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PMG Chapter 2469: A Perfect Attack

PMG Chapter 2469: A Perfect Attack

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Lin Feng looked at the Shrine’s Leader’s smile, it warmed his heart. Even though the Shrine’s Leader didn’t spend much time with Lin Feng and Hou Qing Lin, he cherished them.

Lin Feng and the leader went back to the group of cultivators from the Fortune Shrine. Everybody looked at Lin Feng. Hou Qing Lin had won the battle, so Lin Feng would have the opportunity to fight.

Lin Feng was the protagonist, it would have been sad if he hadn’t been able to fight!

At that moment, the crowd was watching Lin Feng. Hou Qing Lin had risked his life to give Lin Feng the opportunity to fight. Would Lin Feng be able to defeat Saint Tian Xin Mo?

“Last battle,” said the Godly Weapon Master indifferently. When he said that, an invisible and intangible strength swept across everyone. Saint Tian Xin Mo slowly walked forwards and landed on the battle stage. Lin Feng also came out.

Saint Tian Xin Mo glanced at Lin Feng indifferently. He looked calm and said, “Two years have passed. You think you can defeat me?”

Lin Feng glanced at Saint Tian Xin Mo, a high-level Saint who had been famous for a long time. His fighting abilities were incredible. It was said that he understood fusions of original strengths. Some people even said that his most powerful attacks had the power of some peerless Saints’ attacks.

Lin Feng didn’t reply. On a battle stage, talking was just a waste of time. All people were interested in was the result of the battles.

“Staying silent is useless as well. Today, the Fortune Shrine is going to disappear, it’s going to be completely destroyed. That’s the Fortune Shrine’s destiny,” said Saint Tian Xin Mo, raising his head and looking at the members of the Fortune Shrine aggressively.

After that, a terrifying demon strength filled the air, sweeping away everything. Saint Tian Xin Mo slowly walked towards Lin Feng.

“Die!” Lin Feng heard. Then, he saw many demon kings rose up in the air. They were holding demon king spears and pointing them at Lin Feng. Their strength was explosive.

“That’s…” Lin Feng frowned. It was an illusion, but it looked so real. He actually felt afraid.

Lin Feng closed his eyes and opened them again. He saw Saint Tian Xin Mo who was coming towards him. At the same time, the demons around him looked at him and became stronger, they didn’t look fake anymore.

Lin Feng was in pain. What a terrifying thing to go through. Everything was in his heart, physically and mentally. He saw many people. He felt extremely sad, that was even more painful than physical pain. He could see his whole life playing before him.

“A Mara-robber of the mind!” Lin Feng tried to remain determined, to be like Kong Ming. Saint Tian Xin Mo was using all sorts of attacks to defeat Lin Feng as quickly as possible.

“Die!” said Saint Tian Xin Mo. He wanted to punish Lin Feng, Lin Feng’s heart hurt and he was covered with cold sweat.

“How strong, Lin Feng can’t compete with him!” sighed the crowd. The sky turned dark, and demon energies rolled in waves. Lin Feng looked so fragile before those energies.

Of course, all of this happened in a few seconds only. Saint Tian Xin Mo moved as quickly as he could.

Lin Feng looked at him, forcing himself to forget the pain and the attack which was moving towards him and emitting whistling sounds. He solely focused on his enemy.

Suddenly, dream and time lights surrounded Lin Feng.

Time. Time lights rotated around Lin Feng. It moved eight times faster than normal lights. That kind of time light wasn’t like slow and fast strengths, the time lights around him accelerated around him which meant that eight seconds in the space just around Lin Feng were like one second outside. It meant that he could do eight hundred percent more things in the space around him than in the outside world.

Ling Tian released sword Qi, the pulsations of the earth around him also accelerated.

At that moment, Saint Tian Xin Mo was getting closer and closer. Lin Feng could sense his terrifying strength. His heart was beating quickly. It wasn’t pleasant at all.

I can’t give him any chance, thought Lin Feng staring at his enemy. Saint Tian Xin Mo’s death strength oppressed Lin Feng, and his heart pounded even more furiously.

“Slow!” Lights surrounded Saint Tian Xin Mo and slowed him down. He continued moving forwards, he didn’t sense anything different. However, people in the outside world realized that Saint Tian Xin Mo had suddenly slowed down because at that moment, when one second passed in the space around him, eight seconds passed in the outside world.

But because Saint Tian Xin Mo was already incredibly fast, he was still extremely fast. Blood splashed out of Lin Feng’s mouth. At the same time, the demon illusion attack continued intensifying around Lin Feng.

“What’s going on?” Saint Tian Xin Mo sensed something. However, at that moment, he realized that Lin Feng was moving towards him.

“Die!” shouted Saint Tian Xin Mo furiously. An incredibly aggressive strength bombarded Lin Feng and made it explode. However, as his body exploded, it also became extremely soft and liquid, like water. It fell to the ground, condensed, and at the same time, his hand, now containing sword Qi, drove towards Saint Tian Xin Mo’s head.

“Go in!” shouted Saint Tian Xin Mo. His illusion strength intertwined. However, Lin Feng closed his eyes and his sword strength continued moving forwards.

A sharp and clear sound spread in the air. Sword Celestial Dao pierced through Saint Tian Xin Mo’s head. His death strength surrounded Lin Feng and bombarded him heavily. Lin Feng coughed up more blood.

Everybody was astonished because the sword strength around him disappeared but there was still a big hole in Saint Tian Xin Mo’s head. He slowly turned his head to Lin Feng and looked at him.

He didn’t understand. How had Lin Feng done that? Saint Tian Xin Mo understood that he had suddenly moved slower, but it didn’t seem real, it was like an illusion, but different at the same time. He didn’t understand, he was wondering if it was just an incredibly high-level slow strength.

However, he also thought that he couldn’t possibly have moved slower, because it didn’t feel like slow strength. However, who could sense time lights? It was just that time around him had changed and if he couldn’t understand time strength, then he couldn’t change anything, either.

“He’s still not dying?” Finally, Saint Tian Xin Mo’s head exploded, and his body slowly fell down.

“Saint Tian Xin Mo, dead.”

The crowd couldn’t believe their eyes. The whole battle had lasted for only a few seconds. They had seen Saint Tian Xin Mo release strength, and suddenly sword strength had made his head explode. Most people hadn’t seen anything clearly. Nobody really understood what had just happened. Lin Feng’s attack was just perfect. Nobody understood why Saint Tian Xin Mo hadn’t been able to dodge the attack.

Many people didn’t understand how Lin Feng had done that, but it wasn’t important anyway. Lin Feng had killed Saint Tian Xin Mo, that was important, it meant that Lin Feng and the Fortune Shrine had won.

An eerie silence filled the air. The six Shrines were just stunned. Nobody had anticipated that. Nobody had thought the fight would end so quickly, either.

Even the members of the Fortune Shrine couldn’t believe their eyes.

Hou Qing Lin had already recovered. He looked at Lin Feng and smiled proudly. He was even happier than if he had won himself. Lin Feng was his fellow disciple, a member of Tiantai and incredibly strong. Hou Qing Lin had risked his life to protect Lin Feng, and it had been worth it. Lin Feng’s attack had been perfect!

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