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PMG Chapter 253: The Tyrant

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Du Gu Shang also started shaking violently, he was stupefied by Lin Feng.

“How is this possible? How could you be so strong?” Du Gu Shang couldn’t believe it his eyes. He had never seen Lin Feng. Besides, he was so young. At that moment, he was releasing sword energy, the energy looked extremely solid and thick.

At the academy, there wasn’t such a strong student.

While Du Gu Shang’s heart was pounding, Lin Feng had arrived in front of him in the blink of an eye.

The Earth Fusion wasn’t only embodied by Lin Feng’s sword-play. It also affected Lin Feng’s speed, he had broken through to a special cultivation dimension. Since he was in perfect symbiosis with the earth, he could move using the power of the earth.


Du Gu Shang’s body was blown away. A large red mark appeared on his face, the mark was from an open hand slap.

The crowd was stupefied. How scary. He was a cultivator of the eighth Ling Qi layer and he was also ranked fourth amongst the top disciples of the academy… Surprisingly, he couldn’t withstand a single slap from Lin Feng and was sent flying.

The mean girl was also astonished. Her mouth was wide open. She looked as if she had seen something absolutely extraordinary.

Du Gu Shang, who was extremely powerful and influential, had been slapped in the face by a young man. Who was he?

Yun Xi looked happy and amazed, Lin Feng was so frivolous and unruly.

The view of Du Gu Shang getting slapped was even more shocking than seeing Hei Mo being defeated.


“He deserves to be one of the military students, these students in governmental affairs can only talk big but in reality, they cannot withstand a single blow.” said the people in the crowd, as expected, many people couldn’t stand Du Gu Shang.

Du Gu Shang’s facial expression was terrifying, he looked like an injured animal, he was looking at Lin Feng in a ice-cold way and said: “Who are you?”

“Me?” said Lin Feng while pointing at himself and then immediately said, sounding cold and detached: “I am a nobody, I cannot rival you.” said Lin Feng in the tone of a joke. Yun Xi giggled, she couldn’t help but burst into laughter. If Lin Feng was a nobody, what was Du Gu Shang?

“A nobody?” for a moment, Du Gu Shang didn’t understand, then he heard some people laugh who were saying: “How ridiculous, he was making fun of him, saying that that he couldn’t rival with him but now that he’s facing him, he got slapped silly and cannot even withstand a single blow. If I were him, I wouldn’t in the imperial city, I would get the hell out of here and run as far as I could go.”

When Du Gu Shang heard that person making fun of him, a hideous expression appeared on his face.

Lin Feng.

He finally understood thanks to that person who was making fun of him. The one who had just slapped him was Lin Feng. He had just said that Lin Feng couldn’t rival him.

At that moment, the mean girl was shaking. Lin Feng, that was Lin Feng…

Actually, he was much stronger than Du Gu Shang.

“You will regret what you did today.” threatened Du Gu Shang sounding cold and detached. Immediately after, he turned around and started leaving. He had been humiliated, he couldn’t stay there.

“Wait, wait.” said Lin Feng in a cold tone.

Du Gu Shang thus stopped and slowly turned around. He then looked at Lin Feng in a cold way.

“Are you thinking of leaving like that?” said Lin Feng as if he was amused.

“What do you want?” said Du Gu Shang who was surprised. Would Lin Feng dare to continue?

“A moment ago, you wanted me to slap my own face, kneel three times and kowtow nine times in front of you. Now, you found out that you are much weaker than me, do you think that you can leave that easily?” Lin Feng made it sound like he had no choice but to follow Du Gu Shang’s lead and continued: “What kind of person do you think I am?”

When the crowd heard Lin Feng, they got excited. They wanted to see what Lin Feng would do to Du Gu Shang.

“Show me how it is done, slap your own face, kneel three times and kowtow nine times in front of me.” said Lin Feng sounding imposing, domineering, and whose voice was even colder. His smile had disappeared, and his tone had become sharp, like his sword.

“You want me to slap my own face, kneel three times, and kowtow nine times in front of you?” said Du Gu Shang, who couldn’t believe it, Lin Feng dared request such a thing from him?

“It seems that when I speak, people like you think they can ignore me, therefore I will have to do it myself.” said Lin Feng in a low voice. Suddenly, he rushed forward like a madman, his silhouette vanished in a flash, without hesitation, he unleashed an attack.

Du Gu Shang’s heart was pounding, how fast was Lin Feng! In a flash, Lin Feng had arrived in front of him and Lin Feng’s finger was pointing at him.

The tip of his finger was filled with sword Qi and it suddenly rushed towards Du Gu Shang at incredible speed.

Hastily, Du Gu Shang raised his fist to block the attack but suddenly, a long and horrible shriek filled the air, Du Gu Shang’s face suddenly turned deathly pale. His fist had been impaled by Lin Feng’s finger.


Lin Feng slapped Du Gu Shang once more and the sound echoed through the atmosphere.


Lin Feng was unceasingly slapping Du Gu Shang’s face, the crowd was watching, blankly staring at that scene. Du Gu Shang’s arrogant face was going through a thorough beating and his heart was filling with coldness.

Du Gu Shang had been ignorant. Lin Feng was playing with him as if he was a toy. Lin Feng was violently slapping his face in front of everyone.

“Since I have to do it myself, there is an extra fee included.”

When Lin Feng stopped talking, two loud sounds successively filled the atmosphere. Du Gu Shang was kneeling down and crawling on the ground and kowtowing in front of Lin Feng. He was extremely proud and usually so arrogant, this was a huge humiliation for him.

His heart was pounding and he was sweating cold sweat. What a cruel guy!

“If I am a nobody who cannot rival you, what are you doing kneeling down and kowtowing me?” said Lin Feng in a disdainful way while glaring at Du Gu Shang who was crawling on the ground. Du Gu Shang had just broken through to the eighth Ling Qi layer, when facing a cultivator in the Earth Fusion Dimension, he basically couldn’t withstand a single finger.

Lin Feng had already fought against cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer and nearly killed one.

Du Gu Shang lowered his head, his heart was filled with endless hatred and wrath. A moment later, a foot pressed against his lower-jaw and he heard Lin Feng’s cold voice.

“Get lost!”

Lin Feng only said these two words and Du Gu Shang’s body was sent flying away.

Lin Feng didn’t look at him anymore, he then turned to Yun Xi, warmly smiled at her and said: “If you want me to take care of her, I’ll immediately handle her.”

By “her”, Lin Feng obviously meant the mean girl. At that moment, the mean girl was shaking and her heart was pounding.

Yun Xi just said, in a cold and detached way, in the tone of a joke: “It’s best not to touch such filthy people.”

“Alright, forget it then, I don’t like touching them either.” said Lin Feng while laughing softly. Immediately after, he pointed at the fifth room of cultivation tower, it was empty, it was the place Du Gu Shang had seized.

“You want to go into the cultivation tower?”

Yun Xi shivered, she looked at Lin Feng and said in a soft voice: “I cannot go in.”

“I’ll help you.” said Lin Feng while smiling. He grabbed her hand and started walking. Immediately after, Lin Feng jumped into the air.

Yun Xi was having a panic attack, she closed her eyes in fear and she could barely open them, she realized that she was high in the air and flying, her heart was pounding from fear of falling. Then, she looked at the handsome young man on her side and her heart was filled with endless softness and tenderness.

“What an amazing agility technique.” thought the crowd when they saw Lin Feng and the girl. He was high up in the air, how powerful!

When he arrived high in the air, Lin Feng stood on the energy from the atmosphere and started walking on the invisible force. Lin Feng and Yun Xi shot across the sky like an arrow and landed on the fifth room of the cultivation tower which was a few hundred meters in the air.

When Yun Xi saw the small silhouettes on the ground beneath the tower, she had the impression she was in a dream and nothing was real.

“Train hard.” said Lin Feng while smiling at Yun Xi. Immediately after, he moved again and was immediately on the third room. He immediately entered in a room.

There was nobody in the third room either. It belonged to the death god Wen Ao Xue. Lin Feng obviously could use the room if he pleased.

If there had been nobody in the other rooms, he would have gone there as well, regardless of who they belonged too.

Concerning Yun Xi, when she saw Lin Feng move away, her dream to practice in that cultivation tower had become reality but she wasn’t excited, in her heart, she felt like she had lost something.

Everything was like a dream, but that natural, unrestrained and frivolous young man was just a passerby. He was so outstanding that she would only be able to look up at him in the sky spreading his wings and flying away.

What Yun Xi didn’t know was that, at that moment, the two girls with whom she had come with were still down on the ground and were jealous of her. They envied her because having the opportunity to practice in that tower was something that they were all yearning for.

Concerning the mean girl, at that moment, her heart was filled with regret.

The people in the crowd had different facial expressions. Lin Feng seemed to be a person that nobody could prevent from moving forwards.

At that moment, nothing of what had happened was present in Lin Feng’s heart. At that moment, in his heart and thoughts, there were only three things, the strong cultivator’s memories that were separated into three parts.

They were all extremely powerful.

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