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PMG Chapter 276: The Genius?

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Lin Feng’s cold energy didn’t make Leng Yue hesitate at all, instead he was evilly and viciously staring at Meng Qing, his eyes were sharp as a blade, he then said: “Come on.”

When he finished talking, Leng Yue took small steps towards Lin Feng, though his steps were small, he was still extremely quick, just like a whirlwind.

Some dust rose from the ground, immediately after, some blade energy reached the dust. Each time Leng Yue took a small step, the blade energy in the air became more dense. Besides in the blink of an eye, he had made a dozen steps and his blade energy had reached its climax, it was extremely sharp. When he released it, it emitted an ear-piercing whistling sound.

At the same time, Bing Yuan was attacking as well. Snow and frost were falling from the sky.A layer of ice invaded the entire atmosphere, it was extremely cold, to the extent that everybody was shaking.

“How powerful!” The crowd in the distance was astonished. Leng Yue the Blademaster was as sharp as his blade. Bing Yuan, of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village, had already managed to deeply freeze the entire atmosphere. Under his skills, the ground had become ice and snow.

These two people were extremely strong, they definitely were some of the most outstanding junior cultivators of their generation. They were real geniuses.

“When that blade descends, he will definitely cut into two pieces.” Said the disciples of the Hao Yue Sect arrogantly.

Leng Yue, when battling, rarely had to strike more than once. Lin Feng wouldn’t even withstand a single attack. He would immediately be killed.

“Lin Feng, you will freeze to death. Your blood vessels will freeze until you die.” Said the disciples of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village. Lin Feng was too arrogant, he had dared kill one of the disciples of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village, besides, he had also dared to provoke Bing Yuan. He wanted to die. They couldn’t wait to see how Lin Feng intended to dodge Bing Yuan’s attacks.

Many people were convinced that Lin Feng was going to die.

He was an obscure and unknown person. How could he rival with the Blademaster and Bing Yuan? The real question was who would be the first to kill Lin Feng.

Lin Feng, when he sensed the sharp blade and the ice energy, still looked calm and serene. He looked so calm that his face was completely still. However, his eyes were filled with coldness and murderous intentions.

“Slash!” shouted Leng Yue while blade energy started descending. Immediately after he said the word “slash”, a sharp energy moved towards Lin Feng and enveloped him. A bright and resplendent blade light emerged, and like lightning, descended from the sky towards Lin Feng.


At that moment, Bing Yuan also attacked, he had just released an incredible quantity of ice Qi which was enveloping Lin Feng’s body, as if it was corroding Lin Feng’s skin. It seemed like Lin Feng was going to freeze to death. At the same time, an ice-fist was moving towards Lin Feng as well, bombarding through the atmosphere, it was ice-cold and brutal.

“DIE!” Shouted Lin Feng very distinctly while slightly raising his head.

“DIE…Die …die!”

Was echoing in the atmosphere and far away into the distance. An incredible deadly Qi invaded the atmosphere as if it could slaughter everyone.

That incredibly sharp deadly Qi astonished Leng Yue and Bing Yuan. Their hearts started pounding. Their blade and ice attacks seemed very weak in comparison. The force and Qi of their attacks was much weaker than what Lin Feng was releasing.

Lin Feng threw himself at Bing Yuan like a sword. Then, a pallid sword light flashed for a brief moment. Bing Yuan’s heart was brutally and violently pounding and immediately after, it stopped.

At the same time, Leng Yue’s resplendent blade also fell through the air.

“Slash!” A slight sound emerged in the air. Bing Yuan’s body had been cut into two pieces and blood was gushing everywhere. Blood was everywhere.

Leng Yue’s blade had cut Bing Yuan’s body into two pieces down the middle. The ground had exploded beneath him. The two halves of Bing Yuan’s body flew in opposite directions from the explosion.

The atmosphere suddenly became absolutely silent. The crowd looked terrified. They were staring at Bing Yuan’s corpse.

“He died!”

“Bing Yuan was cut into two by Leng Yue’s blade?”

The crowd looked absolutely dumbstruck as if they couldn’t believe their eyes, especially the disciples of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village. Bing Yuan was the best disciple of the Mountain Village. He had broken through to the ninth Qi layer… And he had died like that? One attack had been enough to cut him in two? Besides, he had been killed by Leng Yue, it couldn’t be true, it had to be a dream… An extremely strong junior cultivator had been killed in a flash.

“You killed Bing Yuan?” Said the people of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village while furiously staring at Leng Yue.

“Idiot, didn’t you see that Lin Feng killed him before my attack even hit, do you really think it was me that killed him? If I had, he wouldn’t have died with only one strike.” Said Leng Yue while furious. At that moment, his facial expression was hideous. He was staring at Lin Feng. That guy had needed only one strike to kill Bing Yuan and forced him to cut Bing Yuan in half with his attack.

If Leng Yue killed the others, he wouldn’t need to justify himself but this time he had killed a genius of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village, if there was no explanation, maybe there would be a serious conflict between the two big sects. The consequences would be disastrous.

“Killed by Lin Feng?” The people of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village were looking at Lin Feng.

“You dare attacked Bing Yuan by surprise?” Said one of them. Immediately after, they all looked disgusted by Lin Feng.

“Attacked him by surprise?” Lin Feng was stupefied. Immediately after, he shook his head and said: “You’re all retarded as well as blind.”

A moment before, Bing Yuan had attacked him and even if Lin Feng had parried, why say that he had attacked him by surprise?

Bing Yuan was attacking him and Lin Feng wanted to strike back, they called that a surprise attack.

“You all want to die.” Said Lin Feng  when he saw them all starting to walk towards him. He released deadly Qi. When the disciples of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village sensed that dense deadly Qi, their hearts started pounding brutally. That deadly Qi was extremely brutal, it was swift and fierce.

“It doesn’t look good!” Said the disciples of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village. They had an ominous presentiment. At that moment, they saw a purple energy emerge from Lin Feng’s body and move towards them.

“What’s this?” Thought the people in the crowd, shocked. That purple energy was floating in the air like a snake towards them. All the people of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village were terrified and panic-stricken.

However, that long purple thread of energy turned into a dragon. In a flash, it enveloped and swallowed their bodies as they tried to approach Lin Feng.

“Ahhhh….” Some horrible shrieks spread in the air. The long purple dragon was holding them so tightly that it was painful. Their bodies felt like they were melting. Its body completely covered them as if they would be forced to drown inside it.

A short moment later, the purple river-like silhouette returned to Lin Feng. At that moment, the disciples of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village had already disappeared. They had completely melted and nothing was remaining of their bodies.

“How terrifying!”

“What kind of spirit is that? It’s monstrous.”

The hearts of the people in the crowd were brutally pounding. All the disciples of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village, including Bing Yuan, had died.

Bing Yuan had been cut into two and the others had been swallowed by a monstrous dragon to the extent that nothing was left. Everything that was happening was too shocking.

They wanted to kill Lin Feng?

Besides, Bing Yuan and the Blademaster, Leng Yue, had cooperated but that had only lasted for a very short moment. Bing Yuan had died and therefore, the other disciples of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village had intervened, they thought that they were going to kill Lin Feng with numbers and in the end, he was still standing there in the same place, a long purple dragon had emerged from his body and swallowed them like an evil spirit.

The crowd was just realizing that if Lin Feng had dared to provoke both Bing Yuan and Leng Yue, it was because he was indeed, extremely powerful. He was much stronger than Bing Yuan.

“He’s a genius, he’s much scarier than Bing Yuan!” Thought the people in the crowd. At that moment, they were looking at Leng Yue.

At that moment, Leng Yue was staring at Lin Feng, he looked perplexed. He looked as sharp as before but he already didn’t look as aggressive.

That blade hadn’t touched Lin Feng, not even slightly, and because of Lin Feng, he had ended up cutting Bing Yuan’s body into two pieces. Lin Feng’s power was, indeed, terrifying.

“Extremely arrogant yet can’t withstand a single attack, such a worthless person.” Said Lin Feng in an ice-cold way while looking at Bing Yuan’s corpse. Immediately after, he turned around slowly and looked at Leng Yue. Lin Feng was smiling coldly.

“Are you the same, Blademaster? Do you think that you can bully everyone with only your current strength? There is a vast ocean of cultivators who are stronger than you.”

The Blademaster looked glum, his facial expression was hideous but he had no way to contradict Lin Feng. He was just blankly staring at him.

Lin Feng was extremely strong, Leng Yue had to be careful.

“You threatened us with your blade previously because of a simple sentence? What gives you the right to use a blade in front of me?” Lin Feng took a step and sword energy whistled through the air. Sword Qi and force was falling from the sky in the form of a hurricane rushing towards Leng Yue. It seemed like ten thousand swords were attacking at the same time. It was terrifying.

That sword force was even more brutal than Leng Yue’s blade force, and sharper as well.

The sword was the emperor of all weapons!

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