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PMG Chapter 290: The New Party

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The battle continued in a deadlock. Mo Cang Lan and Mister Huo’s battle was tough and fierce. An evil Qi and a fire Qi were bombarding each other but the battle seemed to be very evenly matched, it was hard to tell who would win.

Mo Cang Lan’s skills were evil. Mister Huo’s skills were precise. Bing He Teng’s cultivation level was higher than Meng Qing’s but her fighting power had exceeded all expectations. Besides, a moment ago, he turned his back to her which led to him being injured by her attack. Bing He Teng couldn’t do anything against Meng Qing.

Concerning the members of the Condor Castle Organization, they did not want to go near Lin Feng, they didn’t dare to draw his attention.

His purple spirit was way too terrifying. It could swallow people and then melt them into nothing, how monstrous was that!

“It seems like Lin Feng is not going to die today.” Thought the crowd. He was so strong that Bing He Teng and Mo Cang Lan, who were acting together, couldn’t even kill him. Was this because destiny said he would not die today or was it because they were not strong enough to kill him?

Mister Huo and Meng Qing could take the two strongest opponents; while Lin Feng, who was gifted and strong, didn’t fear fighting against the lower Xuan Qi layer cultivators, therefore, all the opponents, who all belonged to influential groups, couldn’t touch him.

While the crowd was analyzing the situation, far away in the distance, appeared a white palanquin.

On that white palanquin was a woman wearing a fine gauze on her face. Four people were carrying that palanquin. At the same time, behind that palanquin, many people were running at full speed with only the tips of their toes touching the ground, they looked so graceful and they didn’t even look like they were hurrying. It seemed like they lightly floated above the ground, which gave the crowd a surrealistic impression, as if it was a dream.

In a flash, the group of silhouettes arrived to where the battle was taking place. They didn’t join the battle though.

The crowd was stupefied. Who were these people and what did they want this time?

However, Lan Jiao who was in the crowd was surprised. Her silhouette flickered and she landed in front of the palanquin. She then said to the woman: “Aunt Yun, why are you here?”

Aunt Yun removed her fine gauze and a beautiful mature woman’s face appeared. She looked graceful and noble, cold and detached. She looked superior to other people to the extent that some people didn’t dare look at her.

“I came to solve some problems.” Said Aunt Yun while smiling. Immediately after, she looked at Lin Feng, who looked surprised because he was also looking at her.

That woman didn’t look young but her skin looked splendid. Besides, she looked extremely elegant and her strength seemed exceptional.

“Lin Feng, right?” Said that mature woman to Lin Feng.

“Indeed.” Said Lin Feng while nodding and added: “Is there a problem?”

“There is a problem.” Said the mature woman while nodding and continued: “Lin Feng, last time at the Dream Pavilion, you obtained an ancient cauldron, it’s useless for you and we would like to take it back. We will give you your purity stones back, how does that sound?”

“The Ancient Dragon Cauldron!” Lin Feng was stupefied. These people had come because of the ancient dragon cauldron. Lin Feng couldn’t help but have a bad feeling. That woman was speaking in the name of the Dream Pavilion, she was obviously one of the management members. She had, against all expectations, come because of the dragon cauldron, she had likely found out what kind of item it was.

“In the frame of the auction, there is no rule which says that items have to be returned under any circumstance.” Said Lin Feng sounding indifferent while looking at his interlocutor. He was obviously not willing to hand the cauldron over.

The crowd was also puzzled. Lin Feng was right, since when did the people of the auction have the right to ask people to return acquired objects? That was impossible. Lin Feng, with the highest bid, had gained the cauldron, which now belonged to him.

The story was fishy.

“I can give you the double amount of purity stones for it to compensate for the loss.” Said Aunt Yun sounding patient and calm.

The double amount? Was the ancient dragon cauldron worth only four thousand purity stones of medium quality? It was one of the ten ancient cauldrons, it was priceless, it was a real treasure.

“No need. I don’t need purity stones, I like the cauldron very much.” Said Lin Feng indifferently. The cauldron was his, he didn’t need to justify himself.

“Lin Feng, you bought that cauldron for two thousand, now, I will give you ten thousand and you will give it back to me.” Continued Aunt Yun.

“I said that I liked my cauldron and no matter how many purity stones you offer, I will not exchange it.” Said Lin Feng in a strict and firm manner which made a strange expression appear on the woman’s face.

“Aunt Yun, what’s wrong?” Said Lan Jiao who felt that something was amiss. It seemed like something bad was about to happen between Aunt Yun and Lin Feng.

“Jiao Jiao, this has nothing to do with you.” Said Aunt Yun indifferently. Immediately after, she looked at Lin Feng again and said: “That cauldron is of no use for you. However, we need it, I hope that you can hand it over to the Dream Pavilion, we will inevitably be very grateful.”

Lin Feng, as before, shook his head.

Finally, the woman’s patience reached its limits. A cold energy appeared around her body, which made Lan Jiao shiver.

What a tragedy!

“You don’t know how to distinguish good from evil.” Said Aunt Yun in a low voice. She could see the look on Lan Jiao’s face was sad because of what was going to happen, but Lin Feng didn’t recognize other people’s kindness.

“What if I want the item no matter what?” added Aunt Yun.

Lin Feng was surprised. He then coldly said: “The Dream Pavilion sells things that other people have put up for auction. You, the Dream Pavilion, are just in charge of the selling. I obtained something and you gave the purity stones to the owner but now, you come to me and ask me for the cauldron on behalf of the Dream Pavilion, what is that supposed to mean?”

When the woman heard Lin Feng, she remained unmoved. She just said coldly: “All I’m saying is that you have to hand over the ancient cauldron or you will regret it, the consequences will be terrible.”

When the crowd heard the woman, they were astonished, problems were occurring one after the other for Lin Feng, he didn’t even have the time to solve the old problems and new ones were arising already.

The Dream Pavilion surprisingly also wanted to fight against Lin Feng but these people’s strengths were much more terrifying than that of the Condor Castle Organization.

“Since when are the people of the Dream Pavilion so shameless?” Said Mister Huo jokingly. Fireballs were still emerging from his hand and rotating around him. He left Mo Cang Lan behind and moved back to Lin Feng. He was aggressively staring at Aunt Yun.

“I didn’t know that the Dream Pavilion was so greedy. If other people tried to steal items obtained at the auction, I wouldn’t be surprised but you, the Dream Pavilion, I am not expecting you to protect the people who obtain items at your auction, I can understand that, but stealing those items yourself, don’t you care about face?”

Many people secretly nodded when they heard Mister Huo. Indeed, these people’s behaviour was way too exaggerated.

That treasure had been obtained at their auction, they should protect their reputation instead of trying to steal from their own customers.

“HAHAHA!” Laughed Mo Cang Lan. He glanced at Aunt Yun, smiled evilly and said: “Whether they are shameless or not will not be a problem for you once you’re dead, stop talking nonsense.”

“Did you hear him?” Said Aunt Yun to Lin Feng coldly. “I don’t want to kill you, if you obey and hand over the cauldron, I will not get involved, but if you don’t..”

“Aunt Yun!” Shouted Lan Jiao whose face had turned deathly pale. Aunt Yun originally wanted Lin Feng and her to become friends but at that moment, she surprisingly was making an enemy and threatening to kill Lin Feng.

“Jiao Jiao, I already told you that all this is none of your business.” Said Aunt Yun sounding cold. Lan Jiao bit her lip and remained silent. The Condor Castle Organization and the Ice and Snow Mountain Village hadn’t managed to touch Lin Feng, could it be that the last group was going to manage what the others hadn’t?

The situation was clear to Lan Jiao, if Aunt Yun fought against Lin Feng, it would be a one sided battle in her favour and Lin Feng would have no opportunity to escape the combined forces.

At that moment, Meng Qing and Bing He Teng stopped fighting and Meng Qing moved back to Lin Feng’s side.

Lin Feng’s facial expression was ice-cold. Lin Feng was constantly being threatened in Celestial River.

These people were all influential and powerful which is why they could threaten Lin Feng as they much as they wished, because his strength still was not enough to deter these powerful groups.

If Lin Feng had been extremely powerful, who would have dared speak to him that way? They even wanted to steal the treasure he had obtained at the auction.

“Very good.” Said Lin Feng while looking at Aunt Yun. An evil smile appeared on his face and he said coldly: “You are very strong which makes you think that you can threaten me whenever you want. If I don’t give you what you want, you will kill me, you are convinced that the ancient cauldron is already yours, right?”

Aunt Yun frowned and saw that Lin Feng’s smile was becoming more and more evil and he then said: “Everybody has heard her words clearly, you now all know how shameless the people of the Dream Pavilion are. Surprisingly, they want to steal the ancient cauldron that I obtained in their establishment!”

Aunt Yun was stupefied and then said coldly: “Shut up!”

“Shut up? You threaten me with death and now you want to me to keep quiet about it? Do you think that the cauldron will automatically become yours once I die? You are naive, ridiculous and utterly moronic!” Said Lin Feng while smiling indifferently.

He then shouted at the top of his lungs, “I have obtained an ancient cauldron which is surprisingly one of the ten legendary cauldrons from the stories, the ancient cauldron is actually the Cauldron of the Heavenly Dragons.”

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