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PMG Chapter 29: Teasing

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Lin Feng had a cold smile on his face. He reached towards the table, grabbed a cup of wine, inclined the cup and slowly poured it over Gu Song’s head.

Everybody stopped talking looked stupefied. They obviously would have never thought that Lin Feng would dare to retaliate to such humiliation and they especially never thought he would actually pour wine over Gu Song’s head.

The entire crowd was shocked and continued watching the scene with interest, especially Lin Yu who had a resplendent smile on his face. Not only was he able to see Gu Song lose face but he was also going to be able to see that piece of trash get crushed by Gu Song. That wonderful scene was taking place right before his eyes, how could he not be happy?

Gu Song clearly hadn’t expected such a thing from Lin Feng either. He had his eyes closed because some alcohol had gone into his eye which caused a small stinging pain. He then wiped the wine from his face using his bare hand.

He then opened his eyes which began to narrow with anger. His eyes had become so narrow that he looked like a deadly viper.

“That piece of trash has run out of luck today. He will not die but I will make him wish he was dead.” Everybody saw Gu Song’s ice cold expression. It seemed like there would be more hostility between the Lin Clan and the Gu Clan in the future.

“You dared to pour wine over my head?!” said Gu Song whose eyes were slightly red. The tone of his voice was low, he had said it calmly, but that had made it even more frightening. Gu Song was furious.

“Did you not see it was me because your eyes were closed? Quick, someone fetch me another cup of wine.” said Lin Feng while gesturing for more wine.

“I honestly don’t understand. Where does a piece of trash like you find the courage to do such a thing? Have you even considered the consequences of what you did? Or have you maybe stupidly thought that Lin Yu would stand up to protect you?” said Gu Song in a tone which was trying to ridicule both Lin Feng and Lin Yu.

Lin Feng didn’t reply right away. Instead, he grabbed a bottle of wine which was still on the table, opened it and then lifted it above Gu Song’s head. Gu Song stood there shocked as the wine continued to pour over him, not only soaking his face but soaking his whole body with wine.

“I also don’t understand why you use the term “piece of trash” that much. Are you trying to scare me? Or is it to cover up that terrible feeling which you have deep inside, because you are so insignificant? Are you hesitating now? Does the bastard of the Gu Clan have no courage? It makes us wonder whether that is inherited from his common blood or from that of the Gu Clan.”

Gu Song was the son of the head of the Gu Clan and one of the maids. He was undoubtedly a young master but of a lesser rank in the hierarchy of the Clan. That was Gu Song’s deepest regret, the simple mention of this had given him the sensation of a knot in his heart. He also utterly detested other people mentioning it to his face. Lin Feng’s words had clearly touched on a very sensitive subject.

“You want to die…” As expected, Gu Song’s expression changed and he looked even more evil. He was boiling over with fury and his killing intent could not be hidden.

Gu Song, without hesitation thrust out his fist in an attempt to strike Lin Feng, his fist whistled through the air at an incredible speed.

Everyone who was sitting at the table was trembling with fear at the speed and power of such a punch. Gu Song was truly enraged. That punch was aimed at smashing Lin Feng’s head with enough power to rip it from his neck. He had attacked with the intention to behead Lin Feng with his bare hands.

Lin Yu, unlike the others, could not help but smile even more, the smile on his face was remarkably large. He had really hoped from the bottom of his heart, that Lin Feng would die a painful death from Gu Song’s strike.

But things didn’t happen the way that he had wished. Gu Song’s punch stopped halfway between him and Lin Feng. Of course, it wasn’t Gu Song showing mercy. It was because the palm of a hand had stopped his punch completely. This hand had stopped the punch completely and in one motion closed, grabbing hold of Gu Song’s fist. It seemed the palm of that hand had easily stopped Gu Song’s punch, there were no signs of damage and it actually looked rather effortless. Gu Song’s face turned red and he was unable to move his fist away from the palm. It was Lin Feng who had reached out and stopped the punch as naturally as breathing. There were no signs of struggle on his face and he was still very relaxed and calm.

“Huh?” everybody was in a state of shock. How was such a thing even possible? How could Lin Feng block such a powerful attack so easily? Besides, Lin Feng’s facial expression hadn’t changed at all while Gu Song was clearly struggling to remove his fist from the grasp of Lin Feng.

“Actually, I don’t understand either. You are just another worthless bastard from the Gu Clan and you think you have the right to tease me. You call me a piece of trash… what status do you hold?”


Gu Song gave a horrible shriek. A sharp pain invaded his fist. The pain made his face look hideously distorted. Lin Feng had crushed the fist with his hand strength alone.

“Get lost. I have decided to let you leave with your life” said Lin Feng while waving his hand which was holding Gu Song’s Fist. Right after, Gu Song was thrown out of the window on the top floor. Everybody heard the sound of Gu Song’s body landing heavily onto the ground outside followed by painful moans.

Everybody at the table was completely stunned. Gu Song was at the eighth Qi layer and he had, in the blink of an eye, been injured and then thrown out of the window by that piece of trash. What had just happened?

“Pheww…” everyone let out a deep sigh. Is this really the piece of trash of the Lin Clan?

Lin Feng had a quick glance at everyone. Immediately after, he looked at Lin Yu. Seeing that Lin Feng was calmly looking at him, Lin Yu could not help but be completely terrified. That’s right, Lin Yu had just called Lin Feng a piece of trash and yet standing before him was a terrifying monster which was hard for him to recognize as Lin Feng.

It seemed like Lin Feng had gone through a complete transformation. He had turned into a ferocious beast which was hiding in human form. Lin Feng used to be completely different. Lin Feng was known for being timid and weak. But at that moment, Lin Feng looked like a powerful an unmoving beast. His temperament was wild and powerful. Was this really the piece of trash he knew?

“What was the name which you just called me?” Lin Feng asked Lin Yu.

Lin Yu’s lips slightly moved but there was no sound which could escape his throat. He actually didn’t know what to answer. He was so terrified of the person stood in front of him.

“A piece of trash?” Lin Feng said smiling coldly. Right after, Lin Yu sensed a cold wind and a sharp sound echoed through the air. Suddenly his face felt like it was burning from the pressure given by the wind. It was extremely painful.

Lin Feng had given him a slap across the face.

“You…” Lin Yu covered his face. His facial muscles were all on fire. Lin Feng had surprisingly given him a slap in the face while in the presence of everyone else… but when Lin Yu saw that Lin Feng was still staring at him as calmly as before, he swallowed down the things he wanted to say and did not make another sound.

“Next time you want to say something, watch your words. Remember what status you hold and what status I hold.” Lin Feng said in a cold tone. After that, he stopped paying attention to Lin Yu and ignored him. He passed behind Lin Yu and went over to Wen Shan.

“What do you intend to do?” asked Wen Shan while remaining his vigilance and looking worryingly at Lin Feng. That guy was able to throw Gu Song out of the window, He was not only strong but also daring.

“Are you scared?” asked Lin Feng in a teasing way.


Wen Shan wanted to open his mouth but stopped before saying anything. Suddenly, an ice cold killing intent emerged from Lin Feng’s body which made Wen Shan’s scalp go numb. He swallowed his fear and looked down at the ground. Just like Lin Yu a moment ago, his face turned red and was unable to find the courage to retaliate.

“…am the Piece of trash.”

The ice cold killing intent which had emerged out of Lin Feng’s body had vanished. Lin Feng then turned around and headed back outside. Nobody even dared give him a glance.

“Arghh…” Wen Shan groaned from his embarrassment. He was holding his glass of wine so firmly that it shattered in his hand. Even though Lin Feng hadn’t touched him, the way Lin Feng had forced him to cower, had made him feel incredibly ashamed and humiliated at himself. He had thought Lin Feng had no right to sit with them but during the confrontation with Lin Feng, he hadn’t dared move a single finger to the extent that Lin Feng hadn’t even needed to touch him once. His cup of wine along with his self respect were both now shattered into pieces .

At that moment, Lin Yu’s state of mind wasn’t any better than that of Wen Shan. He even could still feel Lin Feng’s hand mark on his face. Why did he feel so low? As Lin Feng was standing in front of him, he had made him lose the courage to even resist a slap to the face.

Everyone else sitting at the table remained silent. They all wanted to humiliate that piece of trash of the Lin Clan. They hadn’t expected he would be able to humiliate them like that. These young cultivators claimed to be the best juniors in Yangzhou City… One had been injured and thrown out of the window by Lin Feng, the other had been slapped in the face and the other one had been so scared that he had called himself trash. Did Lin Feng really not have the right to sit with them?

Qiu Lan’s eyes were shining. She was the strongest cultivator of the group. She had already reached the Ling Qi layer. As Lin Feng was still standing there, she could clearly feel that Lin Feng had a certain natural aura which made people feel ashamed of their inferiority.

As far as Lin Feng was concerned, he hadn’t thought at all that his appearance in the restaurant on that day would have made all these people think so much about him. He just didn’t want to get humiliated, insulted and called a piece of trash any longer. That group of disciples from the powerful clans were used to setting themselves above the masses. Lin Feng couldn’t bear looking at their ugly and repulsive faces so he had taught them a lesson in humility.

Qian Li Xue slowly trotted past the Whistle Wind Restaurant, Gu Song was watching Lin Feng’s silhouette leaving unhurriedly in the distance. His face clearly revealed that he planned to get his revenge on the trash of the Lin Clan by any means necessary.

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