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PMG Chapter 248: You Will Fight!

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“Everybody, stand up.” said Duan Wu Ya while waving his hand. The ones who were still kneeling down slowly stood up but for a long time, they were unable to calm down. A position as important as officer of the Imperial Guard had been transferred so easily.

Duan Wu Ya’s opinion was that there was nothing special or surprising about it. It was as if the Imperial Guard didn’t mean that much to him.

“Yu Ji, now you are the officer of the Imperial Guard, you know what you have to do.”

Yu Ji nodded and bowed while saying: “Your Highness, I will leave with the guards now and patrol the streets to ensure the residents’ safety.”

“Alright, you can go.” said Duan Wu Ya while waving. Immediately after, several tens of thousands of guards left, only those from Duan Ren City, who were surrounding the Death Sentence Stage, were still there. Nobody could threaten them.

Duan Tian Lang and his son’s facial expression was growing more and more hideous. Duan Tian Lang had wanted to kill Liu Cang Lan but at the crucial moment, Lin Feng had appeared with Duan Xin Ye. They had rushed over and killing Liu Cang Lan had become impossible, he was going to stay alive.

Besides, Duan Han wanted to marry Liu Fei. Using Liu Cang Lan’s life as a bargaining tool, he had been blackmailing her, if she wasn’t willing to engage in a relationship with him, he would turn his back on Liu Cang Lan, who would then die. Liu Fei hated him and didn’t want to become his wife, she rejected his offer.

What was making them boil with envy was that Lin Feng had become a marquis, the officer of the Chi Xie army, and had obtained the control of his hometown. Besides, Duan Wu Ya had also appointed a new person to be the officer of the Imperial Guards. It was a crushing defeat for them.

All these things had happened because of one person: Lin Feng.

At that moment, Duan Tian Lang and his son were looking at Lin Feng with ice-cold glares.

Lin Feng turned around and looked at them. His face was filled with killing intent and he made no attempt to hide it.

“Lin Feng, we’re stopping this for the time being.” said Duan Wu Ya in a low voice when he sensed Lin Feng was ready to kill. Duan Tian Lang had a high status, he was a noble from the Duan Clan. Duan Tian Lang was a member of the Imperial family. Killing him isn’t as easy as killing Meng Han, it would need a justified reason.

Lin Feng had no excuse to kill Duan Tian Lang at that moment.

“Yes, I understand, Your Highness. What happened today is over, for the time being.” said Lin Feng while slightly nodding. The soldiers sighed. Duan Tian Lang would stay alive after all he had done, even though the blood of so many people was on his hands.

Of course, they weren’t blaming Lin Feng. What he had done wasn’t easy at all. If Lin Feng hadn’t been there, Liu Cang Lan would have been executed and they would have been doomed as well, as they would have been considered as a rebel army.

“But…..” At that moment, Lin Feng turned around and looked at Duan Tian Lang and Duan Han, he said: “What happened today is over for now, but last time, Duan Tian Lang brought an army to exterminate the Yun Hai Sect. The Yun Hai Sect turned into a bloodbath. I, Lin Feng, as a disciple of the Yun Hai Sect, need to get my revenge because of the hatred left deep within my heart. Therefore, the enmity between Duan Tian Lang and me will never end without his death.”

The crowd was stupefied, it wasn’t over. Lin Feng used to be a disciple of the Yun Hai Sect, therefore, he had an excuse for not letting past grievances be settled.

“So that’s how it is. Duan Tian Lang exterminated the Yun Hai Sect, of which Lin Feng used to be a disciple, his hatred for Duan Tian Lang should be endless. How could he forget such a thing? Duan Tian Lang is his enemy and the hatred is too deeply engraved in his heart. There is no solution. With such justification, Duan Wu Ya cannot say anything either.”

People in the crowd were all trying to understand the situation. Then, they saw Lin Feng turn around. He looked at the troops and at Ren Qing Kuang in particular.

“Officer Ren, sorry for causing you trouble, please take the troops out of the city and wait for me there. I have something to do here, I will come to you when I’m done.” said Lin Feng to Ren Qing Kuang. Immediately, many started shouting from within the army.

“We’re not leaving, the officer is here, we’re staying.”

“Yes, we will stay with our officer!”

The Chi Xie troops were shouting in protest. The crowd was surprised. Lin Feng was so young and his troops were already extremely loyal and devoted to him, these feelings were already deeply engraved into their hearts.

Surprisingly, even before Liu Cang Lan had assigned Lin Feng as their new officer, they have already regarded him as their leader.

“Get the hell out of here, all of you! If you don’t hurry, I’ll get angry.” said Lin Feng sounding ice-cold. The troops were all a bit surprised.

“Officer Ren, sorry for the inconvenience.”

Lin Feng coldly looked at the troops and then at Ren Qing Kuang. If they stayed with him, it would be the same as continuing to talk about the problems that happened on that day. Even though in itself, it was the same, it was no longer about the grievance between Duan Tian Lang and the Chi Xie army, Lin Feng needed to justify his reason for revenge because Duan Wu Ya was there.

Duan Wu Ya had freed Liu Cang Lan, giving him the title of Imperial Minister, he had given Lin Feng the title of Marquis, all these things were supposed to make them stop pursuing issues caused by the war, if Lin Feng continued, Duan Wu Ya would not tolerate it.

Therefore, at that moment, he gave a new reason, the Yun Hai Sect had been destroyed, the troops thus had to leave as it did not involve them.

“Alright.” said Ren Qing Kuang. He perfectly understood Lin Feng. Ren Qing Kuang shouted: “Troops, listen to your orders, leave the Imperial City immediately!”

After saying that, Ren Qing Kuang turned around and slowly left. The troops, even though they were doing it against their own will, still obeyed Lin Feng’s order and galloped away. Immediately after, Ren Qing Kuang also left with them. A short time later, all the troops had left the imperial city.

The area seemed deserted.

In the entire area, the only ones left were Lin Feng, Meng Qing, the Celestial Sword battalion, Duan Wu Ya, Duan Xin Ye, Duan Tian Lang and his son.

At that moment, Duan Tian Lang narrowed his eyes and evilly stared at Lin Feng. That boy wasn’t going to give up.

Duan Wu Ya hadn’t thought that Lin Feng would be so stubborn either, but Lin Feng had mentioned the extermination of the Yun Hai Sect and his status as a disciple of the Yun Hai Sect. Of course, his heart was filled with hatred.

“Lin Feng.” shouted Duan Wu Ya at that moment. Lin Feng turned around and immediately heard him say: “Lin Feng, Duan Tian Lang is an imperial family member, his title of being an imperial family member is higher than that of marquis, more respectable, you cannot attack him.”

“I know.” said Lin Feng while slightly nodding. Duan Wu Ya was a bit surprised, since Lin Feng knew, what else did he want?

“Your Highness, Duan Tian Lang is a member of the imperial family and your uncle, his status is respectable and extremely high, I will obviously not attack him.” said Lin Feng sounding detached. The crowd didn’t understand him at all.

But then they heard Lin Feng continue: “However, back in the past, Duan Tian Lang had brought his son along, Duan Han, who helped him to slaughter the Yun Hai Sect, my sect. Duan Han is extremely arrogant and thinks he is better than me, he even said that I wouldn’t withstand a single attack when we fought. Now, Duan Han, the young noble without an incredible status, is before me. I, Lin Feng, am already a Marquis. It should be enough for me to have a battle against him. Right here, right now, I would like him to enlighten me as he said he would in the past.”

When the crowd heard Lin Feng, they immediately understood who his target was, it wasn’t Duan Tian Lang but Duan Han.

Lin Feng was challenging Duan Han.

However, Duan Han, at that moment, would never want to fight. He remembered that day, at the Yun Hai Sect, he thought that he was extremely strong, but then at that moment, fighting against Lin Feng had become difficult for him.

Lin Feng had always been stronger than Duan Han. Duan Han didn’t have the courage to fight against Lin Feng anymore. Duan Han felt awkward and was staring Lin Feng. He had a hideous facial expression. How was he supposed to accept Lin Feng’s challenge?

“We refuse. Duan Han and I have things to do, we have no time.” said Duan Tian Lang sounding cold and detached.

“Things to do?” said Lin Feng while smiling coldly. “Duan Tian Lang, when you went to destroy the Yun Hai Sect, did you ask the people of the Yun Hai Sect if they would accept?”

Duan Tian Lang narrowed his eyes. That was ridiculous, how could they accept?

“Duan Tian Lang, when the princess was taken away, your troops blocked my path and tried to kill me, did you ask me if I had the time?”

Lin Feng ignored Duan Tian Lang and continued: “Besides, Duan Tian Lang, when you and your son, set a trap in order to kill me which led to the death of hundreds of thousands from the Xue Yue army, then deserted the battlefield in order to rush back and try to have Liu Cang Lan executed, did you ask everybody else if they accepted?” Lin Feng’s voice was growing louder and louder. A cold and deadly energy emerged from his body. Lin Feng, who was always calm, was furious.

How powerful, what Lin Feng meant is that there was no choice, he was fighting Duan Han regardless of who stood in his way.

Lin Feng had an evil smile on his face and was staring at Duan Han. He then said in an ice-cold tone: “Duan Han, back in the days, at the Yun Hai Sect, you considered everyone beneath your attention but our battle was not allowed an end. You have to treat a man as he treated you, today, we finish our battle.”

When Lin Feng finished talking, he started walking forward, that battle could happen because of a single justifiable excuse, it wasn’t about wanting to battle, it was about finishing their unfinished battle.

In the world of cultivation, Lin Feng was always moving closer to his goal of soaring in the clouds!

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