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PMG Chapter 2472: Sealed Imprint Mountain

PMG Chapter 2472: Sealed Imprint Mountain

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The Lost Country was one of the seven forbidden territories of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. It was located in the northern part of the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. According to legends, many terrifying entities were sealed inside.

Lin Feng followed the Godly Weapon Master and his three disciples. An ancient Qi filled the air. He saw many wrecked castles, and there was debris everywhere, but those ruins hadn’t continued deteriorating, which meant those cities had been destroyed during a flourishing era.

“Master, are the seven forbidden territories all worlds which used to be flourishing?” asked Lin Feng. He was curious. He had already been to the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell, the Godly Grave, Ganges Time, and the Beasts’ Grave. He hadn’t been to the Island of Absolute Isolation or Horizon Web yet. He had the impression those places also used to be splendid and glorious back in the days.

“Kind of,” said the Godly Weapon Master smiled. Suddenly, sharp black claws emerged from some debris and moved towards them.

The Godly Weapon Master shook his hands, a whirlwind appeared and the claws disappeared. However, a terrifying Qi floated in the air, something howled furiously. Lin Feng gazed into the distance and saw a head with black long hair. A face appeared, but it wasn’t the face of a human being, it looked horrible and dreadful. The monster had just attacked them.

“It’s been sealed.” Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled. The legends were true. Many terrifying creatures were sealed in the Lost Country.

“There is debris everywhere here, it’s annoying, let’s accelerate,” said the Godly Weapon Master. Lin Feng and the others were surrounded by incredible lights. Lin Feng understood that kind of strength: time lights which made them move even faster!

They streaked across the sky. Many monsters appeared, but didn’t have the opportunity to attack them. The Godly Weapon Master was quite confident, he stood at the top of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. He had nothing to fear, even in the forbidden territories.


They traveled for three days. Lin Feng sighed, the Godly Weapon Master was already so strong and he still needed so much time to cross the Lost Country. The Lost Country was truly gigantic. Lin Feng also realized that the nothing could stop the Godly Weapon Master on the way. Three days later, they arrived above a desert, sand floating around. There was a gigantic bronze castle in front of them.

“We’re here,” said the Godly Weapon Master. He slowly landed in front of the bronze gate and said, “Old friend, we came to visit!”

The bronze gate slowly opened with the booms of powerful winches. A dazzling deployment spell appeared.

“Let’s go,” the Godly Weapon Master smiled. Lin Feng and the others walked into another place. The place was filled with a thick and rich Qi, with water all around. It looked like a fairyland.

Lin Feng and the others landed on the top of a mountain. There was a city built up around the mountain people entering and leaving. There was a beautiful, lofty mountain range in front of them too, it looked like a godly celestial mountain.

“Sealed Imprint Mountain,” whispered Lin Feng.

The Godly Weapon Master smiled. “You know the Sealed Imprint Mountain?”

“Feng Mo’s world,” replied Lin Feng, nodding. Duan Feng had told him about Feng Mo, the Sealed Imprint Mountain, and the Lost Country.

“You seem to know a lot,” said the Godly Weapon Master lightly. “Go, let’s go.”

Lin Feng and the others followed after the Godly Weapon Master. Their hearts were beating really fast. Feng Mo was extremely famous, he had an incredible reputation. He was probably the founder of that small world. He was an ancient cultivator, he could seal demons, and had an unparalleled strength. The Godly Weapon Master was also an ancient cultivator. He had been famous for a very, very long time and had been considered as the best weapon maker for countless centuries, too.

The Godly Weapon Master and Feng Mo probably knew each other. Otherwise, from what Duan Feng had told Lin Feng, he wouldn’t have been able to go there, outsiders were not allowed inside. The Godly Weapon Master seemed to know the place quite well.

There were many strong cultivators at the top of the Sealed Imprint Mountain; great emperors were common, Saints were numerous. After a short time, two young Saints saw the Godly Weapon Master and smiled, “Greetings, Godly Weapon Master!”

“Hello, how is your teacher doing?” said the Godly Weapon Master smiling.

“He’s good. He’s just a bit bored. He often says his old friends don’t come see him anymore,” said one of the young men cheerfully. “Master, let’s go and see the teacher.”

“Alright,” agreed the Godly Weapon Master, following them. One of the young men asked him, “When did you recruit a new disciple?”

The Godly Weapon Master had three disciples, but at that moment, Lin Feng was there too so he thought Lin Feng was one of his disciples, too.

“He’s not my disciple,” the Godly Weapon Master smiled. The young men were curious. The Godly Weapon Master had brought a stranger to the Sealed Imprint Mountain?

“Third fellow disciple, fifth fellow disciple!” When they arrived, a group of young people appeared. When they saw Lin Feng, they frowned.

“It’s you?” Di Shi looked at Lin Feng in a strange way.

“Little fellow disciple, do you know him?” asked the third fellow disciple.

“Yes. He cast greedy eyes on our teacher’s historical sites in Qi Tian Holy Town. He’s insolent. I would have never thought he’d dare come to the Sealed Imprint Mountain,” said Di Shi, releasing a terrifying Qi which surrounded Lin Feng. After Di Shi had left the historical sites and obtained the original strength entity, he had gone back and practiced cultivation really hard. He had become much stronger!

“Don’t be insolent!” shouted the third fellow disciple icily. “Greet the Godly Weapon Master now!”

Di Shi’s face stiffened. So that was the Godly Weapon Master his fellow disciples sometimes mentioned? Lin Feng looked so young, had he become the Godly Weapon Master’s disciple? How lucky!

“I’ve been here for only a short time, so I didn’t know it was you. Please forgive me,” said Di Shi politely. He bowed before the Godly Weapon Master and said, “If I had known he was your disciple, I wouldn’t have dared do something like that.”

“Oh?” the Godly Weapon Master smiled and said, “He’s not my disciple. There are tensions between you? You should resolve them. I’m not here to solve your problems.”

Di Shi’s eyes twinkled and he said to Lin Feng, “Since the Master says so, I better accept deferentially than to decline courteously.”

Di Shi hadn’t been a disciple there for a very long time. Now he might have an opportunity to show how strong he was, and Lin Feng was his opportunity! He jumped forwards and released sealing strength. It descended from the sky and moved towards Lin Feng. At the same time, he also threw himself at Lin Feng, releasing more strength which moved towards Lin Feng.

“Time.” Lin Feng increased his own speed. Di Shi saw his own attack explode and his body was blown away with a clap of thunder. His strength disappeared, and his face instantly turned deathly pale.

Feng Mo’s two other disciples were stunned and said to Di Shi, “Fellow disciple, show your gratitude, he was merciful.”

Di Shi’s face stiffened. How had that guy become so strong?

“Di Shi, you’re not allowed to come to Sealed Imprint Mountain to practice cultivation for a hundred years,” said a voice. Di Shi pulled a long face, turning around and bowing before that person. “I understand, Teacher.”

“Go now,” said the teacher, waving him away. Di Shi didn’t insist, he bowed and said, “I’ll come back in a hundred years.” Then, he turned around and departed swiftly.

“Bro, Lin Feng!” Duan Feng appeared next to Feng Mo. He ran towards Lin Feng and smiled, his eyes twinkling. He hadn’t thought he would see Lin Feng again in Sealed Imprint Mountain!

“Duan Feng!” replied Lin Feng with a smile. He turned to Feng Mo and said, “Greetings, Master Feng Mo!”

“You’re from my world, no need to be polite,” said Feng Mo, nodding calmly. He looked at the Godly Weapon Master and smiled, “Buddy, when was the last time you came to see me?”

“A thousand years ago, maybe?” the Godly Weapon Master smiled.

“Did you come because you need help with something?” Feng Mo asked him.

“Haha, indeed! I need you to help me refine a weapon,” the Godly Weapon Master confirmed. He looked at Lin Feng and said, “Take out your sword, I’ll help you improve it.”

“Alright.” Lin Feng took out his God’s Sword and gave it to the Godly Weapon Master. He hadn’t thought the Godly Weapon Master would ask Feng Mo for help.

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