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PMG Chapter 281: Threats at the Door!

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Edited by: Ziltch
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In the Celestial Restaurant, Lin Feng sat at a table, drinking while lost in thought.

He didn’t feel like rushing to the Dream Pavilion to collect his purity stones, the Dream Pavilion wasn’t going to disappear any time soon.

“Have you heard that recently there’s a treasure that has appeared in Celestial River?” Said a soft voice. It drew many people’s attention.

“What do you mean by recently? How long ago? I also heard that there’s a treasure here but nobody has found it.”

“How could that really be the case? It would have caused people to talk and the news would have spread. Everybody would have been talking about it in Celestial River. The news would have spread quickly.”

“Hmph, it’s just not the way you think it is, that’s all. Every treasure is different, not every treasure has the same reaction.”

These two people were both gossiping about the latest rumors. They were speaking more and more loudly, as if they feared that other people couldn’t hear their discussion.

“A treasure? Does the ancient dragon cauldron count as one?” Lin Feng said while smiling and shaking his head.

“Lin Feng.”

At that moment, a voice shouted his name, suprising Lin Feng. He looked down and saw Lan Jiao.

Lin Feng was suspicious, what did she want?

“Lin Feng?” The people in the restaurant were stupefied. They followed Lan Jiao’s eyes and saw Lin Feng. He was Lin Feng? He was the genius who killed Bing Yuan and defeated Leng Yue with one sword attack?

Lan Jiao went up to the first floor and walked towards Lin Feng. She didn’t look furious any longer. Her seductive smile appeared on her face again.

Lan Jiao walked towards Lin Feng’s table and said: “Lin Feng, are you not happy to see me?”

Lin Feng raised his head, looked at Lan Jiao and indifferently said: “You are wearing more clothing today, you don’t feel like showing me your body anymore?”

“You…” Lan Jiao was exasperated. A cruel expression appeared in her eyes. What would the others who heard that think about her? What a bastard.

“Lin Feng, I have your twenty thousand purity stones of medium quality.” Lan Jiao said while smiling coldly. Lin Feng was making fun of her, so she wanted to teach him a lesson.

“Hand them over.” Lin Feng said while sipping on his drink, looking indifferent. Lan Jiao was stupefied again.

“Do you think that it will be that easy?” Lan Jiao said while smiling coldly.

Lin Feng slowly raised his head and said: “Is that how the Dream Pavilion handles their affairs?”

“This is my way of doing things and it has nothing to do with the Dream Pavilion. If you want your purity stones, you have to make me happy.” Lan Jiao said while smiling coldly.

Lin Feng was fixedly staring at her and looked absolutely expressionless which made Lan Jiao feel uneasy.

“Give them to me!” Said Lin Feng, sounding ice-cold. Some cold Qi surrounded Lan Jiao’s body.

That coldness made Lan Jiao stop smiling. She gnashed her teeth and said: “What if I don’t give them to you?”

“If you don’t give them to me?” Lin Feng said while looking ice-cold. He stood up, released some more ice-cold Qi and said: “I advise you to think carefully.”

Lan Jiao was blankly staring at Lin Feng, her face turning red. Lin Feng’s pupils shrank. He didn’t understand Lan Jiao’s facial expression. What did it mean?

That woman had used an illusion skill on him during the night, she even tried to scare him. All of this gave birth to aversion in Lin Feng’s heart, he didn’t feel like talking to her anymore.

And then, at that moment, she had come to him and was threatening to not give him his purity stones, Lin Feng found all of this terribly annoying.

“Lin Feng, you’re such a bastard.” Lan Jiao said while throwing a small bag onto Lin Feng’s table. Immediately after, she turned around and left.

Lan Jiao was starting to hate Lin Feng. During the night, she had used the Thousand Evil Illusions on him and it had not worked at all. Then, at this moment, she had just gone to the restaurant to give Lin Feng his purity stones. She was just teasing him, she was hoping to apologize to Lin Feng, but he immediately threatened her and released some cold Qi as if he did not want to waste time speaking with her. Her heart felt painful.

She also had another purpose for coming. She didn’t feel like admitting it but she had actually come to give him a warning.

Tu Jiu was looking for Lin Feng. He wanted to take his beast essence fire. She feared that he wouldn’t need much time before he would find Lin Feng at the Celestial Mountain Restaurant.

Lan Jiao was leaving the restaurant and insulting Lin Feng in her thoughts. That bastard should just die, she didn’t care.

Tu Jiu definitely wanted to kill Lin Feng. Lan Jiao hadn’t known Lin Feng for a long time, but she knew that he would never hand over the beast essence fire, therefore, Tu Jiu would definitely kill him.

“I will let you die then!” cruel thoughts were passing through Lan Jiao’s mind but her steps were getting slower with each thought. She then stopped. She was lost and didn’t know what to do.

“I can’t. Wouldn’t it be bad to let Lin Feng die to Tu Jiu?” Lan Jiao thought. She then slowly turned around. Indeed, she didn’t want to let Lin Feng die that way.

She started taking quick and large strides, almost running back to the restaurant. She arrived in front of Lin Feng.

“You came back again! What do you want?” Lin Feng said when he saw Lan Jiao. He was surprised and didn’t understand what she wanted.

Lan Jiao gnashed her teeth, she was fixedly staring at Lin Feng before she said: “You should leave as soon as possible, there is someone who is coming to kill you.”

“Kill me?” Lin Feng said surprised. He then immediately smiled and said: “Many people want to kill me.”

“This time it’s not the same. It’s Tu Jiu, he wants to take the beast essence fire away from you. Tu Jiu is at the peak of the Ling Qi layer. Nobody of the Ling Qi layer can fight against him. If you don’t give him the beast essence fire, he will kill you.” Warned Lan Jiao.

“At the peak of the Ling Qi layer? Nobody of the Ling Qi layer can fight against him? ” whispered Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was curious to see if, a cultivator of the peak of the Ling Qi layer could kill him if he didn’t hand over the beast essence fire.

When Lan Jiao saw that Lin Feng was smiling, she couldn’t help but shout: “Tu Jiu could find you anytime now! You should leave as quickly as possible or he will kill you!”

When Lin Feng heard Lan Jiao, he raised his head and surprisingly smiled at her. Lan Jiao had been kind to come back and warn him, it seemed like he had misunderstood her but Lin Feng still disliked her behaviour.

“I’m sorry.” Lin Feng said while looking apologetic. Lan Jiao was surprised, that bastard was using this moment to apologize.

“You will not be able to escape unless you hurry up and leave, bastard!” Cursed Lan Jiao.

Lin Feng wasn’t moving at all.

Lin Feng slowly shook his head and then heard a voice coming from outside: “No need to try and leave, that won’t be possible.”

When Lan Jiao heard that ice-cold voice, her facial expression became rigid. It was over for Lin Feng. That bastard had not listened to her and chose not to escape while he had the chance.

“Lin Feng. Get your ass over here.” A loud voice shouted, filling the atmosphere and sharply pierced peoples eardrums. The people in the restaurant were shocked, surprisingly, someone dared talk that way to Lin Feng, after everything that he was known for.

Lin Feng was surprised as well. Who was Tu Jiu? Why was he that arrogant?

Lin Feng stood up and started walking. He was slowly walking down the stairs and then, he left the restaurant.

At that moment, outside of the restaurant, there were many people, but most of them were watching from afar. There was a single bald man who looked aggressive and imposing. He was staring at Lin Feng and the expression in his eyes was sharp.

“Are you Lin Feng?” Said Tu Jiu coldly as he looked at Lin Feng.

“Indeed. It seems that you and me are not enemies, right?” Said Lin Feng indifferently.

“Indeed, we are not enemies. Hand over the fox fire. Then, screw off and I will pretend as if nothing happened.” Threatened Tu Jiu.

Lin Feng narrowed his eyes. Tu Jiu had come to find Lin Feng, his behaviour made him look majestic and imposing. Nobody within the Ling Qi layer could fight against him and he was not scared of a cultivator in the Xuan Qi layer, he also had a powerful background which is why he was acting so rudely.

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