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PMG Chapter 280: Searching Everywhere!

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In the middle of the night, outside of the Celestial Mountain Restaurant, some people were walking by.

“What a seductive lady, how pretty!”

When they saw Lan Jiao run away from the restaurant, a drunk man walked towards her.

“Oh, such a beauty, how white! Hahaha….” That drunk man was staring at Lan Jiao’s breasts and looked evilly.

“Is that so? Do you want to see?” Said Lan Jiao while smiling. The drunk man’s eyes suddenly became particularly brilliant, he was drooling.

“I do, I do……..”

The crowd was fixedly staring at Lan Jiao.

“Well, all of you, look carefully.” Said Lan Jiao with a bewitching smile on her face Immediately after, her dress slowly slid down her body which made them all breathless for a second, they were fixedly staring at these two snowy-white breasts.

However, a moment after, they stopped seeing her breasts which they desired so much, instead, blood splashed through the atmosphere. A few horrible shrieks broke the silence of the night. All those who had been looking at Lan Jiao were dead on the ground.

Some people came see what was happening, there was a wave of cold Qi in the atmosphere. It was very cold.

People didn’t dare look at Lan Jiao anymore though. They wouldn’t be able to seduce such an attractive woman.

In the distance, a group of white silhouettes were approaching, they were carrying a palanquin. There were four people and they were all wearing white clothes. They looked extremely nimble and were extremely quick.

These pure and holy white silhouettes seemed like they were flying through the air which made them look like ghosts or celestial beings. In a flash, they arrived in front of the crowd.

However, at that moment, they disappeared and instantly appeared in the distance and then vanished onto the horizon.

“How fast!” The crowd was astonished. They had disappeared in a flash.

“What about the attractive girl?” Said someone surprised. Immediately after, the crowd turned around and looked in Lan Jiao’s direction. They were astonished, there was nobody. Lan Jiao surprisingly had disappeared too.

And that palanquin?

The enigmatic white silhouettes were, as before, on the road, shuttling back and forth. On the palanquin, there was a beautiful middle-aged woman looking at Lan Jiao with a fake smile on her face. She said: “Why is Jiao Jiao so furious?”

“Aunt Yun, your suggestion was stupid!” Said Lan Jiao sounding annoyed. She had a long face.

“Why? How come? Considering how seductive you are, you didn’t manage to tempt him?” Asked Aunt Yun while smiling.

“Aunt Yun, I perfectly know that you are making fun of me, that bastard will see.” said Lan Jiao while hitting her fist in the palm of her other hand. Her eyes were filled with hatred. Lin Feng was detestable. She had used her Thousand Evil Illusions skill and Lin Feng had remained unaffected, she had even showed him her own body. She felt humiliated, her face had been slapped.

“Jiao Jiao, haven’t you studied the Thousand Evil Illusions? Coupled with your cultivation level and your beauty, how could you lose?” Said Aunt Yun. Lan Jiao was stupefied and said: “How could I use the Thousand Evil Illusions against him? Besides, I said that I had learnt that skill, but it was just a joke, nothing more. Don’t misunderstand.” said Lan Jiao while lowering her head. She didn’t dare look at Aunt Yun, she felt ashamed. She didn’t seem to be the same woman as when she was facing Lin Feng. At that moment, she looked like a little girl.

“Is that so?” Said Aunt Yun while smiling. Her smile seemed deep and profound.

“No wonder you were defeated, Lin Feng has set a city on fire, travelled into another country to save the princess, his willpower and determination are tempered like steel. Jiao Jiao, if you had submitted yourself to him directly, I would have despised him.”

“Huh?” Lan Jiao was surprised. She had actually really used the Thousand Evil Illusions and on top of that, it was the first time that she used it. However, she had lost, that’s why she was furious. The scariest part was Lin Feng’s last words, he had said that she didn’t care about her reputation but he did care about his. It made her look cheap and shameless.

But Aunt Yun’s opinion made sense in a way. If she had submitted herself to Lin Feng, she wouldn’t have been so alluring any longer.

That is why she had used the Thousand Evil Illusions which was extremely powerful. Lin Feng falling for it was a normal thing.

“Jiao Jiao, it’s been a few days, now that the news is already spreading amongst those at the top, the treasure has come to light, but we don’t know anything else, that’s all. Wait for a few more days and we will hear. After receiving the treasure, you will not need to stay here anymore. Your training will come to an end.” Said Aunt Yun sounding mysterious. Lan Jiao had been in Celestial River for a long time.

“Go back?!” Whispered Lan Jiao. She looked perplexed.


On the second day, in the Dream Pavilion, there were still ten objects to be sold at the auction. One of the things which amazed the crowd the most was a Di level skill. Even though it was lower quality, it was still a Di level skill. They were brutally strong, that wasn’t a skill which you could find anywhere.

Apart from a large influential group or sect, ordinary people relied on themselves to gain benefits. It was very difficult for them to acquire skills of the Di level and above. In the Dream Pavilion, a Di level skill had appeared, of course it was making the crowd go wild.

In the end, it was obtained by someone who spent ten thousand purity stones of medium quality to acquire it. It was a monstrous price.

Besides, there were other treasures in that auction sale, a spiritual weapon. It was a spiritual weapon of medium quality. Someone bought it for ten thousand purity stones of medium quality as well.

After the end of the auction, Lan Jiao looked at the booth where Lin Feng had been on the day before, at that moment, there was nobody in that broken booth. Lin Feng hadn’t come to pick up his purity stones either.

“Where is Lin Feng?” At that moment, an angry voice and loud shout spread through the atmosphere.

A silhouette was flying through the air towards the auction room. People in the crowd were immediately moving aside to open the way. Immediately after, that silhouette landed onto the ground and released some deadly Qi which astonished the crowd. They were all looking at the entrance of the auction room.

They only saw a majestic-looking young man who was bald and there was a black burn on their head. It looked horrible but nobody dared make fun of them. People who were near him were moving backwards fearing that he would get furious and kill them.

“Lin Feng, show yourself!”” Shouted the man coldly.

“It seems like Tu Jiu has come for the essence fire.” Thought the people in the crowd. On the day before, Lin Feng had killed Bing Yuan and had made Leng Yue move back with one sword strike. His name was already famous in Celestial River, many people knew who he was. Lin Feng was known for all the insane things that he had done.

That outstanding young man was the amazing hero who had set a city on fire. No wonder he was that aggressive and had immediately killed Bing Yuan. Besides, he had nearly killed Leng Yue as well.

However, even though his name had become famous, it also meant more trouble. Everybody knew that he had stolen the beast essence fire. Besides, he had many enemies in Celestial River.

Tu Jiu was one of them. Besides, he particularly liked that fox fire. What scared people as well was that Tu Jiu had a deep background in Celestial River. He didn’t fear Lin Feng, even if a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer was with him.

Lan Jiao frowned, she saw Tu Jiu and thought: “Lin Feng, what will you do this time?”

Tu Jiu had an influential background, he was extremely strong and was close to a breakthrough into the Xuan Qi Layer. Bing Yuan and Leng Yue were weaklings in comparison.

Bing Yuan had acquired the fox fire, instead of leaving Celestial River, he decided to try and kill Lin Feng, in the end, he had lost his life instead.

Lan Jiao returned into the back room of the auction. Aunt Yun then said in a low voice: “Jiao Jiao, Lin Feng hasn’t come yet to pick up his purity stones. You could deliver them to him.”


Lan Jiao was stupefied. Help Lin Feng and bring the purity stones to him?

“Alright. I have the purity stones, let’s see how he will receive me.” Said Lan Jiao

“Jiao Jiao, you cannot violate the rules of the Dream Pavilion.” Said Aunt Yun while shaking her head and smiling.

“Don’t worry Aunt Yun, I will just make him undergo some hardships.” Said Lan Jiao who was thinking of a plan to deal with Lin Feng. Her eyes were twinkling.

Aunt Yun handed the purity stones to Lan Jiao. Lan Jiao immediately left afterwards. While looking at her vanishing silhouette, Aunt Yun smiled and said: “Jiao Jiao, you need someone to set rules for you, otherwise you’re too disobedient.”

Lan Jiao left the auction and headed towards Lin Feng.

Tu Jiu had also learnt that Lin Feng wasn’t there. He was determined to go to every corner of the city to look for him. He had to obtain that beast’s essence fire.

Besides, at the same time, in the Ice and Snow Mountain Village which was covered with snow.

A group of white horses were galloping at full speed towards the mountain, leaving their footprints in the snow. It seemed like they didn’t feel cold at all.

The best core disciple of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village had been killed in Celestial River, that was shocking news for everybody in the village.

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