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PMG Chapter 2474: Determination and Counteroffensive

PMG Chapter 2474: Determination and Counteroffensive

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Continent of the Nine Clouds, the Fire Shrine…

Buildings were bathing in flames. In one place, seven people were seated cross-legged and discussing something.

“Everybody, we failed again. Not only hasn’t Lin Feng died, but the Godly Weapon Master also took him away. The old man of the Fortune Shrine knew that if Lin Feng stayed, we would join hands to kill him,” said someone. Everybody looked at a cultivator in golden clothes; the roc king!

“This time, Brother Roc helped us and tried to take him by surprise, we were sure it would work.”

“Go and try yourself,” the roc king grunted icily.

“Brother Roc, you’re extremely fast. Nobody is faster than you in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. If you can’t kill him by surprise, who can? The Fortune Shrine can predict the future, and are very thoughtful. The problem is that so many peerless cultivators are protecting Lin Feng,” said the Fire Shrine’s Leader, defending the roc king.

“But Lin Feng left, it’s a disaster. The Celestial Sound Shrine and the Earth Shrine are really audacious. They decided to form an alliance with the Fortune Shrine in such circumstances. What do you think we should do?”

“The Celestial Sound Shrine and the Earth Shrine want to bring about their own destruction, so we’ll help them. I’m convinced that if we succeed, the Thunder Shrine and the Soul Shrine will not dare do anything against us ever again,” said the Ice and Snow Shrine’s Leader icily.

“Of course, we can’t offend them yet, otherwise they will directly join the Fortune Shrine’s alliance. We need to succeed and then we’ll talk to them. They will make the right decision if we succeed.”

The leaders of the six Shrines smiled. They could already imagine themselves as the leaders of the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

“Of course, I hope that nobody has doubts amongst us. Forming such an alliance was difficult. If anyone doesn’t do their best, we’ll be in a weak position and we won’t be able to withstand a single attack,” warned the Fire Shrine’s Leader. Everybody nodded slowly, they understood that. The six Shrines’ alliance was something rare, but it could also be destroyed easily. What would happen if anyone stabbed anyone else in the back?

“What should we do first?” asked the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader.

“We need to make some more teleportation portals between our different Shrines, and keep our core disciples in the Shrines to protect us. When we have an opportunity, we can strike,” said the Fire Shrine’s Leader.

“Now is the right time, what do you think?” asked the Dazzling Gold Shrine’s Leader. Everybody looked at him.

“The Fortune Shrine’s alliance is composed of the Fortune Shrine themselves, the Earth Shrine, the Celestial Sound Shrine, the World Clan, and Lin Feng’s few friends. We are six Shrines and the roc king is with us. If we attack them at the same time, what will happen?” said the Dazzling Gold Shrine’s Leader. Everybody’s eyes glittered.

“We could try to attack once by surprise,” said the Fire Shrine’s Leader, after having remaining silent for a few seconds. “The goal should be the Celestial Sound Shrine. Now, get ready to go back, convoke your peerless Saints, and protect your Shrines properly. At the same time, find three peerless Saints to attack. I think that, that way, we won’t suffer any loss. What does everybody think?”

“Alright,” everybody nodded. Every Shrine had to send three peerless Saints, or it would be too difficult.

“Alright, go back, we can talk further using talismans.”

Everybody stood up and used the teleportation portal the Fire Shrine had made to leave for their own Shrines.

Very quickly, only two people were left. They smiled indifferently.

“How strong are you now?” asked the Fire Shrine’s Leader.

“Quite strong. This spell was difficult to learn, but I think I’ll master it soon,” said the Ice and Snow Shrine’s Leader. “What about you? You seem high-spirited and vigorous lately.”

“I’m alright too,” said the Fire Shrine’s Leader smiling. He stood up and said, “You can go back, too.”

“Alright, we’ll meet again in the Celestial Sound Shrine,” said the Ice and Snow Shrine’s Leader. He left using a teleportation portal as well. Things were progressing quickly on their side.


After what had happened in the Fortune Shrine, the Continent of the Nine Clouds calmed down again. However, the inhabitants of the Continent of the Nine Clouds had a bad premonition that it was the calm before the storm.

Someone in the Celestial Sound Shrine raised their head and looked at the sky. Then he slowly rose up into the air and floated up into the sky of the Celestial Sound Shrine.

He wasn’t the only one. Some more people appeared in the sky of the Celestial Sound Shrine and looked at the ground. People from the Celestial Sound Shrine were surprised, those cultivators were terrifyingly strong, they were from the six Shrines’ alliance. The news that the Celestial Sound Shrine and the Fortune Shrine had formed an alliance had quickly spread in the region, and these people wanted to punish the Celestial Sound Shrine for it.

But at that moment, those people remained silent, as the Celestial Sound Shrine was nearly empty.

“We were quick, but they were even quicker,” said one of them. Golden lights illuminated the Celestial Sound Shrine.

“Many of their sites have been destroyed. They took their books and items away and gave up the Shrine.”

“How incredible.” The group of Saints was stupefied. Giving up a Shrine was symbolic in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. The Celestial Sound Shrine had done it, but if they came back someday, it’d mean they’d come back as winners. If they didn’t, then they wouldn’t be the Celestial Sound Shrine anymore.


At the same time, in the sky above some castles of the Dazzling Gold Shrine, dazzling golden lights flashed, and energies appeared indistinctly. Some people descended slowly from the sky.

The members of the Dazzling Gold Shrine raised their heads, stupefied. Someone howled furiously, “Activate the great deployment spell and the teleportation portal! Inform all the Shrines! Quickly!”

A terrifying sound spread out, and millions of lights filled the air. People dropped like flies, one after another. At the same time, destiny lights surrounded the whole Shrine; it was the Heavenly Laceration attack!

“Fast!” shouted someone desperately. Beams of lights dashed to the skies. Some people activated the teleportation portal. Many people appeared in the Dazzling Gold Shrine, and peerless Saints’ Qi swelled forth. At the same time, golden lights turned into light curtains and surrounded the whole Shrine.

“Explode!” shouted the Earth Shrine’s Leader explosively. A gigantic axe appeared, it looked like a god’s axe as it descended from the sky in a peal of thunder. The Shrine shook violently, and many of the Dazzling Gold Shrine’s buildings exploded. At the same time, a strong wind started blowing. In a very short time, many strong cultivators died.

“Why are you not attacking yet?” shouted someone explosively.

“They have better weapons!”

“Next time, we can’t let the Leaders leave with the weapons!” What a tragedy, they had just suffered great losses!

The Dazzling Gold Shrine’s Leader who was at the Celestial Sound Shrine suddenly turned deathly pale when he learned about what had just happened. He rushed back. Initially, they wanted to attack the Celestial Sound Shrine by surprise, but without them, it was impossible to protect themselves against all their other enemies.

The Dazzling Gold Shrine’s Leader’s heart twitched. He had proposed attacking the Celestial Sound Shrine by surprise, he couldn’t blame anyone.

“Back! Everybody use the teleportation portal, let’s go back to the Shrines!” shouted someone furiously after hearing the Dazzling Gold Shrine’s Leader. The others pulled long faces, “The Fortune Shrine and their allies used their best weapons to attack.”

The others remained silent. The Fire Shrine’s Leader said, “Since they gave up, you can also give up the Dazzling Gold Shrine. This time, we didn’t anticipate well enough. If we want to destroy them completely, that’s the price we have to pay. I wouldn’t have thought the Fortune Shrine would be so good at scheming, though. They managed to make two Shrines give up their Shrines!”

“Yes, Brother Jin. When we created the alliance, we weren’t worried, we didn’t think they could make a counterattack, we didn’t think they would find a way to get their revenge. We didn’t act quickly enough, and we gave them an opportunity,” said the Ice and Snow Shrine’s Leader. They had reached a point of no return.

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