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PMG Chapter 264: Regret and Resentment

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“Together, come onto the fighting stage and kill me, what are you waiting for?”

Lin Feng was looking at the crowd while sounding cold and detached. The people of the Lin Clan were shaking. Would they dare?

Such a strong army just required a few seconds to annihilate the Lin Clan and slaughter all of its members. Would they still dare to attack Lin Feng together?

“Respectable Elder, you are very majestic, originally, you gave the order for them to attack me in a group, now you are standing there and doing nothing at all, what is that supposed to mean?”

Lin Feng was smiling mockingly. The respectable elder’s face became rigid. His lips were shaking but the words wouldn’t come out. At that moment, everyone’s lives were in Lin Feng’s hands.

“Respectable Elder, you are very strong. You attacked my father from behind and injured him in a single strike. You also expelled my father and I from the Lin Clan, how domineering, how imposing! Now, I will give you an opportunity to show your invincible power to everybody again.”

When Lin Feng saw that Lin Rui was remaining silent, he continued talking. Back in the past, his father had displayed amazing power and strength, nobody dared fight him to the extent that even the respectable elder Lin Rui had to personally appear to injure Lin Hai. After that, he had expelled them from the clan. How could Lin Feng forget Lin Rui?

“You expelled my father and me from the clan!”

When the crowd heard those words, they all looked puzzled. Indeed, the officer, who was controlling such a terrifying army belonged to their clan, but he had been expelled.

Lin Feng, while relying on his own strength, had become incredibly strong. He had easily killed the ninth elder and Lin Hao Ran. Besides, he had also become the officer of the Chi Xie army. He was respected by thousands upon thousands of people. Even without mentioning the tiny little Lin Clan, at that moment, Lin Feng could even annihilate the entire city of Yangzhou.

But such an amazing genius had been expelled from the Lin Clan. He was forced to leave. What sort of joke was that?

However, that was the bitter reality and it certainly saddened many of the clan members. Such geniuses appeared once every thousand years. But, they expelled him and caused him to feel hatred towards the clan.

“If Lin Feng was in the clan, how prestigious would our clan be?”

Many people were trying to imagine what would have happened if Lin Feng hadn’t been expelled from the Lin Clan.

With Lin Feng’s current power, he had managed to obtain Yangzhou City, so if Lin Feng was still in their clan, it would mean that the entire city of Yangzhou would have belonged to the Lin Clan. Their dream was to overtake the Na Lan Clan as the top clan in the city, but the task of making that dream come true had been assigned to Lin Qian.

The Lin Clan could have actually owned the entire city of Yangzhou, compared to their dream, this was a much larger achievement. However, because of one wrong decision, they had taken the wrong path.

Lin Rui was looking at Lin Feng yet remained silent. He had expelled Lin Feng from the clan, was he blind?

“Since you’re not talking at all, I will help you. I will give you two choices, the first one is you attempt to get onto the fighting stage together and see the result. The second choice is you and me battle, if you win, I will immediately withdraw the army from the Lin Clan.”

When Lin Feng saw that Lin Rui remained uncommunicative, Lin Feng offered a choice which astonished the crowd.

They wouldn’t have thought that Lin Feng would give such a choice to Lin Rui. Lin Rui had the opportunity to defeat Lin Feng and make him withdraw the army.

Lin Rui was the respectable elder of the Lin Clan, he was extremely strong and was only a step away from breaking  into the Xuan Qi layer. Each of his attacks were extremely powerful. Besides, how old was Lin Feng? Even though he was a genius, how could he fight against Lin Rui?

“Lin Feng is so young and proud. He refuses to back down because he is a genius. He already controls an entire army, that’s why he acts so confident.” thought the members of the Lin Clan. In their eyes, Lin Feng was a genius, but he would never be able to defeat Lin Rui. Lin Rui was about eighty years old, how could he let a young boy defeat him?

“Lin Feng, are you joking?!”

Lin Rui hadn’t even spoken yet and Lin Ba Dao had already interrupted. They were facing an incredible army so none of them actually dared to think about fighting. If Lin Feng wanted them to die, they would die. Lin Ba Dao only hoped for one thing, that Lin Feng would withdraw the army.

Lin Feng slowly turned around and looked at Lin Ba Dao. Lin Feng smiled as if he was going to mock them again.

“I’m sorry Lin Ba Dao, included in my terms is one detail, no matter if I win or if Lin Rui wins, you, Lin Ba Dao, will die here.”

Lin Feng’s voice wasn’t loud, but Lin Ba Dao was astonished. His heart felt ice-cold. Cold Qi was emerging from his body.

No matter who won the battle, Lin Ba Dao was going to die.

“Of course, I will give you an opportunity, if you manage to kill the respectable elder, I will forget about our past.” said Lin Feng while laughing. Lin Ba Dao was astonished. He immediately glanced at Lin Rui.

“Impossible. I, Lin Ba Dao, am not that kind of person. Lin Rui is my elder, I would never attack him.” said Lin Ba Dao with a tone of morality and justice. His devotion to righteousness inspired reverence. All the people of the Lin Clan were slightly nodding in agreement.


At that moment an attack was cutting through the atmosphere. Lin Ba Dao’s hand was surrounded by a cold twinkling light. A dagger was rushing towards Lin Rui’s back at full speed. It was a cold blooded surprise attack aimed to kill Lin Rui.

The crowd was stupefied. Lin Ba Dao’s words were still fresh in their minds, but he was already launching a sneak attack. He had proved his own hypocrisy. In order to save his own life, Lin Ba Dao was ready to reveal his shameless nature.

“How dare you!” shouted Lin Rui. At the moment when Lin Ba Dao’s dagger had almost reached Lin Rui, Lin Rui released a piercingly-cold ice energy as well as his spirit. In a flash, Lin Ba Dao’s dagger and hand were frozen solid.


The respectable elders furious shout spread through the atmosphere. Lin Rui’s palm reached Lin Ba Dao’s chest, immediately after, he was covered with a layer of ice, as if he was about to be sealed within the ice.

“Old fool.”

Lin Feng was smiling coldly. Lin Ba Dao had attacked, but Lin Rui retaliated at the exact same time… He had been protecting Lin Ba Dao this whole time.

On the path of cultivation, there were too many people who, for their lives, were ready to sacrifice the people around them. Lin Rui had lived for almost eighty years, how could he believe the words which just left Lin Ba Dao’s mouth?

“Lin Ba Dao, I have always been good to you and you dare to try and attack me by surprise. Don’t blame for being rude now.” said Lin Rui with killing intent in his voice. The piercingly-cold energy emerging from his body was becoming more and more intense.

“No! Father!”

“Lin Rui, don’t you dare!”

At that moment, two people shouted furiously. It was Lin Qian and her brother. They both threw themselves at Lin Rui.

“Screw off!” Lin Rui raised his hand and released his ice energy. How could he still care about Lin Qian at that moment? All he cared about was his own life.

“Die!” shouted Lin Rui evilly. His ice energy was condensed into all of his attacks. Lin Ba Dao was shaking, his body twitched twice. In a flash, the condensed ice energy burst forth and he was frozen to death.

Lin Ba Dao, because he wanted to become the head of the Lin Clan had unscrupulously employed unethical methods and plotted against members of his own family. In the end, the result was tragic.

“Father……..” cried the two voices. Lin Rui was expressionless. He slowly turned around, he looked brutally cold.

Was the Lin Clan really a family? How could they kill each other so easily and without mercy?

Lin Ba Dao wanted to kill Lin Rui but Lin Rui killed him. All these people were now showing their true colours and how treacherous they really were.

Lin Rui looked at Lin Feng and jumped onto the fighting stage. He then said to Lin Feng: “Lin Ba Dao is dead. I killed him for you. Besides, Lin Feng, you are an outstanding genius, I admit that I was blind. Today, let’s fight. If I lose, I will accept my death.”

Lin Rui’s words were inspiring and filled with a lofty and righteous aura, but Lin Feng didn’t seem to care at all. What an old fool! Saying such nice things to try and awake some compassion in Lin Feng’s heart, he had lived for so many years and was adept at scheming. He had cold-bloodedly killed Lin Ba Dao without the slightest bit of hesitation.

“No need to say such flowery words, don’t worry, if you win, I will withdraw my army, if you lose, it is not that you will accept death, you will beg for it.”

Lin Feng sounded calm. He then added: “Alright, let’s begin.”

“I’m attacking, be careful.” said Lin Rui while nodding. His ice spirit was invading the atmosphere with a powerful energy. The coldness was piercing to the bones. He took a step forwards and ice Qi rushed towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng shook his head. They were fighting, Lin Rui didn’t have to be so polite to him.

Lin Feng moved his right foot forward and raised his arm with a fierce sword energy. At the moment, when the sword energy was about to reach Lin Rui’s body, Lin Feng slashed his hand down.

A hero at dusk, under the setting sun, the brilliance was slowly fading.

When Lin Rui saw Lin Feng’s hand, he felt like he was seeing an illusion. He had the feeling that the sun was starting to set.

“Sword of the Setting Sun!”

Lin Feng had used his hand as the sword. His hand cut through the atmosphere, blood sprayed into the air and Lin Rui’s arm was sent flying through the air.

One strike was enough to remove one of Lin Rui’s arms.

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