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PMG Chapter 2482

PMG Chapter 2482

The Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds…

The Divine Wrath Alliance, the Chaotic Sky Alliance, and the Black Bamboo Alliance had become famous. It was still snowing in Tian Xue City. Lin Feng was standing there with his hands clasped behind his back. Behind him, someone arrived carefully. It was Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon.

Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon left footprints behind him in the snow. He walked up next to Lin Feng and gazed into the distance.

“You want to use the strength of the three great alliances to destroy the Shrines’ alliance?” asked Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon calmly, “Lin Feng, I support you.”

Lin Feng frowned and slowly turned to look at him. He didn’t look indifferent anymore. He was convinced that with his strength, nobody could recognize him anymore. However, that old demon emperor seemed to know who he was.

The first person who had told Lin Feng about Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon was the Diviner. Back in the days, there was a demon cultivator whom some people called THE Demon Emperor, he used to wander around in the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

Lin Feng had heard about the Demon Emperor many times. Lin Feng also remembered Yuan Fei in the small world, the place where the Demon Emperor was once from used to be called the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit. He also remembered the words he had read in the Jade Emperor’s palace.

Apart from that, Lin Feng had also seen an image of the Demon Emperor on the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree, and he had seen many of his images in the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell, as well. Lin Feng had thought those were only coincidences.

The Sky Palace, what was the date tonight?

“Surprised?” The Demon Emperor looked at Lin Feng, smiled and said, “In the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell, you heard my voice. I am your image, your shadow. You used to be a Demon King in the ancient past. Only your own determination can make you understand those things. On the day when you do understand, you’ll become the Peerless Demon King. You’ll defy the skies, blood will spill unceasingly in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and you will be the strongest cultivator in the world.”

“Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell, so it’s really you.” Lin Feng frowned.

“Of course. You think that with your strength, back then, you could have left the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell? It’s your karma. You are the Forbidden Person, you have a Forbidden Body. I was earlier than you by a thousand years, Hei An Xi. That’s our karma, my karma, your karma. I am you, you are me. We are one,” said the Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon solemnly.

“Karma?” Lin Feng remained silent. Did Karma really exist?

“Does the Handsome Monkey King believe in Karma?” Lin Feng slowly turned his head again and gazed into the distance. Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon didn’t say anything. Lin Feng frowned.

Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon remained silent. Lin Feng looked at him again and frowned, “Eh?”

“You want to rely on the great alliances to destroy the Shrines, I’ll help you,” said Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon smiling.

Lin Feng smiled and replied, “Thank you very much.”

Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon turned around and walked away. Lin Feng watched him go, he had cold sweat down his back.

In the Jade Emperor’s palace, he had read, Limitless Sky Palace, what’s the date tonight? Then he also remembered the name of that mountain: the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit. Everything seemed to be pointing at one thing: the incredible Demon Emperor and he seemed to come from the same place. However, a moment before, he mentioned the Handsome Monkey King, and the Demon Emperor changed the topic. Lin Feng found everything quite mysterious.

Someone else came to him. It wasn’t Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon this time, it was Zi Zhu. Lin Feng smiled at him in greeting. Zi Zhu could compete with the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader, he was extremely strong.

“Any ideas?” asked Zi Zhu smiling at Lin Feng.

“I contacted some strong cultivators, and attacking the Fire Shrine would be a good idea,” said Lin Feng smiling.

“Is our target only the Fire Shrine’s alliance? What about the Fortune Shrine’s alliance?” continued Zi Zhu.

“Nowadays, the Fire Shrine’s alliance is strong. They won’t try to oppress us again. Regarding the Fortune Shrine’s alliance, I don’t think they would do anything to us. They’re not stupid,” said Lin Feng slowly. Zi Zhu smiled meaningfully.

“Lin Feng, I support you,” said Zi Zhu. Then he also turned around and left.

Lin Feng looked at Zi Zhu. He had a strange feeling. He had used a new identity to become the leader of the Divine Wrath Alliance, and now Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon had recognized him. Lin Feng was really convinced that the Demon Emperor was his image, otherwise he wouldn’t have recognized him.

But what about Zi Zhu? And what was that smile supposed to mean? What did he know? But Lin Feng didn’t think about it too much. He wanted to destroy the Fire Shrine and their allies first.


After that battle, the Continent of the Nine Clouds became quite calm again. However, people from the Continent of the Nine Clouds could imagine how furious the Empty Space Shrine and the Thunder Shrine were. Together, in total they had a dozen peerless Saints, and now they had lost three. Now they were less powerful.

However, even then the seven Shrines didn’t go to Tian Xue City to get their revenge. The Divine Wrath Alliance, the Chaotic Sky Alliance, and the Black Bamboo Alliance protected that place, and the Fortune Shrine’s alliance probably knew that as well. If anyone was watching Tian Xue City, they would be able to inform the Fortune Shrine’s alliance if anyone came to attack, and they would come to help the three great alliances. The Fortune Shrine’s alliance didn’t want to miss any opportunity.

The seven Shrines needed to protect themselves from the Fortune Shrine’s alliance no matter what, because many years ago they had decided to disappear and continue the war until its end!


In Lin Feng’s Star World…

Lin Feng looked at the high-level Saints and smiled, “Back in the days, I promised that I’d fight against you if I were a high-level Saint and that if you defeated me, I’d release you. However, my cultivation level is different from other people’s cultivation level, for me, high-level Saint means nothing, it doesn’t exist. But I have to do what I promised you. Actually, I want you to help me one last time and then I’ll release you,” said Lin Feng.

He was the master of this world, so he controlled their freedom. He could let them leave or not. Only the old ox had privileges in that world.

When the golden ape heard Lin Feng, he smiled and said, “Lin Feng, you’re wrong.”

“I’m wrong?” Lin Feng looked at him sharply.

“Do you really think I’m stuck here and can’t leave?!” the golden ape laughed. “When our Master left, he wanted us to leave, but we didn’t want to. We still wanted to wait for him. We hadn’t thought you’d come instead and become the new leader. Besides, you were much weaker than us. You think you could give us orders?”

“Of course not,” replied Lin Feng.

“But now you can,” the golden ape smiled. “No matter what you want us to do, we’ll help you.”

Lin Feng looked at the golden ape’s smile and smiled broadly too. “I will become the strongest cultivator in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. I will honor your former Master.”

“We can’t wait,” the last bestial Saint smiled. Lin Feng nodded and left.

After that, he appeared in front of the three peerless bestial Saints.

They opened their eyes and looked at Lin Feng.

“Should we go to war in the Continent of the Nine Clouds?” asked the peerless bestial Saint who had helped Lin Feng the previous time. He was smiling as he guessed Lin Feng needed help.

“Yes, it’s a crucial battle. It could change everything in the Continent of the Nine Clouds,” said Lin Feng straightforwardly.

The bestial Saint smiled. “If you need us, just ask.”

When Lin Feng heard him, he smiled back. He hadn’t gone there for such a long time, he hadn’t thought that all the bestial Saints who used to be cold to him would have become so nice and helpful. He was touched.

“Thank you very much,” Lin Feng bowed, and then he left. He reappeared in front of a treasure building. He hadn’t opened the last door yet.

Lin Feng didn’t know know when the old ox had appeared behind him, but at that moment, he was there and looking at him. Lin Feng smiled and said, “Thank you, old ox.”

Then, he tapped the old ox’s horn.

“You’re getting more and more audacious,” said the old ox angrily.

“Hehe.” Lin Feng laughed, “Brother Ox, all the bestial Saints are so nice to me, it’s all thanks to you, right?”

“Kind of,” said the old ox, not admitting anything. “Go inside and have a look.”

“Alright.” Lin Feng nodded. He put his hand on the door, strength suddenly filled the air and rolled out in waves. The door began to glow brightly, crackling sounds spread in the air. Lin Feng could sense the strength of a peerless Saint.

He slowly opened the door, and entered the palace. He shivered. There were peerless Saint’s Weapons everywhere. There were around eighty weapons, their spirits terrifying. Even a Shrine couldn’t have so many peerless Saint’s Weapons.

“Those Saint’s Weapons are terrifyingly powerful,” he murmured. Unfortunately, he didn’t know many peerless Saints he could trust. Otherwise, if he had been able to give them to other peerless Saints and form an army of eighty, that would have been terrifying. They would have been able to destroy the whole world!


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