lin Feng.

Lin Feng looked at Fortune Shrine’s Leader and said, “Thank you very much, Leader.”

“Hou Qing Lin is a disciple of the Fortune Shrine and a core disciple. He fought for the Fortune Shrine, no need to thank me,” said the Shrine’s Leader smiling at Lin Feng. “If you can’t win the last battle, don’t do like him. Your life is as important as the Fortune Shrine’s fate.”

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