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PMG Chapter 298: The Scapegoat

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When Yun Xi saw that Lin Feng had defeated Wu Gang’s Sunset Clouds so easily and had even injured him, her beautiful eyes started twinkling. How strong!

“Who the hell are you?” Wu Gang’s palm was bleeding. He was evilly staring at Lin Feng. To which sect did Lin Feng belong? Why had he never heard about him before?

Even though he had just said that, except for the eight high-officials, he despised everybody, he was just exaggerating. His ego had made him say those words. But the disciples of the other sects who could rival him were actually very few. He was well aware that they were completely different from the person who was standing before him.

“You are Lin Feng?” At that moment, Yun Xi asked in a low voice.

Lin Feng’s name was already famous in Celestial River. He was carefree and ruthless. He was eighteen years old but had defeated Bing Yuan, the Blade Elder Leng Yue, and he had even killed four cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer. At the Luo Xia Sect, many disciples were talking about Lin Feng. Yun Xi had already heard about him a few times, trying to imagine what Lin Feng looked like.

She had imagined that Lin Feng was arrogant and rude but the young man who was standing there in front of her looked handsome and delicate. However, his proud temperament reminded her of the rumours surrounding Lin Feng.

Lin Feng looked at Yun Xi and smiled. He looked handsome. He slightly nodded at her. Lin Feng’s smile made Yun Xi’s heartbeat accelerate.

“He nodded, it’s really Lin Feng.”

Since ancient times, beautiful women liked heroic men. At the Luo Xia Sect, many girls wanted to see Lin Feng, that powerful and elegant young man. At that moment, Lin Feng’s smile had the same effect as a gentle breeze on Yun Xi’s body.

In comparison with Lin Feng, Wu Gang looked extremely ugly. He was far from being able to rival Lin Feng in looks.

“Lin Feng!” Wu Gang was stupefied. When he heard that name, he suddenly looked terrified.

Lin Feng was able to kill cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer. Besides, he had killed Bing Yuan of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village. Therefore, Lin Feng wouldn’t hesitate for a moment when killing him, who belonged to the Luo Xia Sect.

“Lin Feng, there is a misunderstanding.” Said Wu Gang while smiling warmly. He suddenly forgot that he wanted to kill Lin Feng a moment before. His hand was even still bleeding from the wound.

“A misunderstanding?” Said Lin Feng with a cold smile on the corner of his mouth. “Ba Dao, is there a misunderstanding?”

“He and the girls belong to the Luo Xia Sect. Mo Cang Lan killed the two other girls. He perfectly knows about that. Because he cannot defeat Mo Cang Lan, he used me as a scapegoat. Besides, from his previous words it is clear that he was definitely planning to rape and kill the remaining girl, and then accuse me of doing it. He perfectly knew everything from the beginning. There is no misunderstanding.

Ba Dao’s voice sounded ice-cold which made Wu Gang’s facial expression turn glum.

“It is really a misunderstanding! I didn’t know that you were Lin Feng’s friend.” Continued Wu Gang while smiling.

“So what? You don’t think that it is shameful to come and use someone else as scapegoat. Now, I feel like killing you and that means I will kill you.” Said Lin Feng while smiling coldly. He then started walking slowly which made Wu Gang’s smile turn rigid.

“Lin Feng, nothing has to be set in stone. You can give me some conditions to live, besides, my sister disciple, Yun Xi, is pure and fresh. If you like her, you can play with her as you wish, what do you think?”

Wu Gang was slowly stepping backwards. He didn’t want to fight, his courage had already been crushed. He now knew Lin Feng’s identity, he didn’t dare to fight anymore.

“You’re so shameless.” Said Lin Feng whose silhouette flickered just like an illusion. At that moment, Wu Gang’s hand shook as well. An incredible quantity of poisonous Qi invaded the atmosphere which surprised Lin Feng, who immediately stopped. His raised his hand and the poisonous Qi immediately dispersed. However, at that moment, Wu Gang suddenly grabbed Yun Xi and was staring at Lin Feng.

“Lin Feng, look at my sister disciple, she is so fresh and pure. Besides, she likes you. Wouldn’t it be a waste if she died?”

Lin Feng was surprised. He hadn’t thought that he was that kind of person. He had taken Yun Xi as a hostage to threaten Lin Feng. What did he intend to do? Yun Xi was also his fellow disciple. She wasn’t Lin Feng’s friend. However, Wu Gang was taking her as a hostage, Lin Feng was really startled.

Yun Xi hadn’t thought that Wu Gang would do such a thing either. What Wu Gang was doing was utterly illogical. However, Yun Xi was looking at Lin Feng with pleading eyes. She had already seen Mo Cang Lan kill her two sister disciples and then the ugly Wu Gang had shown himself. She felt hopeless, lonely and desperate. She wished someone would show her some sympathy and consideration.

The daring young hero whom she had wished would come and save her had appeared. Besides, he was very handsome. That was like a ray of light in her heart. She had a strange sensation though as if she had been floating through the air. She had the impression that her heart had become vast and boundless. Taking advantage of a woman who was lost in her heart was extremely easy.

“How shameless!” Said Lin Feng coldly while looking at Wu Gang.

“So what? Lin Feng, surely you can’t stand seeing such a pure and beautiful flower fade? Look how delicate her skin is. She’s just turned seventeen.” Said Wu Gang, who ignored Lin Feng’s words. He just kept talking. An ice-cold looking blade suddenly pressed against Yun Xi’s face.

When Lin Feng saw the girl’s pure and beautiful eyes, he felt like he couldn’t leave her and had to do something, even though he didn’t even know her.

“Hehe. The power of a woman’s beauty is impressive. Sister, don’t you always talk about Lin Feng? Now, it seems that Lin Feng is also interested in you. Look how good he is to you. It seems like you two are a perfect match.” Said Wu Gang while slowly pulling back Yun Xi.

Yun Xi had mixed feelings. Wu Gang was her fellow disciple and acted so shamelessly and evil. Wu Gang was using her life to threaten a stranger. Lin Feng and her didn’t know each other, but Lin Feng wasn’t going to attack Wu Gang to save her. She was in a difficult position.

Far away in the distance, some silhouettes were moving towards the hut. When Lin Feng saw that there were some silhouettes flying through the sky, he frowned. Besides, Wu Gang looked delighted.

His dagger suddenly disappeared. He kept dragging Yun Xi backwards. He shouted loudly: “The elders have arrived at the perfect time! Someone wants to kill us, the disciples of the Luo Xia Sect!”

These people who were coming precisely belonged to the Luo Xia Sect. In a flash, they arrived on Wu Gang’s side.

“Wu Gang, what’s going on?” Asked that person coldly while glancing at the corpses on the ground.

“Elder, Lin Feng is a criminal and attacked me by surprise. He also killed some of our disciples. He also planned to rape Yun Xi, my fellow disciple. Luckily, I risked my life to protect her, preventing Lin Feng from attacking. I am lucky that you arrived at the critical moment.” Said Wu Gang which made the people of the Luo Xia Sect coldly stare at Lin Feng.

“Elder, Wu Gang is shameless. The one who killed my two fellow disciples was someone else. Besides, the one who wanted to rape me is Wu Gang. He just took a dagger and put it against my face, threatening Lin Feng.” Said Yun Xi honestly. Wu Gang was way too shameless and trying accuse others.

“Sister, I took you to threaten Lin Feng? What is the nature of your relationship with Lin Feng? I know that Lin Feng’s words made you confused but in front of the elders, you don’t need to lie.” Said Wu Gang coldly. Yun Xi’s face turned deathly pale, she was speechless.

“Yun Xi, stop causing trouble!” Said the great elder sounding indifferent. Yun Xi was astonished. She looked at him and said: “You don’t believe me either! It’s the truth, it was really Wu Gang who did all these things!”

“Alright, shut up now!” Shouted the Great Elder. Yun Xi started shaking when she heard him. Besides, an indifferent smile appeared on Wu Gang’s face at the same time.

What a naive girl! Wu Gang was the genius of the Luo Xia Sect. He had been trained for many years in the sect. The Elder had obviously witnessed what had happened but was turning a blind eye to the truth. Besides, she wasn’t that important in the sect when compared with Wu Gang.

Besides, elders we all seniors, they didn’t need to know any of the details. If there was a problem, They would always take Wu Gang’s side and protect him.

The Great Elder looked at Lin Feng with an ice-cold glare.

“Lin Feng, how audacious! You dared kill members of the Luo Xia Sect!” Said another elder coldly. Immediately after, several silhouettes flickered and the members of the Luo Xia Sect encircled Lin Feng.

When Lin Feng saw these people, a cold expression appeared in his eyes. A moment before, Wu Gang had used him as a scapegoat and now these people, because of Wu Gang’s lies, wanted to kill him too?

Lin Feng understood things much better than Yun Xi, how could he not understand the morally corrupt actions of these people?

Nonetheless, was killing Lin Feng really that easy?

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