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PMG Chapter 263: Officer!

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“What’s going on?”

“What’s happening?”

The members of the Lin Clan were stupefied. Suddenly they heard a rumbling noise fill the atmosphere, but it was coming from every direction. It seemed like there was an earthquake and the ground was trembling.



The incredibly loud booms filled the atmosphere. It seemed like the buildings were about to collapse from the vibrations.

Someone was coming to attack the Lin Clan. They were destroying the barricades in their district.

The crowd was shaking. The sounds were moving closer with each second. The noises spread throughout the atmosphere along with the thumping of everyone’s heartbeat. It sounded as if there was a stampede of thousands upon thousands of cavalry charging at full speed, and were approaching from the four corners of the Lin Clan district. They immediately forced entry into the Lin Clan’s district and galloped towards the crowd.

“Respectable Elder!”

The crowd looked around and looked at the majestic respectable elder. They were panicking. It seemed like an extremely heavy Qi had fallen from the sky and landed on them. It was unceasing and getting nearer and nearer to the crowd. The crowd was in pain as the Qi filling the atmosphere was so sharp that it could cut. They felt like they were suffocating under the intense pressure.

The respectable elder, Lin Rui, was frowning. He could also feel the extremely strong Qi moving towards them. Besides, he could tell that armored-horses were charging towards them from all directions.

How come so much cavalry were coming to the Lin Clan?

“Look over there!” shouted someone in the crowd. The crowd looked at the north of the area. Immediately after, red silhouettes appeared in the distance.

Red horses, red armor, how domineering and imposing. That was an entire army of Chi Xie cavalry. They were charging towards them, the people’s hearts were racing.

The people of the Lin Clan were dumbstruck. How was that possible? Why would an extremely strong army of armored-cavalry come to the Lin Clan?

“There are some over there as well!” shouted the terrified crowd. There was an army to the south as well.

“And over there!”

The Chi Xie cavalry were coming from the east, from the west, from everywhere. Everybody was surrounded by Chi Xie troops.

It was an endless sea of red. It was a magnificent and terrifying sight.

The people’s heart were violently shaking. They were all suffering in silence. There was only the sound of the cavalry approaching.

The crowd was just blankly staring at that whole scene. There were even some short moments when they had blackouts from the panic. That was an army, an extremely strong army.

That army seemed to be endless as if there were millions of them. Besides, all of them had piercingly strong gazes and released brutally strong Qi.

“That army must be painted red from the blood of their enemies!”

When the crowd sensed the brutally strong Qi, their hearts started beating even faster. A blood-red army had appeared at Lin Clan during their annual meeting, and was encircling them.

If the army wanted to annihilate the Lin Clan, it would be as easy as wiping away dust.

“Who are they? Why has such a powerful army come to the Lin Clan?”

Everybody was absolutely astonished. None of them thought that there could be a relation between the extremely strong army and the young man standing on the fighting stage. They didn’t dare to think about such a terrifying thought, not even in their worst nightmares. Even though Lin Feng had just shouted “Order!”, they had already removed that from their minds. They had other things to worry about and the crowd was completely focused on the powerful army.

That strong and powerful army had encircled them. There were some horses moving out from the crowd, they were probably high-ranking personnel in the army. The members of the Lin Clan were all moving aside, not daring to obstruct their path. They were surrounding the fighting stage, but they all gathered, facing Lin Feng.

Lin Feng raised his hands and the high ranking personnel moved towards Lin Feng.

“That fool, is he tired of living?” the crowd was cursing at Lin Feng in their hearts. He was surprisingly still standing on the stage. They just hoped that he wouldn’t get them get involved.

At that moment, the cavalry stopped at the edge of the fighting stage and glanced at the crowd. Immediately, everybody’s heart started pounding. These people’s facial expressions were so sharp and cold.

They were all extremely strong cultivators. The weakest in the army were at the same level as an elder of the Lin Clan. The ones in charge were even stronger.

Lin Rui was also extremely strong. Amongst the army, there were at least three people who were of similar power or slightly weaker than him. Besides, if there was a battle, there was one person in the army that might be able to kill Lin Rui alone.

The Chi Xie troops were releasing their powerful Qi. These people were born from battles and frequently bathed in the blood of their enemies, they were fighting gods, they were much stronger than an ordinary army. They had incredible battle experience and they were a step above normal cultivators.

“You have come to my Lin Clan today, however I don’t know what we can do for you, but I will do my best to help you in any way possible.”

Lin Rui looked at the army and spoke with a very respectful tone. He had adopted the strategy of diplomacy. If he made them angry, they could annihilate the entire clan. It was better for him to stay humble.

At that moment, he was even bowing in an extremely respectful way. He was bowing the same way the people of the Lin Clan had bowed to him previously. He seemed to be a different person when dealing with such a powerful army.

However, the soldiers didn’t pay attention to him, they didn’t even spare him a glance. Immediately after, they jumped down from their horses, placed their hands on their chests and bowed while shouting in unison: “Officer!”

“Officer? Where was the officer?”

The crowd was stupefied. They looked around them like crazy and were looking for someone who looked like an officer of these powerful troops. Could it be that someone even stronger was about to arrive?

Some small sounds spread in the air. There were tens of thousands of soldiers here. Besides, what amazed the crowd was that some of them were kneeling on the ground.


At that moment, a thunderous roar came from thousands of people shouting at the same time and the ground shook from the entire army kneeling down. The entire army was all kneeling down and saluting. That was an amazing vision.

In Xue Yue, people only had to kneel down only in front of the Imperial Family to pay respect. In front of others, a simple bow was sufficient. But the troops were kneeling down as a sign of devotion and respect for their officer. They had dedicated their lives to their officer, it was their way of honouring their officer.

At that moment, the entire army was kneeling down facing the same direction, the fighting stage.

The tens of thousands of Chi Xie soldiers were kneeling and their brains were all thinking at incredible speeds, but their hearts were moving much faster than their minds. Surprisingly, these soldiers were saluting their officer by kneeling down.

The crowd was looking around yet they couldn’t see anyone who looked like a battle hardened officer. Finally, they looked in the direction that the soldiers were facing, they were all facing the fighting stage.

Everybody was blinking as if they couldn’t believe their eyes.

“Impossible. Absolutely impossible.” the crowd was finally looking at the young man standing on the fighting stage. Even though they had already guessed, nobody dared accept the truth, they didn’t want to.

A gentle breeze was blowing which made Lin Feng’s robe start to flutter. He then slightly raised his hand and said: “Everybody, stand.”

“Roger, Officer!” said all the soldiers in unison and they all moved to their feet in perfect synchronization.

The people in the crowd felt like a dagger had just been plunged into their chest, they were shaking as if they were about to collapse.

Lin Feng, it was Lin Feng, surprisingly, it was actually Lin Feng!

The crowd was dumbstruck. They couldn’t believe their eyes. The one whom all the troops were kneeling down and saluting was surprisingly the only person standing on the fighting stage, Lin Feng.

That was the young man whom they used to call a piece of trash and had expelled from the Lin Clan.

The crowd couldn’t believe what was happening.

Lin Rui groaned, his blood was boiling, he almost coughed a mouthful of blood. He was fixedly staring at Lin Feng.

“Officer. How is such a thing possible?” thought Lin Rui astonished.

Lin Ba Dao also couldn’t believe it. The officer surprisingly, was Lin Feng!

They suddenly realized what was happening and what was about to happen.

Lin Feng had come to the Lin Clan to regain his honour, but he did not come alone.

“Cough cough.”

Lin Ba Dao was coughing up blood. He turned deathly pale. They were finished, this would be the end!

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