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PMG Chapter 287: Fury!

Edited by Fluphy
Special thanks to Nathan S for sponsoring this chapter and the 7 before that!

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“I’ll help myself!”

Lin Feng’s loud and imposing voice resonated in the atmosphere. People’s expression became rigid when they heard him.

Help himself? Lin Feng, relying on his strength of the Ling Qi layer intended to fight against a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer?

Was that even possible?

However, at that moment, Lin Feng’s eyes looked sharp, he looked extremely frivolous and it didn’t seem like he was joking. He would have never joked about such things anyway.

Meng Qing and Mister Huo wanted to fight against Bing He Teng and Mo Cang Lan. The bald leader was left and someone had to fight against him. Lin Feng had no choice but to fight against him.

No matter if he wanted to fight or not, he had to.

“He’s going to fight against someone of the Xuan Qi layer!” Whispered the crowd. They looked impatient. They were wondering who would win, Lin Feng or the cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer.

But they of course, thought that the bald leader would win. They just thought that Lin Feng had no choice but to fight, that he was forcing himself to be brave, that’s all.

Lin Feng was a genius and had high natural talent, but how could he compete with a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer. Lin Feng had absolutely no chance of victory. However, the two other battles were going to be worth watching.

When the bald leader heard Lin Feng’s words, a cold and evil expression appeared in his eyes, Lin Feng was going to help himself? Lin Feng was humiliating him, a cultivator of the Ling Qi layer surprisingly dared to fight against him.

“How long will you need to kill him?” Said Mo Cang Lan coldly while looking at the bald leader. In Mo Cang Lan’s opinion, Lin Feng would never be able to defeat the bald leader, Lin Feng just wanted to rush to his own death, that’s all.

A light flashed in the bald leader’s eyes and he immediately said: “If nobody else interrupts, I will definitely kill him within ten moves.”

By saying ten moves, he was taking precautions in case anything went wrong, but he would normally need much less. How could he not win against a cultivator of the Ling Qi layer?

“Alright, let’s see if you kill him in ten moves, hmph….”

Mo Cang Lan coldly groaned which made the bald leader’s heartbeat accelerate. His face was filled with murderous intentions, he had to kill Lin Feng in ten moves, otherwise, Mo Cang Lan would be furious and it would be bad for him.

Mo Cang Lan was really frightening. A year before, Mo Cang Lan had conquered the Condor Castle Organization by himself. He would never forget that terrifying event.

An insanely brutal and sharp Qi filled the atmosphere while emitting whistling sounds. Behind the bald leader’s body appeared an illusionary spirit.

The illusion was a beast, more precisely an eagle. Its two piercingly-cold eyes were staring at Lin Feng.

“Within ten moves, I will definitely kill him.” said the bald leader coldly. In order to ensure his victory, he immediately released his spirit. He was definitely going to kill Lin Feng.

Mo Cang Lan laughed and took a step forwards and released an incredible Qi which immediately enveloped Mister Huo’s body. Mister Huo was fixedly staring at him, unable to react.

At the same time, Bing He Teng also released some ice Qi. Ice and frost appeared in the atmosphere and covered a huge area. The ambient temperature immediately fell. It was incredibly cold.

These two people were blocking Meng Qing and Mister Huo, the crowd would be able to witness Lin Feng’s death.

Within ten moves, Lin Feng would die.

“Ten moves!” Said Lin Feng whose eyes didn’t look sharp anymore. Instead, he looked calm. He was in fusion with the earth, nothing could affect his state of mind. Every single thing that was surrounding him was perfectly clear and distinct in his mind. Everything belonged to his world and he was in fusion with everything around him.


The bald leader stamped onto the ground and a crack appeared in the ground. He jumped up in the air and raised a monstrous blade.

The sound of an eagle spread through the air and bald leader’s body suddenly started to swoop down. His silhouette turned into a bright light rushed towards Lin Feng. While the he soared through the sky, he had almost reach Lin Feng, but Lin Feng wasn’t reacting.

“How sinister, what a devious trick!”

The crowd was astonished. The bald leader’s previous move had led everybody to think that he was going to focus on the power of his attack to win but instead he adjusted his body and swooped down with incredible speed. He hadn’t waited for his power to reach its maximum. Instead, he was swooping from the sky, not giving Lin Feng the time to react, that way he would be able to kill Lin Feng in one hit.

However,to Lin Feng who was in fusion with the earth, that seemed like a joke.

If it had indeed, been extremely quick then it might have worked, but his speed wouldn’t be close to enough. In Lin Feng’s mind, the bald leader’s actions were almost in slow motion and he saw every movement clearly.

The bald leader’s body released a soft light as it soared on the wind. A huge rumbling sound spread in the atmosphere. The broadsword in the bald leader’s hand shot down from the sky at a terrifying speed and slammed into the ground, creating a huge crevice beneath it. However, Lin Feng was no longer there and had already moved away, looking at the scene indifferently.

“One move.” Said Lin Feng indifferently. The crowd was stupefied. Lin Feng was counting the moves.

The bald leader was stupefied. He raised his head and coldly looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng had reacted very quickly, he was very fast.

The bald leader jumped through the air like an eagle. His broadsword moved straight towards Lin Feng. The light emitted by the blade was swift and filled with pure Qi.

“Two moves.”

“Three moves.”

“Four moves.”

“Five moves.”

Lin Feng’s silhouette was unceasingly flickering, the light of the broadsword kept passing by him but never reached his body. Each time, Lin Feng dodged the attack by a hair. The most shocking part was that Lin Feng was counting and dodging at the same time.

A huge rumbling noise filled the atmosphere, the broadsword violently and heavily smashed into the ground. Lin Feng had dodged an attack again, looking light and relaxed. That was the sixth move.

“What a terrifying dodging ability!”

A moment ago, the five first moves had been monstrously fierce and powerful but Lin Feng had dodged them easily, surprisingly, he hadn’t been touched once. His agility techniques were monstrously powerful.

“Six moves.”

The crowd was astonished. Even though Lin Feng had dodged, after the sixth attack, the bald leader still hadn’t managed to touch Lin Feng.

Only four moves were remaining.

The bald leader was dumbstruck. He was blankly staring at Lin Feng. He didn’t care about his broadsword anymore, a golden color appeared around his body, it was filled with pure Qi which was being released from his body.

At that moment, he was realizing that Lin Feng was too quick, he knew that Lin Feng’s power was terrifying.

It seemed like Lin Feng was controlling everything. He could dodge the attacks as he wished, it seemed so mysterious. Even though the bald leader’s attacks were all strong, they weren’t able to reach Lin Feng at all.

“Eeeya!” In the air, a sharp and high-pitched eagle cry emerged, it was piercingly sharp in everyone’s ears. The bald leader was attacking again. He had transformed into a golden light that was dazzling to the eyes. His body looked like it was inside a golden eagle.

At that moment, the bald leader had transformed into an eagle.

Lin Feng raised his head, his silhouette flickered and, looking elegant and graceful, he moved away. However that eagle illusion was closely following him at incredible speed. It was leaving a trail of light behind it as if there was gold filling the sky, it was extremely beautiful.

Lin Feng slightly frowned and his silhouette kept flickering. However, at that moment, it seemed like the bald man’s spirit had merged with his body. His soul was probably extremely strong. He was closely following Lin Feng determined to kill him in under ten moves.

An incredible quantity of sword Qi emerged in the air,  it was so sharp.

That sword energy seemed like it had appeared out of nowhere.

“Psshhh!” Lin Feng’s hand was piercing through the atmosphere. There was no sword in his hand but the crowd could see that it was as if his hand had become a sword, it would really be able to pierce through people.

That Qi was clearly not as powerful as the eagle.


The golden eagle and the hand collided. The sword energy was destroyed and Lin Feng’s body was projected back a few dozen meters.

A cultivator of the Ling Qi layer, fighting against a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer, inevitably encountered a difference in strength.

“Seven moves!” Said Lin Feng. He raised his head, he still looked calm.

“Three move moves left, let’s see if you can block them!” At that moment, the bald leader’s facial expression was extremely evil. He had broken through to the Xuan Qi layer, he should easily be able to defeat Lin Feng, who was only of the Ling Qi layer.

“I will definitely block them.” Said Lin Feng coldly. An incredible battle energy started burning around his body. Apart from the battle energy, he also released some sword Qi and deadly Qi.

At the same time, behind Lin Feng emerged a purple lake which was bubbling and foaming.

The bald leader was furious!

Lin Feng had become angry. On that day, new people had unceasingly been coming to kill Lin Feng. Everybody was coming to kill him and looking down on him as if he had no choice but to die, how could Lin Feng not be furious!

Would the ten moves be enough to kill him?

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