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PMG Chapter 2471: Mission

PMG Chapter 2471: Mission

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Finally, many Shrines left, and only the Earth Shrine and the Celestial Sound Shrine stayed behind. Apart from them, the World Clan,  and Ordinary and Sa Leng the supreme cultivators also stayed. Lin Feng was astonished when the Godly Weapon Master and his disciples also stayed.

On the side of the Supreme Animal World, the leader of the Dragon Clan and the king of the Great Roc clan also stayed.

“Everybody, let’s go,” said the Fortune Shrine’s Leader calmly. They moved towards the wrecked buildings of the Fortune Shrine. The Sky Destroying Sword had destroyed many buildings everywhere, as well as many cultivators.

The Fortune Shrine’s strong cultivators looked for their relatives in the debris. They all looked extremely sad.

However, the Fortune Shrine’s Leader still looked composed. He said to the crowd, “It’s a disaster for the Fortune Shrine, I don’t know how you feel.”

“We need to get rid of the six Shrines’ alliance and progress together,” said the Leader of the Earth Shrine. Their enemies didn’t care whether the Fortune Shrine would try to take their revenge or not.

“I think the Earth Shrine and the Celestial Sound Shrine should become our allies, otherwise, the enemies will destroy you after having destroyed the Fortune Shrine,” said the Fortune Shrine’s Leader. The others nodded, they thought the same.

“King Dragon, thank you very much for today, but why did you decide to stay here?” the Fortune Shrine’s Leader asked the Dragon Clan’s Leader. The Shrines’ chaotic situation didn’t pose a threat to the Supreme Animal World, so the Dragon Clan probably didn’t want to form an alliance with them, right?

“Ao Cang Hai and Aomo from the Dragon Clan are close to Lin Feng. It is my duty to stay here,” replied the dragon king, smiling.

The Fortune Shrine’s Leader smiled and shook his head. “King Dragon, make yourself at home.”

“Haha, thank you, Leader,” the dragon king smiled.

“What about you, King Roc?” the Fortune Shrine’s Leader asked the roc king.

“Lin Feng, come here!” said the roc king, floating in the air and looking at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was surprised and asked, “Master Roc, how may I help you?”

Golden lights streaked across the sky, it was impossible to follow them with the eyes!

“Be careful!” shouted the Fortune Shrine’s Leader, raising his flaring scepter, At the same time Lin Feng moved backwards and time lights surrounded the roc king. Lin Feng had just sensed that the roc king harbored evil intentions, so he hadn’t gotten too close, he had just taken one step towards him and then he had withdrawn. The roc king’s speed was incredible.

“Celestial rocs are too fast.”

A beam of light appeared. The dragon king’s helmet twinkled.

“Stop!” shouted the dragon king. The beam of light instantly stopped. The roc king was constricted, but he flapped his magnificent wings in a blur. Rocks and stones from the ground rose up and flew around him so fast that they turned into meteors.

Someone appeared in front of Lin Feng, as if time had stopped. The roc was so fast, but he was still slowed down thanks to the time lights.

“Stop!” said the Godly Weapon Master icily. Lin Feng stopped releasing time lights, and a fist struck the figure in front of him.

The roc king was smashed away. Dazzling lights surrounded him, but his head was still bleeding golden blood. He was staring at Lin Feng icily, surprised that he hadn’t managed to kill Lin Feng.

The air began to hum. The roc king’s figure streaked away across the sky, and he disappeared.

Everybody took a deep breath. All this had happened in a few seconds, but it was still incredible and scary.

“Celestial rocs are too fast. If we hadn’t cooperated, he would have killed Lin Feng,” stated the dragon king.

The crowd looked angry and nervous. As the dragon king said, the roc king was extremely fast, killing people weaker than himself was extremely easy, but this time Lin Feng had help.

The others looked at Lin Feng and the figure in front of him. How strong! He also controlled time strength, it seemed? That person had managed to protect him, his punch had blown the roc away. He had suddenly appeared there.

“Master Ox, is that you?” asked Lin Feng. The figure nodded and disappeared. Lin Feng was stupefied. Even though Master Ox had told him he wouldn’t help him in the outside world, he had intervened as Lin Feng was about to die.

Lin Feng has spiritual protectors since he’s become a god’s heir, thought the crowd.

“Master Dragon, Godly Weapon Master, thank you very much for your help,” said Lin Feng to the two. The dragon king had used a precious item and the Godly Weapon Master also controlled time strength, he had fused his time strength together with Master Ox’s time strength to make it even more powerful.

“King Dragon, you already knew the roc king harbored evil intentions, it seems,” said the Fortune Shrine’s Leader to the dragon king.

“Yes, I heard the Fire Shrine and the others had gone to the Supreme Animal World and had contacted the Roc Clan,” said the dragon king calmly. Lin Feng had cold sweats. The six Shrines’ alliance’s plan was scary, sly, and evil.

“So all the leaders were ready to strike back,” said Lin Feng. He realized the Fortune Shrine’s Leader still had some allies to fight against the six Shrines’ alliance.

“If I had been alone, I wouldn’t have been able to ensure our safety,” said the Fortune Shrine’s Leader. “Lin Feng, your life is more precious than my life. We can only protect you once in a while. You have to rely on your own self in the future.”

“Indeed, I understand,” said Lin Feng. The roc king had almost killed him a moment before!

“What if I took Lin Feng away? Would you feel more relaxed?” asked the Godly Weapon Master suddenly. The crowd looked at him.

“Where do you want to take him?” asked Lin Feng.

“Lost Country,” said the Godly Weapon Master. Lin Feng shivered. One of the seven forbidden territories!

“You’re a famous and powerful cultivator. We trust you,” the Fortune Shrine’s Leader smiled. “Lin Feng, would you like to go with the Godly Weapon Master?”

“Go with him,” said the old ox to Lin Feng telepathically.

Lin Feng was surprised, but said to the Godly Weapon Master, “I will come with you, Master.”

“There’s no time to lose. Let’s go then,” said the Godly Weapon Master. Lin Feng nodded and looked at the Fortune Shrine’s Leader and the Diviner, “Leader, teacher, fellow disciples, take care.”

“Don’t worry! As long as you’re alive, the Fortune Shrine will always tower aloft,” said the Fortune Shrine’s Leader with a smile. He presented his scepter to Lin Feng and said, “Take the scepter.”

“No!” said Lin Feng, refusing. That was the Scepter of Destiny, the symbol of the Fortune Shrine’s Leader! He couldn’t take it, especially since many strong cultivators were watching the Fortune Shrine and waiting for an opportunity to totally annihilate them. Why did the Fortune Shrine’s Leader want to give it to Lin Feng?

“I’m sure you’ll have many Saint’s Weapons if you stay with the Godly Weapon Master, but this Scepter is special, it can help you. It’s the last vision I had from the stars of destiny,” said the Fortune Shrine’s Leader smiling gently. Lin Feng shivered, last vision?

“No, I refuse,” said Lin Feng, refusing and shaking his head.

“If you don’t take it, the Fortune Shrine is going to be destroyed forever,” said the Fortune Shrine’s Leader calmly. Lin Feng’s heart started pounding.

“Take it, Lin Feng,” said the dragon king. Lin Feng stiffened. Finally, he nodded and received the Scepter of Destiny.

“Let’s go,” said the Godly Weapon Master. A strong wind took Lin Feng and his three disciples high into the air. Lin Feng turned his head around and saw the Shrine’s Leader smiling after him gently. Lin Feng had the impression his heart was being crushed. What did the Leader’s last words mean? Were the Leader and the Diviner going to die? What had they seen in the stars of destiny? What were their predictions?

Lin Feng looked at the Scepter in his hand. What was his future mission?!

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