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PMG Chapter 261: I, Lin Feng, want to die!

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The annual meeting of the Lin Clan was happening like every year at the end of the year. At that moment, Lin Ba Dao’s son, Lin Hong was punching another junior of the Lin Clan, his fist was surrounded by a powerful ice. Immediately after, the entire crowd heard a loud shout from Lin Hong’s opponent.

“Wow, how strong. Like father, like son. Lin Hong is extremely powerful.”

“Indeed, it has been a series of successes since Lin Hai and his piece of trash son left the clan. Nowadays, the head of our clan has two children and they are both geniuses. Lin Qian is famous for being a genius but Lin Hong is also a talented genius, he is amazing. Except for Lin Qian, nobody else in the Lin Clan can rival him. They are both almost as powerful as the elders of the clan.” said an elder while smiling. His clear and loud voice spread through the entire arena. Everybody could hear him very clearly.

Amongst those who heard him was Lin Feng, who was calmly walking through the Lin Clan territory.

Lin Feng hadn’t thought that people would still be criticizing him and his father to satisfy Lin Ba Dao. He couldn’t help but smile. He raised his head, looked at the person in the distance and said in a mocking tone: “Oh, is that so?”

His voice wasn’t loud at all but everybody heard him.

People were stupefied. They turned around and immediately, they saw a silhouette, a young man, he looked surprisingly familiar.

That familiar person was called a piece of trash by everyone but during the annual meeting of the previous year, he had displayed an incredible power. After that, he had also shown an amazing display at the competition of Yangzhou City. Everybody had seen how strong he was but, he had been expelled of the Lin Clan.

At the time, the clan had decided to choose Lin Qian instead of Lin Feng. Everybody thus thought that Lin Qian was much stronger than Lin Feng and had a better talent to develop in the future. They thought that the clan would be able to rise alongside her and, someday, she would become the clan head.

“It’s him! It’s Lin Feng!”

“Lin Feng came back! He came back to the Lin Clan!” Many people were astonished when they saw Lin Feng. He looked different, he seemed more handsome and delicate.

That handsome young man also looked more mature than before. He looked very calm yet his facial expression was extremely sharp and cold.

“Lin Feng.”

Lin Ba Dao narrowed his eyes. That young man, whom he had expelled from the clan, surprisingly dared to return.

A mocking smile appeared on Lin Ba Dao’s face. Of all the places where he could go, he returned to the Lin Clan, he was courting death.

On the stage, Lin Qian wasn’t reacting the same way as her father. She started shaking violently. It was Lin Feng, unbelievable!

She had asked herself if the young man, who was terrifying the people in the Imperial City, was going to come back to the Lin Clan.

She was not feeling safe and had hoped he would not return. Lin Feng had come back, and it was possible that he had come back to reclaim his and his father’s lost honour.

“You dared to come back?” said the ninth elder when he saw Lin Feng. He had an ice-cold and evil smile on the corner of his mouth. He then said: “Lin Feng, your father rebelled against the respectable elder and killed members of the clan. He has committed many crimes. Besides, you are the same and don’t respect the elders, you are arrogant and rude. You have also been expelled from the Lin Clan. Besides last year, you attempted to assassinate Na Lan Feng but luckily she managed to escape alive. Today, you dared to return to Yangzhou City and even come back to the Lin Clan?”

“Are you done talking crap?” said Lin Feng to the ninth elder. He found him to be ridiculous, he had come back and they were still creating more crimes to accuse him, he didn’t feel like listening to them anymore.

“Talking crap?” the ninth elder narrowed his eyes. He was staring at Lin Feng with an ice-cold glare.

“You called me a piece of trash a moment ago, today is the annual meeting of the Lin Clan. Would you dare to let your son come here and fight me?” said Lin Feng. The ninth elder’s son was about the same age as Lin Feng.

When he heard Lin Feng, he remained silent. His eyes looked even colder.

“How come you’re no longer talking? Your son is a piece of trash and doesn’t dare fight, right? He is even worse than a piece of trash!” said Lin Feng mockingly. He then started walking slowly towards the fighting stage. After a short moment, he appeared in front of the entire crowd and slowly walked towards the fighting stage.

Many juniors of the Lin Clan, when they saw Lin Feng pass by, opened the way for him letting him pass towards the fighting stage. After that, Lin Feng moved onto the fighting stage and looked around at the crowd surrounding the stage.

“How come you aren’t saying anything?” said Lin Feng to the ninth elder again.

Lin Ba Dao smiled coldly and said: “Lin Feng, we had forgotten that you were also a junior of the Lin Clan. Last time, we didn’t kill you, we let you off and surprisingly, instead of being thankful for showing you mercy, you dared come back to the Lin Clan.”

“Didn’t kill me? Mercy?”

Lin Feng was a bit surprised. When had Lin Ba Dao showed him this mercy? When had he let him off?

“When I arrived, I heard people licking Lin Ba Dao’s boots, he is really shameless. He even surrounds himself with the same type of shameless people.”

“How audacious!” shouted the ninth elder extremely loudly. He also released a cold Qi.

“Maybe I am audacious. A moment ago, you were talking about how great and majestic Lin Qian and Lin Hong were, they are true geniuses, right? ”

“Of course, they are the geniuses of our clan.” Replied the ninth elder.

“Well, and me, I am a piece of trash, right?”

“So you already know your place!” said the ninth elder mockingly.

“Since that is clearly the case, I, the piece of trash, I am willing to exchange pointers with the geniuses of the Lin Clan, Lin Hong, Lin Qian and any others who wish to come onto the stage. If I lose, then kill me.” said Lin Feng in a loud voice.

If he lost, he would die!

How arrogant, how presumptuous, how majestic!

The people of the Lin Clan remained silent. Apart from Lin Qian and Lin Hong, who would be willing to battle against Lin Feng? One year before, Lin Feng was already extremely powerful. How strong would he be after a year?

“How come nobody is speaking, I, Lin Feng, want to die.” said Lin Feng while laughing and staring at the crowd.

He wanted to die, how insane did that sound? Everybody was stupefied, but as before, nobody dared reply. All the juniors of the clan were astonished and they were all looking at Lin Qian and Lin Hong. Only they could win against Lin Feng.

But, they knew about Lin Feng’s exploits in the Imperial City. Fighting against Lin Feng would be courting death.

“I, Lin Feng, beg of you to come and kill me, but nobody is coming. What a load of crap. You all dare to speak such insane words and pretend that you are better than me, you talk about geniuses… I admire your shamelessness. I didn’t know that your shamelessness had reached unfathomable heights.”

Lin Feng really was making fun of the Lin Clan and it was becoming more and more obvious. The people of the clan felt their cheeks burning. Lin Feng had been expelled from the clan but at that moment, he was on the fighting stage of the Lin Clan and asking people to go kill him, and surprisingly, nobody dared to fight against him, including the young genius who was the hope of the clan, Lin Qian!

“You impudent brat!” furiously shouted the ninth elder.

He had just finished talking and Lin Feng was already shouting and mocking the ninth elder.

“Didn’t you, a moment ago, say that I was a piece of trash and that they are geniuses, but now, where are they? I am here and I want to die but they don’t dare to fight. If you are willing to, you can also come down, I really want to die!”

How insane! How shocking!

Lin Feng was inviting the ninth elder to come onto the fighting stage to kill him aswell. He really had a death wish.

The ninth elder narrowed his eyes and looked at Lin Qian and Lin Hong. He then immediately smiled coldly and said: “Lin Feng, Lin Qian and Lin Hong are geniuses of the Lin Clan. It would be a humiliation for them to fight against you but since you want to die, I should help you.”

When he finished talking, the ninth elder jumped onto the fighting stage immediately landing in front of Lin Feng.

“What an impressive agility technique”

“How beautiful.”

“Lin Feng surprisingly challenged the ninth elder to a battle, how insane, he really wants to die.”

“The ninth elder has broken through to the fifth Ling Qi layer, he definitely deserves his reputation as a strong cultivator. He is extremely powerful. Lin Feng is already dead.

The crowd had various thoughts about the ninth elder when they saw him jump onto the fighting stage. At the same time, an insane quantity of Ice Qi concentrated itself on his fist and suddenly bombarded the atmosphere moving straight towards Lin Feng. It seemed like Lin Feng was going to freeze on the spot.

Lin Feng was calmly standing there, looking at the ninth elder, who had an evil smile on his face.

“Die!” shouted the ninth elder but at that moment, Lin Feng waved his hand and cut the atmosphere. A bright and resplendent sword Qi flashed in the air, immediately after, the ninth elder didn’t even have the time to give a horrible shriek before his blood filled the air. He just pitifully groaned and collapsed. His facial expression looked calm, his body was lifeless.

The crowd was astonished and their hearts were violently pounding. They were shocked, dumbstruck… had the ninth elder died?

The ninth elder had been killed by Lin Feng with a single blow?

The crowd was dumbstruck and terrified. They only saw Lin Feng look at the corpse on the ground and say with an indifferent tone: “A piece of trash!”

Lin Feng walked forwards again, he looked at the crowd with an insane smile on his face.


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