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PMG Chapter 270: The Dream Pavilion

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When the boys and girls, sitting at the table next to that of Lin Feng and his friends, saw that they remained silent, they sneered at them and stopped looking at them.

“Brother, do you know why Leng Yue came to Celestial River?”

“Of course, he came to Celestial River because of a blade.” replied a boy.

“Oh?” smiled a young girl while looking at the others, and then said: “Leng Yue’s blade skills are already so high, are there still blades which can draw his attention? It probably must be an amazing blade.”

“Moon-Breaking Blade, it’s a spiritual weapon of highest quality, what do you say?” said a young boy of the Hao Yue Sect while smiling. Everybody was captivated and surprised. As expected, the Blademaster had come for the Moon-Breaking Blade. They had all heard that that blade was available in Celestial River at that time. Many people had come because of it.

“A spiritual weapon of highest quality, not many people can get it, right?”

“Hehe, if Leng Yue is here, who will dare try and get it? Unless they want to become Leng Yue’s enemies as well as the enemy of the Hao Yue Sect.”

When the crowd heard these people talking, they all understood what they meant. They were boasting about Leng Yue so that nobody would dare to try and steal the blade, the crowd understood that they had to think carefully before trying. That girl of the Hao Yue Sect knew why Leng Yue had come, so it was obviously clear that she was saying these things on purpose. The people who were with her looked proud and arrogant as well.

But in the crowd, nobody dared to contradict these people. The Hao Yue Sect had a certain influence in Celestial River. Besides, at that moment, the Blademaster was also present.

β€œA spiritual weapon of highest quality!” thought Lin Feng. He, obviously knew the classification of spiritual weapons. There were ordinary weapons and spiritual weapons. Spiritual weapons could cut through iron as if it were mud. They also gave a cultivator a certain superiority during battles and besides, they were also divided into three categories: low, medium and high quality.

At the Yun Hai Sect, Lin Feng had obtained spiritual weapons in the temple near the Precipice of Zhangu. Most of them were low and medium quality spiritual weapons but there were also a few high-quality spiritual weapons.

In Xue Yue, spiritual weapons and pills, no matter what quality, were all very scarce. Seeing spiritual weapons of high quality was an extremely rare thing.

There were also better weapons than spiritual weapons: mystical weapons. In Xue Yue, there were very few of them. Cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer rarely used mystical weapons. Lin Feng had never seen any in his life.

“Ba Dao, that Moon-Breaking Blade, do you want it or not?” asked Lin Feng to Ba Dao in a low voice. Ba Dao was stupefied.

Ba Dao was a blade cultivator, he obviously loved blades, how could it not want it?

“I want it.” said Ba Dao while nodding greedily. Ba Dao was like that, if he wanted to do something, he just did it.

“Alright.” replied Lin Feng sounding indifferent while nodding. He didn’t add anything else.

After a short while, Leng Yue put his glass onto his table, stood up and left the restaurant. After that, someone else came in and took his table.

He had just left and thus the strong blade energy had vanished. The atmosphere wasn’t as oppressive anymore.

“Sister let’s go too.”

The Hao Yue Sect disciples, who were at the table next to Lin Feng, also stood up and left.

After they left, Lin Feng asked Ba Dao: “Are you going to go ask where to find your new blade?”

Ba Dao was surprised. He immediately stood up and walked to a table near them, he asked the people sitting there: “Where can we find the Moon-Breaking Blade?”

The two people sitting at the table raised their head and looked at Ba Dao. They smiled coldly and said: “You’re also wondering where the Moon-Breaking Blade is?”


He had just finished talking and he released an incredible quantity of blade energy which oppressed the people who were sitting at the table. It was extremely brutal. They were shaking and looked absolutely terrified.

“In the Dream Pavilion! Today, there will be an auction sales at the Dream Pavilion!”

That person was panic-stricken and gasping with astonishment. A moment ago, Ba Dao’s blade energy was unceasingly flowing towards Leng Yue so these two people hadn’t realized how strong Ba Dao’s blade force was. At that moment, all the energy which was emerging from Ba Dao’s body had fallen onto them which gave them the impression that they would be crushed to death. What a monstrously strong blade force! That man, who was wearing a bronze mask, had already mastered blade force.

“Lead the way.” said Ba Dao. These people were surprised but obediently stood up. Fortunately, they had told Ba Dao the truth, if they had lied to him, he definitely would have killed them.

“Alright.” the person nodded in fear and led him outside of the restaurant. Lin Feng and Meng Qing also stood up and followed.

When the people in the restaurant saw Lin Feng and the others leave, the atmosphere became lively.

“Who were those people? What a strong blade energy! He is probably interested in the Moon-Breaking Blade as well.”

“Indeed, there was also that guy and that girl, they didn’t seem like ordinary cultivators. Even though they were probably weaker than the Blademaster, they also said that they wanted the Moon-Breaking Blade, it seems like there will be a great show soon.”

All sorts of comments were spreading amongst the crowd. There were even some people standing up and then leaving towards the Dream Pavilion. The rumors said that, on that day, apart from the Moon-Breaking Blade, there were going to be two other treasures at the auction of the Dream Pavilion.

The Dream Pavilion was one of the big marketplaces in Celestial River. It was a vast and broad place covering a huge area.

Celestial River was a city which was millions of years old and treasures were more numerous than in the Imperial City. There were new treasures being sold each day.

There were some precious things which could only be acquired at the marketplace, at an auction market or through trade.

At that moment, Lin Feng and his friends entered the pavilion. It was very noisy inside.

In the pavilion, there were all sorts of people, handsome young men who had an elegant carriage, delicate and beautiful young women, shabbily dressed old men and filthy beggars.

Some people were there to sell things, while some others were looking for various things.

“Sir, a Xuan skill of high quality, are you interested?”

At that moment, a middle-aged man walked next to Lin Feng and talked in a low voice. Lin Feng was surprised. He then smile, shook his head and said: “I don’t need it, thank you.”

When that middle-aged man heard Lin Feng, he didn’t insist and immediately left as if nothing had happened.

“What’s wrong?” said Lin Feng perplexed while looking at a person near them.

“Sir, it must be your first time in Celestial River.”

“Indeed.” said Lin Feng while nodding.

“No wonder.” said that person as if they had suddenly understood. He continued: “Celestial River is the biggest marketplace in Xue Yue, here, there are various methods of selling things. Goods that are on the ground are ordinary goods and inexpensive. Of course, there are exceptions as well, some of the sellers are also extremely strong cultivators and are therefore not afraid of putting the items they sell on the ground, they don’t mind, who would dare come and steal their things?”

“The second way to sell things is to find people with whom you can exchange things, for example, that person a moment ago needed purity stones which is why he was looking for someone in need of skills, who would be willing to give him purity stones in exchange. There is also a third way to sell things and it is at the auction sales. You can auction your things in the Dream Pavilion and sell them in their auction.”

“Why do people exchange things with other people and don’t bring them to auction sales?” asked Lin Feng confused. The fees of Dream Pavilion were quite low and besides, they could sell things at a higher price.

“There are many reasons. One of them is that they only sell ten items a day. If you want to give them things to sell, you need to give it to them three days in advance and then they select the objects that they want to sell, if your thing is rejected, they give it back to you. Many people are unwilling to go through that troublesome procedure. Besides, ordinary things cannot be sold at the auction.”

“Then, there are some people who are paranoid and don’t want to show what they have to everybody else, it makes them worried. If they bring things to the auction marketplace, they feel unsafe. Therefore, they prefer going and finding someone on their own which comes down to finding a needle in a haystack.”

When Lin Feng heard these words, he nodded as a sign that he had understood. Indeed, there were all sorts of possibilities. There were people who were realistic and felt good only if they had the object they were selling on themselves, near them. Many people were realists.

“It seems like we’ll have to stay at the Dream Pavilion for a few days.” thought Lin Feng. That time, he had come prepared, he absolutely needed to get a few things.

“Look, it’s Bing Yuan, the top disciple of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village.”

At that moment, a surprised voice spread in the air. Many people were looking in one direction. They saw a group of people being led by an ice-cold and fierce-looking man, Bing Yuan, who had joined the Ice and Snow Mountain Village after the high-official Luo Xue left for the Imperial City.

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