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PMG Chapter 297: The Luo Xia Sect

Regular chapter number 3.
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At that moment, a person entered the now empty thatched hut.

The young girl slightly calmed down. She raised her head and looked at the silhouette who had just entered the thatched hut. That person was wearing a monstrous bronze mask. The girl was so terrified that her hands dug into the ground. She kept crawling backwards. The pair of eyes behind the bronze mask looked swift and fierce, ice-cold, but they didn’t look at the young girl at all, as if the person was lost in thoughts.

“Mo Cang Lan and Bing He Teng are here, surprisingly. Besides, it seems like Mo Cang Lan still has the heavenly dragon cauldron. Bing He Teng has been chasing him.” Thought Ba Dao. That thatched hut wasn’t far from the place where Lin Feng and him were staying. Mister Huo’s residence was very close to this place.

He was walking near the thatched hut and had sensed the cold Qi, he quickly approached and then he had immediately heard Mo Cang Lan shout Bing He Teng’s name.

In the distance, another voice spread in the atmosphere which surprised Ba Dao and made him shiver. He jumped away, he didn’t feel like creating more trouble.

“Stay there!” Said an ice-cold voice. At the moment when Ba Dao was getting ready to leave the thatched hut, a violent energy oppressed his body. Then someone punched through the air and the energy transformed into a blade which bombarded the atmosphere.

Extremely loud explosion sounds spread through the atmosphere. The thatched was already wrecked. Ba Dao’s body was completely oppressed and fell down onto the ground.

There was a man in front of him who glanced at Ba Dao. It was a young man. Immediately after, he looked at the two corpses as well as the young girl sitting on the ground.

“Your methods are cruel and evil.” Said the young man sounding ice-cold while releasing deadly Qi.

“I didn’t kill them.” Said Ba Dao sounding cold and detached but his interlocutor didn’t pay attention to him and his deadly Qi was becoming even denser.

“Do you think that I would believe you?” Said the young man sounding ice-cold. “You kill my two sister disciples and want to do evil things to my other sister disciple. I caught you red handed and now you want to escape?”

“He didn’t kill them. ” said the girl sitting on the ground while standing up. She looked at the young man in an ice-cold way. Fellow disciples? A moment ago, her brother disciple was near the thatched hut, he should have noticed that her two sisters being killed but at the moment when they shouted for help, he did not come to help. He had just arrived after Ba Dao entered the hut. That was her brother disciple, how ridiculous!

The young man couldn’t deal with the murderer so he wanted to use Ba Dao as a scapegoat.

“Sister, don’t worry, since I am here, you don’t need to be afraid of being bullied. Besides, I will avenge our two sisters.” Just as the young girl had guessed, that young man really wanted to make Ba Dao a scapegoat. If he and his sister came out safe and sound while the two others had been killed, how would he be able to explain why he hadn’t stopped the murderer? Wouldn’t he lose face?

“Huh?” Ba Dao frowned. That young girl guessed right, that young man intended, to make him as a scapegoat. Was it that easy though?

“Since you want to kill him, what can I do? But I know that he hasn’t killed them.” Said the young girl looking disgusted.

“You don’t know how to differentiate good from bad.” Said the young man. His facial expression looked strict and rigid. He then added: “If you had been raped and killed by him, isn’t revenge important?”

“Wu Gang, you’re really shameless!” That young girl looked slightly pale and her face was distorted. At the same time, Ba Dao realized what was going on as well. That guy wanted to kill him.

“Yun Xi, you are so naive. You’re not prepared to accept some things but I like you that way, you’re so innocent. Unfortunately, the only thing we can have is a one night stand, you are not wife material.” Said Wu Gang while smiling coldly. He had always been interested in Yun Xi but she had never been interested in him. Proud and ambitious as he was, he was uncomfortable not getting what he wanted. However, he now had the opportunity to make his evil thoughts come to reality at that moment.

When Yun Xi heard Wu Gang, her face turned deathly pale. He was really shameless.

“Sister, don’t worry, I will kill him first and then I will take care of you.” Said Wu Gang while smiling. Immediately after, he looked at Ba Dao in an ice-cold way, his eyes were filled with murderous intentions.

Ba Dao remained silent. A light flashed and his Moon-Breaking blade appeared in his hand. A piercingly cold and extremely brutal energy emerged from the blade.

“You’re not weak, seventh Ling Qi layer and your weapon is a spiritual weapon of higher quality, however, as before, you have run into a dead end.” Said Wu Gang while smiling coldly. He was one of the most outstanding disciples of the Luo Xia Sect, he had broken through to the ninth Ling Qi layer.

His silhouette flickered and he then took a huge step. A illusion on his side transformed into opaque rosy clouds which filled the atmosphere. It was endless, mysterious and unfathomable, it was the Sunset Clouds skill.

“Slash!” Shouted Ba Dao.

Ba Dao’s blade lacerated the air, it seemed like the atmosphere was being torn apart. After that, his blade fell down onto the opponent’s attack. It seemed like the atmosphere was torn apart. After that, that blade lacerated the endless and mysterious energy. It felt like it that blade was easily cutting through the energy, like his blade was cutting air.

The Sunset Clouds skill was a Di level skill. Sunset clouds emerged from the cultivator’s palm. It was vast and boundless but very difficult to carry out. However, in case of success, it was a terrifying attack.


The enemy’s hand landed on Ba Dao’s body which made him groan in pain, and his body was projected backwards. That cultivator had broken through to the ninth Ling Qi layer and was close to the Xuan Qi layer. He could already control a meagre amount of pure Qi and was difficult to fight against.

“In Xue Yue, the Luo Xia Sect doesn’t have the greatest influence but if anyone dares look down on my sect. Except for the eight high-officials of Xue Yue, no matter who it is, I despise them. No need to say that it especially applies to such worthless and insignificant people such as you.” Said Wu Gang sounding arrogant. He was looking at Yun Xi while talking as if he had been talking to her but she didn’t care about him at all. How ridiculous!

“Is that so?” Said a voice which echoed through the atmosphere. It was extremely distinct yet nobody was visible.

Wu Gang frowned and said coldly: “Show yourself!”

Ba Dao was smiling, except for the eight high-officials, Wu Gang despised everybody else? Very quickly, Wu Gang was going to realize that he was a fool.

“You dare say such arrogant things, and now you don’t even know the location of the person you are speaking down to. How ridiculous.” Said Ba Dao coldly when he saw that Wu Gang looked so arrogant.

“Shut the hell up. It’s probably a shameless liar just like you, just another shameless person.” Said Wu Gang sounding cold and detached, but when finished talking, his heart twitched. He abruptly turned his head around and a distorted expression appeared on his face.

Someone had been standing directly behind him, that person had appeared in absolute silence.

That person looked clear and had limpid eyes. That person was a bit younger than Wu Gang. He looked handsome as well, his face didn’t contain the least bit of shamelessness.

“Who are you?” Asked Wu Gang to Lin Feng coldly. He didn’t recognize Lin Feng. Lin Feng gave a mysterious impression to Wu Gang. Lin Feng looked indifferent and carefree like a gentle breeze, as if Lin Feng was just an illusion on the wind.

“You despise everyone who looks down on your sect except for the eight high-officials. Since it’s like that, there is no need to tell you anything, the only thing that you need to know is that we are enemies, that’s enough.”

Lin Feng was smiling. A moment before, Wu Gang had said it himself, except for the eight high-officials, he despised everybody else.

“Even though I, Wu Gang, am very proud, is not willing to make an enemy of others without reason. If there is the possibility, I prefer making friends.” Said Wu Gang. Wu Gang couldn’t sense Lin Feng’s presence so he was feeling unsafe.

“How shameless!” Cursed Yun Xi. Wu Gang was really shameless. She felt disgusted by him.

“He is my friend. You wanted to kill him a moment ago. Are we friends or enemies, you tell me?” Said Lin Feng while smiling coldly and pointing at Ba Dao. Wu Gang enjoyed using his power to bully those weaker than him, well Lin Feng could do the same.

“I’m giving you face, don’t be shameless. I am the second best core disciple of the Luo Xia Sect. What do you intend to do, acting so arrogantly in front of me?” Wu Gang couldn’t reply to Lin Feng’s question so he immediately became aggressive and announced his status. After mentioning the Luo Xia Sect, Lin Feng would definitely be afraid.

“I’m so scared!” Said Lin Feng while smiling coldly. His silhouette flickered and he disappeared from his original position. When Lin Feng reappeared, he was within arms reach of Wu Gang.

“Die!” Furiously shouted Wu Gang. His Sunset Clouds attack appeared again. The atmosphere was illuminated by rosy clouds, it looked incredible. The attack was just as opaque and unfathomable as before.

“However, the endless rosy clouds were extremely distinct for Lin Feng who was in fusion with the earth. He shook his finger out of which sword energies emerged and whistled in the air. He immediately attacked Wu Gang with his finger.


“Ahhhhhhh…” A horrible shriek spread in the atmosphere. Wu Gang’s body was projected back of ten meters. His facial expression looked glum. At that moment, in the middle of his palm, blood was pouring down. A moment before, Lin Feng’s sword-like finger had immediately pierced the palm of his hand. What a terrifying sharpness!

“Except for the eight high-officials, you despise everybody else, as expected, you are a real genius!” Said Lin Feng while laughing disdainfully on the tone of a joke.

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