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PMG Chapter 291: Thousand Illusions

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“One of the ten legendary cauldrons from the stories, the ancient cauldron is actually the Cauldron of the Heavenly Dragons.” Lin Feng’s voice was echoing through the atmosphere.

People’s hearts started to violently pound. Legendary cauldrons were extremely precious. Even though they didn’t know what the true name “Heavenly Dragon of the Nine Skies” or exactly what it meant, considering the name, they could imagine its price. It seemed to be a priceless treasure from ancient times.

“The Dream Pavilion doesn’t care about violating the rules. They have come to steal a treasure.” The crowd had no doubts when it came to Lin Feng’s words. On that day, many people had seen Lin Feng come out of the Dream Pavilion with his legendary cauldron. But surprisingly, at that moment, the Dream Pavilion surprisingly wanted to have it back. Obviously, that ancient cauldron was priceless. Otherwise, the Dream Pavilion wouldn’t care.

The crowd was filled with excitement, they wish they could have obtained such an item……….

Mister Huo glanced at Lin Feng. Fire was burning in his eyes. He was an alchemist, he concocted pills. He had already heard about these legendary cauldrons, once or twice. These cauldrons all had a common point, they could be used by alchemists to concoct powerful pills and were all priceless.

When using an ordinary cauldron, one could only concoct Xuan level pills of lower quality, while when using the cauldron of the heavenly dragons, one could concoct Xuan level pills of medium quality or above. Even though it was only a slight improvement in quality, it still made a huge difference, it was the difference between day and night.

For example, Xuan level pills of lower quality could be used by cultivators between the first and the third Xuan Qi layer while Xuan level pills of medium quality could be used by cultivators between the fourth and sixth Xuan Qi layer. That was a three-layer difference, therefore, it was a huge difference.

“HAHAHA!” Mo Cang Lan was laughing demonically. The more he used his evil skill, the more evil and sinister he became. He didn’t look like a human being anymore. He realized that he was interested in the Cauldron of the Heavenly Dragons as well. He was as interested in the cauldron as he was in killing Lin Feng.

Bing He Teng was astonished as well. If the Ice and Snow Mountain Village could obtain such a treasure, how beneficial would it be?

“No… If I had such a treasure, would I even need to go back to the sect?” Bing He Teng was secretly excited. If he had such a treasure and went back to the sect, the treasure wouldn’t be his anymore, it would become the property of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village. Besides, considering the strength of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village, maybe they wouldn’t be able to protect the cauldron. It would be too hard to protect it. Maybe when it came to such a heavy responsibility, it was best to leave Xue Yue and take the treasure with him.

Everybody was already dreaming about getting the heavenly dragon cauldron. All the strong cultivators were wondering why they weren’t the ones who bought the cauldron, even though they had never even thought about it.

At that moment, Aunt Yun looked glum. Before arriving, she hadn’t thought that Lin Feng would know about the heavenly dragon cauldron, which is why she had offered a high price in the beginning, but later on, whatever the price, Lin Feng kept refusing over and over again. Therefore, she had guessed that Lin Feng probably knew about the cauldron.

Besides, she had threatened Lin Feng’s life, but it hadn’t been enough, Lin Feng had made the truth publicly known. That was a great loss for her, even if she obtained the cauldron, she wouldn’t necessarily be able to leave Xue Yue. Everybody would quickly know about the heavenly dragon cauldron.

“Everybody will know about the treasure if I obtain it.” Thought Aunt Yun. She was staring at Lin Feng and her face was filled with murder.

“You want to kill me?” Lin Feng had a cold smile on his face and immediately said: “Mo Cang Lan, Bing He Teng, I know that you all want to kill me but even if you kill me, have you thought about who would get the treasure?” Lin Feng sounded cold and indifferent.

Mo Cang Lan and Bing He Teng remained silent. The Dream Pavilion was one of the three biggest marketplaces in Celestial River. They had such a large power and influence that the Condor Castle couldn’t rival them. All the objects that appeared in their auction room were treasures, yet no one dared to try and steal the treasures. They certainly were extremely strong.

“However, if we kill the people of the Dream Pavilion first, we can solve our personal problems after, then we won’t be bothered by a stronger third party, wouldn’t that be a better solution?” Said Lin Feng. In the world, there were no definite enemies, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Even though Mo Cang Lan and Bing He Teng wanted to kill him and Lin Feng also wanted to kill them, he knew that if they acted at the same time as the dream pavilion, he wouldn’t have a single chance.

Lin Feng was just trying to create tension between them, so that they would, at least, not collaborate to kill him.

“Lin Feng………” Lan Jiao was looking at Lin Feng while unceasingly shaking her head. She hadn’t thought that Aunt Yun and Lin Feng would fight each other to death…….

“She wants to kill me, should I let her kill me without retaliation?” Said Lin Feng sounding indifferent while looking at Lan Jiao, which made her speechless. Aunt Yun wanted to kill Lin Feng, what could Lin Feng do? He had no choice but to return his killing intent.

When Bing He Teng heard Lin Feng, lights flashed in his eyes. Lin Feng was right. Even if they collaborated with Aunt Yun and killed Lin Feng, they were in Celestial River, they weren’t at the Ice and Snow Mountain Village, even if they obtained the heavenly dragon cauldron, they wouldn’t be able to leave with it as long as the Dream Pavilion wanted it.

“HAHAHA!” Mo Cang Lan was laughing evilly. He then said: “I will not join anyone!”

“Old fool!” Cursed Lin Feng. Mo Cang Lan was really evil. He didn’t wait for Bing He Teng, who wasn’t as strong as him, to reply and had given his answer.

If the two didn’t help, Lin Feng and the people of the Dream Pavilion would fight. The other two would just sit and watch them fight and then attack the winner. Then, it didn’t matter whether it was Lin Feng or the Dream Pavilion who won, they would inevitably be injured.

However, even they didn’t help, Lin Feng’s goal was to get rid of the two cultivators of the third Xuan Qi layer and then fight against the people of the Dream Pavilion.

Aunt Yun, at that moment, was staring at Lin Feng. From the stories, he was not someone who would lie down and be killed easily, but could it really be that bad?

Even though they had only a fraction of the power in Celestial River, they were still strong enough to kill Lin Feng.

“Since you want to die, I will help you achieve your aim.” Said Aunt Yun coldly. She then jumped off the palanquin. She was extremely quick.

At the same time, the silhouettes of the four cultivators carrying the palanquin flickered. They all landed on her sides. They were releasing a deadly Qi.

Amongst these four people, who were women, none of them were mediocre cultivators, all of them had broken through to the first Xuan Qi layer.

“The people of the Dream Pavilion are so strong.” Lin Feng was stupefied. Aunt Yun was extremely powerful when compared to the other women.

“You four can kill him and then his ring with the Na stone.” Said Aunt Yun while pointing to Lin Feng. She sounded indifferent. Lin Feng had no power or influence in Celestial River, he couldn’t just walk away with the precious treasure when there were stronger people present. That was why these four people were here to kill Lin Feng.

“I will handle these two.” Said Aunt Yun while rolling up her sleeves. Her silhouette flickered and in a flash, she appeared in front of Mister Huo and Meng Qing.

Her long sleeves were fluttering in the wind. In a flash, an endless quantity of illusions appeared. It seemed like there was an endless quantity of clones. In a flash, Meng Qing and Mister Huo’s silhouettes had disappeared.

“Third Xuan Qi Layer.”

Mo Cang Lan and Bing He Teng had lots of experience, they could, obviously, sense other people’s strength. They could see that that woman had broken through to the third Xuan Qi Layer like them, however, she had immediately challenged Meng Qing and Mister Huo, alone. Those two could rival Mo Cang Lan and Bing He Teng in power.

“What a strong and aggressive woman.” People’s hearts were pounding. After that move, it seemed like she was the only person in the entire world.

“Aunt Yun’s Thousand Illusions skill is becoming stronger and stronger.” Whispered Lan Jiao. She was lost though because she already had feelings for Lin Feng, but at that moment, Aunt Yun wanted to kill him.

In the middle of a whistling hurricane, Meng Qing and Mister Huo had recovered from the illusions. These thousand illusions didn’t emit any sound but everybody could feel the terrifying power in the attack. A careless move and it was easy to get severely injured in the middle of such an attack, or even die in a pitiful manner.

At that moment, the four women also attacked. Their sleeves were fluttering in the wind. Like illusions, in a flash, they surrounded Lin Feng. Lin Feng was unable to escape even if he grew wings.


Coldness invaded the entire atmosphere. Lin Feng frowned and raised his head and looked at the three silhouettes fighting. It seemed like Meng Qing was furious. She wanted to leave the thousand illusions and join Lin Feng.

“Meng Qing, don’t worry about me!” Shouted Lin Feng. It was clear to Lin Feng that Meng Qing was ready to do anything for him. Besides, he even knew that Meng Qing had a strange ability to increase her power several fold when needed, but using it created an infinite coldness which invaded her body. He didn’t want Meng Qing to use it.

Lin Feng preferred to suffer alone!

“It’s my turn!” Lin Feng took a deep breath. A hundred surplus souls emerged. Around his body was releasing a terrifying Qi.

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