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PMG Chapter 296: Join Him Before His Success!

Regular chapter number 2.
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After Lin Feng had left, Mister Huo and Mister Chi remained in the room where they were concocting the pills.

“Old friend seriously, you are younger than me, yet your cultivation level is higher than mine. You are already at the peak of the third Xuan Qi layer and your natural talent is extremely high. These spirit blood pills increase the strength of the blood vessels and make the soul much stronger. If you take it, you would have high chance of breaking through to the fourth Xuan Qi layer. Even in a city as vast as Celestial River, we would still have absolute power.”

Mister Huo was looking at Mister Chi in a solemn and respectful way. “Therefore, old friend, we shouldn’t fight again.”

Mister Chi was a bit surprised. He remained silent for a moment and finally nodded while saying: “Alright.”

“Old friend, don’t be so serious. In the future, with Lin Feng’s natural talent and the earth fusion. We will have even more good pills, do you think that I will not take any in the future?”

“Huh?” Mister Chi was a bit surprised. He was staring at Mister Huo and said: “What you mean is…..”

Mister Huo slightly nodded and said: “You guessed right, I am getting ready to follow Lin Feng.”

“Follow Lin Feng!” Mister Chi’s pupils shrank. Lin Feng had broken through to the eighth Ling Qi layer but Mister Huo was a strong cultivator of the third Xuan Qi layer. Surprisingly, he wanted to follow Lin Feng.

“Indeed, follow Lin Feng.” Said Mister Huo sounding absolutely serious. He then said, sounding solemn and respectful; “Old friend, deep in your heart, you’re also able to evaluate Lin Feng’s ability to concoct pills.”

Mister Chi frowned and then said while nodding: “Earth fusion, that exceptional soul strength and Lin Feng’s level of talent, his destiny is to become a great alchemist.”

“You’re wrong, old friend.” Said Mister Huo while shaking his head.

“I’m wrong?”

“Indeed, you are wrong. His earth fusion, his amazing soul strength, he’s not only good for concocting pills. Lin Feng is extremely good at everything. Provided that he’s willing to do something, he always manages to master it. He can become a monstrously strong cultivator. He can become an alchemist, a blacksmith, a commander, anything! He only has to be willing to do something and he’ll be able to achieve it. If we are patient, we will see incredibly wonderful things happen.”

Mister Huo was speaking slowly. Mister Chi’s eyes were twinkling. Indeed, with the earth fusion and his incredible soul strength, Lin Feng would be able to accomplish anything, only relying on his monstrous talent.

“Old friend, you have observed Lin Feng’s behaviour and ability with your own eyes, he is worth trusting. You know, we may be cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer but we are not that young anymore. We might not be able to have any more breakthroughs in this lifetime. Our lifespan is not limitless. Nowadays, we have a certain reputation in Celestial River but it also has its limits and will eventually fade. Following Lin Feng will provide us with many new opportunities.”

When Mister Chi heard Mister Huo, he shivered. Indeed, ordinary people had a life expectancy of a hundred years. For people of the Qi and Ling Qi layers, provided that they were strong and healthy, could usually hope to live until a hundred and fifty years old. Besides, cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer could to live to the age of two hundred years old but that was the maximum. However, for those who could become amazingly strong cultivators, it was a different story, they could live until the age of five hundred years old. Such cultivators could often reach the heavens on the path of cultivation after three hundred years.

Even though Mister Huo and Mister Chi had a prestigious status in Celestial River, but on the scale of the continent, they were nobodies. Besides, sooner or later, they would reach their limit then become weaker and they wouldn’t have the opportunity to improve their cultivation anymore.

“Following someone strong and making them stronger is easy, but providing help when it is needed the most is difficult. Old friend, what Lin Feng needs now is assistants. If we follow him, he will be truly grateful. Besides, on the day when Lin Feng reaches the heavens, if you only want to help him become even greater at that moment, will he pay attention to you?”

Mister Huo was speaking slowly: “Old friend, we cannot wait for Lin Feng to become extremely powerful to follow him, now, we have a great opportunity and it will enable us to obtain some power and influence too. We have the opportunity to follow a genius, isn’t that formidable? Besides, if we follow Lin Feng, we might get the chance to become stronger cultivators and not have to worry about our lifespan.”

“Wait for Lin Feng to be influential and then follow him….” Whispered Mister Chi… “Could we really become stronger and no longer await our death…?”

“Alright, old friend, take your time to think about it. First, take a spirit blood pill to break through to the next layer. I will help you absorb it.” Said Mister Huo interrupting Mister Chi’s train of thought. Mister Chi nodded and said: “Alright.”

When they finished talking, the two old men walked to the secret room.

A month had passed, and Celestial River was going through some turbulent times.

In the western part of Celestial River, there were some of the strongest cultivators of the Hao Yue Sect. In the northern part, there were some amazingly strong cultivators of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village, besides, there were even some extremely strong cultivators who had come from other distant places. For example, there were some extremely strong cultivators from the Luo Xia Sect, the Imperial City, the Wan Shou Sect, the Yu Clan and the Imperial Clan. All of these groups of people had sent people to Celestial River.

Apart from these people, there were also some unknown people, whose influence was unknown. The entire city of Celestial River had been encircled. It was only possible to get into the city but leaving was impossible. No matter who, they couldn’t take half a step outside of the ancient city of Celestial River.

Everybody only had one goal, obtain the heavenly dragon cauldron, one of the ten legendary cauldrons.

It was a treasure which dated back to the ancient times but nobody knew exactly how useful it was. But since it had become one of the ten legendary cauldrons, it probably was an incredible treasure.

That object didn’t belong to the history of Xue Yue but to the history of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. If some people in the continent knew that one of the ten legendary cauldrons was in Celestial River, it would turn into a bloodbath.

Apart from Xue Yue cultivators, if people other countries learnt that the precious treasure was in Xue Yue, they would also send forces to take it.

At that moment, in Celestial River, in a thatched hut, there was a silhouette wearing a bamboo hat. That person was wearing ragged clothes and was sitting on the ground. Their head was hanging low.

However, an evil light was flashing in the person’s eyes.

“A bunch of bastards!” Said that person in an evil voice. The person’s eyes were dark green and looked extremely cold.

The person was the one who had obtained the heavenly dragon cauldron, Mo Cang Lan.

After everything happened, he hadn’t thought that the situation would turn out so difficult. After Mo Cang Lan obtained the ancient cauldron, his escape had been obstructed by a myriad of people who wanted to kill him. He wanted to rush out of Celestial River but he had nearly been killed. Later on, more and more strong cultivators had been gathering around the city. Mo Cang Lan had no possibility of escape, he was completely encircled.

At that moment, he was severely injured. Even though he had been injured, he had also killed a certain number of his pursuers.

These days, Mo Cang Lan was like a beggar who nobody wanted to be associated with. He was chased by a myriad of people who wanted to kill him. He was under extreme pressure.

Mo Cang Lan was breathing heavily, pure Qi was revolving around his body. His Qi was unstable. During that short time, he swallowed an incredible quantity of pure Qi but horrible things were progressively approaching him, it seemed like oblivion was awaiting.

At that moment, Mo Cang Lan frowned, an evil expression flashed in his eyes. In the distance, some people were moving towards him.

“Sister, there is a thatched hut there, let’s go and rest there.” Said a girl. Immediately after, everybody started walking towards the hut.

Mo Cang Lan was in corner, he was dispirited. A short moment after, three beautiful silhouettes entered the thatched hut.

“Sister, look, there’s somebody here, let’s switch to another place.” Said the younger girl in a soft voice.

“Why would we? Let’s make him get the hell out of here.” Said the other one aggressively. Immediately after, she arrived on Mo Cang Lan’s side and said, sounding ice-cold: “We belong to the Luo Xia Sect and need to have a rest. Leave and find another place to stay.”

“Switch to another place?” Said Mo Cang Lan with a strange expression on his face. He slowly raised his head. His face was filled with an evil expression which made the three people shiver. Their facial expressions drastically changed.

“Slash, slash!” Several vines appeared in the air, in a flash, the girl’s body was constricted by the vines, which were sucking the blood and flesh from under her skin.

“Ahhhh…….” A horrible shriek spread in the air. The two other people started running away but in a flash, another vine moved towards one of the girls and firmly wrapped around her body.

“Don’t kill me…..” Desperately shouted that girl. Immediately after, her body turned into a pile of skin and bones which hit the floor.

Two girls had already been killed. From the three girls, there was only one left.

“Mo Cang Lan, surprisingly, you’re here.” Said a cold voice. Immediately after, the thatched hut was completely frozen. Mo Cang Lan was shivering, he was unable to deal with the younger girl.

“Boom!” An ice Qi rushed into the thatched hut and Mo Cang Lan immediately tried to leave.

“Mo Cang Lan, I’ve been chasing you for such a long time, you already want to escape?” Said that ice-cold voice.

“Bing….. He….. Teng!” When the young girl heard these incredibly evil shouts, she immediately sat down onto the ground. When she saw her two sisters’ corpses, her body started shaking in grief.

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