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PMG Chapter 288: The Demonic Skill

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“He wants to fight, Lin Feng wants to fight!”

When the crowd sensed Lin Feng deadly Qi and battle energy, they couldn’t help but shiver. What an insane young man!

Even though he had only broken through to the Ling Qi layer and thus his level largely differed from that of his opponent. His determination and willpower were unwavering, he followed his beliefs without hesitation.

The bald leader had asked Lin Feng how he intended to block the last three attacks but why did he not consider that Lin Feng also had the ability to attack?

The bald leader was stupefied as well. Lin Feng wanted to attack him, he had decided to stop dodging and fight.

The eagle silhouette was emitting a dazzling golden light. It was unceasingly absorbing more pure Qi.

Lin Feng was courting death.

At that moment, Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the sky. He stretched his arm out and shouted coldly: “Sword!”

When he finished speaking, a sword appeared in Lin Feng’s hand, it was made from pure Qi and contained some deadly Qi as well. It looked like the sword of a war god.

At that moment, Lin Feng’s body was like an extremely sharp sword. His body was releasing incredible amounts of sword Qi and battle energy.

“The battle energy and sword Qi is much stronger than a moment ago when he killed the other leader of the Condor Castle Organization!” The crowd was astonished. At that moment, Lin Feng was releasing an incredibly strong sword Qi and battle energy. It seemed like he was planning to kill.

“That’s only a simple sword made of pure Qi, nothing more.” Said the bald leader while smiling coldly. Around his body, the flowing pure Qi was emitting a dazzling golden light. He raised his head and cried just like an eagle which made the crowd grow excited.

Once a cultivator had broken through to the Xuan Qi layer, his spirit became more and more lifelike. A stronger spirit was of extremely useful during a battle and helped to increase cultivation speed as well.

At that moment, the bald leader seemed like he had become an eagle, he also possessed the precise vision of an eagle.

When cultivators reached a certain level of cultivation, the latent energy of their spirit increased. Therefore, if a cultivator had a beast spirit, that beast spirit would be growing until it became monstrously strong and revealed its true powers.

“Oh, is that so? Only a sword made of pure Qi, nothing more?” Said Lin Feng while smiling coldly. He then took a step forwards, his sword and deadly energies were getting stronger and stronger.

“DIE!” Shouted Lin Feng, the battle energy left Lin Feng’s body and rolled through the atmosphere. It was moving towards the bald leader at full speed. The crowd was astonished, even though they were standing far away, they could sense Lin Feng’s battle energy. It was extremely powerful. Lin Feng was fearless, all that was going through his mind was to kill his opponent.

At that moment, Lin Feng looked like a warlord!

“Die!” Shouted the bald leader whose voice was as sharp as that of an eagles cry. His body transformed into a myriad of shadows which all moved towards Lin Feng.


Behind Lin Feng, his purple spirit suddenly appeared, it turned into a hundred snakes which all moved towards the bald leader and curled around his body completely constricting him. The bald leader was shaking, the strength of the spirit could be sensed in the air.

“Swallow!” Shouted Lin Feng. These small snakes turned into a large venomous snake and started devouring the strength of the eagle spirit. These snake spirits were extremely corrosive and it seemed like they were going to melt all the pure Qi that was surrounding the bald leader’s body.

“Break!” Furiously shouted the bald leader. His pure Qi turned into a huge blade and rushed towards one of the snake illusions piercing the purple spirit.

However, immediately after, the myriad of purple snakes seemed to go into a frenzy, they formed a spiral around the bald leader and then started spinning at the speed of light. The strength of that spirit seemed incredible, its movements seemed so precise and accurate.

“Rise!” Shouted Lin Feng furiously. A deadly light flashed in his eyes. A hundred purple snakes suddenly curled around the bald leader’s body, constricting him again.

Lin Feng was relying on the strength of his spirit, which he made curl around the bald leader’s body.

The crowd was gasping with astonishment when they saw the scene. Lin Feng looked like a majestic war god.

What a strong spirit! Lin Feng was so strong! His strange spirit seemed like it could transform itself as many times as he wished. This time, a hundred purple snakes had appeared and were all absorbing the leaders vitality. Besides, they were very useful to Lin Feng as they were constricting the bald leader’s body.

However, what the crowd didn’t know was that Lin Feng, in order to carry out such precise attacks, had suffered incredible pain when using the surplus soul technique. He was releasing his surplus souls which he then merged with his purple spirit, that was the only way for him to reach such a monstrous strength. His attack was also extremely accurate, he was controlling a hundred snakes at the same time and using them all to consume the leaders vitality.

The vitality was nourishment for his soul

Lin Feng’s eyes were closed and he had the feeling that his soul was still too weak. This was the first time he was using such a colossal amount of his soul strength, nonetheless, he couldn’t stand it, it was too hard from him to control.

Actually, Lin Feng couldn’t imagine creating millions of surplus souls, forget about billions, it sounded like a monstrous punishment to the body.

Lin Feng, even though his eyes were closed, was releasing his battle energy, it was extremely dense. He was also endlessly releasing sword Qi, it seemed like his sword was about ready to attack.

At the same time, the face of the bald leader, who was still constricted by the snakes, turned rigid. His powerful pure Qi turned into a resplendent blade.

“Slash!” Shouted the bald leader furiously. His blade diffused a bright and dazzling light in the atmosphere. The purple spirit around his body was finally cut off and collapsed.

But at that moment, Lin Feng’s eyes, which were closed, slowly started to open.

“Deadly Cross Shadow!” An incredible light in the shape of a cross appeared. Everybody couldn’t believe their eyes. The crowd couldn’t even follow it with their eyes as the attack was way too quick.

There was only some battle energy, deadly Qi and Sword Qi that could be sensed.

The cross disappeared as quickly as it appeared and blood splashed through the air. The crowd was astonished when they saw the bald leader had fallen onto the ground. A large cross mark had appeared on his chest, it was pouring with blood.

The powerful Qi, the earth fusion, his godly sword, his purple spirit and the deadly cross shadow were all separate parts of Lin Feng’s counterattack.

Lin Feng’s sword made from pure Qi wasn’t just a simple sword, that sword contained an incredible amount of battle energy.

“Eight moves, you still have two more!” Said Lin Feng which broke the silence.

Eight moves, there were still two more moves, but the loser was already clear and it wasn’t Lin Feng, but instead it was the bald leader.

In ten moves, who would kill whom?

The bald leader was using pure Qi to heal his wounds but at that moment he was already completely dispirited and depressed. The cross was glowing on his chest and his injury wasn’t only external. The powerful sword Qi had also invaded his body through the wound and damaged his internal organs.

“What a monstrous attack! What an amazing young man!” People’s hearts were pounding. Lin Feng was monstrously strong. Nothing was happening the way they had predicted.

Lin Feng, once again, was giving birth to miracles. One strike, he had just needed a single strike, and his strength of the Ling Qi layer defeated a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer!

That sword had completely changed people’s perception of Lin Feng. Lin Feng had defeated a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer and from that moment, they truly admired him.

Lights were unceasingly flashing in Lan Jiao’s eyes, she was staring at Lin Feng, what a daring young man! No wonder that her Thousand Evil Illusions hadn’t worked against him. Lin Feng wasn’t an ordinary person, he was an incredible genius.

Besides, at that moment, Bing He Teng’s killing intent was exploding in his heart as he thought: “How monstrous.”

Lin Feng really was a monster. He was much more frightening than all the disciples they had at the Ice and Snow Mountain Village. If the Yun Hai Sect hadn’t been exterminated, a disciple such as Lin Feng would have inevitably reached an even more monstrous level with the aid of a teacher. That guy had to die!

“Piece of trash!” Shouted Mo Cang Lan’s evil voice, he moved to attack. At the same time, Mister Huo moved as well closely following him. He wouldn’t give him an opportunity to attack Lin Feng.

However, the person towards whom Mo Cang Lan was rushing wasn’t Lin Feng at all, instead, it was the bald leader.

“No!” Shouted the bald leader as if he had just realized what was about to happen. His body was insanely shaking. He tried to escape but at that moment, vines curled around his body constricting him. In a flash, that vine turned into a bloodsucking plant monster, absorbing the bald leader’s blood and flesh. The bald leaders blood and flesh was circulating through a system of the vines and then penetrating straight into Mo Cang Lan’s body.

The crowd was astonished and their hearts were pounding. What a terrifying skill!

Mo Cang Lan’s vines were surprisingly absorbing the bald leader’s flesh, blood and pure Qi. The bald leader’s face was distorted in pain and he looked terrified. His body was violently shaking but one could see that he was powerless.

However, Mo Cang Lan looked like a greedy demon who was enjoying the taste of human flesh.

Every member of the Condor Castle Organization was incredibly scared of Mo Cang Lan. They were all violently shaking. He was a true demon. Their great leader was a demon. Even in their most horrible thoughts, they would have never imagined that such an evil skill existed before they met him.

A moment later, the bald leader’s body had turned into a pile of skin and bones. His skin and bones were all that was left on the ground. Mo Cang Lan recalled his vines back into his body and at that moment, took a deep breath while looking intoxicated with a euphoric happiness.

“Animal!” Lin Feng’s facial expression was ice-cold. Mo Cang Lan, who had helped with the destruction of the Yun Hai Sect, had surprisingly learnt such demonic skills.

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