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PMG Chapter 274: The Ancient Cauldron

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Bing Yuan’s smile became stiff and then an exploding sound emerged in the atmosphere. The three rooms were united. Its occupants could all clearly see each other.

At that moment, the main representative of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village was Bing Yuan, and for the Hao Yue Sect it was Leng Yue the Blademaster. Besides them, there were three more people, one of them was standing before the booth, the two others were a man and a woman. They were both calmly sitting on their chairs, ignoring the others. They had not moved a single finger so far and were just talking. Besides, that girl was wearing a fine veil on her face, looking fascinatingly beautiful.

“Bing Yuan, are you laughing at me?” Leng Yue said in the tone of a joke. Bing Yuan had been provoking him all the way. He wanted Lin Feng and him to fight, but the result was that Lin Feng humiliated them both.


Bing Yuan was glumly smiling. He had already given Lin Feng face, but Lin Feng, the first time, killed his fellow disciple and humiliated him, the second time, he was humiliating him again.

“Brother, Leng Yue, how should we dispose of him? You decide.” Bin Yuan said, sounding evil, getting ready to attack Lin Feng.

“Who’s your brother? He’s right. People of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village are all cowards. What makes you think that we can become brothers?” said Leng Yue. Bing Yuan was dumbstruck. He had the impression that the whole crowd was staring at him and that he was suffocating from the humiliation. The oxygen seemed unable to reach his lungs anymore and he felt like he couldn’t breathe.

A great quantity of cold energy spread through the air. The entire auction room seemed like it was going to freeze.

“Gentlemen, now please let the auction continue. You can solve your problems after the auction.” said Lan Jiao from the stage. Her smile was soft and warm just like the sound of her voice, which suddenly made the atmosphere feel a bit lighter.

“Alright.” said Bing Yuan looking ice-cold.

Lin Feng nodded at Lan Jiao and smiled back to her out of politeness.

“Now, Leng Yue has bid twelve thousand purity stones of medium quality, is anyone willing to raise?” said Lan Jiao while smiling at the crowd. Nobody was answering. Twelve thousand for a spiritual weapon of that quality was already too expensive.

In order to practice cultivation, even for a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer, so many purity stones of medium quality would have been enough to practice indefinitely.

“If there is nobody, I would like to congratulate the Blademaster on his new acquisition, the Moon-Breaking Blade.”

Lan Jiao smiled and continued: “The next object of our auction sales is an ancient cauldron. On the cauldron nine dragons are carved. This cauldron is hundreds of thousands of years old. It must have been used to concoct pills and weapons in ancient times but it seems that some parts are now missing. We cannot find out its level but the expert of our company, the Dream Pavilion, said that if no part was missing, it would be at least a Xuan level cauldron of high quality, a real treasure.”

“For everybody to understand clearly what parts are missing, we will show you the cauldron.”

When Lan Jiao finished talking, two people brought a cauldron. That cauldron was about one meter high. Its diameter was also about one meter. On the top, there were nine dragon carvings. They almost looked alive. Besides, there was one dragon which was looking up at the sky and uttering a long cry. It seemed like it was about to fly away. However, the eight other dragons seemed to be incomplete and did not look like the first dragon, as if that was the part that Lan Jiao had mentioned.

Besides, from a certain distance, that cauldron seemed to be absolutely normal and its carvings seemed to be releasing a strange Qi.

“I hope that you can trust our experts at the Dream Pavilion. This cauldron has some missing parts, yet it shouldn’t be inferior to a Ling level cauldron of higher quality. You can already use it to concoct pills. If it were intact, it would definitely be a treasure of the Xuan level. Even when mentioning these characteristics it wouldn’t be enough for the crowd to be interested. In Celestial River, we always have some antiquities which have missing parts. We are honest about it. However, it would still be classed as ling level of higher quality, besides, it can also be used to defend from attacks.”

Perhaps there were some cultivators who could concoct pills who would be interested.

“The price is one thousand purity stones of medium quality.” said Lan Jiao. Immediately after, people in the crowd shook their heads, one thousand for a broken cauldron was too expensive and unworthy.

When Lan Jiao saw that the crowd was shaking their heads, she smiled wryly. She knew that that selling that precious cauldron wouldn’t be easy, it was difficult to get a good price for it, but it was really a priceless treasure.

“I will buy it for a thousand purity stones of medium quality.” said someone at that moment. That person was an old man, he could obviously concoct pills. Even though that cauldron was of no use, the old man was still interested in these kinds of mysterious treasures.

Besides, as far as he was concerned, one thousand purity stones of medium quality wasn’t a big sum.

“Since the old man said so, just give it to him.” somebody said in a low voice, but people really despised that cauldron. People didn’t fight for it because it wasn’t an attractive object.

Everybody remained silent. The atmosphere was a bit cold.

“That cauldron seems pretty nice. I think it’s worth getting, it’s a real antique, I will give two thousand for it.” said Lin Feng, sounding cold and detached. At that moment, it was the first object which he found interesting.

On that cauldron, nine dragons were surprisingly engraved. It had been in Celestial River for hundreds of thousands of years but had been lost.

In the memories Lin Feng received from the cultivator of the Zun Qi layer, there was a story about ten cauldrons in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Within these ten cauldrons, the cauldron with the nine dragon heads was ranked ninth. It had been missing for hundreds of thousands of years and Lin Feng could recognize it thanks to its patterns. However, nobody seemed to know about it.

That object was extremely valuable but nobody knew about it.

Lin Feng had almost immediately bid ten thousand for it but he didn’t dare raise it so much because people would have found it suspicious.

That old man looked at Lin Feng and Lin Feng slightly nodded and smiled, looking calm and serene. He tried not to look surprised.

“Since the young man likes it, I will give it to him for two thousand purity stones of medium quality, which is already a high price.” the old man said, which made the entire crowd nod slowly. Nobody wanted to keep bidding.

“Moron!” joked Bing Yuan but Lin Feng decided to ignore him. It was a cauldron with nine dragon heads engraved and Lin Feng was getting it for two thousand purity stones of medium quality. Lin Feng didn’t care about being called a moron a hundred times over.

“Nobody is bidding anymore?” asked Lan Jiao to the crowd. As expected, nobody spoke. Lan Jiao didn’t continue anymore either, after all, she already thought that two thousand purity stones of medium quality was a lot for that cauldron, it wasn’t worth it.

“Congratulations to the young man for winning the cauldron.” said Lan Jiao to Lin Feng while slightly bowing. Her soft and white breasts looked even bigger as she bowed down, which drew everybody’s attention.

After taking the cauldron with the nine dragon heads away, an enchanting smile appeared on Lan Jiao’s face and she said: “The last thing is the essence fire of a Xuan level beast, the seven-tailed fox. I am convinced that I don’t need to say much about the price.”

“Essence fire!”

Lin Feng was stupefied. That was from a beast of the Xuan level. A cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer could use pure Qi and if they had a fire based spirit, absorbing that essence fire, their attacks would be enhanced. Ferocious beasts were similar to cultivators in the fact that they condensed pure Qi, the seven-tailed fox was a fire beast. Its essence fire was extremely strong. It could absorb pure Qi and condense it into essence fire, it could increase its power that way.

When Lan Jiao put it down, the crowd went insane. The essence fire of a seven-tailed fox was a treasure. In terms of ferocious beasts, it was an extremely powerful one.

For fire cultivators as well as cultivators who concocted pills, that beast was very tempting.

“The starting price is two thousand purity stones of medium quality.” said Lan Jiao. It was more expensive than the Moon-Breaking Blade or the ancient cauldron. It was starting at two thousand.

Besides, everybody was bidding. Nobody thought that the price was too high. “Three thousand.”

“Four thousand.”


“Ten thousand!”

Everybody kept bidding, the price had reached ten thousand in a very short time and the scariest part was that it didn’t stop increasing.

“Twenty thousand!” said an ice-cold voice. At that moment, everybody was stupefied. Twenty thousand… Someone had increased the bid from ten thousand straight to twenty thousand… and that person was… Bing Yuan!

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