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PMG Chapter 254: Back To Yangzhou City

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The Surplus Souls technique could divide the soul into many surplus souls filled with extreme power, the power to control the ten thousand things of creation.

Lin Feng was drowned in these memories. He was inspecting the martial skills and agility techniques that the Zun cultivator had been using, they were extremely powerful. There were also things about fabricating weapons and concocting pills. They required the usage of surplus souls. After he learnt how to master the Surplus Souls technique and having to strengthening his soul, then it was possible to practice the other techniques. Everything would be easier to learn with a stronger soul, besides, the power to control energy would be enhanced.

Therefore, Lin Feng, after analyzing the situation, had decided to practice the Surplus Souls technique.

Before being able to learn how to use Surplus Souls, Lin Feng had to first comprehend the soul and how it functioned. It would enable him to have a clear and distinct perception of the existence of his soul. It would enable him to pierce through the mysteries of the soul. He would be able to transfer his thoughts directly into his soul.

This was however the most basic step. The technique included a method to visualize the soul and understand its complexities.

Besides, Lin Feng had access to the earth fusion dimension and had a strong power of comprehension. He only needed a few days to master the method of visualizing his soul.

Lin Feng didn’t know that the strong cultivator during his training, had required two years to be able to see his soul. Lin Feng could do it in such a short time thanks to the earth fusion and because his soul was already very powerful.

At that moment, in Lin Feng’s mind, he could see a dark illusion of himself, as if it was his dark self, a black silhouette, as if was the essence of his soul.

In his previous life, Lin Feng didn’t dare to imagine looking at a spirit. On the path of cultivation, it was said that after dying, one could see their own soul, besides, it was also said that it was possible to transfer the power of the souls.

The second step of the technique of the Surplus Souls was the spirit movement, it was about comprehending the soul on a much higher level, it was about being able to control the soul and move it to your will, otherwise it wouldn’t be possible to use the surplus soul and it would be useless.

In comparison with the first step, which was also about understanding the soul, Lin Feng found the second step was much easier. He was quickly able to achieve the spirit movement and even managed to make his soul leave his body and move as a spirit.

The third step of the technique of the Surplus Souls was the incomplete soul, it was the most critical step.

This step was different from the two others. The incomplete soul was the main part of the technique which made it so powerful. This step was extremely important. While practicing cultivation, the soul would separate into many surplus souls, one or two, but a strong cultivator could obtain a hundred or a thousand surplus souls. The most terrifying cultivators who existed could obtain billions of surplus souls to an almost endless number. The strength of the soul was as vast and powerful as the universe.

Lin Feng was sitting cross-legged. At that moment, in the air, there was a shadow floating in the atmosphere. If somebody had been there and could see that shadow, they would have realized that it looked like a perfect double for Lin Feng. That was Lin Feng’s soul.

At that moment, Lin Feng closed his eyes and took a deep breath. There was an image in Lin Feng’s hand, he then exhaled and said in a low voice: “Split!”

After that, an invisible strength spread through his body and a violent pain overcame all of his senses, he started shaking and his heart was pounding so hard it felt like it would burst.

How painful! Lin Feng had the feeling he was being cut into pieces by a thousand swords. The pain was similar to when his Celestial Spirit was awakened. Lin Feng immediately fainted. He couldn’t stand the intense pain that filled his consciousness.

At that moment, Lin Feng felt another pain within his soul.

Lin Feng’s soul started to struggle, a small black piece was reluctantly torn from Lin Feng’s soul. That black piece turned into a surplus soul. At that moment, Lin Feng’s body was shaking and shivering, he was agonizing, the pain was unreal.

Finally, the surplus soul was formed and floated in the air. It was a very small part of Lin Feng’s soul.

His entire body was covered with a cold sweat. Lin Feng couldn’t help but smile wryly. Practicing cultivation required an infinite amount of determination. He had only managed to make a single surplus soul. The technique of the surplus souls was revered but many cultivators wouldn’t dare practice it because of the risks. If a cultivator wanted to divide his spirit into a thousand surplus souls, he had to endure terrible pain for each soul. Besides, there was still a chance that it could fail and not form a surplus soul. Sometimes, they would even stop when splitting their soul as the pain was too much.

Only those who had an iron determination could practice such techniques, without determination and willpower, the body and the mind would not be able to handle such incredible pain.

Lin Feng’s heart fluctuated again. That small black surplus soul floating in the air moved towards the whole soul, they seemed to be in harmony with each other as if they were connected, yet they remained separate.

Lin Feng calmly took a few breathes, which allowed him to calm down. His heart started to violently pound again as his body became tense, this was what it took to understand the soul, suddenly a new surplus soul appeared.

With an incredible strength, it was possible to reach the heavens, to receive other people’s worship, but how difficult was it? One had to go through incredible pain, but to what extent?

Only those with an indestructible willpower and determination could reach the heavens and were able to reach great achievements.

The Zun layer cultivator could kill millions of people and be worshipped, while a weak cultivator could only get bullied and humiliated. For example, during the war, Han Mo and Yan Yu Ping Sheng had appeared, they could kill a few thousand soldiers very easily, with them involved, it was easy to determine the outcome of a battle. One attack carried out by them from the sky could annihilate an endless amount of soldiers on the ground. A melody from a zither could leave the battlefield littered with corpses.

These people were extremely strong, Lin Feng needed to become stronger. He needed to reach the heavens and have the power to kill anyone who would bully him.

Lin Feng wasn’t aware of how much time had elapsed. At that moment, outside of the tower there were many people who were calmly waiting.

Amongst them was a from the government of the Imperial City.

Lin Feng’s titles were ready and he could receive them officially, but he was still in the cultivation room which could not be disturbed.

The person sent by the government didn’t leave, he also didn’t disturb Lin Feng. He was only waiting there calmly. He didn’t look impatient or annoyed at all.

Many people were waiting outside of the cultivation tower as well and were surprised. That person had already arrived a few days back and was surprisingly still waiting for Lin Feng. Lin Feng was really prestigious.

That person from the government didn’t even dare to disturb Lin Feng in his cultivation room. He was waiting there even though he didn’t know how much time Lin Feng would need before being done with his practice.

At that moment, when looking up at the majestic tower, more precisely at the fourth room, the door of the closed cultivation room started moving and slowly opened itself. The crowd was stupefied.

A silhouette came out of it. That silhouette immediately jumped in the air and at the moment when it fell down to the ground, an invisible energy emerged and positioned itself to cushion the shock. The silhouette gently landed on the ground.

That person was wearing a long gown, carrying an ancient sword on his back. It was precisely Lin Feng.

When the person from the Imperial City saw him come down, they smiled and went towards him while saying: “Lin Feng, Your Highness has asked us to come and hand this certificate to you which certifies your titles. From now on, you are the owner of Yangzhou City.”

After that, the person handed over a certificate to Lin Feng which was purple and gold in colour.

“Thank you and sorry for the trouble.” said Lin Feng while receiving his certificate. It was written in big and majestic characters, “Chi Xie Officer,  Marquis, Yangzhou City Fief”.

“You’re welcome. I have fulfilled my duty. I’m leaving now.”

That person smiled again and immediately turned around as they abruptly left. That person had been waiting there for a few days to personally deliver the titles to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng packed up his titles and smiled. He turned around and looked at a person who was glaring at him. It was Du Gu Shang who was staring at him with an evil look.

On that day, after having been humiliated by Lin Feng, he had gone back to his clan to bring people to kill Lin Feng but his clan refused to fight against Lin Feng. In the future, his clan forbade him from causing Lin Feng any trouble.

Written on Lin Feng’s robe was a name,  “Duan Wu Ya”, if he killed Lin Feng, he had to remember that he was part of Duan Wu Ya’s faction.

Even though Du Gu Shang hated him, he still had no say in the matter. If he didn’t receive the help of his clan. Relying on his own strength, he couldn’t kill Lin Feng.

Lin Feng raised his head, looked at another room of the cultivation tower. The door was still closed. Yun Xi was probably still inside.

“Du Gu Shang, if anything happens to her, no one can save you.” said Lin Feng extremely coldly, deadly Qi was released from his body. Du Gu Shang was astonished and terrified, he was shaking. Lin Feng had only said a few words but it had been enough to terrify him.

Du Gu Shang’s facial expression was extremely ugly. He really wanted to teach Yun Xi a lesson., but Lin Feng was threatening him. Besides, being threatened by Lin Feng was a new humiliation. His cheeks were burning. Everybody was looking at him and laughing.

“Don’t forget what I said.” said Lin Feng indifferently. Immediately after, he left. The end of the year was approaching, Lin Feng had to go back to Yangzhou City.

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