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PMG Chapter 293: Giving up the Cauldron!

I took a nap 🙂 – continuation of the slave day! Special thanks to Richard D for sponsoring this chapter.
Hakubruh wuz hear.
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Lin Feng was back on the head of the gigantic purple dragon and his eyes were closed as before. Besides, the purple dragon, on which Lin Feng was, was moving towards the people of the Dream Pavilion which made their heartbeats accelerate violently.

“How dare you!” Said the woman who sounded enraged. She was extremely arrogant and at that moment, she was still acting very haughty and bossy.

“Why would I not dare?” Said Lin Feng sounding ice-cold: “Mister Huo, Meng Qing, Aunt Yun is for you.”

“Alright.” said Mister Huo while slightly nodding. He was staring at Aunt Yun. How arrogant! She was even looking down on him, an old man at the same Xuan Qi Layer.

The purple dragon arrived in front of the people of the Dream Pavilion in a flash.

At that moment, a silhouette blocked Lin Feng’s way. It was Lan Jiao.

“Please, no!” Said Lan Jiao while shaking her head and hoping that Lin Feng would stop.

“Please, no?” Said the gigantic dragon sounding ice-cold. “Your people, the people of the Dream Pavilion, want to kill me, but I can’t kill them? Besides, when they wanted to kill me, you didn’t try to prevent them from doing so, but now that I want to kill them, do you think that you have any right to stop me?”

When Lan Jiao heard Lin Feng, she started shaking. Indeed, when these people arrived to kill Lin Feng, she didn’t try to stop them. What gave her the right to try and prevent Lin Feng from getting his revenge by blocking his way?

“Get lost!”

The gigantic dragon moved forwards and threw Lan Jiao’s body flying to the side. Then, it kept moving forwards towards the people of the Dream Pavilion. Immediately after, horrible shrieks spread through the atmosphere. All the people of the Dream Pavilion were thrown into the air. An extreme strength had smashed into them destroying their bones, flesh and vital organs.

“Ssss……” The dragon had slaughtered the people of the Dream Pavilion but its two gigantic eyes revealed neither sympathy nor pity, they were just filled with killing intent.

It fought until all the enemies were dead!

At the moment when everybody wanted to kill him, who had felt any sympathy or pity for him? The world of cultivation was a cruel world without emotion. Those who were weak in their hearts died early. The rule was to kill or be killed.

Very quickly, a sea of corpses appeared in front of the purple dragon. All the people of the Dream Pavilion except for Lan Jiao had died.

Far in the distance, Aunt Yun’s facial expression looked evilly cold revealing her murderous desires. All of her people had died except for Lan Jiao. She had to get revenge and kill Lin Feng. However, at that moment, Meng Qing and Mister Huo were preventing her from doing so, she couldn’t even move closer to Lin Feng.

Besides, Mo Cang Lan and Bing He Teng were smiling coldly. They both had ice-cold evil smiles on their faces.

They hadn’t expected such happy circumstances. For them, the more devastating that battle was, the more advantageous it was for them.

The gigantic purple dragon slowly turned around. Its eyes looked as cold as before and it glanced at the crowd.

The crowd looked at Lin Feng but what they didn’t know was that Lin Feng, at that moment, was exhausted and had almost no strength remaining.

Using The Ode to the Spirit, was using the strength of his soul to boost his spirits power, and then make his spirit transform into a ferocious dragon. It was extremely tiresome for his soul and vitality. Lin Feng already had the impression that he was about to faint from exhaustion.

Mo Cang Lan had a huge smile on his face. He was slowly walking forward, taking small steps. Suddenly, he jumped into the air, throwing himself at Lin Feng.

An endless quantity of vines appeared in the air and moved towards Lin Feng at full speed.

Even though that purple dragon was terrifying, Mo Cang Lan had sensed that the purple dragon was just Lin Feng’s spirit and that it wasn’t a real dragon. Besides, it only had the strength of the first Xuan Qi layer, but that was still sufficient to kill four people of the first Xuan Qi layer. However, it wouldn’t be enough against Mo Cang Lan. In such circumstances, if Mo Cang Lan managed to kill Lin Feng, the purple dragon would collapse by itself.

“Ssssss…….” The dragon moved towards the vines. The vines were becoming longer and longer and started twining around the dragon’s body. A bloodthirsty Qi emerged from the vines and the purple dragon was finally defeated. It transformed into a purple lake and rushed back towards Lin Feng’s body.

Lin Feng couldn’t endure it anymore, he was too exhausted.

He fell down onto the ground and opened his eyes. He saw these bloodthirsty vines coming towards him, at the same time, an ice-cold Qi enveloped his body.

Mo Cang Lan and Bing He Teng were attacking Lin Feng together. They wanted to kill him and steal the cauldron.

“You plan to kill me?” Said Lin Feng smiling with a warm smile on his face. He didn’t feel threatened at all.

His body flickered, a light flashed, and suddenly, an ancient cauldron appeared in Lin Feng’s hand. It contained a mysterious, ancient Qi.

When the ancient cauldron appeared, everybody was stupefied. At that moment, Lin Feng had taken out the ancient cauldron. It was obviously the heavenly dragon cauldron!

The crowd, who had no hope of ever being able to touch the cauldron, was still very excited when it appeared, and had hope again, what if a miracle happened and they were able to get it…

“You all want the heavenly dragon cauldron? Here, you can have it!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Immediately, the heavenly dragon cauldron flew through the air towards Mo Cang Lan. Lin Feng was offering it to him.

Mo Cang Lan was astonished. His vines stopped moving towards Lin Feng. Instead, he used them to catch the cauldron. Immediately after, he vigorously pulled it towards him. In a flash, it was almost in Mo Cang Lan’s hands.

Bing He Teng released some ice energy and threw himself at Mo Cang Lan. At that moment, he had already forgotten about Lin Feng.

Even though Lin Feng had killed his disciples of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village, they were less important than that ancient cauldron. If he managed to get that ancient cauldron, he would leave Xue Yue and go to even greater and more important places.

How could Bing He Teng miss the opportunity to get the ancient cauldron?

He wasn’t the only one to think that way. Because of Lin Feng, Protector Kong had killed Mo Xie, Mo Cang Lan’s son, and Mo Cang Lan hated Lin Feng even more for that, but just before, when Mo Cang Lan obtained the cauldron, he immediately focused on storing the cauldron and started running away at an incredible speed. People couldn’t even believe their eyes.

He didn’t think that it would be that easy to acquire the heavenly dragon cauldron. Mo Cang Lan, at that moment, couldn’t help but look up at the sky and feel overjoyed.

He hadn’t killed Lin Feng yet but after getting monstrously strong, he would come back and easily be able to kill Lin Feng. He didn’t need to rush. The most important thing was to stay safe and leave with the cauldron.

“Where are you going?” Shouted Aunt Yun furiously. She jumped into the air and threw herself at Mo Cang Lan, forgetting about Lin Feng for the time being.

At that moment, Meng Qing and Mister Huo didn’t stop them. They instead moved back to Lin Feng’s side. They were looking at the people who were farther and farther away.

“It’s not that easy to obtain the heavenly dragon cauldron.” Said Mister Huo indifferently. Mister Huo’s eyes were filled with admiration while looking at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng, when he was threatened by the people of the Dream Pavilion hadn’t taken the ancient cauldron out, but when the situation had turned out to be really dangerous, he immediately threw away an incredibly precious treasure, without regret or hesitation.

Courage, insight, cunning and resolution, coupled with Lin Feng’s natural talent would definitely turn him into an incredibly strong cultivator.

Lin Feng’s face turned deathly pale. He was smiling indifferently and took out a sheet, a pill recipe.

“Mister Huo, this is the recipe for spirit blood pills. Keep it safe. I will copy some other recipes for you.” Said Lin Feng while giving the recipe to Mister Huo. If he hadn’t been helped by Mister Huo, maybe the outcome of these battles would have been different. He wouldn’t even have been able to resist to Mo Cang Lan and Bing He Teng.

Lin Feng would remember that favour forever.

Mister Huo looked delighted, without adhering to formalities with Lin Feng, he immediately put away the recipe and immediately handed a ring to Lin Feng while saying: “These are the things that you have asked me to get. Keep them safe.”

“Thank you.” Said Lin Feng while taking the ring. He immediately said: “Mister Huo, how advanced is your knowledge when it comes to pills?”

“So-so. I have no problem concocting Ling level pills, I can make some Xuan level pills of lower quality as well but it doesn’t always succeed, I have about a ten percent success rate, I am unable to make pills of higher levels.”

Xuan level pills of lower quality, ten percent success rate!

Mister Huo’s abilities when it came to concocting pills were already extremely advanced! Having a ten percent success rate when it came to concocting Xuan level pills of lower quality was not a great success rate, but it was very high compared to others, which was why the demand for Xuan level pills were high. Mister Huo certainly had many people who were interested in his services.

“Mister Huo, are you interested in concocting some pills with me? You could also teach a few things about pills.” Asked Lin Feng.

Mister Huo remained silent for a while and then said, while smiling: “Concocting pills together, no problem, but don’t you want to chase the heavenly dragon cauldron?”

“I’m not strong enough to own such a valuable item, how could I even get it back?” Said Lin Feng while shaking his head and smiling.

“If you cannot get it back, at least, you should make things hard for them. These days, the news that the heavenly dragon cauldron is in Celestial River will spread very quickly. If anyone wants it, it will not be easy for anyone, at least, for a certain period of time. In Celestial River, it will be a bloodbath because of the ancient cauldron. Even though, relying on your own strength, you are not necessarily able to take it back, since you have pill recipes, I could ask some old friends to help, then it might not be that difficult to get it back.” Said Mister Huo while smiling. Lin Feng looked delighted.

Since the precious treasure was there, many extremely strong people were going to try and steal it. The strongest ones could defeat a few of their opponents, but it wouldn’t be an easy task to exterminate all those interested in the cauldron!

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