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PMG Chapter 2485

PMG Chapter 2485

The seven Shrines’ alliance also realized that the strong cultivators of the Fortune Shrine’s alliance were there. Their expressions changed. The Ice and Snow Shrine’s Leader shouted, “Hurry up and kill those people, kill Lin Feng first!”

“Alright!” said the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader nodding. He looked at Lin Feng icily. Lin Feng was strong. They still hadn’t managed to kill him yet!

“Brother Ox, let’s move back,” said Lin Feng. He didn’t wait for them to attack. He stopped time once again. Only the old ox could avoid being slowed down by time. At the same time, Lin Feng accelerated using time strength. He moved to the peerless bestial Saint and took him away. After that, time returned to normal again. Some strong cultivators gathered outside of the Celestial Sealing Map and attacked it.

Among them were the Earth Shrine’s Leader with the godly axe and the Celestial Sound Shrine’s Leader with their ultimate weapon, a celestial pitch-pipe. With the ultimate weapons and the peerless Saints’ attacks, the Celestial Map was shaking violently.

“The Celestial Sealing Map is going to break.” The Empty Space Shrine’s Leader looked extremely worried. But how had Lin Feng escaped a moment before? Everything had happened in a few seconds. Time had stopped!

“Chase him!” The Empty Space Shrine’s Leader continued chasing Lin Feng.

Lin Feng shouted, “Come here!”

Lin Feng raised his spear and stuck the Celestial Sealing Map.

“Break!” said Lin Feng. A hole appeared, and Lin Feng jumped into the hole. The Fortune Shrine’s Leader and the others understood. The Earth Shrine’s leader also used the godly axe to make the hole bigger. The hole in the map was getting bigger and bigger.

“Lacerate!” All the strong cultivators moved towards the hole and attacked it. It was like the sky was falling. The Empty Space Shrine’s Leader’s face stiffened and turned deathly pale. He waved his hand and recalled the Celestial Sealing Map. However, there was a big hole in it now.

“Die!” The Fortune Shrine’s Leader and the others came in and released an explosive Qi.

People from the city were stupefied. They had never seen so many terrifying cultivators. The strongest cultivators of the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds were almost all there. It was the most powerful battle since the war in the ancient past.

The group of people who were attacking destroyed a peerless Saint instantly and then shot in all directions.

“Earth Shrine’s Leader, let’s join hands. Try and don’t fight, don’t collide with enemies directly,” shouted Lin Feng’s furiously. Everybody nodded and started moving away.

The Earth Shrine’s Leader had the godly axe. He came to Lin Feng and asked, “How do we join hands?”

“Help me block the attacks. Brother Ox, help me and protect me too,” Lin Feng said to the old ox. A few strong cultivators appeared in front of them: the Shrines’ Leaders who were chasing him!

“Standstill!” shouted Lin Feng icily. Time strength appeared, and time stopped in front of him. Time stopped for his enemies and his own people. He had modified the source of time!

Lin Feng attacked the Wind Shrine’s Leader who was in the front. The Wind Shrine was the fastest of the leaders, so he was closer to Lin Feng. He was even holding an ultimate weapon, a fan that served as an armor, too. It was black, white, and silver, and it looked extremely sharp.

Lin Feng threw himself at the Wind Shrine’s Leader. He used time strength to move faster, turned into a God’s Sword, and the space shook around him.

“No…” the Wind Shrine’s Leader became animate again when time restarted, looking desperate and shocked.

“Oh no!” The other Shrines’ Leaders were stunned and their faces all changed. The Empty Space Shrine’s Leader shouted out. Space condensed, but at the same time, all their attacks became slower. The Earth Shrine’s Leader knew what Lin Feng wanted to do, so he also threw the godly axe and moved forwards. He realized he was moving much faster too, there was a silhouette next to him.

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. The sword whistled, even as the Wind Shrine’s Leader moved into the wind.

“Slow!” shouted Lin Feng explosively. His sword pierced through the man’s shoulder bone, and at the same time it absorbed his strength.

Blood gushed out. The Wind Shrine’s Leader was injured, and continued fleeing. At the same time, he threw his ultimate weapon out, and a destructive strength appeared around Lin Feng.

“Illusion Destruction!”

Lin Feng’s body exploded. However, at that moment, the Wind Shrine’s Leader wasn’t happy because danger came from above.

“Time, standstill!” shouted Lin Feng. A sword appeared in Lin Feng’s hand and pierced through his enemy’s head. The Wind Shrine’s Leader wanted to escape with his soul and cried out desperately. The God’s Sword came back to Lin Feng’s hand, and he destroyed the Leader’s impaled soul.

“That’s his real body!” A gigantic empty space hand appeared in front of Lin Feng. The Earth Shrine’s Leader and the old ox had already destroyed many attacks and enemies around Lin Feng, however, some attacks still arrived in front of Lin Feng. He expected them, and withdrew. He modified the speed of time, his God’s Sword humming angrily. At the same time, he condensed strength into his hand and thunder boomed.

Lin Feng sensed an incredible strength penetrate into his body and corrode his life. He instantly released life strength all around him and retreated. The enemy was still chasing him, but he was much slower, which made Lin Feng smile icily. “Time…”

All the strong cultivators stopped. They had just now seen him kill a Shrine’s leader, and were scared.

Now they saw Lin Feng’s smile, he was making fun of them. They were very nervous, as they understood Lin Feng was playing with them. At the same time, the Earth Shrine’s Leader and the old ox also arrived next to Lin Feng.

“You can make time stop,” the Earth Shrine’s Leader said to Lin Feng. He didn’t know what to think though, was it a good or a bad thing? Lin Feng was becoming stronger and it was good to fight against the seven Shrines’ alliance, but in the future, what would happen?

Dazzling world lights flashed and descended from the sky, surrounding everybody. Lin Feng raised his head and saw a face in the sky, the World Clan’s King. Lin Feng had seen that person a very, very long time ago: the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts. The World Clan had had problems with the Shrines in the past, so he had had several lives in the lower world, then he had created the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ world to raise an army to fight against the Shrines.

“Lin Feng, you continue killing; the Shrines’ leaders and me will continue on our side,” the World Clan’s King said to him.

Lin Feng nodded, “Thank you!”

Lin Feng disappeared. The Fortune Shrine’s Leader and the Celestial Sound Shrine’s Leader replaced him to fight against the Shrines’ leaders. They didn’t need to win, they just had to defend. Lin Feng could make time stop, so killing other peerless Saints was easy.

Very quickly, Lin Feng arrived in front of someone, who panicked to see him. Lin Feng made time stop. The God’s Sword streaked across the sky and killed him instantly, his soul dispersed.

By the time the Shrines’ leaders destroyed the world lights, they saw that Lin Feng had already killed two peerless Saints in the blink of an eye. They all grimaced. Lin Feng’s understanding of cultivation was becoming extremely dangerous. What a tragedy!

“Escape!” shouted someone. Finally, the seven Shrines’ strong cultivators started giving up and escaping. The problem was that Lin Feng could only make time stop sporadically, he didn’t understand time well enough yet, and needed to wait between each attack. Therefore, he couldn’t make time stop and kill everybody at once. However, he didn’t intend to give up. He decided to chase them. The King of the Ten Thousand Beasts had slowed them down for a little while.

When Lin Feng made time stop, he used the source of time. It also impacted his own people, so they couldn’t catch up with the enemy. Therefore, Lin Feng could only catch up with one person at a time.

Lin Feng caught up with one and used his God’s Sword to attack him. After killing that person, he used his godly awareness to inspect the area and stopped when he couldn’t see any peerless Saints anymore. Since he had started chasing them, he had already killed three peerless Saints.

Lin Feng’s achievements were incredible during that battle, but he didn’t look happy at all. It was a tragedy, both sides had suffered losses.

Lin Feng turned around and flew back. After a short time, he arrived back on the battlefield. The battle was finished, people who were alive looked devastated and sad. It took cultivators a very long time to become a peerless Saint, and today, so many had died…


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