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PMG Chapter 249: Lin Feng’s Army

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“Try if you dare!” shouted Duan Tian Lang furiously. He then started walking forward and a deadly Qi emerged from his body. Lin Feng surprisingly wanted to kill Duan Han, his son… how could Duan Tian Lang accept that?

“Stop!” shouted a furious Meng Qing. Ice Qi and force invaded the atmosphere. Meng Qing took a few steps and landed in front of Duan Tian Lang.

Duan Tian Lang also had the strength of the Xuan Qi layer. If Lin Feng wanted to kill Duan Han, how could he resist to Duan Tian Lang? Obviously, Meng Qing had to get involved, Lin Feng didn’t need to say anything, that was obvious.


Even more ice appeared in the atmosphere. Duan Tian Lang was surprised, his facial expression was hideous. An incredible quantity of sword energy emerged from his body.

Duan Tian Lang had a blood spirit and had awakened the strength within his blood, but that strength was too weak, therefore, he was also using his sword spirit. Duan Han also had a sword spirit.

Dual spirit.

A long sword appeared which pointed towards the sky. His sword spirit and the sword in his hand seemed to be in perfect symbiosis, both as sharp as the other.

Besides, at that moment, Lin Feng was slowly walking towards Duan Han. Each and every step that Lin Feng took made Duan Han’s heart beat grew faster. Duan Han didn’t stop retreating backwards.

“Back in the past, at the Yun Hai Sect, you were high spirited, vigorous and daring… today, you are as scared a cowardly mutt who keeps on flinching… you don’t even dare to fight.”

Lin Feng said these words jokingly. He wasn’t in a hurry to kill Duan Han. He was convinced that Duan Tian Lang would also remember Meng Qing and her strength, allowing him to see his son, Duan Han, get killed without being able to do anything in retaliation.

Lin Feng wanted to make Duan Tian Lang understand that, back in the days, he had the power to bully Lin Feng but now, Lin Feng could slowly kill his son right in front of him and he would not be able to lift a finger. He would show him how cruel he could truly be and make his son suffer in his place.

When the people saw Lin Feng slowly walking towards Duan Han, their hearts also started beating faster.

When Duan Wu Ya saw that Lin Feng wanted to kill Duan Han, an offspring of the Duan family, he surprisingly didn’t try to block him which meant that he tacitly agreed.


Lin Feng was getting nearer and nearer. Duan Tian Lang shouted loudly while his sword slashed through the atmosphere. An endless quantity of sword Qi appeared and slashed through the world of ice. The sound of sword energy clashing against ice energy filled the air.

“Ice Diamond.” said Meng Qing in a low voice. She waved her hand and an ice crystal appeared and froze Duan Tian Lang’s sword entirely.

Lin Feng was very near to Duan Han. A sharp and deadly energy completely enveloped Duan Han’s body. It was filled with deadly Qi. Under that deadly energy, Duan Han didn’t even have the courage to resist. Lin Feng’s aura of a death god sufficed to make him tremble in fear.

“Could it be that you are afraid now? When you were at the top of the cliff face, you were cold bloodedly watching the Yun Hai Sect members get slaughtered, you were feeling comfortable and satisfied, right? When you and your father got a few hundred thousand soldiers killed, didn’t you have the feeling that your plan was a great success?”

Lin Feng’s voice sounded evil and its coldness invaded Duan Han’s heart.


Duan Tian Lang shouted like an animal, abandoned his sword and jumped towards Duan Han.

“Frozen Heart.” said Meng Qing in a low voice. Duan Tian Lang started shaking violently. He had the feeling that his heart was being completely frozen. Blood started flowing from his mouth.

But Duan Tian Lang didn’t pay attention to that, all that mattered to him was his son, his son couldn’t die.

“Oh, you came?” said Lin Feng with an ice-cold smile on the corner of his mouth. Suddenly, his silhouette disappeared, he was absorbed into the void of darkness.

“Die.” said a voice coming from the void. The crowd saw, in the middle of that emptiness, a cross appeared. That cross was resplendent and dazzling to the eyes.


The cross turned into a sanguinary sword. On Duan Han’s neck there was a small cross, a small bloody cross.

Duan Tian Lang stopped moving. His mouth was wide open. He was just feeling infinitely cold as he was blankly staring at his son, Duan Han, who slightly lifted his head to look at his father. Duan Tan Lang could see the cross-shaped mark on his neck and the blood endlessly gushing out from it.

“Duan Han!” shouted Duan Tian Lang with a husky voice. He was shaking from head to toe. He grabbed his son and hugged him tightly. He saw his son’s lips, which were moving, but he couldn’t speak a word as he was drowning in his own blood.

At that moment, his son collapsed in his arms.

“Cough, cough.” Duan Tian Lang coughed and blood was forced out of his mouth. He looked deathly pale. His son was dead, he had been killed by Lin Feng and died in his arms. At the moment, when he had almost reached his son, Lin Feng forced him to watch his son drown in his own blood.

Invisible like a shadow, invisible and silent, that was the Deadly Cross Shadow.

“It hurts doesn’t it, Duan Tian Lang? Back then, at the Yun Hai Sect, when you slaughtered all those people, or after when you set a trap for a few hundred thousand soldiers, you were not thinking about their friends and their families, you also didn’t think about the pain that they would have to go through.” said Lin Feng, who was standing behind Duan Tian Lang watching the scene.

“Lin Feng!” furiously shouted Duan Tian Lang while releasing a deadly energy.

“You don’t need to shout, I know that you wish you could hack me into a million pieces, I understand your hatred because I feel that hatred inside me, and my hatred is much more terrifying than yours.” said Lin Feng sounding calm.

He then continued: “Now, it is between you and me. If you have an opportunity to kill me, feel free to try. Because if, someday, I have the opportunity to kill you, I will unleash my hatred and show you no mercy.”

While talking, Lin Feng turned around, his silhouette flickered and he moved back to his original position. Immediately after, he said to Duan Wu Ya: “Your Highness, I am now taking myleave.”

Duan Wu Ya slightly nodded and said: “Lin Feng, I will be waiting for your return in the Lovesick Forest by the lake.”

Lin Feng muttered something to himself, but immediately after nodded and said: “Alright.”

Lin Feng then waved. Those who were wearing bronze masks, even though their faces were covered, all had an aura of satisfaction, they looked inspired and enthusiastic.

Many of them used to be Yun Hai Sect disciples. Duan Tian Lang and Duan Han had annihilated the Yun Hai Sect which was why they had the slave marks carved into their faces. Duan Tian Lang and Duan Han were their sworn enemies.

When they saw Lin Feng kill Duan Han and force Duan Tian Lang into such a situation, how could they not feel satisfied?

They coldly glanced at Duan Tian Lang, then turned around and followed Lin Feng. Then, altogether, they galloped away.

Duan Tian Lang was showing no side of indignation or anger, he didn’t do anything irrational. Meng Qing had already badly injured him. While Meng Qing was there, it was impossible for him to kill Lin Feng. If he attacked Lin Feng, Meng Qing would continue to inflict injuries.

Who was that beautiful girl, whose face was covered with a fine veil, and why was she following Lin Feng? She was extremely strong.

“Lin Feng, if I, Duan Tian Lang, don’t kill you, my life will not be worth living.” said Duan Tian Lang while feeling that his son’s skin was growing colder and more lifeless. He uttered a long and mournful cry.

A strong wind blew over the area, everybody was feeling cold. They were looking at the silhouettes slowly disappearing. They all understood that Xue Yue had an incredible young genius.

He had confined enemy troops in a city, set it on fire, and killed hundreds of thousands of them. He had galloped over an endless distance, saved the princess and brought her back alive; he had killed an officer of the Imperial City; he had saved Liu Cang Lan who was about to get executed by Duan Tian Lang; he had become a Marquis and possessed a city and then he killed Duan Han in front of his father’s eyes. Lin Feng’s name was definitely going to be famous in the entire country.

Outside of the Imperial City, the army had gathered. At that moment, the city gate was open, a group of armored horses passed through it. Immediately, the crowd looked towards the gate.

Lin Feng looked at the whole crowd, he was a bit surprised, he looked startled, and moved forward.

Besides, three silhouettes rushed out to welcome him. These three people were precisely: Officer Ren Qing Kuang, officer of the middle troops; Officer Feng Yu Han, officer of the left troops; and Officer Lei Qing Tian, officer of the right troops.

“Is Uncle Liu in charge of all these troops now?” asked Lin Feng to the three officers. At that moment, outside of the city, all the soldiers were wearing red armor, riding Chi Xie armored-horses, they were all Chi Xie troops. Besides, the other officers were not leading them.

Nobody said anything, at that moment, the troops looked towards Lin Feng, and all jumped down from their horses and then all knelt down.

“We, the Chi Xie troops, welcome our new officer!” said the troops in unison, extremely loudly, making the ground shake. That drew the attention of many people, even of some who were far away. Lin Feng was astonished as well.

“Everyone stand up! What on earth are you doing?” said Lin Feng.

“Lin Feng.”

Ren Qing Kuang galloped towards Lin Feng and then said: “Lin Feng, the General dismissed these troops.”

“Dismissed the troops?” asked Lin Feng a bit surprised. What was Liu Cang Lan doing?

“But apart from a small minority of them who wanted to follow the general, everybody refused to leave. He only brought those troops who would only follow him back to Duan Ren City, leaving us behind to wait for you.”

“Wait for me.”

“Indeed, wait for you.” said Ren Qing Kuang in a calm and solemn way. He then slowly said: “Lin Feng, the general said there was no point staying in Duan Ren City because if Mo Yue tried to attack again, there would be no force left to resist them. Therefore, the general told the whole army, to stay here.”

“Lin Feng, now, you are a Marquis, you are the officer of the Chi Xie troops and since you own the fief of Yangzhou City… you can have your own personal army. The General told us to stay with you and pledge our loyalty to you rather than the country of Xue Yue. As your personal army, we can go to Yangzhou City, your fief. From now on, the Chi Xie army will listen to your orders, as well as ours.”

Ren Qing Kuang’s words made Lin Feng’s heart pound. Liu Cang Lan was giving the elite troops of Xue Yue, the Chi Xie army, as well as its three officers, to him as his own private army?

In any case, he was now a Marquis, he had the space to accommodate his own personal army in Yangzhou City.

Then, the Yun Hai Sect………

“Sighh….”” Lin Feng raised his head to the sky and took a deep breath. He looked at Ren Qing Kuang and said: “I agree.”

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