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PMG Chapter 255: Blade of the Wind!

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On an ancient road, there were many people on horses galloping towards Yangzhou City.

Galloping on the ancient road was notably one girl. She was wearing a red chang pao. She looked powerful and was also very beautiful. Her eyes revealed her arrogance.

“Qian Qian, this time, when we arrive in Yangzhou City, you will be able to demonstrate your extraordinary talents and abilities. Everybody in the clan will be extremely proud of you.”

At that moment, a young man said that to girl in the red chang pao. He looked excited. That young man was Lin Hong.

Next to Lin Hong was Lin Qian, his sister. Everybody in the Lin Clan was proud to be associated with Lin Qian.

These days, Lin Qian had become more mature, the Qi emerging from her body was extraordinary.

One year in the Imperial City had enabled Lin Qian to advance from the first Ling Qi layer, to break through to the fourth Ling Qi layer. She was a real genius. She had gone through such difficult training to accomplish those results. Lin Qian wanted to become a dragon amongst mortals. She was arrogant and wanted to look down on other people from above. Such a personality required her to have a strict determination, in order to unceasingly become stronger.

“Brother, you are also quite strong. There aren’t many who can rival with you in Yangzhou City.” said Lin Qian calmly. The sound of her voice floated in the wind and reached Lin Hong’s ears which made a smile appear on his face. After having acquired both wealth and prestige, they were going back to their hometown where everybody would be proud of them.

“Qian Qian, I’m still too weak in comparison with you.” said Lin Hong while smiling. Actually, she was indeed much stronger than him. Besides, one of the eight high-officials, Chu Zhan Peng, was interested in her which made a lot of people envious. Lin Qian and her friends were all disciples of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue and they were more talented than Lin Hong, but he was happily following his sister in the group. Chu Zhan Peng was their source of inspiration.

Lin Feng was the piece of trash that the Lin Clan expelled. The last time they saw him, he was extremely strong. They hadn’t seen him for a while but no doubt that he had become even stronger.

Lin Qian didn’t know about Lin Feng’s new title of Marquis, Lin Hong and her had been practicing in a cultivation room until the annual meeting. They wanted to be as strong as possible when they went back to Yangzhou City.

Right after leaving her cultivation room, she jumped on horseback and rushed to Yangzhou City.

On the same ancient road, there was another girl wearing fire-red clothes, she was also riding a horse and rushing to Yangzhou City.

Na Lan Feng looked at the young man next to her. She was smiling softly and tenderly.

“Du Gu, thank you for accompanying me to Yangzhou City.” said Na Lan Feng.

She was a girl in love. Du Gu Xiao was a member of the Du Gu Clan. The Du Gu clan was a clan tied to the imperial court. He had powerful connections. Besides, he was also extremely powerful. He was Na Lan Feng’s boyfriend.

Na Lan Feng and Du Gu Xiao had been in a relationship for two years now but it was secret. Na Lan Feng didn’t take offense though because she was proud to be Du Gu Xiao’s girlfriend and she was in love.

Na Lan Feng was the daughter of the Na Lan clan of Yangzhou, but in comparison with the Du Gu clan who had ministers within the court, the Na Lan clan was nothing. They were not even worth looking at. Na Lan Feng knew this was the case, but Du Gu Xiao had accepted to go accompany her to Yangzhou City which was giving her a great deal of face. She was very touched by him accompanying her.

We’ve been together for so long, I told you, I will help you rise through the social ladder.” said Du Gu Xiang calmly. Na Lan Feng looked delighted. Obtaining a higher social status was her biggest ambition.


Na Lan Feng urged on her horse which dashed faster, making her long hair and red clothes flutter in the wind. Her heart was galloping at full speed, just like the horse.

“Lin Qian of the Lin Clan, I wonder if you can fight against me?”

Na Lan Feng looked extremely impatient. This time, in Yangzhou City, everybody would see Du Gu Xiao escorting her and would be surprised.

At that moment, Lin Qian and Na Lan Feng were going back to Yangzhou City as heroes and expected everyone to worship them. They thought that everybody was going to consider them as goddesses.

Lin Qian and Na Lan Feng didn’t know that, at the moment when they had already been travelling for a while, rushing over to Yangzhou City, outside of the Imperial City, two extremely precious dragon-colt horses had just departed.

There was a handsome young man and a beautiful young girl riding these two Dragon-Colt horses.

The boy was handsome and clean, he looked heroic. The girl was wearing clothes whiter than snow and was extremely beautiful. She looked like a celestial being.

Lin Feng turned around and looked at the Imperial City from outside. Life was so fleeting. Time passed at the speed of light. Nobody could predict anything.

Lin Feng could still remember the year before when he and his father were expelled from the Lin Clan. Back then, he had shown Yangzhou City how strong he was and returned  to the Yun Hai Sect.

But when he arrived at the Yun Hai Sect, it was destroyed and its members had been slaughtered. Lin Feng had then gone to the Imperial City and had joined the Celestial Academy. Concerning the future, it was filled with uncertainties.

A year had already passed and Lin Feng was just as determined and motivated as before. He was high-spirited and full of determination. That year hadn’t been like the others, he had gotten familiar with this new world and gained his own power.

For someone who had come from another world, he had quickly become accustomed to the world of cultivation. He had broken through to the eighth Ling Qi layer and had learnt how to penetrate into a special cultivation dimension, the earth fusion dimension. Everybody found his talent amazing.

Lin Feng was looking at Meng Qing, who was riding next to him, he had a soft and tender smile on his face. It had only been a short time since he had met the young girl, but she was following him everywhere. Without complaining, she just silently and secretly followed him everywhere. Everything she did was for Lin Feng as if that girl had been sent from heaven to watch over him.

Meng Qing noticed that Lin Feng was staring at her. She had a strange facial expression for a second and then looked at the vast and boundless road before them. She was calm, serene yet as cold as ice, like an ice goddess.

“Meng Qing, do you remember the first time we rode a horse?” said Lin Feng while smiling. Meng Qing slightly nodded, of course she knew.

“Well then we should ride one horse, like we did back then.” said Lin Feng with a sly smile. He then jumped up in the air and immediately landed behind Meng Qing.

The Dragon Colt horse neighed and galloped even faster, which made Meng Qing’s body lean backwards against Lin Feng’s chest, he took advantage of the situation and took Meng Qing into his arms. Both of them were extremely close to each other as if they were in an embrace.

That move made Meng Qing shiver from head to toe. This guy…….

“I will lead the horse.” said Lin Feng while smile wholeheartedly. He then grabbed Meng Qing’s hands which were holding the reins and the horse galloped even faster.

When Meng Qing sensed Lin Feng’s hands holding hers, she felt an electric shock run through her body. She could feel Lin Feng’s chest pressed against her body, she had a strange sensation in her heart, as if she was floating on clouds. She didn’t push him back. She just calmly sat on the horse, leaning against Lin Feng’s chest.

It was very calm, peaceful, and warm.


In a distant place, quite far from Yangzhou City, there was a chain of mountains. Surprisingly, there were many people on one of the mountains and they were very agitated.

These people all released a strong Qi, some of them were fighting, some others were practicing cultivation to the side.

On the mountain, there were also many horses, Chi Xie armored-horses.

In the mountains, above a precipice was a single silhouette. That man was closing their eyes and could feel the wind against his body. He had the impression of being absent from the material world.

That person stayed like that for a while and then abruptly opened his eyes, the dazzling light of a blade flashed through his eyes. On that person’s face, a huge word was carved: Dao. That person looked extremely brutal and aggressive.

“Blade of the Wind!” said that person in a low voice. A long blade cut through the air like it was a blade made from wind. It was almost invisible and inaudible, except for a magnificent and resplendent silver light which was diffused.

“Kacha!” a small sound emerged and in the distance, a huge rock was cut into pieces.

“Hehe….” Ba Dao seemed satisfied of himself. He put his blade back in his back and gazed into the distance. Immediately after, in the distance, he saw two silhouettes riding one horse coming towards the mountain where there were many people.

“He finally arrived.” When Ba Dao saw the two people approaching, he seemed really happy and smiled. The Chi Xie troops had been waiting there in the mountains for them, they were waiting to go to Yangzhou City.

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