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PMG Chapter 294: Mister Chi

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In a secret room, Lin Feng was sitting cross-legged and his eyes were firmly closed. Carefree and indifferent, Lin Feng was fused with the earth.

A long thread of pure Qi was fluctuating, it contained Lin Feng’s soul energy. Lin Feng was practicing his surplus souls technique.

It had been two days since the battle between the multiple groups. During these two days, Lin Feng had only been sitting in that secret room practicing cultivation, nothing else.

His pure Qi had recovered, the strength of his soul had also recovered, at the same time, he had improved the speed of his surplus soul ability. The strength of his soul was becoming stronger and stronger. He was also able to make even more surplus souls appear. He could make an even stronger purple spirit appear. In a battle, he would be much stronger than before.

Lin Feng needed to be extremely strong. Therefore, before even having completely recovered from his injuries, Lin Feng had already started developing the number of his surplus souls.

In order to become stronger, even if it was extremely difficult, Lin Feng was ready and willing to endure the pain and suffering required.

He didn’t want to be threatened by other people. He didn’t want to rely on Meng Qing and other people each time a situation appeared where someone wanted to kill him. It was embarrassing for Lin Feng to be so weak. The fact that Meng Qing protected him once in a while was not a problem, but it couldn’t always be the case.

Time passed and the third day was already over. In that secret room, many purity stones of medium quality had already disappeared, but Lin Feng’s ability to absorb pure Qi was growing stronger.

A white light was fluctuating in the atmosphere emitting whistling sounds. It was violently penetrating into Lin Feng’s body. Lin Feng had the impression that he was intoxicated, it was so comfortable.

The pure Qi was revolving faster and faster around Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s body was glittering and looked translucent. In the middle of the dazzling light, there was an incredible strength which seemed to be endless. It was the strength of pure Qi, even though they were only small threads of pure Qi, the fact that he was now absorbing enough pure Qi for it to be visible implied that Lin Feng was getting closer and closer to reaching the Xuan Qi layer.

“Boom!” A soft explosion emerged inside Lin Feng’s body. An endless supply of pure Qi drowned into Lin Feng’s body from heaven and earth. Besides, at the same time, a thread of pure Qi emitted a bright and dazzling light and then immediately vanished.

“Pfeww…” Lin Feng, whose eyes were closed, slightly opened his mouth and took a deep breath. He opened his eyes and looked so delighted that his eyes were twinkling.

“Ninth Ling Qi layer. I still have one more step before I break through to the Xuan Qi layer, now it’s only a small step away.” thought Lin Feng.

For months, Lin Feng had dedicated all his time to studying the Zun Qi layer cultivator’s memories and techniques. He had not reached the ninth Ling Qi Layer as he was focusing on the pure Qi and techniques rather than just absorbing Qi. After the last big battle, he finally believed he now had enough understanding of pure Qi and could successfully advance. He had finally broken through to the ninth Ling Qi layer, but was still a small step away from breaking through to the Xuan Qi layer.

Even though Lin Feng had broken through to the ninth Qi layer, he didn’t stand up. He slowly closed his eyes again and kept practicing his surplus soul technique.

Lin Feng couldn’t afford to relax and be lazy. No matter how tiresome, how painful, everything that he did was in accordance with his beliefs. Everything he did was because of his incredible ambition, to not get bullied anymore, and to put a stop to the people who wanted to kill him.

Lin Feng spent seven days in the secret room focusing on getting stronger. Outside of the secret room was a spacious guest room but nobody was inside at that moment.

In the room next to Lin Feng’s cultivation room, it was dark. From outside, that cultivation room looked like shelf but nobody knew that it was actually an entrance to a secret room.

Meng Qing was probably cultivating as well. After all, that big battle had made her exhausted as well.

“Where is Mister Huo?!” thought Lin Feng. He started walking to the guest room and opened the door and entered. Inside, it was a scenery filled with charm and beauty. There were many rooms, in one of the rooms, a vast and boundless heat had invaded the atmosphere. Apart from that heat, it also smelt like medicine.

“No, no, no, it’s not correct. Mister Chi, that’s not correct, the thousand lotus flower leaves have to melt first and then they can be put into the mixture. Then, we have to use our soul to control it.” The sounds of people arguing could be heard in the room where the heat came from. It was precisely Mister Huo’s voice. It seemed like he was arguing with someone else about something.

“Mister Huo, you are wrong. If you first melt the lotus leaves and then put them into the mixture, you will lose half of the medicinal strength when you add them to the mixture, and it will be impossible to concoct Xuan level spirit blood pills.” Said the other voice. It seemed like that person was an old man like Mister Huo. Besides, his voice sounded like he was stubbornly persisting in his own opinion.

“It seems like Mister Huo and his friend were concocting Xuan level spirit blood pills, and that they didn’t agree with each other.” thought Lin Feng. Immediately after, he entered the room in which they were concocting pills. Apart from Mister Huo, Lin Feng saw another old man, he was sitting down on a chair. Both of them were staring at the other, it seemed like they were unable to persuade each other. Besides, next to them was a huge cauldron.

Mister Huo had taken the recipe of the spirit blood pills and was discussing it with the other old man. Obviously, they were very well acquainted.

Lin Feng glanced at the two old men and then looked at the red-haired old man. His heart started beating a bit faster. He recognized the old man who was with Mister Huo. It was the old man who bid on the heavenly dragon cauldron in the auction room but who, in the end, let Lin Feng get it.

The red-haired old man, when he saw Lin Feng, smiled and nodded.

“Senior.” Said Lin Feng while slightly bowing, as a sign of respect.

“Lin Feng, you provided us with the recipe of the spirit blood pills, we need you to tell us, do we have to make the lotus leaves melt first and then add them to the mixture or not?” Asked Mister Huo, he was only concerned about his argument with the red-haired old man.

“Stop talking nonsense! If you melt them first and add them to mixture, would your soul be strong enough to control the leaves so that their essence spreads evenly in the concoction? If the pills are not perfectly balanced with all the ingredients, can you still concoct Xuan level spirit blood pills? Said the red-haired old man getting angry again.

When Lin Feng saw these two old men argue, he smiled. In that world, being able to exchange ideas while insulting each other, but remaining friendly was also an enviable thing, it could mean that a friendship had already reached a certain degree.

“Mister Huo, senior, I also did some research about that recipe but my pill concoction abilities are extremely basic. I’m not able to concoct spirit blood pills but I would like to have a try with the guidance from you, my seniors. We could see if Mister Huo’s suggestion works, even if there is no guarantee that it will work.” Said Lin Feng who made the red-haired old man frown.

“Lin Feng, who are you calling a senior? Call me Mister Chi, damn it! Maybe because you have never concocted pills before, but the more people doesn’t mean the merrier, it’s actually the opposite and can get chaotic. People synchronize their souls in perfect harmony. Concocting pills is an extremely rigorous process, each step of the procedure is of highest importance. One careless move and the whole thing would be lost. Besides, it can lead to the cauldron being damaged or destroyed.” Said the red-haired old man sounding solemn and respectful. One person was more appropriate than two when concocting pills.

“I know about that, obviously, but maybe I have a solution.” Said Lin Feng while smiling. Immediately after, he sat next to Mister Huo and Mister Chi, in front of the cauldron.

“You are two senior alchemists, you can feel the strength of a soul.” Said Lin Feng. Immediately after, he closed his eyes. Mister Huo and Mister Chi glanced at each other and then immediately closed their eyes. They then all started releasing the strength of their soul and slowly let it flow out.

In a flash, Mister Huo and Mister Chi could feel the strength of each others souls, it seemed like there were two sets of eyes angrily staring at each other. Their souls were in the atmosphere but their souls were at odds. Every person was unique and would see things in their own way, it was impossible for two people to have perfectly identical beliefs and opinions, which was why it was difficult for several people to concoct pills together.

However, at that moment, an illusion slowly appeared. It was Lin Feng’s soul.

That bright illusion immediately wrapped up the two old men’s souls and in a flash, it seemed like their souls had entered another world. These three people’s souls seemed to be following the same pace and rhythm as if they were joined through a special connection.

The bright illusion moved their soul power into the cauldron. Mister Huo and Mister Chi could distinctly and clearly perceive what Lin Feng’s soul was doing as if it was their own soul, it was a mysterious and mystical moment.

At that moment, the light vanished from the atmosphere. That mysterious sensation vanished as well. Mister Huo and Mister Chi’s souls suddenly became at odds again. They recalled their souls back into their bodies and opened their eyes. They were both looking at Lin Feng, they looked delighted.

“Earth Fusion!”

“Indeed, I have broken through the earth dimension.” Said Lin Feng while nodding. Mister Huo and Mister Chi remained silent for a while and then both burst into an insane laughter.

“Mister Huo, the fact that you have met Lin Feng is a stroke of luck. He knows the secret of earth fusion which even we could only dream of. Thanks to him, we can concoct at the same time, while maintaining the efficiency to a high level.” Said Mister Chi while smiling. Before, it was impossible for Mister Huo and Mister Chi to concoct pills together, but since Lin Feng had the power of earth fusion, they would be able to concoct pills together and their souls could work together. They could clearly divide the work without interfering with the other. This made the chance of errors occurring very low.

As alchemists, Lin Feng didn’t need to beg them to accept working with him, it was a great chance for them to increase their knowledge and abilities by working together.

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