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PMG Chapter 2470: One Destructive Attack

PMG Chapter 2470: One Destructive Attack

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Lin Feng had won that battle in a beautiful way, but the atmosphere didn’t become less oppressive. On the contrary, it became even tenser.

The members of the six Shrines who had joined hands to kill Lin Feng were furious. Many people were staring at the members of the Fortune Shrine, who looked nervous. Were the six Shrines going to leave now?

“This battle is over,” said the Godly Weapon Master calmly breaking the silence. He smiled at the crowd and said, “The Fortune Shrine won, three to two.”

“Oh, really?” thought many people. Why was the Godly Weapon Master stating the obvious? Everybody knew the result and everybody knew the Fortune Shrine had won…

“Lin Feng became much stronger in only two years. We won’t try and kill Lin Feng for the time being,” said the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader at that moment. Everybody frowned. Finally, what was supposed to happen was happening, the Empty Space Shrine had to change their opinion.

“However, the Empty Space Shrine and the Fortune Shrine have now been enemies for so many years and the conflict should be solved too,” said the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader. He had lost. They weren’t going to try and kill Lin Feng anymore for the time being, but they were six Shrines in Fortune City, and they were furious because of the loss.

“Same here, the Fortune Shrine killed so many strong cultivators of our Shrine, the Fire Shrine. Now, we have to solve the issue,” said the Fire Shrine’s Leader indifferently. They didn’t intend to let the Fortune Shrine off.

“The agreement was a joke. If you want to destroy our Shrine, why didn’t you just attack straightforwardly? Or do you just want to waste time? Do you need people to play with you?” said the Fortune Shrine’s Leader calmly.

“The agreement was about Lin Feng. Since you won, we won’t try to kill Lin Feng for now, but the tensions between our Shrines and your Shrine is another thing,” said the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader. “I apologize to everybody for having disturbed you and making you come. If you want to see how we intend to solve the conflict with the Fortune Shrine, you can stay here; otherwise, you can leave,” said the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader.

He didn’t want people to disturb them, they wanted to deal with the Fortune Shrine without being disturbed.

“You lost and you continue talking bullshit. I understand now,” said someone. Who dared talk that way? Everybody turned around. It was the leader of the Dragon Clan, an incredible cultivator.

“You must think we’re ridiculous,” said the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader indifferently. He released a terrifying Qi. The strong cultivators of the Fortune Shrine frowned.

“Oh no!” The Fortune Shrine’s Leader was startled. He turned around and suddenly saw golden lights streak across the sky. They were so dazzling he could barely open his eyes.

“The Fortune Shrine!” People raised their heads and saw a hole appear in the vault of heaven above the Fortune Shrine. The faces of the members of the Fortune Shrine turned deathly pale.

“Sky Destroying Sword!” People’s hearts were pounding. The golden lights silently crashed onto buildings. People could barely open their eyes. Most of them closed them.

“The Fortune Shrine is doomed!” swore many people. The six Shrines had already planned an attack. Initially, no matter whether they won or lost the battles, they intended to destroy the Fortune Shrine from the beginning.

“Leader!” many strong cultivators from the Fortune Shrine shouted at the same time. So many of their friends and family members had died a second before under the attack.

“Dazzling Gold Shrine!” Many people understood, it was the Sky Destroying Sword, the precious item of the Dazzling Gold Shrine, like the Celestial Sealing Map.

“Shrines joining hands is a bit exaggerated,” said the Godly Weapon Master icily.

Who would dare get involved though? The Sky Destroying Sword would destroy them as well!

“Dazzling Gold Shrine.” Lin Feng took a deep breath and pulled a long face. What if Meng Qing had been there? So many people’s relatives had been killed!

“Don’t move,” said the Fortune Shrine’s Leader when he saw that many of his strong cultivators wanted to fight. He closed his eyes and said, “The main purpose of the Fortune Shrine is now to destroy the six Shrines’ alliance, all of them.”

“Leader.” Lin Feng’s face turned red. He was shaking.

“Lin Feng, so many people just died, the Fortune Shrine will never get destroyed as long as you live,” said the Fortune Shrine’s Leader, smiling at Lin Feng. His smile was filled with pain.

“I will live and destroy the Shrines’ alliance,” said Lin Feng in a trembling voice.

“Even if the Fortune Shrine loses power and influence, things will come back to normal at some point,” said the Fortune Shrine’s Leader, tapping Lin Feng’s shoulder and smiling, “Since a Forbidden Body has been granted to the Fortune Shrine, we have to pay the price, that’s destiny. The Dazzling Gold Shrine and the other Shrines prepared their attack really well, and they have formed a deep alliance already. Be careful in the future, and don’t go to their Shrines alone.”

“Very well,” Lin Feng nodded heavily. He knew that the Shrines’ alliance was powerful. They had prepared themselves for two years. Now, they wanted to wipe the Fortune Shrine off the map of the world and then kill him!

The other Shrines hadn’t anticipated that either. The six Shrines had formed an alliance, but the other Shrines hadn’t formed any alliance, was it time? Otherwise, after the destruction of the Fortune Shrine, wouldn’t they get destroyed as well?

“You went too far,” said the Earth Shrine’s Leader after having remained silent for a few seconds. Finally, he couldn’t stand it anymore.

“We just wanted to punish the Fortune Shrine. We didn’t go against the agreement. Back now,” smiled the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader. Then, he stood up and rose up in the air, glancing at the Fortune Shrine’s Leader in a provocative way.

“Let’s go.” The members of the six Shrines all left smiling. How long would the Fortune Shrine survive?

After they left, the Fortune Shrine’s Leader said calmly, “I want to invite you people, does anyone agree?”

“I’ll stay.” Earth Shrine the Shrine’s Leader.

“I’ll stay here, too,” said the leader of the Celestial Sound Shrine. The crowd was shaking. Maybe that that attack had been beneficial in the end, maybe it was an opportunity for the Fortune Shrine to form an alliance.

“Count us in,” said the strong cultivators of the World Clan up in the sky. The leader of the group was an old man. He frowned when he saw Lin Feng.

“The World Clan wants to form an alliance with the Fortune Shrine and destroy the Fire Shrine,” said extremely old man. All those strong cultivators were Saints.

“Welcome everybody,” said the Fortune Shrine’s Leader.

Then that old man smiled and said, “We’ll stay in the Fortune Shrine temporarily.”

“No problem,” the Fortune Shrine’s Leader agreed calmly.

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    Thanks for the chapter!

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    Yun hai >Tiantai>Fortune

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    same circle. Destroyed > Rebuild. haiss.. sometime i feel boring with the story line.

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    Kinda feel like this is really rushed. That dramatic scene dealt with in a few sentences. Seems a bit cheap? Was the author limited in total chapters for this novel?

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